Best Outdoor Trash Can with Locking Lid & Wheels

Let’s face it, many of us have a nasty habit of completely ignoring our backyard.

We rarely step back in our messy backyard, forget about cleaning it u and making it a better place!

The same thing happened to my family and we decided to move our lazy butts to clean it and move out all the trash that lying there for the last few months.

Needless to say, we need a day to perform this task and proper tools like a rake, shovel, outdoor garbage cans with locking lids and wheels.

Quality tools are a must for revamping the backyard. We had almost all the required tools except an outdoor garbage can, so we researched and brought one!

Usually, garbage cans don’t last long and need to be replaced every few months. It happens because while buying the best outdoor garbage cans we settle for a cheap one. Remember, you get what you pay for.

If you are looking for a garbage can with awesome quality and couldn’t able to finalize what to buy then have a look over our list of hand-picked garbage cans that comes with quality and provides value for your money.


This list of trash cans with wheels will be a good starting point to research the outdoor garbage cans and will provide you useful data at a glance.

In short, it will save you time and reduce your pain in product research. Also, go through our buying guide that will help you to verify the things that matter most while buying garbage cans.

Why an Outdoor Garbage Can with Locking Lids & Wheels?

Glad you asked!

The market is full of outdoor trash bins with different features and a wide price range. You can pick pretty much anything you want from small trash bins to advanced multipurpose cans.

These trash container with wheels has a wide user base. They can be used at gardens, factories, bus stops, shopping malls and even at schools.

As it’s purpose is to use at open places, now imagine the pain of waste disposal guy if he found an open waste bin which has been snooped by dogs for some wasted food items and while doing so they have made the mess of containing waste across the surrounding area.

To avoid such incidents, having a trash bin with lids, lock and wheels become a necessity.

Features & Benefits:

  • Wheels make it easy to move these cans from one place to another.
  • Lids with lock keep it contain secure from dogs and other animals.
  • As they have lids, locks, and wheels, these trash bins are available in a bigger size to store more garbage.
  • It can be cleaned easily.
  • Have strong built & can last longer.

Top Outdoor Trash Can with Wheels

1. Rubbermaid BRUTE Heavy-Duty Rollout Waste Container

The Rubbermaid Commercial Products came with this heavy-duty garbage can which has a capacity of 50 gallons and made with tough, commercial-grade plastic material.

With heavy rugged wheels on both sides, it makes easy to move it around. They are molded-in axle for extra durability.

This trash can help you to carry a heavy load of garbage even over the rough surface, thanks to its sturdy wheels and tough container.

This trash container comes with an inbuilt handle that helps to empty the trash efficiently and provides the robust lid that can be opened up to the backside of this garbage can, so you can easily dump waste.

Though this can comes with a heavy price tag, it worth every penny as it provides quality features and lasts longer.

Key Features:

  • Hinged lids can open fully.
  • Sturdy wheels.
  • Build to move heavy load easily.
  • Made from commercial-grade quality material.

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2. Toter Heavy Duty Two-Wheeled Can

Toter builds this trash can keeping design and quality in mind. It is one of the stunning garbage cans that have rugged rim design and provides stability.

Toter has patented its unique molding process which gives an upper hand to Toter when it comes to making the best quality molding for bins.

Like other cans on our list, this garbage bin has two wheels which make it easy to move it from one place to another. The handle is placed at the top edge so it becomes easy to roll the can once it gets full of trash.

The bottom part of any trash can is the place that gets most hits while using and moving the cans. So, Toter added bottom wear strips that make sure the bottom of this can is safe and last longer.

Toter wheeled trash cans are available in four different sizes. You can choose the size from 32, 48, 64 & 96 gallons.

Key Features:

  • Built with an aerodynamic design to enhance stability.
  • Bottom wear strips that add extra strength to the bottom.
  • 10 yrs warranty

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3. United Solutions TB0010 Outdoor Trash Can

Rough and rugged, that what ‘United Solutions’ describes it! And it holds true for this 35.25″ tall beast. As the name suggests this comes with a capacity of 34 gallons. It has a 20.75″ length and 18.87″ width.

This garbage bin is designed using the heavy molded plastic construction which makes it tough enough to fight the undue impact of outdoor weather.

Heavy molded plastic material make this trash bin to last longer. Rugged wheels provide easy transportation for your waste.

Though this garbage can is available in a different range of price and has required features to store and transport your waste, almost 30 to 35% of customers from Amazon ended up giving it just two or one-star rating.

Most common problems users may experience are as follows:

  • Delicate and does not last long.
  • Wheels may break off.
  • Very thin and gets damaged easily.

Overall, this garbage can is good for small families who dumps less trash every day. Remember that, though United Solutions call it rough & rugged, most users experienced almost opposite for this can.

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4. United Solutions 32 Gallon Trash Can with Wheels

Running out of budget?

United Solutions TB0042 is the perfect solution for you. In our TB0010 review, we warn you how it got a low rating on Amazon and have multiple buyers who complain about the delicacy of TB0010.

But guys, that is not the scenario with United Solutions TB0042 and how about getting 2 trash cans for a price of single?

Yes, you heard it right.

While writing this review United solutions offering 2 pack of garbage cans for a very low price.

You can have two of them and use one for your backyard and keep one in the garage. Both come with the capacity of 32 gallons, wheels, locking lids and that too made from heavy-duty plastic. So, these two beasts are ready to tackle any weather and will not buckle or bend.

Dry food waste, chemicals, and other dry waste go well with these outdoor bins. Store the waste and lock it up with a snap provided on the lid so your waste will not spill out.

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How to Buy Outdoor Trash Receptacle?

Nobody wants to spend hours or days looking for a perfect outdoor trash receptacle, but with so many choices and multiple brands most of us end up spending too much time while picking up the garbage cans.

No matter how many sizes, shapes, materials, and brands are available in the market, your duty is to keep yourself on track & choose the right garbage can for your specific needs.

While buying trash cans don’t assume that any can will do the job. Instead, pay attention to what you need for your outdoor site. Decide on size, shape, and material then make a purchase.

The market is filled with hundreds of different features for trash cans. Each of them able to fill the certain needs of the buyer. These features may or may not be useful for your outdoor site.

Thumb rule is to avoid wasting money on the trash cans that have features, styles & material that your outdoor site doesn’t need.

Storage Capacity: The first thing you should consider while buying an outdoor receptacle is its storage capacity. How much waste you gonna dispose of every day? Answers to this question will decide the size of garbage can.

You can easily get a trash can with a storage capacity that you need because many companies provide with a variety of range

Size Matters: When I say size, I mean its width, length, height, and weight. You rarely need a trash can with high width & length. Consider where you going to keep it. Nobody wants a trash can that occupies maximum space.

Movable with Wheels: Trash receptacles with lids & wheels are easy to move around and provides a hygienic environment. Lids prevent water and unwanted things from entering the can while wheels allow you to move it from one place to another.

Difficulty Scale to Empty & Maintain: How easy it gets to empty a trash can? and how easy it to maintain?

You will be responsible to keep it clean and empty it every day, so pay attention to these two factors. There is no use of having a can that takes most of your time to wash and replace the bags & full liners.

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