Washing Machine Buying Guide – How to Choose Washing Machine in India

The washing machine is an integral part of our homes. There are hardly any city homes that do do not a washing machine.

You can without any fear buy one online. When you are looking out for one, it can be a daunting task, especially if it is your first time, with the various types available with different technologies.

In this washing machine buying guide, we will help you know and understand the important things that will help you make an informed decision.

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Things to consider while buying a washing machine

Buying a washing machine can be a daunting task especially if you do not know your needs. Apart from your budget, there are certain other crucial points that you need to consider which will help you pick the right one for you.

Below mentioned are the essentials you need to be clear of before the purchase:

Washing machine loading type

When it comes to washing machine loading type, there are two types – front load and top load. Both of these have their own pros and cons ( we have mentioned in detail about the types below in Types of washing machines).

You need to ask yourself which one is suitable for your needs.

Washing machine capacity

They are available in small and large capacities. The capacity of the machine depends on the size of your family.

We have mentioned the washing machine capacity guide that will help you calculate the capacity you need.

Washing machine function

They are available in semi-automatic and fully automatic. Choose the one based on your requirements and budget.

Types of washing machine

As mentioned above, the washing machine is available in two types – semi-automatic and fully-automatic washing machines.

Types of Washing Machine

Let’s discuss these two in detail:

Fully automatic machine

Fully automatic washing machines make the washing procedure super simple with minimal human intervention.

It consists of only one tub which does both the job of washing and drying. All you need to do is put the clothes into the tub, choose the wash cycle and you get semi-dried clothes at the end of it. This the most commonly used washing machine which is further categorized into two sub-types.

Front-loading machine

The drum in this washing machine sits horizontally and thus you need to put in clothes from the front.

They are power-packed with a number of advanced features such as hot water supply, multiple wash programs, soaking the clothes, water and energy saving, etc.

Top-loading machine

The drum in this type sits vertically and thus you need to put the clothes from the top. This type too has a single tub for washing and drying.

It is attached to the water inlet pipe and the machine control when to take and pause water in order to maintain the water level.

This type has fewer washing programs and other features when compared to front-loading machines but are less expensive.


These are the entry-level washing machines. They have two tubs, one for washing and another for drying.

After the wash cycle is completed, you need to transfer the clothes from the wash tub to the dry tub. This type requires more human intervention when compared to the fully automatic machines.

It does not have advanced features like the fully automatic machines. The only reason why people prefer buying this type is that it is the least expensive type of washing machine.

Washing machine capacity

One of the most important things that determine the washing machine capacity is the number of family members.

It is measured in kgs that means the weight of the laundry. A few clothes take up less space but are heavy such as jeans. On the other hand, some take up more space but are light such as a blanket.

The table mentioned below will help you understand the capacity well.

Family sizeCapacity Number of clothes
Bachelor or couple6 kg2 shirts
2 jeans
2 pillowcases
2 small towels
1 bedsheet
3 members7 kg3 shirts
3 jeans
2 pillowcases
2 small towels
1 bedsheet
4 members8 kg4 shirts
3 jeans
3 pillowcases
3 small towels
1 bedsheet
Large family10+ kg4 shirts
3 jeans
6 pillowcases
6 small towels
2 bedsheet

Washing machine functions

You may know the basic features of the washing machine, so now let us look at the various technologies used.

Inverter technology

The smart inverter technology can help save power especially when you use the motor. It enables the machine to run at the speed as per the load.

Without this technology, the motor runs at a fixed load and thus you need to have a specific amount of laundry to make it run at the optimal level. If not, then you are just wasting the resources.

Same is not the case with inverter technology, the motor runs are variable speed as per the amount of the laundry at that time.

The technology includes a unique electronic circuit that decides the motor speed depending on the load. Thus, you save a lot of water and energy as you may not have the same load daily.

Direct drive technology

Direct drive washing machine technology

In conventional washing machine motors, you have parts like belts and gears that are movable. Since they are movable, there is a lot of friction between them which can affect the motor’s efficiency.

