18 Best Pens in India for Better Writing Experience

Most people do not consider buying a pen as a big decision, well yes, it is not. But with hundreds of options out there in the market ranging from types to brands, we thought of helping you ease the confusion.

To help you make your search simpler, we have listed everything that you need to know to help you make the buying decision of a pen less confusing.

Well, buying a pen shouldn’t be stressful and confusing at all, thus we have mentioned essentials guidelinea about how to choose a best pen in India.

Top Ball Pens in India

1. Parker Galaxy Gold Trim Ball Pen

Parker Galaxy Gold Trim Ball Pen

If you are looking to gift your loved one a luxury ballpoint pen, then this one is a good option to consider.

Parker has been around for centuries now, it was founded in 1888. This ballpoint pen has blue ink and comes in a set of two.

The pen’s outer body is made of stainless steel, thus it ensures super durability even when handled roughly. This gift set comes with a card holder as well.

One of the pens in the set is a click pen and another is cap and comes with a warranty of 2 years on manufacturing defects.

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2. Cello Finegrip Ball Pen

Cello Finegrip Ball Pen

Cello is a very popular brand in India when it comes to stationery. If you are looking to buy ball pens in bulk, then this is a good option to choose from.

This is a set of 25 ball pens with blue ink which is priced affordably. The pens come in a plastic jar wherein you pick one for use and store the rest.

The pen has a soft tip for smooth writing without having to put in a lot of pressure. It has a 0.77mm tip that ensures fine writing.

You can experience comfortable writing, all thanks to its unique Elasto grip.

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3. Pentonic Linc Ball Point Pen

Pentonic Linc Ball Point Pen

Another affordable ball pen set is from Pentonic by LINC. This one comes in a set of 10. The entire set comes in a box that can also be used to store the unused pens.

The pen has a tip of 0.7mm to ensure smooth and skip-free writing. The ink in the pen is made using German technology and is known as ultra-low viscosity ink.

The pen is super light to carry and the outer body has an amazing matt black colour. It is available in various other colours like black, red, and more.

Each pen has a grip that ensures comfortable and fatigue-free writing.

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4. UNI-BALL Jetstream Roller Ball Pen

UNI-BALL UNJSP101BK6 Jetstream Roller Ball Pen Set

UNI-BALL is one of the most popular brands when it comes to high quality stationery. Uni-Ball pens come with a mid-price range and this one is available in a set of 6.

It comes with a retractable closure (click) and 0.7mm tungsten carbide ball for efficient and smooth writing. This set includes a pen in black ink.

The pen’s outer body is made using high quality plastic and the grip ensures comfortable writing experience in a flexible position.

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5. Classmate Octane Ball Pen

Classmate Octane- Blue Ball Pens

Classmate is a stationery brand by the giant – ITC. This one is a set of 5 ball pens in blue ink from its Colour Fest series. .

The pen has a textured grip that ensures there is no slippage while writing. The brand claims two times longer writing experience.

Writing with this pen ensures smooth and fast writing. One of the plus points about this pen is that it is proudly made in India.

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6. Cross Click Crimson Lacquer Ballpoint Pen

Cross Click Crimson Lacquer Ballpoint Pen

This ball pen from Cross is the most expensive on this list. Cross is a high end stationery brand, established in 1968. It serves as a perfect gift for your loved ones and this pen comes in a gift set.

This click ballpoint pen has an attractive smooth crimson colour and a comfortable retractable click mechanism.

The best part about this ball pen is that the ink flows very smoothly like a fountain pen. It uses the slim ink gel refill.

The pen is low maintenance and easily refillable.

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Top Gel Pens in India

1. Coloring Gel Pens Set

CHUKCHI 100 Coloring Gel Pens

If you are looking for colouring gels pens for your teenager or even yourself, then this colour pens set is a good option to consider.

The best part is that you get 100 colouring pens in this set, which means you are surely going to get every colour you are looking out for.

These can be used in writing, painting, colouring, sketching, doodling as well as highlighting. Each pen has a tip size of 0.8mm which is ideal for all these experiences.

The pens have superior ink and are non-toxic as well as acid free, which makes it ideal for use for children as well.

The pens come in a transparent light plastic case that makes storage super simple.

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2. Cello Deco Gel Pen

Cello Deco Gel Pen

As you know Cello is one of the most popular brands when it comes to stationery. These gel pens come in a set of 25 in a transparent plastic jar, which makes storing simple.

What makes these gel pens special is that they are smudge-proof and waterproof. The fast flowing ink ensures smooth writing.

The 0.6mm tip ensures fine and effortless writing. The Deco collection by Cello includes five ink colours and this set has blue gel pens.

