Best Beard Trimmers for Men in India for Multigrooming

The beard remains one of the major attraction points for men. A good beard is always admired by people either of the same or opposite gender.

Taking care of all the twisting and turning hair on your face can be quite a chore. Beards are known to easily get rough and make a man appearance scruffy when unkempt.

The best trimmer will make a very good addition to your personal grooming kit. Beard trimmers have been around for some time and they have proven to be extremely useful devices for different men over the centuries.

Now, as time has progressed and with the technological age which we are in, there are now different options and types of beard trimmers in the market.

Different companies now specialize in creating beard trimmers that are perfect for every occasion. However, with the variety of options available to different men around the world, it is important to highlight the top products in the market.

Wahl professional hair clippers, Phillips and Panasonic are few best beard trimmer brands in India that top the list and we will see more about it later. These brands build the products that are known to produce a high level of efficiency.

5 Best Trimmers for Men in India

Top TrimmersFeaturesBuy
1. MIWaterproof Beard TrimmerBuy on Amazon
2. Philips QT4011Titanium blade Beard TrimmerBuy on Amazon
3. Wahl Color ProMultigroom Trimmer for Men, KidsBuy on Amazon
4. Wahl ProfessionalTrimmer for Professional UseBuy on Amazon
5. Philips BT322190 Min Cordless RunBuy on Amazon

Best Trimmer Reviews

1. Mi Beard Trimmer

Mi beard trimmer is a product of Xiaomi Inc. The company is commonly refereed as “The new Apple” by its users and hold special reputation for its electronic consumables like smartphones, trimmers, power banks and air purifiers.

Mi Beard Trimmer

Whether you are into corded or cordless beard trimmer, Mi beard trimmer satisfy the both users. One can use it as cordless or corded trimmer.

Its blades has rounded teeth to avoid skin irritation and comes with lubricant coating to avoid the friction but it fades away with use resulting enhanced friction and heat. To avoid this company advised to use the coconut oil as a lubricant.

With just 2 hours of charging it can run up to 90 minutes and if you are in hurry you can rapid charge it for 5 minutes which provide 10 minutes of cordless uses.

The fully washable body make cleaning easy and allow the removal of trapped hair from the blade. Often blades of trimmer tends to get blunt after the regular use but Mi beard trimmer blades has self sharpening mechanism in place to avoid the dullness.

The blades also designed in such a way that it can reach to every hair on the beard and provide effortless, clean cuts to the user. Though the blades are good enough for better results it can’t be used for zero shave.

With the 1 year warranty, sharp blades, travel safety lock,  powerful battery, versatile usage and multiple settings this can be a worthy purchase for a fair price.

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2. Philips QT4011/15 corded & cordless Beard Trimmer

This is hands down the best hair trimmer that we got our hands on. Its a dream come true for every man cause it makes manscaping a child play.

Philips BT3221-15 corded and cordless Titanium blade Beard Trimmer

With the rapid charging and long lasting battery performance, one should not be worry about frequent charging. One hour charging can give around 1.5 to 2 hours of use which is one of the biggest advantage of having this trimmer especially for the frequent travelers.

As the name suggest, it work for trimming your beard and other hairs but don’t expect it to provide you a clean shave. It gives precise cuts up to the 0.5 mm and can be used for removing the hairs on other parts of your body including pubic hairs.

The self sharping blade are made from Titanium which make them durable and sharp. Also, they last long for years if used carefully. To avoid the skin irritation blade teeth are shaped round. It comes with 20 length settings for better use.

Overall, the trimmer is handy, sturdy, sharp enough to provide precise cuts, easy to use for manscaping  and has long lasting batteries.

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3. Wahl Color Pro – Complete Hair Cutting Kit

Why this?

Wahl Color Pro Complete Hair Cutting Kit comes with various extended accessories, cape, color coded guide combs, scissors and styling shears at the reasonable cost.

