Brand Wise Washing Machine Error Codes & How to Fix Them

Washing Machine Error Codes

Thanks to technological advancements, we now have smart washing machines. Gone are those when we had to wait for the technician to fix the errors. We can fix the minor errors with the machine if any. You might be wondering how can we do that. These smart washing machines can now recognize any fault in … Read more

Best Detergent (Powder & Liquids) for Washing Machine in India

Best detergent for laundry

The washing machine is an essential household appliance. It is one of the things that ensure cleaner and fresh laundry, but what is that another thing? Laundry detergent plays an important role in making your laundry clean, eliminating, and keeping it fresh. You require laundry detergent in small quantities but it has to be efficient … Read more

Budget Buy – Best Washing Machines Under 15000 in India

Best washing machine under 15000

When you are looking for a washing machine under 15000, the biggest challenge is to find the one that has advanced features, it is high quality, reliable, amazing spinning speed, and multiple wash programs. Before you start looking out for options, you need to be very clear of your needs. Firstly, you need to understand … Read more

Top 20 Most Famous Washing Machine Brands in India

Best washing machine brands in India

Just like other home appliances, washing machines have become an integral part of Indian homes. These are power-packed of advanced features to give you the cleanest and best possible wash using optimal energy and water. There are many brands that have come up with different types and features of washing machines. They introduce new technologies … Read more

LG vs Bosch Washing Machine – Which Brand is Better?

LG vs Bosch Washing Machine

If you are in search of a washing machine and confused about whether you should opt for Bosch or LG, then we are here to help you. We have reviewed a couple of best washing machines from both these brands amongst the many available that will help you make an informed decision. Grab the best … Read more

IFB vs LG Washing Machines – Which is Better?

If you are in search for a washing machine but confused about whether you should buy LG or IFB, we are here to help you. In this guide, we have mentioned the different options that you can consider from the many options available. The features of the washing machine of both these brands are similar. … Read more

3 Efficient & Best Direct Drive Washing Machines in India

Direct Drive Washing Machine

You will find washing machines in a variety of types, sizes, and styles. In fact, there is one washing machine for every consumer. Most people are concerned about the size, type, energy energy efficiency, and other features of the machine that the inner working is often overlooked. Direct drive is one of the ways of … Read more

Top 4 Best Washing Machine with Dryer in India

Washing machine and dryer arranged in a line

How about getting your dirty laundry washed and cleaned while you are at work? Well, all you need to do is pop your clothes into the washer dryer combo and find it clean and dry when you are home. If you do not know what is a washing machine with dryer or wish to buy … Read more