Best Table Fan to Beat the Summer Heat

Table fans come as saviors to beat the heat of summer and help us to relax in cool environments. Since decades, table fans are being used in every household as a convenient and portable device to tackle the heat

Though the Table fans were introduced in the 1950’s, it is still being used widely due to its ability for easy mobility. Table fans can be used anywhere, whether it’s a kitchen, drawing room or a bedroom. It is the most useful device to avoid the heat when we are working in the kitchen.

Usually, table fans sold at a fair price and it will be a wonderful gift to your loved ones this summer. In this article we have covered the best table fans available in the market and also the buying guide.

How to Buy High Speed Table Fan in India – Buying Guide

To help you find the best table fans, check out these important points below in the buying guide section.


High Speed Table Fan

Most important thing which could help us in decreasing the room temperature is the speed of the fan. The table fan which could produce a high speed on a high RPM can generate better air delivery within a larger area.

Useful Tip!Usually, a table fan with a RPM above 1400 will provide a better air delivery up to 60 CMM which could lead to a good result in cooling the room. RPM stands for “revolution per minute” while CMM stands for “Cubic meters per minute”. The more the RPM, the more the CMM will be.

Most table fans come with the speed adjustment setting which will help the user to adjust the speed according to its preference.

Size – Depends on where you will use it

Table Fan being used in kitchen to beat the heat

The second important factor is the size. The size of a table fan will help to provide the air to reach the farthest in the room. Bigger the size of a table fan, the larger area it will cover.

Some table fans come with an adjustable stand which help the to adjust the height of the fan according to the user. Besides size there is an important feature of auto rotation for the wings of the fans it will help the fan to auto rotate in every direction. In most cases the auto-rotation is for 270 degrees.


Avoid noisy table fan for undisturbed sleep.

You do not want to get your sleep or work getting disturbed due to the noise table fan. So, it is always better to check the table fan which has a minimum or zero noise component.

Some table fans come with the silent noise feature which allows the table fan to work in minimum noise. Also, check the noise review for the product from the authorized experts.

Easy Assembly

Most of the table fans come in a compact packing. Make sure you have checked the review, user manual and also look for the video if available for the assembly.

Easy assembly will help to save your struggling hours as will help in cleaning and maintenance for the table fan in the future.

Safety Grills

Table fan with strong grills

Safety grills will provide protection to your children or pets if they can come close in contact with the table fan. Safety grill will also help to keep the blades with fewer dust particles. It will overall help to come over an unprecedented accident. A must safety feature to be looked at while purchasing a table fan.

Table Fan Safety Tips:

  • Always buy the product from the trusted brand and check the brand history.
  • Check the warranty of the product. A minimum of 1 year warranty is required for the product and also read the replacement policy.
  • Authorized service centers which are nearest to your home will help to save your time if there are problems within the product.
  • Check the product assembly to save your struggling hours in future. Also look for a detailed video for assembly if available online.
  • Check for a product with a detailed user manual in to help you in case you face any difficulties.
  • Read the reviews from the expert for better understanding. Also read the reviews of the customers who have used the product.
  • Always check a description list for the product and a list of items that will be provided in the box, it is usually published on the website what will be inside the box.

Top 10 Best Table Fans in India

Here is the list of high-speed and the best table fans in India that you can buy online.

1. Bajaj Esteem 400mm Table Fan

First table fan on our list belongs to a very popular consumer durable company Bajaj. Bajaj is a well known established company in India which has an expertise of more than 80 years in making consumer durable products.

Bajaj Esteem 400mm Table Fan

The Bajaj Esteem is a durable, white color fan and has a powerful motor of 50 Watts which helps to deliver instant cooling. To combat the noise disturbance, it comes with an in built engineering feature called as a silent operation. This feature is so brilliant that it keeps the fan silent and will not disturb you during the sleep.

This table fan will help you to save on your electricity bill as it carries a low power consumption mechanism. Apart from all these striking features, the table fan has 1 year warranty from the Bajaj.

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2. Orient Electric Desk-26 Trendz 400mm Table Fan

Orient Electric is a part of Birla Group which have been in consumer durable for many years. Orient table fan comes with a powerful 58 watts motor and has a good aerodynamic design which helps for a good air delivery within the room.

Orient Electric Desk-26 Trendz 400mm Table Fan

The three leaf blades of the table fan are extra protected against corrosion with a powder-coated guard and polymer ring which will help the table fan for a long run.

