Best OTG Oven

A good oven in your kitchen can help make cooking easier for you. Making cake, lasagne, tandoori chicken is no more a tough task with an OTG oven in your kitchen.

OTG can be a Swiss army knife of chef when it comes to grilling and baking because it is simple to use yet incredibly fast.

They are smaller version of  conviction ovens and cook the meal using heated coils. The heated coils radiates the heat which then distributed by the fan present inside the OTG.

When you start looking out for the best OTG oven, you will notice that there are plenty of options available. All good brands have OTG in their list of products. Choosing one out of the variety can be overwhelming.

In this article, we will discuss more about the appliance. This information will help you understand your needs and make the right decision in your buying process.

OTG & Microwave Oven: Understanding the Difference

Do you often confuse OTG with a microwave? Do not worry as you are not alone. Most people confuse these two appliances.

You should purchase a convection microwave oven if you are priorities are to grill, toast, bake, defrost, and reheat food.

While buying an OTG is a wise option in case you are not too keen on reheating food but are a baker and looking for an appliance that will only bake, toast, and grill.

The table mentioned below will help you understand the difference very well.

SpecificationsConvection Microwave OvenOTG 
Food preparation timeTakes less time and cooks in a few minutesTakes more time as it gets heated using traditional heat waves
Power consumptionHighLow
Pre-heating timeApproximately 5 minutesApproximately 15 minutes
Auto cook facilityPossibleNot possible
Metal utensilsNo, can’t be usedYes, can be used
PriceStarts from INR 8000Starts from INR 5000
Baking qualityGoodBest
WeightVery heavy, difficult to moveLight, can be taken from one place to another
CapacityMaximum capacity of 32 litersMaximum capacity of 60 liters
Best fit forMulti purpose – reheat, defrost, grill and baking for beginnersBaking for professionals
Ease of useVery easy with digital controlsVery difficult with mechanical controls
Best brandsIFB, Kenstar, Morphy Richards, LG, ElectroluxMorphy Richards, Bajaj, Usha, Lifelong, Prestige

Types of Ovens

Once you decide to buy an oven for your kitchen, you need to consider your needs before getting one.

There are numerous types of ovens available in the market. Know your purpose of purchase and the types to help you make the right decision.

Gas ovens

As the name suggests, gas ovens use gas as a power source.

The burning gas creates heat in the oven. This type of oven is cheaper to run when compared to other electric counterparts before it heats the oven faster.

Most houses today, do not use gas ovens because of safety reasons. Also, getting the gas line fitted can be costly.

These ovens are costlier up front but can help you save a lot of money in long run. Some people also state that the gas oven retains moisture very well and thus ideal for roasting meats.

Electric ovens

This type is the most popular one in the market today. They are cheaper than all other types, simple to operate, suitable for a lot of home cooking needs and east to clean as well.

Electric ovens produce more heat as there is no one heat source. Thus, it is ideal for baking. These are cheaper upfront but can be expensive to run.

Microwave ovens

This is a type of electric oven that heats food using electromagnetic waves. The food particles vibrate and this causes friction thus making them heat up.

While this kind is popular for reheating food, they can do a lot more. They are energy efficient and quick. But, you might struggle roasting and browning in microwave ovens.

Self-cleaning ovens

Some ovens have an extra feature of self-cleaning. Most people hate cleaning the oven and this is particularly designed for them. There are two kinds of self-cleaning ovens – catalytic and pyrolytic.

Catalytic ovens have chemical linings that absorb food spills. On the other hand, pyrolytic ovens heat up to extreme temperatures to burn the food stains. Thus you need to clean the ashes out of the oven after the process.

No doubt these are beneficial functions but make the ovens come with a hefty price tag.

Convection oven

Electric ovens can be again differentiated as convection and conduction ovens. The only difference between the two is how they heat up the air.

A conduction oven is common and is also known as a fan or conventional oven. This type of oven heats up from the bottom.

Toaster ovens

This type is like a portable grill. It is suitable for making toasts and can also be used for pizzas and other grill items.

Remember that these are not alternatives to an oven but purchasing a toaster oven can be helpful especially in a joint family.

Roaster ovens

This type of oven is designed to steam, roast, and slow cook. Many people use their roaster oven only for the meat, thus making the full oven available for other things. It is not a replacement or alternative to the regular oven but a great addition.

How to Choose an OTG Oven in India? – Buying Guide

Since there are numerous brands offering OTG, it might be overwhelming for you to pick the right one according to your needs.

