Best Portable Oxygen Cylinder (& Can) for Home in India

As we all know, the times have changed and one of the essential things in today’s time is an oxygen cylinder for the health of our family.

Oxygen cylinders provide breathing assistance to patients in case of emergencies. People with breathing problems, old age and prolonged diseases can benefit from these medical oxygen cylinders and oxygen cans.

They are also used during aviation, for breathing at high altitudes or for cleansing the body and boosting immunity with fresh, pure oxygen.

The demand for oxygen cans and cylinders have increased due to the pandemic. We recommend you to buy one only when you need it because it may create a shortage in hospitals and other medical institutions.

If you are looking for one, please go through the article as it will help you understand more about it and help you make the right decision.

6 Best Portable Oxygen Cylinder & Cans in India

Portable oxygen cylinderO2 Capacity (Ltr)Best Buy Link
 1. OXY – BREATHER OxyGo  170/300/450/750Buy on Amazon
 2. MyOxy Oxygen Cylinder 1500Buy on Amazon
 3. OxyKit Portable Cylinder 75Buy on Amazon
 4. MyOxy Portable Oxygen Can  5.9Buy on Amazon
 5. Oxy99 Portable Oxygen 0.5Buy on Amazon
 6. Air6 Portable Oxygen Canister 10Buy on Amazon
6. Oxygize Portable Oxygen Canister 10Buy on Amazon

Top Medical Oxygen Cylinders

 Portable Ultra Light Medical Oxygen Cylinder Kit

OxyGo Portable Light Medical Oxygen Cylinder

This oxygen cylinder kit is ultra light weight

This Oxy-Breather medical cylinder kit contains pure natural oxygen. This product comes in different capacities. The weight of the product is ultra light which makes it a portable product.

This kit includes items like cylinder, gas filler, oxygen regulator, valve, carry bag and a mask. This cylinder is super simple to operate and low maintenance. It provides constant flow of oxygen as per the flow rate set by you.

At the pressure of 1 LPM each cylinder lasts for four hours. It comes with a warranty of 5 years.

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MyOxy Light Weight Oxygen Cylinder

The air pressure or velocity reduces with the help of the mask which makes it an ideal choice.

MyOxy oxygen cylinder reduces risk of death from low oxygen levels. It is carefully designed as a one-piece seamless product with no joints to avoid explosions and provide complete safety.

It provides breathing assistance at high altitude more than 8000 ft above sea level and provides instant relief from altitude sickness.

It improves oxygen levels in the body instantly and acts as a first aid for heart patients and respiratory diseases.

This cylinder helps control air pressure or velocity because of the mask and makes it an ideal choice. It is a light weight oxygen cylinder made from special alloy aluminum and has a testing pressure of 225 bar and filling pressure of 150 bar.

This cylinder comes prefilled with 99% pure Medical Oxygen IP and comes with a hand operated flow regulator for easy operations. It is advised to place the chin on the surface of the mask and press the trigger with hand or chin. The flow can be easily adjusted from 1 LPM to 10 LPM.

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OxyKit Portable Light Weight Oxygen Cylinder Kit

OxyKit Portable Light Weight Oxygen Cylinder Kit

This one is a small portable cylinder that helps provides supplemental oxygen in case of crisis.

This OxyKit oxygen cylinder Kit includes an aluminium cylinder, enriched oxygen, in-built regulator system, nebulizer mask and carry bag.

It is 45% lighter than steel cylinders, can be carried anywhere and is easy to operate. It helps with deficiency of oxygen in the body and has refilling support available.

The cylinder can be used in case of emergencies as an oxygen treatment for patients in critical conditions. It can be included in the First Aid Program as this small portable cylinder kit is easy to use and provides supplemental oxygen in case of crisis.

It can be used by mountaineers who face problems due to deprivation of oxygen at high altitudes and treks.

Seniors citizens who suffer from shortness of breath, less energy levels, fatigue, tiredness can also use this to improve quality of life. It can be used by anyone with respiratory problems and as an oxygen therapy to give extra oxygen in the lung and bloodstream and make it easier to breathe.

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Top Oxygen Cans (Canister) for Home Use

MyOxy Portable Oxygen Can

MyOxy Portable Oxygen Can

It is a disposable, safe and light weight oxygen can with an in-built mask.