The set comes with an affordable price tag but the only drawback we found is that it would have been a better writing experience if the pens came with grips.

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3. Classmate Octane Gel Pen

Classmate Octane Gel Pen

Another type of pen from the popular brand – classmate, is this set of 25 gel pens and includes 10 free pen refills.

Each pen has Japanese waterproof ink that ensures smooth and fast writing. This set of gel pens come in a variety of black and blue gel pens. They come in a plastic jar for easy storage.

Each pen has a sculpted design that ensures comfortable writing experience. It also has a textured grip that provides superior grasp. Each pen has a click off cap closure which makes opening and closing effortless.

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4. Linc Pentonic Gel Pen

Linc Pentonic Gel Pen

This is a pack of 10 Linc Pentonic gel pens for smooth, fast and skip-free writing experience. Linc is one of the most trusted homegrown stationery brands.

The pen is super lightweight which makes the writing experience all the more delightful. Each pen has ultra low viscosity ink made with German ink technology.

The pen is fairly waterproof and easy to hold for better writing experience. Each pen has a tip of 0.7mm that ensures skip-free and smooth writing.

The pen has a sleek matte finish which makes it look stylish. The only drawback we found is that the pen does not have a grip.

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5. Pentel Roller Gel Pen Set

Pentel Roller Gel Pen

This one is a gel pen set of 6 pens out of which 3 are black and 3 are blue. This set comes with a reasonable price tag.

Each pen has a 0.7mm energel roller tip that ensures super smooth, skip-free and fast writing experience.

The refills of these Pentgels energels pens are made in Japan. The pens have latex-free grip that ensure comfortable grip.

Each pen has a tip of 0.5mm for fine writing. The gel ink dries fast and the pen is designed in a way that it is comfortable for southpaws as well.

The ink ensures no-smears, no-blots and no-smudge.

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Top Rollerball Pen in India

1. Pilot V7 Hi-Tecpoint Roller Ball Pen

If you are looking for a roller ball pen, then this one is the best option to consider.

This roller ball pen has a unique three dimple tip technology from Japan that ensures precise and smooth writing. The best part is that it has an ATT system for instant start which ensures no uneven writing.

The pen has pure liquid ink that ensures smooth and skip-free writing experience. The ink lasts long, all thanks to its advanced ink system that maximises usage.

The pen has a 0.7mm tip for fine writing. This set comes with 2 black roller ball pens and 4 V7 black cartridges.

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2. Parker Vector Roller Ball Pen

Another pen from Parker on this list is this Vector roller ball pen. This makes an ideal gift for your loved ones.

The pen has a very cool checkered design on it which makes it super attractive and elegant. Along with the pen, this gift set consists of a keychain.

The pen comes with a 2 years manufacturing warranty against defects.

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3. UNI-BALL UNJSP101BK6 Jetstream RollerBall Pen

Another Uni-Ball pen on this list is this set of roller ball pens. It comes in a set of 6 at affordable prices.

The jetstream ink is highly lubricant and has low viscosity which ensures smooth, quick and light writing experience. The best part is that the ink is quick drying which ensures no-smudge.

It has an ultra fine tip of 0.7mm for precision writing. You are sure to have a free-flowing writing experience using this Uni-Ball pen.

It has an air suspension click closure. The advanced rubber grip makes sure that your hand is rightly positioned for fatigue-free writing.

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4. Cello Signature Origin Roller Pen

If you are looking for a reasonably priced gift set, then This one from Cello signature is a good option. It comes with a gifting box which is ideal for storage as well.

This attractive pen has a metal body and clip which makes it look super elegant. You are sure to have a smooth writing experience with this rollerball pen. It features Inc that is made using German technology which ensures smooth and fast and comfortable writing experience.

It has a tip of 0.7 mm for fine, neat, clean and smooth writing. It has a magnetic snap on the lid for closure.

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Top Fountain Pens

1. Neo Gold Leaf FOuntain Pen

This fountain pen from Neo is one of the most beautiful looking pens on this list. The entire outer body of the pen is made with metal that ensures longevity.

The best part is that the pen can give an amazing writing experience to right and left handers. The pen has 18 karat gold plated stainless steel nib which makes it perfect for gifting. The nib is in M size which means that it will not give you a very fine writing.

The pen features an international standard ink cartridge for smooth and break-free writing.

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2. Parker Vector Standard Calligraphy CT Fountain Pen

Another Parker pen on this list is this calligraphy fountain pen. How could we not have a Parker pen in the fountain pens list?

It has a calligraphy nib which is stainless steel polished, just as it should be. The outer body of the pen is glossy which makes it look elegant and is made of ABS plastic for durability.

