Best Air Fresheners For Home

Many of us will agree that there is nothing like coming home to some refreshing smelling room. A room freshener can totally transform the ambiance of any room.

It can mask bad odors and leave the entire room feeling fresh without doing much. For a long time a good scent has also been associated with good hygiene.

A room freshener is a simple solution to change the mood of the people sitting in the room and can make a very good impression on the guests. They are used in a variety of living spaces right from your house, offices and also hospitals.

The fact that they are so readily available and economical at the same time makes them a must have product. However, if you look up in the market there are a plethora of products that can leave you feeling confused. For this reason, we bring you everything that you need to know about a great air freshener in this article.

How to Choose a Room Freshener in India? – Buying guide

Here is a complete buying guide that will take you through the most vital points to consider when selecting your room freshener.

Scent intensity

The scent is more a matter of personal taste and can differ for every individual. Because a room freshener’s primary work is to make the environment fragrant, the scent and its intensity are the factors that cannot be overlooked.

A strong intensity scent may not be suitable for every place. There are also certain fragrances that have distinct and sharp intensity such as sandalwood and spices. While other fragrances like lavender and other flower based fragrances are milder compared to others.

So before making your selection, make sure that you buy the right intensity room fresher keeping in mind the place as well as the user. If you are super sensitive to the intensity of the scent, then you may need a reed diffuser or an electric aroma diffuser that can control the rate of the fragrance in the room.

Consider its effects

Room fresheners have a range of effects which can be used for various purposes.

For instance, naturally derived fragrances that are laden with essential oils are calming and relaxing to the mind. These types of fragrances are ideal for a spa setting, bathrooms , bedrooms etc.

On the other hand some room fresheners have a deodorizing and sterilizing effect that are suitable in hospitals and washrooms. These types of room fresheners are comparatively cheaper than the other ones.

You might also want to choose the room freshener especially for the kids. Refreshing and mildly strong flowery fragrances have a relaxing and energizing effect on the children.

Choose the right type

It is extremely important to determine the right type of room freshener. It should be a mix of your own preference as well as the setting that one wishes to use it in.

Room fresheners are available in several forms like aroma diffusers, spray bottles, soap bars etc. that are preferred in some specific environments.

They also come in forms like dispenser bottles and holders with different kinds of modifications. So select the one accordingly.

Sustainability of scent

Sustainability means how long your scent stays in the environment. How long the scent will persist is dependent on many factors.

Places that are constantly exposed to bad odors require a long lasting and strong scented room freshener. While plug-ins are great when you want a controlled and mild freshness , hence, they have less sustainability.

Some diffuse in the environment very slowly but do not show a considerable effect. So one must pay attention to the requirement of the setting.


Money always matters because everyone wants to pay less and get more.

For everyday use, you should consider affordable fragrances that tick all the boxes. While special occasions may call for an exotic fragrance, they are quite expensive.

Another factor that affects the price is the brand and also the type or the form that one wishes to have. Electric plug-ins can be more costly than the spray or gel based room fresheners.

A good branded product is expensive as people are willing to shell out that much money. So for everyday use you may want to go for a cheaper or a mid range product that will last you longer.

Method of delivery

Another important aspect to consider is the method of delivery. Room fresheners come in a lot of forms based on the method of delivery.

You can choose whatever is convenient for you according to your needs. They come in spray bottles, dispensers, gels, scented candles, electric plug-ins and also in a potpourri version.

It is important because if you use the proper room freshener then it is very easy to use for everyone and will also help you to enjoy the atmosphere better.

For instant results and eliminating strong bad odors, a spray freshener is preferable. Gels, and potpourries are suited to settings where you need a long lasting but a less stronger fragrance.

Below we have mentioned the different types of room fresheners and their uses .

Types of room fresheners

Types of room fresheners depends on the mode of delivery/dispensing.

Electric fan air freshener

This is a type of air freshener that is designed with a breakthrough technology. It takes care of the modern needs of the user.

This type of room freshener can be attached to the ceiling fan blade. There is an open mesh in the room freshener that allows the fragrance to spread across the room as the fan blade rotates. It is a flexible walled pouch having one of its sides faced on the outward of the blade.

