Best Power Banks

Power banks have become increasingly useful these days. The reason is quite simple. We want to always stay connected and for that, we need our smartphones. Nevertheless, gone are the days when your phone battery will last up to a week between charges. Enter power banks!

Choosing the right power bank for you and your needs can be quite challenging. They come in different shapes and sizes and price ranges, they offer different capacities, battery technology and additional features that can come in handy at times. So, let’s get through this and see what you should consider before buying a power bank.

Top 10 Best Power Banks in India

1. Ambrane Lithium Polymer Power Bank (10000mAh)

Ambrane boasts itself as India’s Leading Mobile Accessories Brand. They’ve been making power banks for a long time now and we can say they’ve got quite good at it.

This specific power bank has 10000mAh capacity and a lithium polymer battery type. The manufacturer says it can charge an iPhone 8 – 4.6 times or a Samsung Galaxy J7 – 2.8 times. These stats are possible because the power bank comes with an output of 5V.

It supports dual charging, as well. Moreover, it comes with dual input Type C and Micro USB ports. This is a big pro since the future stands in Type C ports. Overall, the power bank has got a solid built and a nice touch button at the top which allows you to check the power status.

It’s got good charging speed. For example, you can charge a Redmi Note 3 in 1 hour. It’s quite portable and offers you a good grip so you won’t drop it too often. Overall, it’s a well-balanced product.

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2. Mi Li-Polymer Power Bank  (20000mAH)

This power bank is manufactured by Xiaomi, so it provides good compatibility with the Xiaomi smartphones. Xiaomi is already a global company known for producing overall good products at some honest prices.

This specific power bank comes with 20000mAh capacity and a Lithium Polymer battery technology. It provides an 18W fast charging, so that’s a good advantage if you want your phone charged fast and safe.

It supports multiple charging outputs: 5V/2A, 9V/2A, and 12V/1.5A. It is a very versatile power bank with inbuilt protection against short-circuit, over-current, over-voltage, over-charge and discharge. One pro is that it’s got really good charging speed for two smartphones at the same time.

One quite rare feature is that this power bank supports two-way quick charge. It means you can fast charge both your devices using the power bank and also the power bank itself. With an 18W standard USB cable charger, you can charge this 20000mAh battery in 6.7 hours. That’s quite impressive.

It boasts an extra slim design; its quality aluminum body makes it feel much like a smartphone.

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3. Intex IT-PB11K Power Bank (11000mAH)

Intex is a manufacturer that provides durable IT and Mobile Accessories for smartphones, TVs and home appliances.

This exact power bank provides a 11000mAh capacity and an output of 5V/1A or 5V/2A. It’s got an LED Indicator which lets you know the mAh left and comes with a 1-year warranty from the manufacturer.

It can charge 3 devices at the same time and comes with a USB cable. It has inbuilt overcharge and short-circuits protection. It is quite lightweight and with excellent built quality.

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4. Realme Power Bank (10000mAH)

Realme is a Chinese mobile phone brand that was founded less than 2 years ago. It promises honest performance, stylish design, and overall good services.

This product is a 10000mAh power bank using Lithium-Polymer battery technology. It has two-way fast charging at 18W and dual output. One major pro is that it’s got a Type C port, alongside a Type A one. Its power lets you charge two devices simultaneously almost without any reduction in performance quality.

The manufacturer offers a 1-year warranty and three color choices which makes it look more and more attractive: grey, red or yellow.

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5. Philips Lithium Polymer Power Bank (10000 mAh)

The brand Philips speaks for itself. It’s a well-established worldwide electronics company. This product is a 10000mAh power bank with Lithium Polymer battery technology. It comes with a charging cable and offers speed charging and great build quality.

It’s got a 2-year warranty from the manufacturer, so you can rest assured. It’s very portable for 10000mAh and good support during traveling. Its sleek design makes it a really good device to have on you.

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6. PTron Dynamo Power Bank (10000mAh)

You probably already know about PTron. It produces Basspuds, some pretty good wireless earbuds, and other mobile devices.

This PTron power bank comes with a 10000mAh capacity and Li-Ion Polymer battery performance. It’s got a compact size and it’s pretty lightweight for its capacity. One major pro is that it can fit into your pocket without much of a hassle.

It’s got 2 USB output ports with fast charging. It’s got protection against short circuit, overcharge, and overcurrent and is universally compatible with a wide range of USB-powered smartphones, tablets and many more.

Another major pro is that you can recharge it pretty quickly in about 5-6 hours. That is pretty impressive taking into account its 10000mAh capacity.

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7. Zinq Technologies Z5KP Power Bank with Dual Output (5000mAh)

Zinq Technologies is a company that makes multimedia speakers, headsets, wireless mouses, keyboards, USB-hubs, power banks, and other IT accessories.

