Top 7 Jhula for Home (Hanging Swing), Garden & Balcony to Buy Online in India

One of the ways to amp up your home interior is by adding a jhula in there. There is nothing cooler than a hanging chair to level up your home space.

Keeping the aesthetics aside, there is nothing more comforting that light rocking motion while you relax on your jhula.

If you are planning to buy one for your house, garden, or balcony, then you have come to the right place. Since there are plenty of options available in the market, it might be confusing to pick one.

This is why we have done all the research for you and written this article to know everything essential that will help you make an informed decision.

We have mentioned some essential factors in the buying guide that will help you know your requirements well and the things you need to look for. Since there are many types of swings available, check out the ‘type of hanging swings’ section to know more about each.

To make your search simpler, we have even reviewed the best hanging jhula for your home, garden, or balcony.

Top Jhula for Home & Balcony in India

1. Kaushalendra Indoor Wooden Balcony Room Jhula

Kaushalendra Indoor Wooden Swing

This swing has a huge carrying capacity os 300 kgs.

If you are looking for a wooden swing for your spacious balcony or garden, then this one is a good option to consider.

This jhula is made with premium quality teak wood and iron pipes, which ensures durability when maintained properly. It is sure to live with you for years. It has a huge weight capacity of 300 kgs.

If you have a spacious living room, you can even assemble this in there. Since it does not require any ceiling installation, it is super simple to out together. All you need to do is assemble the swing as per the brand’s instructions.

A sturdy spring connects the swing and the frame which makes the rocking motion smooth and non-abrasive.

It is super simple to clean the swing, all you need is a damp cloth. This premium beautiful swing can suit any home layout.

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2. Heavy Duty Hanging Swing for Balcony

Kaushalendra Hanging Swing for Balcony

The sturdy metal frame supports two-three people comfortably.

In case you are looking for a ceiling installation wooden swing, then this one is an ideal option to consider.

This swing is made from teak wood, making it super strong and durable. The design of the swing is such that it contours to your body, thus providing you utmost comfort.

The sturdy metal frame supports two-three people comfortably. It can hold a weight of up to 300kgs.

This is a ceiling installation swing and a heavy accessory connects the frame and the swing. Thus making it smooth and durable.

The jhula is super simple to install. You need to take help from someone while installing it since it needs a ceiling installation.

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3. Hanging Chair With Cushion & Stand

Hanging CHair With Cushion and Stand

The bubble has an intricate abstract design that makes it look very beautiful and the cushion is very comfortable.

This bubble chair swing is one of the most popular ones on this list. If you do not have sufficient space and wish to install a swing for one person, then this one is a good option to consider.

The bubble has an intricate abstract design that makes it look very beautiful. This mesh-like design is made with iron, which makes it durable. The dark black colour goes with every room layout.

This swing does not need ceiling installation. Assembling the swing is simple, you will need someone to help you out. It comes with a seating pad and cushion for maximum comfort while relaxing on the bubble swing.

The design and the material out of which it is made is such that it can be placed anywhere, indoors or outdoors. This beautiful swing can last longer when maintained properly.

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4. Urban Ladder Outdoor Balcony Swing Chair with Long Chain

Urban Ladder Calabah Swing Outdoor Balcony Chair with Long Chain

It is made from PU and thus it is durable and weather resistant.

This swing chair is a great option if you wish to install one in your balcony and enjoy the rains while sipping hot tea. It is also perfect for your garden or home terrace.

This swing is ideally designed for a single person, it has a maximum load capacity of 120 kgs. It is made from PU thus durable and weather resistant. The cushion that it comes with is super comfortable and weather-proof too.

You can remove the outer cover of the swing and wash it. This swing requires a ceiling installation and you do not have to worry about it since it will be done by the seller.

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5. Swing Chair with Stand for Single Person

Cushion Swings Jhula for Indoor use

This swing is made from heavy-duty iron of 12 gauge, which makes it long-lasting and strong.

This one is another swing chair ideal for a single person on this list. This swing is ideal for indoor use or balcony.

It has a compact size and thus can be installed anywhere. It does not require ceiling installation. It is super simple to assemble and disassemble the swing. The seat is fixed and does not require any assembly.

It is made using high-quality metal, making it durable. It can take up a weight of up to 150 kgs. The soft PU cushion is super comfortable. This swing is made from heavy-duty iron of 12 gauge, which makes it long-lasting and strong.

It is simple to maintain the swing, you only need to clean it with a damp cloth when required. The unique design goes well with your home layout.

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6. Hammock Swing for Home Indoor

Hammock Swing For Kids and Adults

This hammock swing can hold a maximum weight of 150 kgs and is suitable for all age groups.