Wahl Clipper Color Pro Cordless Rechargeable Hair trimmers

When we say reasonable, we must tell you that almost everyone can afford it and can become a hair-styling ninja!

This kit serves the various purpose, whether you want to cut your hair or your kids’ hair, or you need to trim them off between the visit to salon. No matter what, when it comes to home-based hair styling, Wahl color pro complete hair cutting kit is the only option you should opt for.

Wahl knows what they are building and that’s the reason this awesome clipper has multiple premium components that make sure to provide a clean cut every time you use it.

Overall package has a high-quality, durable clipper that long last, multiple guide combs, one pocket comb, a couple of hair clips, guide to help you trim your eyebrows, cape and one more comb with a flat top.

By including all these little tools together, Wahl trying to help you achieve a perfect grooming every time. These tools make sure that you can do almost everything that you want to do with your hairs.

Efficient Handle

Often as a guy, I feel frustrated if my clipper doesn’t work perfectly or even after clipping my hairs. This frustration of discomfort comes from the improper shape of the handle of clippers. Well, not for the Wahl color pro. It has an ergonomic handle that provides the good grip that won’t let you experience the fatigue.

Comfortability is not the only feature of the handle of this clipper, but it also comes with full control. It has specially designed thumb rest which makes it easy to control overall movement of a clipper.

Colored Guide Combs

Another great feature of this kit is that it comes with the multiple combs which vary in sizes. These colorful combs adds color to the kit and helpful while grooming for various purposes.

Can also be used for beard

This clipper is heavily used for haircuts but is comes with so much attachments, you can literally use it to style your beard withe ease.

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 4. Wahl Professional Beard Trimmer

Another Wahl trimmer on our list. But do not be deceived by the simple look of this trimmer; it also has some very impressive features.

Wahl 5-Star Professional Trimmer

This beard trimmer has been designed for professional use and is structured to provide very sharp and incisive cuts. It comes with a special blade which makes it easier to get certain cuts.

The Wahl Professional Beard Trimmer is a powerful and compact device which is a very good combination of effectiveness and beauty. This trimmer is very useful for lining and artwork.

Despite the size of the beard trimmer, it still delivers very powerful results which are comparable with the other larger models of beard trimmers. The beard trimmer is very lightweight and is very easy to hold in the palm.

The Wahl Professional Beard Trimmer is very convenient to use and comes with all the accessories needed for a very good cut. This beard trimmer is a product that gives every user its value for money.

Notable Features

1. Professional and incisive cutting. The Wahl Professional Beard Trimmer is designed for professional use and is used to deliver some very impressive cuts. The device is equipped with a special blade that makes cutting and trimming easier.

2. Stylish. Despite the effectiveness of the Wahl Professional Beard Trimmer, it boasts a very impressive and aesthetic design. It is also compact and fits perfectly into the palm of the user.

3. Different accessories available. This beard trimmer comes with all the accessories needed for a very good cut.

4. Effective cutting blade: This beard trimmer is fitted with a very special blade that allows for impressive cuts.

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5. Philips corded and cordless beard trimmer

Philips BT3211-15 corded and cordless Beard Trimmer

When it comes to beard trimmers, Philips is one of the most trusted and popular brands in India. If you are looking for a corded and cordless trimmer, then this one is a great choice. You can use it either way as per your needs.

It works well for 60 minutes after being charged for 1.5 hours. It even has a battery indicator that indicates the level of battery remaining in the trimmer.

The trimmer enables 30% faster trimming with lift and trim system. The trimmer has rounded bladed that do not hurt the skin in any way.
It has 20 lock-in different length settings that can give you and 0.5-10 mm with 0.5 mm precision. The blades are self-sharpening stainless steel that provides an amazing and protective shave.

It super simple to clean the trimmer, all you need to do is detach the head and rinse it under flowing water. It comes with a storage pouch that helps you carry it with you while you are travelling.

This beard trimmer comes with a warranty of 2 plus 1 year after registration.