This little product is a 5000 mAh power bank which excels at portability. It is ultra-small and ultra-light. For this, it’s got only a single input charging option of micro USB and, but comes with two output ports with 2.0A fast charging.

It is a power bank based on a Li-polymer battery and offers protection from short circuits, current, and voltage overloads, overheating or the wrong insertion. It also features an LED indicator that shows you the remaining power.

It is compatible with iPhones, Android devices, tablets, cameras and iPods; you can even charge a large variety of headphones with it. After purchase, you get a 1-year warranty.

The main pros of this power bank are its incredibly beautiful design and small size which makes it easy to use and carry around. As in terms of performance, it can charge your iPhone 8 twice.

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8. Duracell Lithium Ion Powerbank (10050mAH)

Duracell has a history of making batteries and other intelligent charging systems. This power bank is one of them. It features a 10050mAh Lithium-Ion battery and it comes with dual charge technology. This means you can charge the power bank and a phone or other USB-powered device at the same time. This is a rare feature.

The manufacturer says you can charge your iPhone 7 up to 5 times with this power bank and keep updated on its power levels by a 3-level LED indicator. The output and input are 2.4 Amps and it is a flight approved power bank.

The product comes with a 3-year warranty and it has an overall durable feel and good design.

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9. ROMOSS Type-C PD Portable Charger (30000mAh)

Romoss is a renowned smartphone and tablet battery manufacturer which specializes in power banks. This exact power bank has a whopping 30000mAh capacity and it is capable of charging a Nintendo Switch 4 times and 12 times for an iPhone 8.

Taking into account its heavy-duty look and feel, this power bank is mostly for gamers, camping or hiking enthusiasts. It’s got 18W Rapid charge and 3 inputs: micro-USB, lightning for Apple devices and Type C USB.
It’s also got a built-in intelligent safety system that offers protection against over-heat, over-charge, over-current, over-discharge and short-circuits.

Apart from all of these features, it’s got a superb build that enables you to take it on a weekend get-away without losing a single Facebook notification or e-mail.

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10. Lenovo Lithium-ion Power Bank (10400mAH)

There’s not much else to be told about Lenovo. You certainly know the manufacturer and its overall good reputation. This Lenovo power bank offers a 10400mAh capacity and dual output USB interfaces.

It is compatible with all smartphones and can charge 2 devices at one time. It comes with a 1-year warranty and both USB ports are 2.1 A. This means it can charge an iPhone 8 approximately 3 times when fully charged.

Another major pro is its good quality build and lightweight design. It also features LED lights to let you know how much power you’ve got left in it.

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How to Choose a Power Bank in India – Buying guide

These are some of the most important features to look into when you are looking for a reliable power bank

Charging capacity

Battery Charging Capacity

This is the amount of “energy” a power bank can store. Most power banks today have between 10000mAh and 20000mAh capacity.

If you might find yourself lost in these numbers, you can also look at what the manufacturer says about the number of charges.

“How many times can you charge an iPhone X using the power bank?” might be a good hallmark. So, look for this information if there is any.

If not, you can keep in mind that usually, a 10000mAh battery can fully charge an iPhone 10 two or three times.



A 10000mAh power bank might look like and sound like a lot, but you’ve got to keep in mind that smartphones have got really big and powerful lately and also their battery capacities have expanded with that.

So, first of all, you need to compare your smartphone’s battery capacity with the power bank’s capacity and then you need to consider that the real capacity of a 10000mAh is not 10000, but less.

So, let’s say you’ve got a smartphone with a battery of about 2000mAh and a power bank of 10000mAh. Logic says that you could charge your phones 5 times using the power bank, but in reality, you can charge it 3 times at most. This is much like a rule of thumb that you need to keep in mind. So, a good quality 10000mAh battery will actually have about 6000mAh in it.

This difference does not come from the manufacturer’s bad intentions of tricking you; it’s got a technical explanation. You cannot really measure a battery’s capacity in mAh when different voltages come into play.

Usually, a power bank comes with a li-ion battery which can output 3.7 volts, while your phone’s battery can be charged at 5 volts. So, a 3.7 volt, 10000mAh power bank capacity when used at 5 volts, is about 7400mAh. In addition to this, you might also consider the loss of energy resulted from the conversion process from 3.7 to 5 volt and you’ve got a little less energy in power bank in the end.

The bottom line here is: also look at the power bank’s voltage, not only amperage before deciding on a certain power bank.

Charging speed

Smartphones today come with fast charging. This is a very useful feature since we’re so dependant on our mobile devices, that we cannot be without them.