These types of air fresheners can be easily attached to your fans with a retaining strap in any position you like. Usually it is said that if you want to have an even distribution of room freshener you should spray it in the middle where the fan rotates.

However this is not that effective. Since ceiling fans are widely used by everyone, having an electric fan air freshener will do the job in a much better way

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Gravity drip hygiene odor control cleaning systems

Gravity drip hygiene odor control cleaning systems
Source – Air-Scent International™

They are built to deodorize the toilets and are mostly used in public toilets and urinals.

The detergent water drips one drop per minute and hits the water fixture while cleaning and neutralizing the bad odors with high intensity fragrances.

They will easily last up to 30 days and are very easy to install and maintain. One can adjust the output of the drip flow according to the need. It is automatic and the non battery operation makes it very convenient.

They have a wick fed system and do not have any spillage issues and other issues like pilferage and vandalization. You can find them in different colors and designs.

Metered aerosol time-operated mist dispensers

Metered aerosol time-operated mist dispensers

These types of aerosol dispensers are timer based. They spread the fragrance as per the time set by the user. You can set time intervals ranging from 5, 15 to 25 minutes.

It is basically a battery operated device which you can refill with other features like working mode and delivery frequency chosen from day, night or 24 hours. You can fit these types of devices in your homes, offices, gyms, and other places very easily.

It is a wall mounted device but you may install it as a stand alone too. Battery indicators are also provided in these types of devices that show you the battery status. You can find this product easily by clicking the link below.

Sprays (widely popular)

Room freshener spray

These types of room fresheners are most commonly used in everyday households. Apart from being very convenient to use, it is also very handy to carry.

There are no spillage issues in case of sprays. Usually , they come in a bottle with a nozzle that is to be pressed to release the fragrance.

They allow for a consistent distribution of fragrance in the room while being extremely light on the pocket.


Gel air freshener

Air fresheners also come in gels based forms. These are a bit different from other types of room fresheners as they work on a different principle.

They are designed to spread the fragrance in the direction of the air flow. The particulate matters of the scent come in contact with the air and help in spreading the fragrance all over the room.

They are attractive to look at, but also great if you want that the surrounding air should be infused completely with the scent.

Gel room fresheners are perfect for a breezy setting where the wind blows naturally. But they will be less efficient than the other types in case there is stagnant air or the airflow is minimum.


Plug-in room freshener

The plug-in room fresheners have recently been very popular among the people especially office –goers. They blend in perfectly with the surroundings as they have a very practical design and are great if you want an even flow of fragrant air in the room.

They work on a special mechanism wherein the scent is distributed in the form of liquid waves evenly in the room. There is a tray that holds the scented gel and once it gets heated up, the gel vaporizes giving out a fragrant smell.

They come in different colors and shapes and simply need an electric board to work. Once the tray gets empty you will need to change the gel to use it again.

The multilayered structure of the plug-in system ensures that the gel lasts long enough and stays protected from any contamination.

Scented candles

scented candles

Now, who doesn’t like scented candles? Not only these candles are very pretty and romantic but they serve two purposes at the same time.

Scented candles illuminate the room and also emit beautiful aroma in the room. They come in a variety of shapes, sizes and colors and suitable for a spa, prayer area, or even a candle light dinner.

They are made from scented wax that is infused with different types of fragrances. They also make for very good presents that you can gift to your loved ones without burning a hole in your pocket.


Potpourri room freshener

They are one of the most unconventional forms of air fresheners. Potpourris come in small or medium containers and are made from completely natural products. They are very environment friendly and give out a great smell.

If you are someone who is extremely cautious about using chemical products, then potpourris are the answer to your dilemma. They are however, less effective as compared to other types of room fresheners.

As we have enlightened with pretty much everything that you need to know about the right type of room freshener, let us have a look at our top ten picks of the same.

Top 10 Best Room Fresheners in India

10. Godrej aer spray

The Godrej aer spray is a premium range product from a very reputed brand in India. It is available in three exciting and exotic fragrances that are named as Relax, Alive and Passion.