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Why only the Best Beard Trimmers?

Never underestimate the importance of a good beard trimmer. Getting a bad one will lead to some unwanted results.

Also, beard trimmers aren’t cheap devices and a wrong choice could leave a dent in your wallet. If you get a beard trimmer which is not of a good quality, it may be difficult to achieve that perfect trim.

Characteristics of a good trimmer include accuracy, user friendliness and versatility.

Types of Beard Trimmers

There may be different models of beard trimmers all over the world. However, the top trimmers fall into different categories namely –

  • Corded and cordless beard trimmers.
  • Dry and Wet Beard trimmers.

Corded and Cordless Beard Trimmers

These are the basic type of beard trimmers which you come across. Most beard trimmers are either corded or cordless.

Cordless Beard Trimmer

As mentioned earlier, the cordless are preferred due to their convenient usage but they have to be charged regularly for frequent use.

On the other hand, corded beard trimmers do not require any charging but can be used anywhere just like cordless beard trimmers.

Also, the cordless beard trimmers are very convenient to make use of and are quite portable to move around. Corded beard trimmer may be difficult to handle in certain corners.

When comparing both types of beard trimmers, users should understand that the corded beard trimmers offer more power when trimming and can easily be used to trim the hair of other parts of the body.

Dry and Wet Beard Trimmers

Dry Beard trimmers are a very good choice for those that trim their beards under dry conditions. This beard trimmer should not be used in the shower or should not be used to shave wet beards. They are more ideal for quick trimming.

Wet Beard trimmer are a good choice for those that trim their beards in the shower. If you are a person who desires a better shave or prefers to shave in the shower, this is the choice for you.

How to Choose a Beard Trimmer in India – Buying Guide

There is no need to over-complicate the process of getting a good beard trimmer. In order to get smoother and faster results, take note of the following points;

Pay attention to customer reviews

Customer Reviews and Feedback

Reviews are a very good way to judge the efficiency of a bear trimmer online. The reviews on online stores are from other users who have decided to share their opinion on the product.

But at the same time, you have to be careful when going through reviews. It is quite easy to come across false claims. However, if you keep coming across a particular complaint, there is a high chance that it is true.

The customer reviews can help shoppers to create a list of different trimmer models. The potential buyer would then do more research on the trimmers on the list.

Engage in personalized research

As discussed earlier, customer reviews can be very interesting way to learn a lot about a beard trimmer, but the importance of your own research cannot be overemphasized.

Keep a list of what you are looking for and make sure you pick the most suitable choice.

Do your research and search about your questions and you are sure to get yourself a perfect choice. There are different useful materials and websites on the internet.

Create a “good” budget

Indian Currency Rupee Notes

The different options of beard trimmers comes at different prices but it is good to create a solid budget to control spending. At the initial stages of your search, you can make use of a very restrained budget.

Make sure you also understand that that quality of the beard trimmer you are looking for is equivalent to the price of the trimmers.

A “good” budget would create a narrower list of options to simplify decision making.

Make a choice between cordless and corded models

This is probably one of the biggest decisions that would influence your choice of beard trimmer. There are cordless and corded models of beard trimmers.

When making use of a cordless beard trimmer, you can enjoy a high level of flexibility when using it. They are also very good to travel with. However, make sure it is charged regularly.

When making use of corded model, there is no need for charging. These trimmers are often known to be more powerful.

However, the users of these types of beard trimmers do not enjoy the same level of flexibility as cordless models. This means you can use them anywhere.

Consider your beard – Thick, Coarse or Thin?

Types of Beard

When choosing a beard trimmer, it is also good to take note of the texture of your beard.

The model of beard trimmer you choose is your personal choice but if you have a thick and coarse beard, a corded model may be better for you.

This is due to the fact that the corded model offers more power for smoother results.

Go for maximum  attachments

This factor is also based on personal choice based on your trimming style.