The MyOxy oxygen cans are portable and can be easily carried. It is made with aluminum which results in disposable, safe and lightweight Oxygen Can with in-built mask.

This cylinder is carefully designed as a one-piece seamless product with no joints to avoid explosion and is completely safe as it is approved by FDA.

It contains medical grade oxygen and is manufactured under valid drug license. It contains 5.9 liters oxygen.

It increases oxygen level in the body and helps restore brain and body functions to normal. It helps ease breathlessness caused due to high altitude, pollution, smoking, stale air and poor ventilation.

It is a great first aid care in case of emergencies. It is advised to place the chin on the surface of the mask and press the trigger with hand or chin. It helps reduce air pressure or velocity with the help of the mask and is extremely easy to use.

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OXY99 Portable Oxygen Cylinder

Oxy99 Portable Oxygen Cylinder

It helps recover from conditions resulting from low oxygen levels in the body by just 5-6 short bursts from it.

This one is a portable lightweight cylinder that comes in a 500ml can consisting of 6 liters of pure natural oxygen. It has an ergonomic built-in mask and trigger system for easy use.

It instantly increases oxygen level in the body and brings body and brain functions to normal.

It helps recover from conditions caused by low oxygen level in the body by using just 5-6 short bursts from the can.

It is useful during breathlessness resulting from pollution, smoking, stale air, poorly ventilated rooms and high altitudes.

It is useful during sports recovery, fatigue and hangover. It proves great for personal use and helps naturally recover from headaches and dizziness. It helps regain energy, mental focus and boost stamina and endurance naturally.

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Air6 Portable Oxygen Can

Air6 Portable Oxygen Cylinder

It is useful for sports recovery, breathlessness, pollution, altitude and restores brain and body function to normal.

This oxygen can contains 10 liters of 95% pure oxygen and offers 150 puffs approximately. It is an easy access to pure natural oxygen and helps restore the oxygen levels in the body.

It is useful for sports recovery, breathlessness, pollution, high altitude, and as a simple first aid.

It assists breathing for anyone who suffers from respiratory disorders like asthma, C.O.P.D. It improves body function and helps recover from suffocation caused by pollution, smoking, stale air, and poor ventilation.

It helps cure hangovers and provides clean oxygen without impurities to the oxygen-deficient body. It benefits health with a clean respiratory system and skin with radiant glowing skin.

It is advised to open the seal, fit the cap in the air pin, cover mask around the mouth and nose, press the oxygen release button and inhale as per breathing rhythm.

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OXYGIZE Portable Oxygen Canister<

OXYGIZE Portable Oxygen Canister

It provides relief from headache and helps reducing stress in anticipation of mental tension

This oxygen canister is compact sized, portable and lightweight. It is useful for sports recovery, pollution, altitude and as a first aid.

It helps recover from respiratory diseases like asthma, C.O.P.D and from suffocation caused by smoking, stale air and poorly ventilated rooms.

It elevates the state of mind and improves oxygen levels in the body to recover and recharge. It brings back brain and body functions to normal.

It helps prevent signs of altitude sickness like headache, fatigue, shortness of breath and even nosebleeds.

It helps prevent brain damage caused by hypoxia which is caused by shortness of oxygen supply to tissues. It helps provide oxygen therapy with extra oxygen to cleanse the lungs. It helps boost immunity, provides safety from pollution, and fast replenishment of oxygen levels during a workout.

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Pros & Cons of Oxygen Cylinders

Oxygen tanks have plus points and drawbacks. Before you choose to buy one, it is wise to have a look at these points to make an informed purchase.


No power needed

One of the most essential benefits of the oxygen cylinders is that they take benefit of the pressurized oxygen in them to operate.

It releases oxygen at a continuous flow rate which enables it to operate without any battery to power. This ensures that oxygen will be provided until it is available in the tank.

No noise

The working of an oxygen cylinder is silent. The oxygen flows out of the tank continuously without any beeps or sounds. Thus, it is ideal for use in any environment, even a place where a baby is sleeping.

Low initial cost

These cylinders are inexpensive and are for personal use. They have a low price tag when compared to other oxygen devices in the market.