Thus we have written this detailed buying guide to help you understand your needs better and make the right buying decision.

Family size

This is one of the most important points to consider while buying an OTG.

According to the family size, you cook meals, small or large. Thus, you need to consider the size of the family to ensure the OTG will be sufficient for cooking the meals all at once.

  • Family of 2 members – less than 19 iters
  • Family of 4 members – 20 to 29 liters
  • Family of 6 members – more than 30 liters


The purpose and use of your OTG makes a lot of difference in making the right purchase decision. For example, you wouldn’t want to buy an OTG for reheating purposes.

If you are planning to cook small dishes then purchase a small OTG is wise. On the other hand, if you are planning to bake cakes and use it professionally, then buying a big one makes sense.

  • Home use – 15-26 liters
  • Professional use – 30-60 liters

Space and location

When you have decided to buy an OTG for your kitchen, consider the space you have for the appliance.

OTGs are usually bigger in size when compared to other ovens and require more space. Thus, ensure to measure the size of the space available before buying.

Energy efficiency

This is another important point to consider before buying the OTG. there are many energy-efficient models in the market. With buying one, you can ensure to save some energy and thus some money.

Auto cook menu

The auto cook menu is pre-programmed cooking. The only thing you need to do is choose your dish from the set and the temperature will be adjusted accordingly.

The OTG will do the cooking and when the time is over, you can take your dish out and enjoy.


The cost of the OTG depends on a lot of things like its capacity, features, build quality, brand, etc. thus, before you go shopping for the oven, ensure to fix a budget.

This will help you not overspend on the appliance and stay in your budget.


Before you purchase the appliance, you need to consider the warranty of the product.

The warranty may depend on brand to brand but to stay safe it is also wise to check the warranty beforehand to avoid unnecessary maintenance cost.

Other features

An OTG has a number of functions and not all might have them. Thus, understand the features so that you can decide which ones are suitable for you as per your needs and look for them in the OTG you purchase.


Every OTG has controls for you to manage the operations. These can be of different kinds and thus you need to choose the one that suits your needs like

Analogue – These are knobs. Such OTGs are not very expensive and also last long. The only drawback is that it can be less accurate when compared to the digital control OTG.

Digital – another type is digital control. These are electronically controlled push buttons.

Timer – Every OTG has a timer to display the length of time for cooking.

Cord length – This is one of the important things to consider before buying. The cord length should be long enough to make sure it can reach the power socket.

Preheat – Before you cook anything, it is essential to preheat the OTG. generally, it takes around 15 minutes to preheat. Every OTG has a preheat function that has a fixed time set.

Crumb tray – Crumbs are the small pieces of food that may be lying in the OTG. while cooking, there might be extra items like marination, overflow of juices, etc. thus, having a crumb tray to accumulate all this will be great and save you time. Thus, look for an OTG that has a tray.

Rotisserie – If you plan to cook more non-vegetarian food, then a rotisserie set is required. It is a steel rod that is used to cook meat and barbeque. The set includes rotisserie forks, rod, skewer rod, and a removal tong.

Oven light and transparent door – Both these features are very useful because it helps to see the interior of the oven while the food is being cooked so that you can check on the status.
Grill rack

A grilling rack is useful for toasting as well as baking cakes, muffins, and cookies. You can also keep large slices of fruits, vegetables, or chicken on the rack to grill.

Top 5 Best OTG Oven in India to Buy Online

1. Bajaj TSS OTG

Bajaj Majesty TSS Oven Toaster Grill

Bajaj Electricals is one of the best and most popular brands when it comes to kitchen appliances and needs no introduction.

This 16 liters OTG can cater to the present-day Indian nuclear family of 2-3 persons. The appliance is made of stainless steel and it is rust free. You cannot doubt the longevity of this product.

This OTG has dedicated control knobs and thus setting as well as controlling the temperature is simple. The brand understands your safety and thus has an auto shut off feature and cool-touch door so that you can comfortably open and close the door.

The OTG also comes with a full set of accessories such as a baking tray, skewer rods, and grill rack. You do not have to do a lot to clean the OTG as it has a crumb tray that collects all the mess.

The Bajaj TSS OTG is one of the most popular and affordable OTGs in the market.

The only downfall in this appliance is that it does not have a light inside which makes it difficult for you to check the status.

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2. Prestige POTG 19 PCR

Prestige POTG Oven Toaster Grill

Prestige is a popular kitchen appliance brand that has been into this business for 5 decades now and is ruling the sector with its high-quality products.