Orient table fan comes with a 3 speed piano switch control for the speed adjustment. The easy snap-fit assembly allow user to assemble the fan quickly saving the valuable time. Its up & down tilt mechanism allow to direct the air flow as per the user need.

On top all this, the best thing about this fan is it comes with a warranty of 2 years. Overall, its a perfect purchase for those who are looking for a table fan with better speed, corrosion free material and longer warranty period at fair price.

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3. USHA Maxx 400mm Air Table Fan

USHA is a well known Indian brand since several decades.  The brand is so popular we all can hear the appreciation for its quality products from our elderly loved ones.

Usha Maxx Air 400mm Table Fan

The fan comes in red, white and blue color which looks fabulous and allow users to buy as per the color they like most. Usha table fan comes with a powerful motor of 55 watt which will help to cool the room within a few minutes.

The fan has an unique aerodynamic design which allow the jerk free oscillations, better stability and soothing experience to users. It has 3 manual speed adjustment settings which will help to control the airflow.

Motor auto overheat protection protect the table fan from the motor burnout and internal parts damage caused by over heat. It is a bit tricky to assemble but yet easy to clean.

Overall, its a bit pricey fan with good air delivery, efficient & quite functioning.

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4. Havells Swing Lx 400mm Table Fan

Havells India Limited is one of the largest electrical equipment companies in India. Started in 1958 by Mr. Qimat R. Gupta, a school dropout, now has more than 6K employees.

Havells Swing Lx 400mm Table Fan

Due to its powerful motor of 55 watt it produces a swing for the air which will cool your room temperature. Havells table fan comes with a useful jerk free oscillation technology which stabilizes the fan. The table fan has balanced PP blades which will provide good aerodynamics for the fan and will help to create a better airflow.

Safety features such as 120 ribs guard comes preinstalled which help to prevent your pets and children if they come in close contact with the fan. The thermal protector helps the motor from damage, in the event of a short circuit. Most important factor is, it comes with a 2 year warranty which will help in case of any mishap.

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5. Luminous SpeedPRO Table Fan

With the wide range of innovative yet powerful products, Luminous Power Technologies has become a trustworthy brand in India.

Luminous SpeedPRO 400MM Table Fan

The powerful motor allow the fan for stronger air throw. Luminous table fans come with a sturdy design, which is easy to clean and maintain. Its aerodynamic PP blade give great performance and help to keep the room temperature low.

The thermal overload protection feature helps to prevent motor damage. Easy manual speed adjustment buttons, time saving assembly, easy mobility with the 6 kg weight are few striking features which makes this table fan a perfect summer gift to your loved ones.

Overall, with the 2 years warranty, better features and ability to cool the room fast make this a good purchase for the summer season.

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6. Crompton High Speed Table Fan

Crompton is a well established brand for decades and is a part of the Avantha group. The Crompton table fan comes in a white color which can suit any room.

Crompton Table Fan High Speed Whirlwind Gale

It has a massive 110 watt motor which is impressive in maintaining the airflow in the room. A marvelous 3 speed energy saving motor has been embedded in the table fan, which will help to save on electricity bills. Important safety measures are taken to curb thermal overload protection.

The fan is equipped with the finger proof grill to avoid direct exposure with blades. It has a sturdy design, the superior low voltage performance, and the tilt adjustment feature for adjusting the fan at desired angle. Apart from these features it has 2 years warranty.

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7. Geek Aire Rechargeable Table Fan

As the company’s tagline suggests cool solutions for life the table fan is also equipped with the features that keeps your room cool with breeze of air.

Geek Aire 12 Inch Rechargeable Table Fan

The inbuilt 15600mAh, high quality Lithium-ion battery help it to keep going even in the power outage. LED battery power indicators are placed to check the battery level. Due to this feature the table fan can be carried to any location and can be used for 4-24 hours. Battery can be charged in 4-5 hours.

The built quality is robust and it has a 12 inch metal blade which will help to provide a good air delivery. Smart USB out feature is installed inside the fan to provide a charging facility for the smart phones and digital devices.

One knob easy fan speed adjustment has been placed within the table fan. A worry free 2 year warranty is provided with this Geek table fan.

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8. Piesome Led Light, Rechargeable Desk Fan

Piesome is a company which brings innovative products. This Piesome table fan has an inbuilt battery; the unique feature for this battery is it can be charged from solar power for which it uses the lithium battery.