 One of the most common drawbacks of an oxygen tank is that it is super heavy weighted. Portability is a big question when it comes to oxygen cylinders. This means that lifting the cylinder and putting in the van can be tough due to its weight.

There are a few cylinders that have wheels at the bottom which makes it easy to move the tank from one place to another.

Additional cost over time

Oxygen cylinders need to be replaced and refilled often, once it is completely used. Thus the initial low cost keeps adding up and it may prove to be costly if the patient has to use it regularly.

Limited content

These cylinders only contain a limited amount of oxygen in it. Once the content is depleted, you need to replace it with a new tank or refill the existing one.

How to Choose an Oxygen Cylinder in India?

It can be confusing to choose the right oxygen cylinder, especially if you are not into medicines because of the jargon and terminology.

This is why we have created this guide in simple terms that will help anyone know the important points to consider while buying an oxygen cylinder.

Pulse dose or continuous flow

Continuous flow provides a constant flow of oxygen at a specific rate. This means that the flow is steady throughout and unchanging. On the other hand, PulseDose is reactive which means that it delivers oxygen as per the patient’s breathing pattern.

The continuous flow type is like running water from the tap while this type is like drinking through the straw. The intensity of the oxygen flow and quantity is directly proportionate to the user’s requirements.

Choose the right size

 Oxygen cylinders are available in multiple sizes. ML 6 cylinder is compact and easy to carry while the E sized cylinders are high-volume and heavy weighted.

Every oxygen cylinder tank can be used with PD or CF mechanisms. The duration of hours of use vary significantly based on which size and mechanism you choose. With a variety of sizes and weights available it is important to select the right one as per your needs.

Below mentioned are a few sizes of the oxygen cylinders:

ML6 sized cylinder

This is the most compact and easily transported cylinder available in the market. Since it is the smallest and easily portable, this one is ideal for travelling or any other active tasks.

The weight is just 2.18 kgs and it provides oxygen flow for around 4 hours when used along with the PD1000 conserver. This one is ideal for people having a busy schedule as it gets filled in only 90 minutes.

C sized cylinder

This one is the best when it comes to capacity and weight. It offers portability and convenience with larger capacity when it comes to others.

The C sized cylinder weighs just 2.54 kgs and you can carry it easily. When used with the PD conserver, it provides around 6 hours of use.

D sized cylinder

This oxugen cylinder has the largest capacity and it is also portable. It provides a usage time of 10.5 hours along with the Pulse Dose mechanism, this cylinder has a mid range weight of 3.2 kgs.

E sized cylinder

This oxygen cylinder has the largest capacity of all. It is ideal for home use, especially for patients that require it on a regular basis.

It provides a usage of more than 17 hours when used along with the PD conserver mechanism. The E sized cylinder weighs around 4.5 kgs which out it on the heavier side and thus it is difficult to carry it around on a daily basis.

How are you going to use it?

 In case you are looking for a good, sturdy device for oxygen therapy at home, hospital room, or any other facility then and oxygen tank or concentrator will be the right choice.

The oxygen tanks with wheels can be easily moved from one place to another while the standard concentrators are ideal for stationary uses as they are not portable.

In case you wish to buy a device that you can use during travel or other active jobs, then the portable oxygen concentrator is an ideal option. These portable ones are lightweight and come in an easy to carry bag for portability.


Budget is an important factor to consider while choosing the oxygen cylinder or can. Usually, most people lean towards buying an inexpensive cylinder. But is necessary to understand that in case you have extra money to buy a concentrator, it will save some money by reducing the overhead costs of refilling.

Thus, we recommend you to consider your needs, especially how often do you need to use the oxygen concentrator.

Consult with a healthcare provider

With the convenience of buying a medical unit online, we recommend you not to skip this important step. Always consult with your health practioner as he/she is the right person to guide you on which ones to buy.


The demand of a portable oxygen cylinder has risen in this pandemic. Make sure you take the right decision while buying a concentrator. This is why we have mentioned a buying guide with important points that will help you understand your needs and choose the right one.

To make your search simpler we have also listed down the best portable oxygen cylinders and can that you can consider buying. We hope you have helped you gain basic knowledge about this product.

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