In this technology, there are no movable parts that eliminate friction and also save energy. One downfall of the direct-drive technology is that the motors can be heavier when compared to conventional motors.

However, the efficiency level of this technology is way better and they create less noise as well. There are brands that use this technology like LG.

It can help save energy especially when you varied laundry load.

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Flex and twin wash

At this time, you may be confused if you should go with a front loading or top loading washing machine because both of them have their list of benefits. How about having advanced features for both types?

Samsung has introduced Flexwash that allows you to have the flexibility of using both types. The front loader of the washing machine has a capacity of 21 kg and the mini top loading feature has a capacity of 3.5kg. Well, you can get the benefit of both types here.

This feature enables you to wash the heavy clothing such as jeans, blankets, bedsheets, etc. in the front loader and delicate items like socks, lingerie, etc. in the top loader.

LG is another brand that has adopted this function called TwinWash in their latest launches.

It has two individual drums, the main drum is of 20 kg capacity that washes heavier laundry and the mini drum is for washing delicates like socks, scarfs, etc.

This can help make the most of both technologies.

Ecobubble and O2 wash

As we all know it is important to wash clothes but it is also essential not to damage the material while washing.

The power of bubbles is one way of making sure that the laundry is washed thoroughly and the fabric is not damaged.

This feature is available in most machines that possess hot water cycles. Brands like Samsung and IFB have introduced this feature with the use of cold water because Indians use cold water while washing their clothes.

Samsung has come up with the EcoBubble technology that transforms the particles of the detergent into bubbles. These inflate around the laundry and go inside the fabrics to remove tough stains.

IFB also has a function called O2 wash which does the same thing, just the feature name is different.

6 motion DD and wave motion

To ensure optimal wash, different fabrics need different motion technologies. Brands like Samsung, IFB, and LG are introducing particular technologies to ensure a range of washing styles.

LG has come up with the 6 motion DD technology that includes 6 wash motion kinds like stepping, scrubbing, rolling, filtration, swing, and tumble. Most premium range models by LG has this feature.

Another brand that has this technology incorporated in its washing machines is Whirlpool. It used SoftMove that senses the laundry load inside the machine and use the ideal program depending on the kind of material inside.

It uses motion technology depending on the materials inside like:

  • Soft cradle
  • Power shower
  • Slow-motion
  • Energetic wash

IFB is another brand that has this technology in its washing machines as well. The wash styles in their machines are called 3600 wash, air bubble wash, steam wash, 02 wash, and cradle wash.

Innovative drum technologies

The drum is an essential part of a washing machine. It is one of the things responsible to give you a thorough cleaning every time without damaging your fabric.

The design is what matters and every brand has a design of its own. Bosch has a unique technology in designing its drum called the VarioDrum.  In this technology, as the drum changes the spinning direction, the paddle moves.

When it spins in a single direction, the machine uses the flat side for washing the laundry. When the spinning direction changes, the steep side of the paddle enhances the washing experience with the unique wave droplet design.

Just like Bosch, Siemens uses a similar kind of technology.

Samsung uses the Diamond Drum Technology in the top load washing machines. These drums in these machines have 25% smaller holes when compared to the rest and are situated inside the diamond shape depression. This prevents the laundry from sticking out of the drum.

The water exit holes help protect the fabric and prevent its damage.

Soaking technologies

Soaking of the laundry determines the quality of washing. Brands have introduced unique soaking technologies to improve washing.

Samsung washing machines have BubbleSoak technology that eliminates the grit in the clothes by soaking them in bubbles. All you have to do is just press a button to start this function.

The main benefit is that bubbles do not damage your clothes. The same technology is used by Whirlpool called SuperSoak to remove tough stains by soaking and scrubbing function.

Samsung uses the Eco Drum Cleaning technology to sanitize the drum by removing all allergens. This drum sanitization removes all the residue from the diaphragm. This feature uses hot water as well as powerful water streams. It also helps increase the efficacy of detergents.

The above-mentioned features are available in high-end machines.

Built-in heaters

Hot water helps remove tough stains. None of the Indian washing machine brands used this technology until recently.