This 19-liter Prestige OTG can help you make delicious pizzas, biscuits, cakes, kebabs, tikkas as well as bread. You can easily bake and vegetables and non-vegetarian food like meat and chicken in this. The motorized rotisserie make sit possible to grill meats and vegetables uniformly.

This appliance has simple temperature controls that allow you to set up a temperature of up to 250 degrees celsius. The timer switch is a blessing as it helps you focus on other household chores at the same time.

It has an appealing design and a stay-cool handle. The enameled baking tray and the wire racks are long-lasting and also simple to clean.

The OTG comes with a variety of accessories that make baking simpler. The full-sized glass door helps you watch out the status of what’s cooking.

It would have been a cherry on the cake if the OTG had come with a convection technology as well.

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3. Lifelong Steel Oven Toaster Griller

Lifelong is one of the recent brands, established in 2015 and is now ruling the Indian kitchens. This 16 liters OTG is perfect for small families.

The machine is very simple to operate and clean. It comes with a detachable crumb tray that accumulates all the food debris and thus keeps the rest of the area clean. All you need to do to clean is remove the tray and clean it.

The OTG is been given a sophisticated and matte look that will suit kitchens of every layout. It has a 60 minutes time that helps you cook your tasty dishes with highest level of precision. If you wish to cook a variety of food, then they even provide you grill rack and skewer rods.

The only drawback is that it does not come with a rotisserie set.

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4. Morphy Richards Stainless Steel OTG

Morphy Richards is a very popular and trusted brand, established in 1936 in England, it has been ruling the kitchens worldwide since then. This 24-liter capacity OTG is ideal for a family of 4-5 people.

Its stainless steel body helps in uniform and faster accumulation of heat, thus cooking your dish perfectly. You can use its rotisserie set to grill and roast delicacies.

For the multitasking person in you, the brand has given a timer that will help you focus on other kitchen chores as well while cooking the dish. The OTG comes with various functions that help you bake, toast, and grill.

Cleaning the OTG is super simple with the crumb tray. All you need to do is remove the crumb tray while cleaning where all the food debris gets collects and clean it. It even has a preheat timer.

If you want the convection feature to cook a dish, then buying this oven is not a good option since it does not possess the feature.

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5. American Micronic AMI OTG

The American Micronic is an American brand and has been in India for a few years now. If you are a big family of 7-8 people then this 36-liter OTG is perfect.

The OTG has a motorized rotisserie and convection fan to help you bake, grill, roast, and toast. The temperature inside the oven can be accurately controlled with the help of a double thermostat and dual temperature knobs.

To ensure you can cook whatever dish you want, the brand provides a double preset time of 120 minutes. The beautiful rust-free body makes it an ideal looking appliance for your kitchen set up.

The OTG comes with a number of accessories like a baking tray, wire rack, crumb tray, rotisserie tong, and a rotisserie rod set. The timer and auto shut feature help not overcook your food.

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FAQ’s about OTG Oven

How many liters OTG should you buy?

The capacity of the OTG you purchase depends on your needs. Unless you have unique requirements, this is what the brand recommends:

Family of 2 members – less than 19 iters
Family of 4 members – 20 to 29 liters
Family of 6 members – more than 30 liters

Is OTG good for baking?

An OTG is a perfect option for baking, grilling, and toasting. You can bake cakes, toast bread, and grill meat without any complexities. Thus, reheating food isn’t your requirements, then you should always opt for an OTG and not a microwave.

How can we cook a pizza in an OTG?

Making a pizza in an OTG is super simple. Prepare the pizza that will go in the over. While doing the pre-preps, pre-heat the oven at around 200-degree Celsius or as stated by your recipe book.

After the oven is preheated, place the pizza on the rack and bake it for 15 minutes depending on the level of golden brown you want.

Why is it important to preheat an OTG?

Preheating an oven is very important particularly when you are baking something using baking powder, yeast, or baking soda that react well to heat.

Food also cooks faster in a preheated OTG. you need to ensure that the temperature for preheating the oven is set right.


When you start looking out for an OTG you realize that buying the right one is not as simple as it sounds. Thus, make sure to consider the buying guide that we have mentioned with all the important points so that you can very well decide your needs.

Also, we have mentioned the different types of ovens available in the market like a toaster, microwave oven, OTG, etc. Thus, make sure to understand your needs before buying one. We have mentioned the top 5 OTG recommendations for you to make your search simpler and ensure a quick purchase decision.

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