This pen has a cap on and cap off closure.

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3. Camlin Kokuyo Trinity Fountain Pen

Camlin is one of the most trusted and popular stationery brands in India. This Camlin Kokuyo fountain pen has a very unique mechanism.

The pen has a 3 in 1 filling mechanism that provides you the extra flair and smoothness while writing. For refilling, you can either move the convertor knob upwards to fill ink or directly fill ink from the bottle. You also have the option to fit the cartridge directly.

It has a water soluble ink that provides smooth and break-free writing experience.

The pen is light in weight which makes long writing comfortable and easy. It is designed in a way that it is easy to hold for right and left handers.

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Difference between Gel, Ballpoint & Rollerball Pens

You have of course stumbled upon all or one of the types of pens – gel pen, ballpoint pen and rollerball pens. They perform the same function but are different from each other. Lets understand the difference between a gel, ball point and a rollerball pen.

Gel ink pen

A gel pen consists of ink that is suspended in a water-based gel.  This is what makes gel pens accurate and vibrant.

They have a tip size of 0.28 mm and are available in many ink colours. Gel pens make the writing process easier and super smooth with less pressure and hand cramps.

Gel pens also tend to skip more when compared to roller balls and ballpoint pens. The reason behind this is that their tip is not as uniformly coated with the water based ink. They also take time to dry and may smudge in case you are not careful.

Ballpoint pen

Ballpoint pens have oil-based ink. The ink is made by dissolving dyes in a mixture of fatty acids and alcohols.

The fatty acids help lubricate the tip and alcohol helps in promoting smooth flow. This type of pen can work well on low quality papers as well because the ink is thick but you would have to put in pressure to write. This may be tiring when you have to write for a long time.

The ball point pens are smudge resistant, waterproof and quick drying.

Rollerball pen

This type of pen uses liquid ink that consists of dyes dissolved in water, similar to the ink used in fountain pens. When compared to the other types of pens, the roller ball ink flows smoothly and needs less pressure to write. This reduces hand cramps and helps you write for a long time.

Using the rollerball pen means that you need to put in though while choosing the paper to write on. If you use low quality papers, the ink will bleed through.

How to choose a Best Pen in India?

With hundreds of options floating around in the market, buying a pen can be confusing. Thus, do not make a wrong decision but check out our buying guide that will help you make the right one.

Decide the type

Gone are those days when only ball point pens were available. Today, there are many types of pen available (basically inks and ballpoint differences) to choose from.

The different types of pens available are:

  • Ball point pen
  • Rollerball pen
  • Gel pen
  • Fountain pen

We have covered the difference between each type in the above section – ‘Difference between Gel, BallPoint & Rollerball Pens’.

Comfortable for writing

The pen that you choose should be comfortable for writing, whether for a long time or a short span.

You may think that all pens are the same and all are comfortable too. But the fact is that not all types are the same. For instance, the ball point pen requires you to put in pressure while writing, which may lead to discomfort and hand cramps.

If you need to write a lot, keep comfort on the top of your priority list. Most pens available today are ergonomically designed and have cushioned grips.

Brand vs generic

When you check out the options of pens, you would notice that there are branded pens and also generic pens.

Both these have their own pros and cons, for example branded pens are costlier but ensure smooth writing, while generic pens are least expensive, but you may have some ink bleed.

Right vs left handed

This point may surprise you, but yes, it is important to consider with which hand you write. For southpaws choosing a pen can be toughBecause it depends on how you hold the pen and if the position smudges the ink or not.

Right handed people find it easy to write with a fountain pen but it is tricky for left handed people.

Consider the type of paper you will be writing on

As you know there are many types of papers available in the market, for instance a paper in your notebook is different from the paper in your notepad.

If you have a favourite paper to write on make sure to choose a pen and that does not bleed through the paper.

If you like writing with roller pens, then you just cannot choose to write on a thin and low quality paper.

Consider your writing needs

If you are a heavy writer, the ball point pens are ideal because they require the writer to put in some pressure while writing.

You need to decide the purpose of buying a pen, whether you are going to use it for writing for a long time or just for signature. For example, a fountain pen is not an ideal choice for writing long format content while it is most suitable for signature only.


Though pens are less expensive items but when you buy in bulk it can cost you a few hundreds. They are also available in different price ranges depending on the brand, type, etc.

Thus before you buy the pens, consider the price individually and also in bulk.


We hope to have helped you know more about the simple buy – that is a pen. We have tried our best to ensure that you purchase the right one though we are aware of the fact that it does not cost too much.

With the many options and types floating around in the market, it can be confusing to find the right type.

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