Fast charging means you can charge your smartphone battery from 2% to 50% in about 30 minutes. With most power banks you cannot do that, but there are also some which support quick charge. So, if you’re looking for quick charging speeds for your smartphone, then this is also a feature to take into account.

Also, it is important to check the charging speed of your actual power bank. Usually, this depends on its capacity. The bigger the power bank’s capacity, the bigger the charging time. It also depends on its built and technology.

So, if you know you travel a lot and don’t have much time to charge both your smartphone and power bank, then the charging speed should also be an important spec on your list.

Number of ports/ Connectivity

Power Bank Ports

Today we live in the era of USB Type C ports, so buying a power bank with at least one Type-C USB can be a really important asset, since it can charge in both directions and also support fast charging. Nevertheless, it’s not a must, you can survive without one, also.

One key aspect, though, is the number of ports. If you know you’ll need to charge more than one device at the same time, then you should look in the direction of power banks which come with 2 or more ports and which support dual charging or even better, charging three devices at the same time.

Usually, power banks come with a USB adaptor for charging, but others might come with more than one or none. Also, pay attention to this detail as you might want to know what you’re actually buying, the value you get for that sum of money.

Size, weight, and design

Usually, the size and weight of a power bank depending on its capacity and technology used. The bigger the capacity, the bigger the size of the power bank.

It’s normal, right? So, if you’re looking for a pocket-size power bank to keep with you in case of emergency while you’re partying all night long at a music festival or spending a whole day at a picnic, then it’s ok to compromise capacity for reduced size and go for a 10,000mAh product.

If you’re looking for a “life-savior” during long work trips and traveling, then you will have to sacrifice a compact design for bigger capacity. These are the options right now on the market.

Other optional features

Fast charging is currently more of an optional feature on power banks. For a fast charging feature, you need a compatible power bank and cable.

Some power banks come with additional safety features such as protection against over-heat, over-charge, over-current, over-discharge and short-circuit protection. It would be nice to buy a power bank that has one of this security protection as well.

Another optional feature on power banks is a power indicator. Most power banks come with one or three light bars which show approximately the energy you have left in your battery.

However, there are some devices that provide you with a more clear indicator of power, like a mini LED screen with a battery percentage. This would be a nice touch, but not a must.

There are also some power banks that can be taken on rough terrain, like mountain trips and can recharge themselves using the sunlight. If you’re a mountain enthusiast, you might want to look into these features as well.

Nevertheless, there is a completely different power category here, so let’s stick to the more normal-looking power banks out there and go through some frequently asked questions.

FAQ about Power Banks

How long do power banks last?

It depends on a lot of factors, like the quality of the battery cells or the controller circuitry. It also depends on how it was used and the level of care you’ve invested in it.

Usually, the average life of a power bank is 3 years. If you really care about your power bank, there are a few rules you should consider in order for it to last more. Try to avoid using the device in extreme temperatures and make sure all the devices you charge are compatible with the power bank.

Moreover, don’t let your power bank go completely empty before recharging it again.

Is 10000mAh enough capacity for a power bank?

A 10000mAh power bank is enough if you have an iPhone X you want to recharge in case of an emergency. As we were discussing above, capacity is not the only thing. It’s also the voltage. If your power bank has a 10000mAh capacity and functions at 3.7 volts, then charging your 5 volts iPhone X will drain more than its 2716 mAh battery.

The bottom line here is: if you only want to charge one device multiple times, then yes, a 10000mAh power bank is enough. For two or more devices, chances are you’ll be out of power in two days.

How many phones can I charge simultaneously with one power bank?

There are power banks that have more than one connector and allow you to charge 2, 3 or even 4 devices at the same time. Nevertheless, you should bear in mind that the more devices you plug in the power bank, the less the charging speed.

For example, with a fast charge power bank, if you plug in two devices, then none of them will get fast charging anymore. So, you should also consider that. But yes, it possible to charge 2, 3 or even 4 devices at the same time.

Can I charge the power bank and phone at the same time?

Well, usually batteries cannot both charge and discharge at the same time. You can try this, but the power bank battery will not charge much in the process. There are some power bank manufacturers who advertise this feature on their products; still, why would you want to charge both power bank and phone at the same time?


There are a lot of power bank types out there and there’s probably one specifically made for you. Although overall, they look the same, you should always consider “minor” features like dual charging, fast charging, LED indicator, short-circuit protection, warranty.

We’re not the same and we don’t have the same activities, hobbies or we just don’t spend the weekends in the same way. So, if you’re a mountain enthusiast, you might want to go for a big capacity power bank, with fast charging and solid build to take with you in your weekend getaways. If you’re more of a picnic or festival-kind of person, then a lightweight low-capacity power bank might be all you need.

All in all, you should decide what you want, what you need and what you like and then take into account all the above features, make the right purchase for you.

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