10 Best Basmati Rice in India with Long Grain for Fragrant Biryani

Bowl full of Cooked Basmati Rice

One of the most popular and tastiest rice dishes made in Indian households is biryani. Every household might have different variations of this most loved rice dish, but only one thing is common and that is basmati rice. If you are looking for long and aromatic basmati rice brands, we are here for you. With … Read more

Best Olive Oil Brands for Cooking & Other Purposes in India

Best Olive Oil for Cooking

With the verge of healthy eating, most Indians are talking about using the best olive oil for cooking. Whether you plan pesto dips, bake bread, or prepare the salad, olive oil is one of the most common ingredients that go in these food preparations. In the last few years, the demand for olive oil in … Read more

Major Types of Coconut You Should Know

Green Coconuts on Tree

The fruit of Cocos nucifera aka palm tree is known as ‘Coconut’. Coconut fruit is widely used across the globe for its nutrient-rich meat, water, milk, and oil. Preferentially coconut was being used for culinary purposes but recently they are used for a variety of reasons including religious sacrament, to extract oil, milk, coconut flour and … Read more