This means it depends on the amount of hair you plan to trim and how much of the hair you would be trimming. Attachments can make it easier to deal with certain beards such as goatees.

Prefer Multipurpose Trimmer

Would the beard trimmer be used for other bodily hair?

When shopping for a beard trimmer, you have to take note of the differences in the power offered by the different types of trimmers.

If you have gotten your beard trimmer solely to help with your beard, then you probably don’t need a trimmer with too much power.

However, if the beard trimmer would also be serving as a trimmer for hair on other body parts, make sure you get a beard trimmer with more power and higher versatility.

Look out for setting that allow for adjustment of the trim length. This would allow you to customize your trim better.

Would you prefer a wet/dry model?

Based on preferences, some men are okay with trimming dry hair while others prefer the use of foam, gel or a lotion when trimming. When using a wet trimming, it can be used with all this materials and can even be used in the shower. Another benefit of this trimmer model is that you can easily clean it with water.

Pay attention to Blades

The final thing to look at is the blades. Look at the blades and ask yourself what they are made of.

The most common materials used in making blades of trimmers include titanium, chromium, or stainless steel. The materials are often the most comfortable against the skin and most durable.

The different factors listed above will serve as a guide to help you pick the most suitable beard trimmer that would guarantee satisfactory results regularly.

Sturdy Motor

Whether you have thick hairs or not, getting a hair trimmer with robust motor win the heart when it comes to selecting the motor operated beard trimmers.

Strong motor adds enough oomph to the trimmer and allow to cut through the thick hairs without pulling hair roots.

Benefits of Using a Beard Clippers

Solution against flaky skin

If you see any man who keeps long facial hair is going to be prone to flaky skin. The flaky skin gets stuck to the hair of the beard if it is not properly taken care of.

Constantly making use of a beard trimmer and keeping the hair on your face short will prevent flakes from appearing on your face.

Prevents skin irritation

The thickness and fullness of a man’s beard determines the vulnerability of the skin to irritations.

If you want to avoid any skin irritations caused by a full beard, try to keep your beard short with the use of a beard trimmer.

Prevents bacteria build-up

It is quite common for bacteria buildup to occur in beards. The bacteria buildup can lead to certain skin conditions such as acne.

If you want to prevent any skin conditions or bacteria buildup, proper care and attention should be paid to the beard.

Prevents cuts

When making use of a beard trimmer, you tend to have lesser cuts.

By default, beard trimmers are designed to have only minimal contact with the skin of the user. The simple task of a beard trimmer is to keep the hair in your beard well-trimmed and groomed.

Easy to use

Keeping a beard can be a lot of work for a man. However, a beard trimmer can make everything quite simpler for any man. The beard trimmers are quite easy for different people to make use of.

There is no special procedure to make use of a beard trimmer. All you have to simply do is to set the length for the trimmer and let it pass over your beard. The trimmer will simply cut off all the hair to a considerable length.


Beard trimmers can be used for long duration.

Rather than having to buy a razor frequently or paying visits to the barber, a beard trimmer would serve you for longer. Beard trimmers are a more durable solution to having a well-shaved beard.

FAQ’s about Trimmers for Men

Beard clippers are very useful devices which can be used to create some very impressive results. However, as different users start to make use of beard trimmers, it leads to a lot of questions.

These questions are aimed at trying to totally understand everything about trimmers. These questions have been designed to provide complete information on trimmers. These questions include:

1. What is a beard trimmer?

A beard trimmer is a quite simple device designed to help with the trimming and shaping of beards into different shapes and sizes.

Trimmers are devices of different lengths which allow for different attachments for varying results. The beard trimmer is an electrical device that utilities thin blades to cut the hair.

The movement of the blades cut the hair as soon as it comes in contact with the hair. There are different types of trimmers with different qualities.

2. Can a beard trimmer be used on the head?

This is quite possible. A trimmer can be used to cut the hair on the head if the right attachment is used.

