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CCRH is all about the sharing valuable information on a variety of topics.

We believe that one of the greatest aspects of the Internet is instant and free access to information.  With this information, we can educate ourselves to be a better person and change the world for the betterment of life on the planet earth.

We are delighted that we can contribute to the information, but we do so in a unique way providing long-form, detailed articles on a range of topics.

Our focus is on organizing information, whether it’s a product line, scientific topic or food item in a methodical way.  For example, we publish many articles that list out various types of a certain topic, concept or product line.  We love organizing information and have found that these article concepts are helpful to get a broad overview.

We also pepper in some one-off articles based on our personal life – travels, personal preferences, stuff we like and more.

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Meet Our Writers

Rosily [Editor-in-chief]


Although she is an engineering graduate, Rosily’s strong inclination towards languages has inspired her and as fate would have it, she is pursuing writing as a profession for over two years now.

Originally hailing from the orange capital of India, Nagpur, writing came naturally to her as a child, with many awards in debates, essay writing, elocution, technical writing etc in her kitty. She truly believes that a pen is mightier than the sword and brings simple yet engaging content to the readers.

She is known among her colleagues and friends for crafting a great, unique, witty and if need be, a sarcastic perspective about a plethora of topics through her writing skills and social media posts. Her USP is her command over the language and a knack for writing about products as different as chalk and cheese. Readers love her writing as it strikes a balance between informative and pulse grabbing content.

When Rosily is not writing, she spends her time in training people in spoken english and personality development. In her leisure time, she is a travel enthusiast, foodie, and a dancer. She has also tried her hand at poetry, blogging and travel vlogging.

She quotes ” I have found my passion in writing. My team has helped me to grow myself as a professional writer and put my talent to good use. In this era of rat race, I have understood how valuable of an asset a content writer is for any organization to grow. Penning good content has evolved my creative abilities while also providing me a means of earning while doing something that I absolutely love. My dream is to one day become an influential content writer,blogger and create my own identity and credibility in the digital space.”

Riya [Content writer]

RiyaRiya is a performer, fitness and fashion enthusiast.

She is a shopaholic creature who loves to use the best fashion brands and beauty products. She loves to blog when she is off from her work.

When she is not blogging or working, you will find her doing window shopping.