7 Best Portable Welding Machines in India

Are you a DIY enthusiast or an aspiring welder who has just started learning the trade, there is a wide variety of welding products available in the market.

There are many options for welding accessories like stick welders, MIG welders, TIG welders, etc. Some welding machines are fuel-fed engines that can be used off the electric grid conveniently.

If you are looking for a portable welding machine, we have got you covered!  From the top picks in India to the welding machine buying guide, we have mentioned everything that you need to know to ensure you make the right decision.

Top Portable welding Machines in India

1. iBell portable arc welding machine

iBELL Inverter ARC Welding Machine

It has an inbuilt ARC force that increases the current that prevents sticking as the electrode enters the melted meta.

This iBell welding machine is one of the most affordable and functional on this list. This machine is light in weight and highly portable, all thanks to its ergonomic design.

This machine is suitable for personal and professional use considering its features as well as abilities. It has an anti-stick property that prevents overloading and also ensures easy withdrawal of the electrode while ensuring no damage to the machine.

The welding machine also has an inbuilt ARC force that increases the current that prevents sticking as the electrode enters the melted meta. This feature ensures maximum performance.

It has heat and power indicators. It also has four types of connections like welding electrode, grounding connection, earth cable and electrode cable. This machine works in a single phase.

You have the control to adjust the current and ARC force according to your requirements. It also has an inbuilt IGBT, overheat and overload protection system.

This welding machine uses 7.2kVA input capacity, 220 Amp current and 160-250 V voltage. It comes with a warranty of 2 years.

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2. iBell 200 amp single phase portable welding machine

iBELL 200-89 Inverter ARC Compact Welding Machine

It is a compact and lightweight that is suitable for both for beginners and for professional 

Another iBell portable welding machine on this list is this one which comes with a 200 amp single phase at an affordable price tag.

It is a compact and lightweight welding machine that is ideal for beginners and for professional use as well, thanks to its features (while most of them are similar to the iBell machine mentioned above).

This welding machine operates in a single phase and has an anti-stick property that does not allow overloading and ensures removal of electrodes without damaging the machine.

This welding has heat and power indicators that makes it easy for you to know the temperature. It has a 1.6 to 5 mm electrode that is ideal for professional use as well.

The welding machine features adjustable current of up to 200 Amp current. It comes with a warranty of one year.

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3. Single phase portable inverter welding machine

ESAB Arc 200i single phase portable welding machine

This machine can take up a permitted load of 60% and maximum power factor of 0.9. 

Another single phase portable welding machine worth buying is this one from ESAB. It is a robust and durable welding machine for a professional. This welding machine is often used in civil construction and for agricultural uses.

This machine provides an amazing performance through the use of the most recent technology – IGBT. It can weld up to 4 mm electrodes.

It has a current input power of 7.3 KVA and has a current range of 20-200A. It has an adjustable arc force and hot start settings for the best possible performance.

This welding machine has a permitted load of 60% and maximum power factor of 0.9.

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4. Shakti 2 Phase Welding Machine for Generator Work & Low voltage works

Shakti Technology Inverter Welding Machine

It is suitable for use for 10 gauge, 12 gauge electrode and welding rod.

If you are looking for a welding machine that works in low voltage areas and on generators, then this one is the best option to consider.

The best part is that it can even work on direct electricity and inverters. This light weight and versatile welding machine is a must buy for beginner and professional welders.

It can work on 60v to 560v and 1-phase as well as 2-phase. This welding machine is ideal for use for 10 gauge, 12 gauge electrode and welding rod. Usually, it is used for fabrication and industrial work.

The welder works on the latest IGBT technology for precise performance. This machine is ideal for outdoor and indoor welding work as it is light in weight and super simple to carry.

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5. BMB Technology Inverter Welding Machine

Shakti Technology 200Amp Inverter ARC Welding Machine

It has overheat protection and an inside cooling system that cools down faster

Another welding machine that works well with the inverter is this one from BMB which is super easy to use and well made.

The welding machine performs fantastically with its latest IGBT technology. It is suitable for 2.5mm and 3.15mm electrodes.

The welding machine has overheat protection, an inside cooling system that cools down faster and a robust construction.

This welding machine is ideal for outdoor as well as indoor welding work. One of the plus points of this machine is that it is low maintenance when compared to the others.

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6. Shakti Technology Inverter Welding Machine

Shakti Technology Inverter Welding Machine

It is well designed to be portable, easy to use and super durable. 

