– How to Download Covid Vaccine Certificate?

Since the emerge of the Covid-19 pandemic, the world slowed down to such a pace that humanity never experienced.

with such an aggressively spreading virus, combating the covid is a priority of each government in the world, and the Indian government and the ministry of health did the aggressive measures too.

Apart from social distancing, strict lockdowns, and creating containment zones, the Indian government started several other projects that fast-forwarded the fight against the coronavirus. is one such portal that keeps all the updates, generates stats, register users, and allocated the certificate on successful vaccination to each citizen of India.

In this article, we will discuss how to download the covid vaccine certificate from and Arogyasetu app.

Though the covid-19 vaccine certificate can be downloaded from either Arogyasetu or Cowin applications, we found that most of the people are not familiar with the process of downloading the covid vaccine certificate.

Covid Vaccine Certificate Download

If you had your first or second dose and want to download the covid vaccine certificate, this article should help you.

Follow the given steps to download the Covid vaccine certificate from the portal –

  1. Open the website in your mobile or PC browser. [It will look like the image above]
  2. Once the site opens, locate and click on the button “Register/Sign In”
  3. Clicking on the register/sign-in button will pop open on more windows, where you will be asked to enter the mobile number.
  4. Enter the mobile number and click on “Get OTP”
  5. Enter the OTP in provided fields and click on the button named as “Verify & Proceed”
  6. Once your OTP is verified, you will be logged in successfully where you can see the “Download” option for the covid vaccine certificate.
  7. Click on the download option and certificate downloading shall begin.

Once you get the certificate, check it thoroughly for all the details. Check your name, dates of vaccination, who gave the vaccine, Adhar number, and see if you find any discrepancies which you can rectify using the same cowin portal.

IF everything looks good, you can keep the soft copy [PDF copy] of the covid vaccine certificate or can take a printout to store it for future reference.

Covid-19 Vaccination Certificate 2021 [1st and 2nd Dose]

  1. Official Website URL:
  2. Download from: Cowin, Arogyasetu
  3. Certificate Name: Covid Vaccination Certificate
  4. Issuing Authority: Government of India
  5. Beneficiary: Indian Citizens
  6. Purpose of certificate: Proof of the covid-19 vaccination

How to Download Coronavirus Vaccine Certificate using Arogyasetu App?

Arogyasetu app is one of the most used applications in India during the Covid time.  It helps users to stay safe from covid-19 by allowing them to understand the cases details of covid-19,  mapping the data whether the user came if contact with other coronavirus carriers or not etc.

It also allow users to download the covid vaccination certificate after successful vaccination.

Follow the steps given below to download covid vaccine certificate using the Arogyasety app –

  • First of all, download the Arogyasetu app from the app stores like Google Play Store or Apple App Store on your phone.
  • Tap the app icon to open the App then click on the Cowin tab.
  • If you have your 1st or 2nd dose of covid vaccine, tap on the Vaccination Certificate option
  • The app will ask you to enter the Beneficiary Reference ID then click on the Vaccine Certificate button.
  • Once you provide the BR ID and click to download the certificate, downloading of same shall start in a few seconds.