Best Laptop Under 1 Lakh in India for Coding & Heavy Tasks

Affordable Laptop

High functional laptops with advanced features help in smoothly carrying out work requirements and personal dealings. Many laptops with high innovative technology are very expensive and the features keep advancing with time. There are many laptops available in the market that are loaded with features and fit a budgeted price. We have reviewed the best … Read more

Top 15 Most Trusted & Popular Brands of Laptop in India

Best Laptops in India

Choosing the right brand of a laptop which has features that match your requirements is a difficult task. Different brands offer a variety of models with different functions. Budget is also an important factor to be considered while buying a laptop. The usage frequency and usage type must also be considered while selecting the laptop … Read more

7 Best Gaming Motherboard Under 10000 in India to Buy Online

Gaming PC

Motherboards are printed circuit boards that hold the important components needed for functioning of computerised devices. It comes with connectors for joining different set up and slots required for connecting other circuit boards. It is the heart and soul of a computer. There are many motherboards available in the market in a budgeted price under … Read more