Piesome Led Light Multi Function Powerful Rechargeable Table Desk Fan

There has been a LED light inside the fan which can be used for 8 hours on a single charge. This table fan helps in dual purpose if there would be a power outage, a LED light and a fan. The fan is lightweight and can easily carried to every location.

It has a wall mount capability. Due to its height adjustment feature the air delivery for the fan is wonderful. The fan comes with a USB output which can help you to charge your electronic device. Availability in  multi-color all users to choose the one they like most.

Overall, with amazing appearance, rechargeable battery,  LED backup light and ability to cool down the room make this a go to table fan for those area where power outage is common.

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9. Enamic UK Laurels Table fan

Enamic UK is an emerging brand. The table fan is budget oriented among its competitors. It comes with all black color which will look good in every room of the house.

Enamic UK Laurels Table Fan

The table fan has a high speed motor which will help in maintaining the room temperature low. Motor has a copper winding which will enhance its durability, life and it will also improve the performance of the motor.

Safety grills are installed in the fan which will help to avoid unfortunate events for pets and children if they come in close contact with the table fan.

Large control knob has been placed on the table fan to control the speed. This is a product which is made 100 percent in India. It will be the perfect gift this summer for your loved ones. One year company warranty is applied on this table fan.

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10. VGuard Personal Desk Fan

V-Guard Industries Ltd is a major electrical appliances manufacturer in India. As the name suggests it is a compact fan which is easy to carry.

VGuard Personal Desk Fan Lap Breeze

It has a powerful motor of 40 watt which is able to produce 1200 RPM which will help to get colder breeze from the table fan. V-Guard table fan is a nice looking fan which will suit any room and it comes in a black color. The table fan has 5 blades which will help in better air delivery.

All in one button is installed in this fan to control fan speed and direction for the fan. Due to its lightweight feature it can be carried to other locations. It can be a perfect gift to your loved ones to avoid this scorching summer. This table fan has a flexible tilt adjustable angle feature. V-Guard table fans are assured with a 1 year warranty.

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FAQ’s about Table Fans

Does the fan heat while it’s turned on for a longer duration does the motor will burn?

Generally the fan can run for a longer duration most of the table fans are robust and engineered in such a way that it can work for the longer period. Please check the motor description of the table fan, does it support heating resistant.

The table fan is wired or all the table fans are wireless?

It depends on the fan whether the fan has a battery or it is a wired fan, but most of the table fans are wired fans. Though most of them are wired, many prefer using the wireless due to is portability and battery backup.

Does the fan have a safety grill? What is a safety grill?

Most of the fans come with a safety grill. Safety grill is a protection to the fan which will help your children or pets to keep away to get in close contact with the fan.

Does it come with easy assembly and how frequently it requires maintenance?

It depends on the fan whether it is an assembled model or it has to be assembled instruction manual will be provided inside the box for guidance. Most of the fans are easy maintenance. Maintenance related information will be available in the manual.

What is the ideal warranty for the table fan?

An ideal warranty should be for 1 year from our view, but it totally depends on the brand of the table fan. Popular brands usually give a warranty of 2 years. Please read the warranty information before purchasing the table fan.

Does the air breeze feel in all directions?

The table should have a rotating mechanism to circulate the air breeze around the room.

Can the fan be wall mounted?

Most of the table fans cannot me wall mounted. It is a different category in the fan which has the facility of the wall mount.

There is a speed control for the table fan?

Speed control is available in major table fans. Generally 3 speed manual control is embedded in the table fan.

Can the table fan be returned?

It depends on the brand and the return policy please read the return policy before making the purchase.

Is the table fan noisy?

It depends on the table fan whether it is noisy or it has a silent feature to control the noise.

What is the approximate of the table fan?

Most of the table fans come with an approximate weight ranging between 1.5 kilograms to 2 kilograms. There are lightweight fans also available.

Is it safe to use a table fan in the kitchen?

Table is safe to use in the kitchen. It is lightweight and can be easily carried to any room.

What is the range of blowing air from the table fan?

Most of the fans have a blowing air range of 50 to 100 meters but it totally depends on the fan. Read the specification for this information.


We hope that this article will help you in guiding you to buy the best table fans. Some important features should be looked at while buying a table fan motor, weight, swing option, speed control and warranty. We hope that this article will help you to choose the best table fan.

This will be a cooling device which helps to tackle this scorching summer and to make you or your loved one special. It will be a special gift for summer holidays, New year, wedding. Keep shopping and help rating the products from which you had a wonderful experience.

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