Another inverter welding machine on this list is this one from Shakti Technology. This machine features the latest and most progressive IGBT technology.

It is well designed to be portable, easy to use and super durable. The welding machine works on single input voltage.

The package comes with everything you require apart from the welding machine like welding holder with cable, earth clamp with cable, leather hand gloves as well as welding goggles. It also comes with a 6 months warranty and another 6 months extendable warranty on registration.

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7. VORMIR Inverter ARC Welding Machine

VORMIR Inverter ARC Welding Machine

It is energy efficient and thus you can save money on energy bills. 

Another affordable ARC welding machine on this list is by the brand called VORMIR. It is popular for its excellent quality, lightweight and compact design.

This welding machine features the most advanced IGBT technology. It is a powerful one that is capable of welding mild steel, cast iron and stainless steel. It even has a unique control mode that improves the efficiency and reliability of the machine.

It is super easy to carry with its handle. The machine has an input capacity of 6.1kVA and current of 200 Amp.

It comes with all the essential items like earth cables, electrode, goggles and wire brush. The machine is energy efficient and thus you can save money on energy bills. The brand also provides a one year warranty on the machine.

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Types of Welding

As you may know, there are multiple types of welding processes, around 30. In this article, we may learn in detail about the welding processes that are commonly used.

Each of the types has its pros and cons, we recommend you to know the type that suits your likes and have the proper training to practice it.

MIG – Gas metal arc welding

This process uses a constantly fed electrode through the welding gun and the person who operates it needs to pull the trigger to feed the consumable electrode.

An electric arc forms between the base and electrode that heats the material till its melting point that joins it together. [01]

The main benefit of selecting the MIG welding process is the reduction of water due to the higher electrode efficiency, low heat inputs, and decrease in welding fumes.

This one is the simplest welding technique to learn and thus suitable for beginners and DIY specialists.

The drawbacks that we found is that this type of welding process cannot be used for vertical and overhead welding as well as its inability to weld thicker materials.

MIG welding is commonly used in the automotive industry since it can provide a strong weld to withstand large forces.

TIG – Gas tungsten arc welding

This type of welding is also known as Heliarc welding. It is a welding process that uses a non-consumable tungsten electrode in order to heat the base metal and make a molten puddle. You can add an external filler rod to the puddle to create a weld bead. This will also increase the metal’s mechanical properties.

In this type of welding as well, you will require an external gas supply and a few common ones are argon/helium mixtures and argon.

The most important benefit of this type is that a professional can include his abilities to weld thin materials. With this type of welding process, you can weld a number of alloys and you also do not have to worry about the spatter.

The cons of this process are the low disposition rate and the high cost of equipment. You may also need external shielding gas to get desired results.

Stick – Shielded Metal Arc Welding (SMAW)

This type of welding process uses an electrode to carry the electric current to most of the weld metal.

The electrode that is used for this stick welding process includes a core wire that is coded influx. An electric arc is created when the tip of the electrode is withdrawn to generate temperatures around 6500 degrees F.

During this welding process, the molten metal is shielded from the oxides and nitrates in the surrounding. This quality makes this method suitable for construction, steel erection, heavy equipment repair, and pipeline welding.

The main benefits of this process are the low cost of equipment and portability. It also does not require any shielding gas as in MIG or TIG techniques, which makes it suitable for use in the outdoors as well.

This process can even withstand rusty and dirty metals, thus it is a good alternative for times when you cannot use the MIG and TIG methods.

The drawbacks of this method are that it includes lower consumable efficiency and it produces a lot of waste. Also, this technique can only be used by professionals with high skills.

Flux-Cored Arc Welding (FCAW)

This welding method is similar to the MIG welding technique because it needs an uninterruptedly fed electrode. In place of a solid wire, it requires a tube-shaped wire with flux.

There are two types of wires to choose from – social good and double shield. The social good wires are ideal for outdoor use, even in the windy areas. The double shield wires use external gas and flux to shield the modern weld puddle.

The main benefit of this welding method is the higher electrode efficiency that generates less waste when compared to other welding techniques. This method does not need any external shielding gas and generates less welding fumes irrespective of the metal used for welding. It also does not create a lot of debris.

The cons of this method include that it generates a lot of smoke and expensive equipment. Also, this welding technique cannot be used for thin materials.

Electron Beam Welding (EBW)

In this type of welding, a ray of high-velocity electrons is fired at the materials that need welding. Through this technique, the energy from the electrons is transferred into the shield to melt the welding materials which then more than fuse together.