This hammock swing is one of the most affordable options on this list. It makes as a perfect housewarming gift.

This single-seat swing can be installed anywhere – indoors, garden or balcony. This traditional cloth hammock jhula is inexpensive and looks amazing in any home layout.

This hammock is made using premium quality breathable cotton. It comes with the ropes and you can set it up on metal, wooden or plastic frame as per your needs. The backrest adds to the comfort and you can have an amazing relaxing time.

It can hold a maximum weight of 150 kgs and is suitable for all age groups.

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7. Cotton Home Swing Chair

Cotton Home Swing & Hammock Chair

This hammock swing is made of 100% handmade cotton.

This home swing chair is the most reasonable option on this list. This lightweight swing can be used for relaxing in your balcony while sipping tea, meditating or watching the kids play while you relax in your garden.

This hammock swing is made of 100% handmade cotton, having a maximum weight capacity of 100 kgs. It is super lightweight and portable. Setting up the hammock does not require a lot of time and effort. You might require someone to help you.

You can hang the hammock from the ceiling or any sturdy overhang. Make it look more beautiful with a couple of cushions and a throw.

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How to Choose a Jhula for Home, Garden & Balcony in India?

There are a few important things that you need to keep in mind while buying a hanging chair for yourself. This will ensure you do not regret your decision in the future and do not make the wrong buy.

Where Will You Use Your Jhula?

Will you hand the jhula in the garden, balcony or in one of your rooms? Do you require a free-standing jhula or the one that takes support from the ceiling? Do you want the swing to have a canopy or a relaxing style?

Getting answers to all these questions will help take you one step closer to picking the right hanging jhula for your home.

Finalize the right type of jhula

There are many types of handing swings available in the market like a hammock, bubble swing, wooden jhula for home, etc. Thus, finalizing the type you wish to buy for your house is very important.

Check out the section on types of jhulas to know more about all the types available in the market.

Choose the right material

You, of course, want your jhula to last long and thus you need to keep in mind the material used to make it especially if you wish to buy one for outdoors.

There are multiple choices based on the jhula’s placement. Check out the material options below:

Wooden jhula for home

Wooden jhulas are the most popular and commonly used in Indian households. Their classic look gives the area a timeless aesthetic appeal.

When you are choosing a wooden swing, make sure you consider the location where you want to install it because the weather plays a pivotal role.

Softer wood is ideal for mild climates and the high-density woods can withstand changing seasons. This type comes in a variety of painted colours and finishes, from bold colors to natural finish.

Recycled plastic jhulas

The recycled plastic swings are ideal for locations with hard weather. The polymer material looks like wood and also has a similar texture but you can spot the difference on close analysis.

This type of material lasts long and can withstand harsh weather conditions. The best part about this jhula material is that it is eco-friendly. It is made using hundreds of plastic milk packs that are thrown in the landfills.

Metal swings

These swings, whether aluminium or sturdy iron, they can withstand all types of weather. The aluminium models are super light weight and versatile. Since they are light weight, they are easy to move and can be taken from one place to another without too many efforts.

They come with colourful cushions that add to the aesthetic appeal of your space. The only downfall of this material type is that it is prone to rust when compared to the other types and thus you need to consider the weather before buying. For example, if the weather is windy or humid where you live, then you can expect weathering soon.

Cotton hammock

You can even consider a cotton hammock which is inexpensive and super easy to maintain. You can remove the cotton hammock for wash and put it again.


Wicker offers multiple styles, from the traditional white wicker to a modem open-weave wicker. This material is light weight and easy to maintain. All you need to do is occasionally dust it and wipe off with a damp cloth.

The resin wicker is a synthetic plastic throughout and is stretched over the metal wire. This material is made with UV inhibitors that protect it from fading and chipping due to UV exposure.

It is a gorgeous, durable swing option that you can consider.

Choose the right size

The size of the jhula depends on how many people are going to use it at once. If you wish to have a swing where your spouse and you can relax, then ensure to choose a size and weight capacity that can easily fit a couple.

The size of the swing also depends on the space available. Below mentioned is a table that will help you get an idea:

Jhula lengthNumber of seats
2 foot jhulaSeats single person comfortably
3 foot jhulaSeats 1-2 people comfortably
4 foot jhulaSeats 2 people comfortably
5 foot jhulaSeats 2-3 people comfortably
6 foot jhulaSeats 3-4 people comfortably

Who will use the jhula?

Before picking the swing, you need to decide who will use the jhula- adults, children or both. This is one important factor that will help you pick the jhula and make the most of it.

Also, the one who uses the swing determines the weight capacity.

