10 Best Non-Stick Cookware Set in India for Cooking

Non Stick Frying Pan

Non-stick cookware has become common in Indian households. For all the weight watchers, these cookwares make it possible to cook food with little oil. The non-stick pan has a few properties similar to the traditional skillet like uniform heating, the right balance between the body and handle, etc. Non-stick cooking items are usually made of … Read more

Top 5 Best Oil’s for Pooja Deepam in India

Commonly spelled pooja or poojah, the puja is a daily worship ritual performed in the home of Hindu or in the temple. It is a process of offering prayer, flowers, and devotional homage to one or more deities. To perform the puja right way, you need several articles and the list begins with the flowers … Read more

Which Mosquito Net is Best for Windows?

Mosquito Net for Windows

Mosquitos are the carriers of terrifying diseases like malaria, dengue, chikungunya, etc. These diseases kill millions of people every year. One of the most important solutions to keep mosquitoes away is the mosquito net. These come in various sizes, colours, and shapes. When you shop online, you will find plenty of options and that might … Read more

10 Best Floor Cleaner Liquids in India to Keep Home Clean

woman using floor cleaner liquid to clean bathroom and sink

As you know, keeping your house clean is extremely important to stay protected from germs. But, at this stage, cleaning it with water is not sufficient. You definitely need something more powerful and hence, this is where disinfectant floor cleaner liquids step in. With a wide range of floor cleaners available in the market, you … Read more

7 Most Popular Kitchen Sink Brands in India in 2021

Kitchen sink

The kitchen is one of the most important parts of the home. It is where the daily nutritious and tasty meals are being cooked, family members gather and spend quality time together. Apart from gas stoves, the kitchen sink is another most vital part of the kitchen. It can help you accomplish multiple tasks washing … Read more