A user would need to make use of the longest trimming guard which carefully combing the hair. Making use of a short trimming guard could allow the user to cut too much hair or to clog the blades of the trimmer.

However, the trimmer isn’t designed for cutting hair on the head. If you want to cut the hair on your head, make use of an electrical clipper.

3. Can a beard trimmer be used to shave pubic hair?

This is one of the most commonly asked questions about beard trimmers. The answer to this question is simply yes. However, the answer isn’t that straightforward.

There are different factors that are involved concerning this. Firstly, a beard trimmer is not good enough for a close shave. You may be unable to get a perfect result and still find some patches of air in different places.

For a very close and neat shave, make use of a razor and some shaving cream or shaving powder. If it is your wish to just trim your pubic hair, a beard trimmer would do that perfectly.

If you would be making use of a beard trimmer, you have to make use of scissors to cut the length of the hair on your body. Ensure that the hair isn’t too long or even tangled. You can get the best results from this at the end of a hot shower.

If you try to cut hair which is too long, it will get stuck in the blades of the beard trimmer and prevent a clean cut.

When cutting the hair in your pubic region, make use of a short trimmer guard or avoid the use of a trimmer guard. Take extra care when cutting hair close to your skin, some badly constructed trimmers could cut your skin.

4. How do I clean my beard trimmer?

Maintenance of the beard trimmer is a very good activity which will help to ensure the durability of the trimmer. Before you start cleaning, remove any attachments and remove all the hair with a small brush.

Most beard trimmer have a cleaning lever that allows for the removal and extension of the blades. After cleaning the blades, reassemble the beard trimmer.

When cleaning the body of the trimmer, make use a slight damp cloth. Avoid the use of any polishers or even liquid soap.

5. How to adjust trimming length?

In order to adjust the trimming length, choose the right attachment and attach it to the blade. This trimmer attachment will determine how much of the hair length will be cut by the beard trimmer.

Certain beard trimmers have a locking mechanism designed to keep the trimmer attachment in place.

6. How long can I use a beard trimmer?

The amount of time which any person or user can make use of a beard trimmer is largely dependent on the care and maintenance of the beard trimmer. However, a good beard trimmer is good enough to last for as long as 1 year and even up to 10 years.

Some of the earlier beard trimmer models are known to last for long periods of time. Regardless of the type of beard trimmer bought, it would last for a long period of time.

Pick the best type of beard trimmer and get ready to make use of it for quite some time. As it ages, the effectiveness of the trimmer may wane and may require maintenance.

7. What type of maintenance is required for my beard trimmer?

Beard trimmers are easy to clean and maintain. In order to maintain the beard trimmer, make sure you clean it regularly and apply oil to the different parts of the blades for lubrication.

8. How to repair a beard trimmer?

If you have a malfunctioning beard trimmer, check the blades to see if anything is clogging them. Ensure that all attachments are removed and clean them.

If your beard trimmer supports a dust holder, remove it. If the beard trimmer is still faulty, charge the trimmer as the fault may be due to a weak battery.

After doing all this, if the beard trimmer is still faulty, you may look forward to some serious repairs. If you have a warranty, you can easily return it or swap it form something else.

However, if your warranty has expired, you can contact the manufacturer for more advice.

9. How much is a beard trimmer?

There are different models of beard trimmers in the market and each one is  known to have different price. The price is dependent on the features of the model.

You can get a beard trimmer for as low as $20 while others can be as expensive as $80.Basically, your budget and the features of the trimmer determine the price of the beard trimmer.

However, if you desire to get a beard trimmer which is even more advanced, you may need to pay much more. A good beard trimmer would serve as a device that would last for a quite long time.

10. Where can I buy a beard trimmer?

Beard trimmers are very popular devices. They are not difficult to get and they are even now available on different online stores such as

You can also get these beard trimmers in most departmental stores. The trimmer would be found in the health and personal care section of the stores. Make sure you patronize authentic stores in order to get the best types of products.

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