Weight-bearing capacity

The factors like size, who will use the swing and weight bearing capacity care all interconnected. The jhula weight limits vary on a lot of factors like type, the material used to make, style, etc.

Ensure to go through the product specifications and weight bearing capacity while making the decision. We recommend you to always go at least 10 kgs plus of the weight capscity that you decide to go for based on other essential factors.

Types of jhula/swing

When you go shopping for the swing, you will notice that there are plenty of options available in varied types. Let us understand the most popular types of jhulas so that you can make an informed decision as per your requirements:

Jhula with canopy

A jhula with canopy is the best choice if you wish to out up one in the sun spot of your garden or spacious balcony.

This type has an attached canopy that protects you against harmful UV rays and rain. Another plus point of this type of jhula is that it is portable since it does not require a ceiling installation.


Relaxing on the hammock will definitely give you a feeling like you are chilling on the beach. These are also known as relaxation swings.
Some hammocks need to be tied between two pillars, while some come with stands. The jhula is made using cotton cloth and being super light weight, it can be easily moved from one place to another.

This type of a jhula is ideal for spacious home as it takes up a lot of space. It can even be installed outdoors- in the garden or balcony. Irrespective of the locatio you install, remember that it will take up a lot of space.

Bubble swing

This one is the most common and popular type of jhula in Indian homes. These are made of cane or plastic wicher which is easy to maintain and sturdy.

The bubble swing can be placed indoors as well as outdoors. The size of the bubble varies, thus you can choose the one according to the space available.

You can further decorate the jhula with cushions and string lights, as per your likes.

Suspended sofa cum bed

This is a unique type of jhula and not commonly installed. If you wish to give your living room a unique twist, then you can add this informal section.

All you need to do is replace the master sofa with a wide base swing that can be used for relaxing, sitting and lying.

This type is available in wrought iron and wood and can also be painted to match the layout of the room.

This sofa cum bed swing is installed by being suspended from the room’s ceiling with metal hooks and chains. It can easily hold the weight of two people but is always wise to check the weight capacity before buying to see if it watches your needs.

Plastic wicker swing

This type of a swing is suitable for outdoor setting and can withstand various weather conditions. If you have a spacious balcony or lawn with a ceiling, only then you will be able to install this plastic wicker jhula.

This swing is ideal for two people and you can add cushions for extra comfort. It is available in a variety of dark colours like black, brown, and grey, which makes it simple to clean.

Jhula with stand

It is super simple to install this type of swing. You do not require ceiling installation, all you need are a few fasteners and hooks to assemble this jhula with stand.

How to Hang a Porch Swing?

Once you have bought the jhula, the next steps are to install it. It is not too complicated to install one but it can be time consuming, based on the type of jhula you buy.

Step 1 – Gather all the essential supplies

There are not a lot of things required for the installation process. Most brands provide the hanging kit with the swing with instructions. This makes it easy and economical to install the swing.

Step 2 – Find the ceiling joists

Before you purchase the jhula, you already have had an idea where to hang it but you just can’t hang it anywhere you want.

The swing needs to be hung from a ceiling joist. It is a large and stiff wooden beam that holds the weight. Nothing else would hold the weight like a ceiling joist and thus you need to locate one before installing.

Step 3 – Locate where to hang the swing

Once you have located the joist, it is now safe to install the swing. Now is the time to locate the exact place to install the swing because it will move back and forth and sideways. Thus, ensure that you have double the space around for free movements.

Step 4 – Install hanging hardware

  • Measure the jhula and the distance between the hooks.
  • Add 4 inches to this measurement.
  • Mark the spots on the ceiling with a pencil.
  • Check the measurements again to be certain that the jhula will aling and there is enough space for movements.
  • Mark the center of the markings you made on the ceiling. Mark each holes for drilling.
  • Drill holes a little smaller than the diameter of the wood screws.
  • Repeat the marking and driliing steps for the second hook.
  • Attach hanging chains based on the directions of the swing.
  • Hang the jhula to the comfort swings, one by one. Make sure someone is there to help you, especially for this step.

Step 5 – Test your swing

Now is the time to test your swing. Ensure the swing is a few inches off the ground. Give a light push to the jhula to check the clearances and see if it swings smoothly.

When you are ready, sit on it. If you feel something is not correct, check your work and accordingly, make adjustments.


There is no doubt that a jhula can add charm to your house, balcony or garden. We hope this guide helps you make the right buying decision.

There are some essential points that you need to keep in mind while buying the swing to ensure you have made the right decision.

To make your search simpler, we have reviewed some of the best jhulas available online. Also, to help you install the swing yourself, we have also mentioned the basic steps. We recommend you check the instructions manual that comes with the jhula for a detailed and specific installation.

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