7 Ideas: Make Trash Can & Garbage Can Less Gross

Not a single day goes without a visit to the trash can.

The trash can is a subtle part of our life and we always wish that we could put garbage in the trash bin and totally take it off of the mind. I wish we have that luxury!

This is what happens every day; if our trash can is full or have an issue. Sometimes I stand out there for a moment and think how can I make it less gross or avoid it becoming a total mess?

Is there any easy way to clean it out? Instead of looking for answers to these questions that arise after the incidence happens, I worked upon certain rules that prevent future damage and can minimize the risk of having stinky trash cans.

Here is how to keep outdoor garbage cans from smelling:

1. Recycle Your Trash

No brainer, right? Recycling your trash makes a lot of sense.

Doing it properly can reduce the amount of trash you generate every day. So, less trash means less worry for you. But how can you do that?

Glad you asked.

Have one small recycle bin for this purpose and store all those items that you or your community can recycle easily.

Recycle Trash

Have enough knowledge of which things can be recycled. Most of the time people are unaware of the things that can be recycled and they just add it to the garbage can.

Try to break down the trash which is soft but has a large surface area, like cardboard boxes.

Cut down the paper trash, rinse out the metal tins and plastic containers, reuse the wooden sticks for fire or something else, etc. Once you do that, you will end up having little trash at your hand.

2. Avoid Stinky Trash – Prevent Odor

No matter what, trash can never gonna smell like a beautiful flower.

If your trash can smells bad then you need to pay attention to certain things that need to be addressed to avoid stinky trash bins.

Garbage Bin Full of Waste

There are several things one can do to avoid or minimize the trash can odor. First of all, avoid adding things that decay easily and create the smell. Especially food items.

Try to reduce the amount of food trash. If you can’t then try to make a compost pile.

Before you start adding trash to your outdoor garbage cans with lids, sprinkle some baking soda at the bottom of the can. It works!

Baking soda reduces the moisture and minimizes the odor of trash can. It also helps to scrub out the bin while washing it.

Other products that can help to keep the stink away are liquid bleach, cat litter, and dry sheets.

3. Keep it Clean on Trash Day

Make a routine of cleaning the trash cans on every trash day. Take out some time from your busy schedule to clean up the trash residue on your garbage waste cans.

Use water, baking soda, soap, and liquid bleach if required. Don’t forget to use plastic hand gloves to protect yourself from waste residue and germs.

Once you finish up the job, let your trash can dry. Dry and clean trash bins reduce the growth of germs and so the odor.

4. Reduce the Amount of Food Waste

Food waste, the main reason that helps germs to grow faster in our trash bins.

Rotten food is the primary reason behind every stinky, messy waste bins.

Try to figure out how much food items you are wasting every day, then you can reduce that amount by managing your kitchen in a better way.

Food and Fruit Waste

Segregate the food wastes to see which can be added to the compost pile. Build one small compost pile in the backyard which will accommodate such biologically degradable waste.

If you can’t dig a compost pile then pack such food waste in a plastic bag & wrap it up, so it doesn’t leak out in the trash can.

5. Choose Safe Site for Garbage Cans

Though choosing a site to keep garbage cans is a matter of choice for every homeowner, always try to choose a safe & viable place.

Outdoor Garbage Can Storage

Remember, outdoor trash cans always attract rats, dogs, bugs and flies. Also, you have to keep eye on the rules set by local homeowners association as well as the city codes.

No matter where you keep your outdoor trash bins, insects, bugs, and animals always get attracted to them.

So if possible, try to build an outdoor garbage can storage. It will help to protect trash cans from animals.

6. Make Holes in Trash Cans

You might be surprised by this solution but trust us, it helps every time we wash our trash can.

Even in a rainy season when water gets accumulated in bins these tiny holes make a way to drain it out. These holes also reduce your work when you wash the trash cans by draining the water.

Just point an outdoor hose over the nasty trash residue on the wall of the garbage bin and these holes will take all that out within a few minutes.

7. Remember to Take Out the Trash

I try hard not to miss the garbage truck from my area. It’s a painful feeling to miss it, as you know that your garbage will gonna stay longer in your house than the necessary period.

Garbage Disposal Truck

I always prefer to set an alarm on my mobile to remind me to take out the trash. This way I can assure that I am ready with my trash bags even before the garbage truck arrives.

By any chance, if you miss an opportunity to get rid of your trash, try to take it to the waste to dump zone. You can only do this if it is allowed by rules, otherwise, don’t do it.