Each of these fragrances are suitable to use in home, offices, restaurants and other settings. It comes in a 240 ml bottle in a spray form. This makes it very easy to use as well as very handy to carry in a bag with you anytime, anywhere.

This is a custom designed long lasting range of fragrance that will leave your environment refreshed. The Passion contains essence of mandarin and lavender while the Alive is made with bergamot and gardenia freshes.

They have a sweet floral smell that will linger on the room for close to 2-3 hours.

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9. Home Centre Blossom Floral Potpourri Box

In a potpourri version, the Home Centre Blossom floral potpourri box is a must have product for anyone who likes natural fragrances.

This floral box features a sweet fragrance that has notes of fresh lavender and patchouli that will leave your mind calm and relaxed. It is a mix of purple flowers and dried leaves that will perfectly complement any setting be it formal or informal.

They can be kept in any type of container. While being very pretty to look at they are also eco friendly. The fragrance is not so long lasting, as is the case with all potpourri, but they are definitely a crowd pleaser and perfect for home or office décor and photography.

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8. Solimo Air Freshener Spray

Another one in the spray form, the Solimo air freshener spray is an ideal room freshener for your home. This product consists of a fresh floral lavender mist fragrance.

Other fragrances that you can choose from this range are rose petal, ocean breeze, classy musk, fresh citrus, earthy sandalwood and vanilla spice. The Solimo air freshener is free from the harmful CFCs (chlorofluorocarbons) and it makes it very safe to use.

It comes in a 300 ml bottle and very easy to carry anywhere. It instantly gets rid of bad odors and leaves the room feeling refreshed. Overall it is a great product if you are a fan of floral fragrances.

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7. Mangalam Camphor Sticks-with Wonderful Fragrance

Next up we have the CamPure from Mangalam. These are basically camphor sticks that you can hang in your kitchen cabinets and washrooms.

They are great to get rid of insects and pests like cockroaches and rodents. They work great in places where there is a bad odor such as shoe racks and dirty closets. The CamPure has a cool fragrance that will keep your things and clothes moth and insect free as well as smelling fresh.

They are made with an infusion of camphor fragrance that is a completely natural product. Hence, it makes a great alternative for petrochemical and naphthalene based products.

Another important fact is that, it drives away rust and is certified by WHO to keep away diseases like malaria, dengue, H1N1, swine flu. On the whole it is a good product that you can put to multiple uses.

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6. Odonil Room Freshening Spray

Odonil is one of the well known brands in India. Odonil has a range of natural fragrances, and this is one among them. This is available in 4 classic fragrances , Jasmine, Lavender, Orchid and Rose.

The product is equipped with special odor busters that keep the room fresh for a long duration. Since it comes in a spray form, it is very convenient to use and carry anywhere. You can buy it in 4 different sizes of 35 gm, 50gm, 75 gm and 100 gm.

It is very efficient in removing bad odors and is ideal to use in your living area, bedroom or office and instantly uplifts your mood. With its convenient to use design it is a totally affordable product that is a must have.

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5. Godrej aer matic, Automatic Air Freshener

Another great offering from Godrej, the Godrej aer matic comes with a flexi control spray.

It is basically a plug in type air freshener that is available in 4 different variants, the Lavender, Petal crush pink, cool surf blue and fresh lush green. Each of the refill units is equivalent to about 2200 air sprays and will last you up to at least 60 days.

The added advantage is that you can adjust the intensity according to your wish in 3 different intensity setting controls of 10, 20, and 40 minutes. The package contains a refill unit of 225 ml along with an automatic air freshener dispenser and 2 AA batteries.

Its striking looks are perfect to match any type of interior settings adding a modern touch to your room. The smell is great and even, and a great buy.

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4. Ambi pur Lavender Bouquet Air Freshener

Another very famous brand in the business is Ambi Pur. The Ambi Pur air effects lavender bouquet is designed with a patented odourclear technology that traps foul smells efficiently.

