Best Pacifiers for Breastfed Babies

Babies are born with an innate nature to suck. Sucking is a natural behavior of newborn babies which helps them to feed and grow. Sucking on nipple, thumb or fingers can provide them comfort and satisfaction as well.

The best pacifiers for breastfed babies can be used to satisfy their urge to suck. Also, sucking on a pacifier is better than sucking the thumb of fingers.

Every breastfeeding mom knows the hustle to get the baby to suck on a pacifier. Some babies like to suckle on a pacifier while some refuse to suckle.

Babies that refuses to suckle, often don’t feel comfortable with a pacifier they suckle on. To combat this issue, you will need one that baby like. Usually, parents look for the one that is durable, has good construction and built with quality material. But the best pacifier for breastfed babies is the one that baby prefer to suckle on.

Considering this reason, you will require a handy list of the best baby pacifiers to choose from. In this article, ae have reviewed the top 7 best pacifiers for the breastfed baby.

Top 7 Best Pacifiers For Breastfed Babies

7. Philips Avent Soothie Pacifier

The overall design looks simple but it is made from the latex-free, hospital-grade silicone. The best part is, it is a product by trusted brand ‘Phillips’.

The silicone is a durable and soft material that helps this pacifier to fit into a kid’s mouth. It is one of the cheap pacifiers that being sold in a pack of two and often used in the hospitals because it is BPA free and usually does not develop the smell.

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6. MAM Night Pacifiers (Glow in Dark)

 MAM Glow in Dark Night Pacifier Review

Made from BPA-free soft silicone, this orthodontic pacifier has a unique quality to glow in the dark night making it easy for a mom to find it during the night.

It has a good design that can help to fit in the baby’s mouth helping them in jaw development. Its nipple has an anti-slip texture which helps the baby to grip on the pacifier. Like other pacifiers, this too has a shield with wide openings to avoid skin irritation.

It is microwave safe, so you can sterilize it by adding in water and heating the water using a microwave. No separate sterilizer needed.

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5. Ulubulu Expression Pacifier

Review of Ulubulu Expression Pacifier for Breasfed Baby

Equipped with unique design, these German-made pacifiers are definitely made to bring the smile on the breastfed baby.

They are built using high-quality material that is BPA and lead-free. ‘Ulubulu’ not only paid attention to the material but also made it orthodontically correct to avoid possible mouth injuries.

The nipple is made from medical grade silicone while the pacifier shield has an anatomically suitable shape to contour the baby’s mouth.

Additional features include the ventilation holes in the pacifier shield to avoid the skin irritation, ergonomically rounded shape of pacifier to suit the baby’s chin and nose.

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4. Nuby SoftFlex Orthodontic Pacifier

Nuby SoftFlex Orthodontic Pacifiers Review

Available in six different colors, Nuby pacifiers come with a unique design. These soft flex orthodontic pacifiers are built in such a way that they can imitate the nipple’s action when the baby sucks on it.

The teething nubs of this pacifier help to stimulate the gums of the teething baby by massaging over the gums. It is made from the BPA, Latex, and Phthalate free material and useful up to the six-month-old babies.

The mouth-shield is shaped in such a way that it fits properly over the mouth of the baby without digging over the chicks or nose.

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3. NUK Newborn Silicone Orthodontic Pacifier

NUK Newborn Silicone Orthodontic Pacifier Review

NUK is one of the leading brands for quality baby products and this stands true for NUK pacifier.

Made from the BPA free material, this pacifier fits naturally in the baby’s mouth and assist in the healthy development of the oral cavity.

It has a scoop nipple cavity that allows enough space for tongue movements. The shield is made in a concave shape to avoid irritation and to fit under the nose of the baby. NUK pacifier is one of the best pacifiers for breastfed babies to keep them away from sucking on their thumbs.

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2. The Ladies Man Mustachifier

The Ladies Man Mustachifier Review

One of the cutest pacifiers that we can able find. If your baby is sucking on this pacifier, it will leave a smile on the face of whoever holding the baby.

Like other pacifiers on this list, the nipple of this pacifier is made form the BPA free silicone material which goes gentle on the gums of baby. The thermoplastic rubber (high-grade TPE) is used to make this pacifier which is one of the trusted material for teething.

While the design of this pacifier is hard to beat, it also comes with one year’s guaranteed warranty. So, even if you drop, break or lose them you can redeem them form the company. The only thing that you need to consider for this is to register your purchase on the Hipsterkid website.

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1. Playtex BinkySilicone New Born Pacifier

Made from BPA free material, this pacifier can be a good option for babies that love small pacifiers.

Though the design is not outstanding, it serves the purpose and pacifiers can easily snug in the mouth of the baby. The nipple shield has holes and designed in such a way to avoid skin irritation.

The nipple provides sufficient space for the tongue while allowing the baby to suck on a pacifier.

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FAQ’s about Pacifiers

1. Is it okay to use pacifiers for breastfed babies?

Sucking is a natural behavior and it is often observed in babies. If your baby tends to suck thumb or fingers between the feedings then pacifiers can help to soothe the gums and comforting for them. However, pacifiers should not be used as a replacement for breastfeeding. [1]

2. What are the advantages of pacifiers?

  • In the babies that suck the thumb, parents can’t able to control the thumb sucking but they can control the use of pacifiers.
  • It is also found that the use of pacifiers in the breastfed babies can greatly reduce the risk of sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS) [2]
  • Pacifiers can help to comfort the baby with colic or reflux.
  • Pacifier is an ideal thing to help baby suck on when they are not hungry but get an urge to suck.


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