Wuzzles Puzzles – The Art & Science of Wuzzle Solving

If you are aware of the concept of wuzzle then you know that it is great fun to identify the exact word hidden in random symbols, words, and figures. The wuzzles puzzles make a perfect party game for the kids. often it is described as words + puzzles = wuzzles.

What are wuzzles?

Wuzzles can be defined as a distinct puzzle that is made using the combination of figures, symbols, letters, and words.

These puzzles are arranged in such a way that it will make no sense when you read it first but it denotes the well-know or commonly used phrase or word when you arrange all the figures/symbols/words properly.

Usually, it is termed as ‘Rebus’ and these puzzles are known to be originated from the Persian empire.

How to solve Wuzzles Puzzles?

As wuzzle consists of combinations of symbols or words that are positioned in such a way to create disguised words, saying, places or names, solving them is a bit trickier as compared to other types of puzzles.

At first, wuzzle looks difficult to solve but once you practice the method the game become fairly easy to play. There is no secret method to solve wuzzles word puzzles but by determining the “Missing Concept” in the wuzzle, one can solve these puzzles.

Here are a few things to remember while solving the wuzzle –

Don’t get prejudiced – When you start solving the wuzzle, don’t get prejudiced and think about the random words. Instead, read each word/symbol given in the wuzzle and try to understand the meaning of each and see if it make sense.

Read between the lines – Yes, wuzzle is made to make you read between the lines. You should pay attention to the ‘concept’ that is not written in the puzzle but still present there.

Understand the Order – Order in which the symbols/words are arranged can give you the clue for solving the wuzzle. For example, they can be arranged as in, on, over, under, before, after, between, etc. So, the wuzzle that says “NOON GOOD” will become the “Good Afternoon”  because GOOD is written AFTER the word noon.

List of Rebus Puzzles

Here is the list of famous wuzzles with answers –

What does NOON GOOD mean?

NOON GOOD Wuzzle Puzzle

Answer: It means AFTERNOON because in this word GOOD comes AFTER the word noon.

What does _SHIP mean?

_SHIP Wuzzle Puzzle

Answer: The meaning of this wuzzle is “SPACE SHIP” because “_”  represents the word SPACE

What does this temperature wuzzle represent?

Temperature Wuzzle Puzzle

Answer: It represents the “Rising Temperature” as the word is arranged in an ascending manner

We hope that by now you got an idea about wuzzles and how to solve them. You can use them at home party as a fun game to engage the guest and kids. For more examples of wuzzles, watch this space as we improving our list.