The product is 95% water based and is non-flammable that makes it very safe to use. The Ambi pur air effect contains cyclodextrin, that captures the air and pulls organic molecules found in malodors and locks them then and there only.

Other components include PH neutralizers and odor converters that remove every bit of the bad smell from the environment. This air freshener keeps your room lingering with long lasting fragrance because of its slow, dispersion spray mechanism.

The product is great in the toughest of the environment and will instantly uplift your mood. You can use it in the bedrooms, kitchens, living rooms, bedroom and also office spaces. On the whole , it is a good product and worth every penny.

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3. Pure Source India Ceramic Aroma Burner & Scented candle

Next up we have the Pure Source India regular ceramic aroma burner. It is a hand crafted product that is made in India. It efficiently delivers fragrance across the room.

Perfect for homes, it adds a revitalizing freshness in the environment while making for a great display. The main advantage is that you can use it with any tea/candle/ oil in it. Apart from being very easy to clean and easy to use it is also a great gifting item for any occasion.

The box contains a clay aroma burner and a tea light candle. It is a great option to use on a special occasion and is one of the best diffusers in the market.

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2. Godrej aer pocket, Bathroom Air Fragrance

The Godrej Aer pockets bathroom air fragrance are great and a must have product if you want to keep your bathroom clean and refreshing. The pack contains 3 aer pockets and each unit can last you a well 3-4 weeks.

They are designed with a power gel technology that spreads the smell in every nook and corner of the bathroom. they are very easy to use and can be hung conveniently anywhere. You can also get it in a pack of 5 and in 5 different variants.

The strong fragrance works very well in absorbing the bad odor that emancipates in the bathroom, apart from being very convenient to carry, it is also very affordable. Hence, totally recommended by us.

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1. Airwick Freshmatic Life Scents Air-freshener

The Airwick freshmatic life scents is a plug-in type air freshener that is equivalent to 2400 fragrant sprays. It has a playful and fun fragrance that is a combination of vanilla, sweet melon and fresh white florals.

They provide you the advantage to control the flow of the fragrance in high , low and medium intensity settings. It comes in a complete set and the pack includes an air diffuser, 2 AA batteries and 1 refill spray.

The product will easily last you for 60 days. The assembly of the product is very easy and would take around a minute to show its effect.

It is ideal to use in offices and living rooms and also in other places that have a strong bad odor. The design is very amazing and will complement any furniture nicely. All in all, a great product in the plug-in variant.

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FAQ’s about Room Fresheners

How does an air freshener work?

The main purpose of an air freshener remains the same despite the different types of air fresheners. They work on a simple mechanism of diffusing fragrance using materials that produce this fragrance.

The raw materials can be natural as well as artificial. The air molecules are very volatile and vaporize even at room temperature. The chemicals or natural fragrances are basically like these aerosols.

So they are carried by the propellants in the air fresheners that then disperse in the environment. After that they cover up the entire environment . Some of them also include odor counteractants to mask the bad smells and anesthetize your nose.

Is room freshener good for health?

The truth is that all types of air fresheners are harmful if not used carefully. The main danger is due the different formulations.

Small amounts are not dangerous but they should definitely be kept out of reach of children. However repeated use and over exposure should be avoided . They should also be kept away from the skin as it may cause rashes and allergies.

How can I make my bathroom smell good after pooping?

Bad smelling bathroom after pooping is a common problem that leaves many of us embarrassed.

Firstly you must flush the toilet properly and then ventilate the bathroom. However a great way to eliminate the bad smell emanating after one has used the bathroom is definitely using an air freshener.

You can also use bleach and floor cleaners that will help you get rid of the smell in case you do not have an air freshener. After using the bathroom also wash your hands with a hand wash and apply a perfume or a deodorant on yourself to be extra safe.


An air freshener is a must have item in our list of everyday essentials. While air fresheners do their work one must also look into the other aspects that come along with it.

Choose a proper air freshener that will cost you less and deliver the best in terms of everything. The buying guide section in this article will help you do just that.

Also be careful while using them as some of them might contain harmful chemicals and be flammable too. We hope that this article has helped you to make the best choice.

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