Brands like Whirlpool and Samsung have introduced technologies, keeping this in focus. Samsung front load washing machines have ceramic heaters that prevent the build-up of calcium salts.

They heat quickly and thus saves a lot of energy as well. Currently, Whirlpool is the only Indian brand taht offers this technology in top-load machines. They can heat the water up to 60 degrees celsius to eliminate the toughest of stains.

Noise reduction and anti-vibration technologies

One of the major concerns people have in washing machines is the noise and vibrations. These two issues go hand in hand. Many brands have introduced improved technology to tackle this problem.

Samsung has recently improved its Vibration Reduction Technology to VRT+. It reduces more noise because of its noise-sensitive light sleepers. The noise and vibration are kept at the lowest.

Since we know that the vibration level is at its maximum during the spin cycle, Bosch has come up with a technology that eliminates vibration with its high tech sensors that helps balance the load by regulating the drum motion.

Working with hard water

Many households in India have running hard water. This type of water makes it difficult to dissolve detergents which leads to inappropriate washing.

Hard water also deposits salt around the drum and pipes that choke the, Thus, may brands had to find a solution to deal with this problem.

The Hard Water option in Whirlpool semi-automatic washing machines help remove dirt from the laundry even if the water is hard.

IFB has introduced the Aqua Energie technology that converts hard water into soft water. They break the salts in hard water into tiny crystals.

These crystals blend with the water flow and prevent the collection of scale on important parts of the machine which leads to choking.

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Auto dispensing solution

Many people do not put the right quantity of detergent into the washing cycle that results in inefficient washing. A high level of the detergent can may require more water which is nothing but wastage.

This is why brands have now come up with auto-dispensing in high-end machines. Whirlpool has a technology that decides the quantity of detergent to use depending on the laundry load.

The iDOS technology in Bosch’s Series 6 and 8 washing machines have a system that assesses the soiling of laundry and hardness of water to determine the right amount of detergent required to make sure optimum use.

Smart technology

The world is using smart technology in almost every field. Washing machines have become smarter too.

The high-end LG machines have Near field Communication that helps to diagnose and monitor.

The machine is connected with the phone having the SmartThinQ app. The app helps you know if there is any problem with the machine and educates you on how to troubleshoot.

Samsung offers a similar facility by enabling the users to control the machine with the Smart Control app. You get updates on the machine regularly and can solve issues from the smartphone itself.

Other important aspects to consider

Drum material

The washing machine drum is usually made of stainless steel, porcelain-enamel, and plastic. The plastic drums last longer than enamel that chip and rust but are a breeding ground for bacteria.

The rust-free stainless steel drums are the best as they can withstand high speed, anti-rust and long-lasting.


Washing machines are available at different price ranges. The least expensive is the semi-automatic washing machines.

Fully automatic machines are available between the mid and high range. The high-end machines include all the advanced technology features that we discussed above.

Brand credibility

While buying a washing machine, brand credibility plays an important role. But, at the same time, you shouldn’t be biased about any brand.

You should have a look at every feature brand provides and see what added benefits brands can give as compared ot others.

Major credible washing machine brands are available in India like Whirlpool, Samsung, and LG. these are the best brands for top-loading machines. While, IFB, Bosch, Haier, and Siemens are great for front load washing machines.


Warranty provided on the washing machine depends on brand to brand. IFB usually offers 4 years warranty on the product and motor, while Bosch offers 2 years warranty on the product and 10 years on the motor.

Wattage and power consumption

Before you invest in a washing machine, apart from considering the initial cost of the machine, you also need to consider that the machine will add on to your energy bill as well.

Choose a machine that is energy and water-saving to make the most of it. The wattage of the machine depends on the type, brand, and the different features it possesses.


We hope to have helped you get in-depth knowledge about the washing machine buying guide. This will help you make the right investment.

Ensure to go through each point because when combined together it makes an ultimate buying guide. 

We have even helped you understand the various technologies most brands are coming up with and the fact that every brand is more or less solving the same issues with different tech terminology.

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