A few examples of finished products made using this method are transmission assemblies, aerospace components, as well as bi-metal saw blades.

This welding method is ideal for sealing electrical components as well as pre-evacuated housings. The main benefit is that with this technique you can join dissimilar metals as well.

Atomic Hydrogen Welding (AHW)

This welding method has been replaced by the gas metal arc welding technique but there are a few specific purposes in which it is used like welding tungsten. This method is resistant to heat.

Gas Tungsten-Arc Welding

This type is one of the most difficult and also time-consuming as it requires you to have hi skills and a lot of focus.

Small strips of metal are welded along with this process to get a strong weld that lasts long. This welding technique was released in the year 1941 and it has almost been the same.

This Gas Tungsten Arc Welding method is used to manufacture aircraft and bicycles, commercial as well as military.

Plasma Arc Welding

This technique is similar to gas tungsten arc welding and was established in 1954. This process uses electrical current passed through a tiny nozzle, passing through the protective gases to enable extreme precision while welding in small parts.

When you require to heat metals at extreme temperatures that results in stronger welds, this is the most suitable method. The aircraft manufacturing industry uses this method of welding and is very rarely used by DIY enthusiasts.

How to choose a portable welding machine in India?

Before you buy a particular welding machine, there are a few things that you need to keep in mind to ensure the right purchase.

The below mentioned points will help you understand the essentials that help you make an informed decision.

Consider the type of metal to weld

As you know if a metal conducts electricity, it can be welded. But there is a catch in here, not all metal can be welded precisely by using the arc welding methods. The fact is that each welding method can accurately weld a particular type of metal.

Some metals can be welded using a particular arc method only. Thus, knowing the metal you are going to work on will help you understand which welding machine to choose.

Below mentioned is the table that will help you understand more:

Metal Type

Stick WeldingTIG WeldingMIG Welding
Stainless steelNoNoNo
Cast ironNoYesYes
Aluminium AlloysYesNoNo
Exotic metalsYesNoYes

Ideal amperage

The price of the welding machine mostly depends on the current it can generate. Thus, thicker metals need more current to be welded appropriately. Hence, it is vital that you focus on the thickness of the base metals and fixtures you are going to work on.

For example, a thick structural steel pipe with a thickness of more than half an inch would need to go with the high end MIG or stick welding machine to ensure effective welding.

In order to weld thin metals, you need a sensitive machine that will provide the required amount of heat to weld. Welding aluminium is the same as welding any other thinner metal.

Welding environment

Another essential point that you need to keep in mind while buying a welding machine is the welding environment.

Not all portable machines will work the same in a controlled space of a garage or workshop. Based on the size and the location, working indoors may not be feasible always.

For example, in a farm there are multiple large and heavy equipment that are used everyday and need repairs rarely. These maintenance jobs require welding occasionally and the MIG and TIG are not suitable for outdoor welding because even a slight breeze can disrupt the process.

There are a few things that you need to consider while doing the welding operations indoors.

  • Do you have the right ventilation?
  • Do you have enough space for bottled gas – MIG and TIG and also space to store a few?
  • Does the area have enough space to minimize injury risk and fire?

Welding aesthetics

Make sure that all welds are structurally sound and also look good at the same time. The only welding method that meets this requirement is the TIG, which is also known as the most difficult one since it requires a two hand operation.

Welding speed

TIG welding makes some of the finest weld beads, but it is the slowest welding process. Thus, if speed is an important factor when it comes to your welding work, then TIG is not the right process for you.

The flux cored or MIG welding may rather be a better option to consider when you are looking for a portable welding machine.

Price of machine

The price of the portable welding machine depends on a number of factors like the type, brand, speed, warranty, etc.

Thus , before you start looking out for one, we would recommend you to know your needs well so that you can pick the right one in your budget.


This is one of the most important factors to consider while choosing the portable welding machine but also the most ignored one.

Ensure to check the warranty of the machine before you make an investment to cover the manufacturing defects and repairs.


We hope to have helped you understand everything that would assist you in buying the right portable welding machine for your needs.

There are many types of welding machines available in the market and each of them has its own pros and cons. Thus, ensure to check out explanations on all the types to know which kind suits you the most.

Ensure to check out the buying guide that will help you know the important points that you need to keep in mind to understand your needs and make a buying decision accordingly.

To make your search simpler, we have also listed down the best portable welding machines for home and professional use that you can consider buying.

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