Best Sanitary Napkins

Sanitary pads are a basic essential to every woman. These small, rectangle shaped absorbent material stick inside your underwear and do an important job – to absorb heavy flow of menstruation. Often, they are called as sanitary napkins, sanitary towel or menstrual pad. Today, woman has options to use period-proof panties, washable napkins, reusable cups, … Read more

Best Green Tea for Weight Loss

Herbal Green Tea

With varied health benefits, green tea is now officially the substitute for black tea, coffee, and other beverages. Green tea has a number of nutrients and powerful antioxidants that have positive results on the body. A few of the benefits of regular consumption of green tea is stress reduction, uplifting moods, and energy, and weight … Read more

6 Most Popular Hand Wash Liquids in India

washing hands with hand wash under running tap water

We use hands to perform a wide range of activities which require contact with various equipment, person and surrounding. In the process, hands become contaminated and should be washed multiple times a day using the hand wash liquid or soap. If you are looking for the best hand wash that keeps viruses, bacteria, and other … Read more

Best Mosquito Repellent for Home & Outdoor Living

Mosquito seating on the skin to bite

Whether you are an adventure loving person who likes to go for hiking and swimming or a simple household, mosquito bites are the one thing that can ruin your outings and a good night’s sleep. Mosquitoes are also laden with many disease-carrying bacteria and viruses such as malaria, dengue, yellow fever etc. These make them … Read more

10 Best Nebulizer Machine for Home Use

Best Nebulizer in India

If you are an asthma patient or suffering from any COPD and any other respiratory disorder, then a nebulizer is a device that is extremely essential for you. A nebulizer is a medical instrument that is used for drug delivery. Doctors all over the world recommend nebulizer for offering liquid medications to such patients. Compressed … Read more

Top Digital Thermometer for Kids & Adults in India

Digital thermometer displaying temperature

If we talk about the essential things in a home medical kit, then the digital thermometer is one mandatory device that everyone one must have. When any member of your family is feeling under the weather, the thermometer is the first thing that you want to have. Gone are the days when thermometers used to … Read more

Most Useful Cold Therapy Machine to Use after Knee Surgery

Ice Machine for Knee

The surgeon often recommends using cold and compression after the knee surgery to reduce the intensity of the pain, inflammation and improve the recovery speed. It is clinically proven that cold therapy helps to alleviate the knee pain post knee replacement surgery. Whether you underwent any knee surgery or not, using an ice machine for … Read more