Best Olive Oil Brands for Cooking & Other Purposes in India

With the verge of healthy eating, most Indians are talking about using the best olive oil for cooking. Whether you plan pesto dips, bake bread, or prepare the salad, olive oil is one of the most common ingredients that go in these food preparations.

In the last few years, the demand for olive oil in India has surged due to increasing awareness about its health benefits.

Health enthusiasts and moms of school going kids usually prefer cooking with olive oil in India. In this article, we will discuss the best olive oil brands in India to help you make the right buying decision. Also, we will discuss the things that you need to consider while buying olive oil in India.

We believe that our list of top 10 best olive oils to buy online in India will be a guiding point for those who are looking to buy it online.

Best Olive Oils to Buy Online in India

Best Olive Oil BrandsRatingBuy
1. Oleev4.3/5Buy on Amazon
2. DiSano4.3/5Buy on Amazon
3. Bertolli4.3/5Buy on Amazon
4. Borges4.4/5Buy on Amazon
5. Figaro4.2/5Buy on Amazon

Top Olive Oil Reviews

1. Oleev Active Olive Oil

Oleev Active Olive Oil for Cooking

It is a unique blend of rice brand and olive oil, making it healthy and suitable for Indian cooking. 

Oleev Active is one of the most popular olive oil brands in India. This oil is a unique blend of two healthy oils – olive oil and rice bran oil, thus making is ideal for Indian cooking.

None of these oils have overpowering flavour but a neutral taste, which helps maintain the original taste of the food.

This oil is absorbs 20% lesser when compared to other brands which makes it healthier and maintains heart health too.

This olive oil is also ideal for frying and deep drying unlike most other olive oils, all thanks to its Sci-fri technology. This prevents breaking down of fatty acids.

It is rich is oryzanol, which is a powerful antioxidant that helps lower cholesterol. The Energocules formula – rich in Linoleic acid makes sure that you stay active all day long.

It even has a Oil-o-meter which helps you track your usage. The oil also helps prevent gastrointestinal issues and lets you enjoy food. It comes with a shelf life of 12 months.

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2. DiSano Extra Virgin Olive Oil

DiSano Extra-Virgin Olive Oil

First cold pressed, extra virgin oil. Best for salad dressings, Mediterranean cuisine & great substitute for butter.

With the high healthy fats, rich favor and aroma, DiSano olive oil makes the top of our list. Not only that it is one of the healthiest cooking oil, but it has the right potential to replace the butter & desi ghee.

With all these reasons, one more compelling reason to choose this is it manufactured & packed in Spain. Spain olive oil is famous for the richness and authenticity.

It is extracted by the cold pressing method and this specific brand uses the first cold pressed olive oil which is one of the primary reason to its aroma and rich flavor. The oil is packed in one liter transparent plastic bottle.

Overall, it is a good olive oil brand that can be used for salad dressing, available at fairly low price but comes in the transparent plastic bottle which is one of concerning point if you decided to use it for loner time.

If you are looking for an olive oil with high smoking point which can be suitable for Indian cooking then instead of buying this oil you should go for the DiSano Extra Light Olive Oil which has 240°C smoking point.

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3. Bertolli Classico Olive Oil

Bertolli Classico Olive Oil Review

Bertolli Classico is pure olive oil which can be a great choice for grill & sauteing veggies/salad

It has a light flavor and mild aroma that usually does not changes the natural taste of Indian dishes.

It is Argemone oil-free olive oil and a rich source of natural omega-9 unsaturated fats which are termed to be good heart health.

Due to its light flavor, it goes well with veggies, seafood, and meat. Often used for dressings, grilling the meat, seafood and saute that salad.

This highly versatile olive oil has a classic gold color with a high smoking point at 220°C and 24 months shelf life.

It comes in a plastic bottle so to avoid it from going rancid, it is advisable to transfer it to a glass container or finish it quickly.

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4. Borges Extra-Light Olive Oil

Borges Extra-Light Olive Oil Review


Has mild flavor and scent, Good for meat/seafood marination and baking

Borges Extra-Light Olive Oil is Spanish olive oil which is extra-light olive oil and is a great option for meat and seafood marination.

It is a refined oil and comes with a high smoking point and mild scent so it can work better with marinade & the batter. You can use it to cook dosa, dal, pulao, and vegetables.

As required, it comes in a clear glass bottle and needs to be stored away from light and heat. Though it is refined olive oil, it is a bit expensive for a 1-liter bottle.

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5. Figaro Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Figaro Extra Virgin Olive Oil Review

It has a rich flavor, can be used for dressing, chutneys& marinades. Can Replace the butter.

This extra virgin olive oil can be a good replacement for the butter so if you are looking for a healthy alternative to butter this can be a great choice.

Imported from Spain, with its strong flavor and rich nutrients, Figaro extra-virgin olive oil can help to enhance the taste of salad, chutney and dip marinades.

It can also go well with several Indian dishes like dal, parathas, and dosa. It has a distinct aftertaste that helps to include this nutrient-rich olive oil in several dips and bread.

Additionally, its 207° C smoking point allows users to use it for sauteing, shallow or deep frying.

The oil comes in the plastic bottle, which is not a good way to store olive oil. So, either you need to finish it quickly or should be moved in another container.

Like other olive oil brands in India, Figaro olive oil is an expensive oil for the Indian market.

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How to choose an Olive Oil in India – Buying Guide

It takes a lot more than just a trusted brand when it comes to buying quality olive oil from the market. Here are a few things you should consider while buying olive oil.

Choose the Right Type of Olive Oil

Man pouring olive oil to make salad

It is necessary to buy the right type of olive oil as not all types are designed to cook at high heat.

For example, extra-virgin oil is packed with nutrients that can be lost when exposed to heat, so it is majorly used in the salad dressing or dips. While lite refined and pure olive oil is a preferred option for cooking purposes.

If you are looking to buy olive oil for its health benefits then you should always go for the extra-virgin olive oil.

Consider Packaging

Olive oil of different brands packed in variety of bottels

Believe it or not, most of us don’t pay much attention to the packaging of oils.

But in order to get the best quality olive oil, you should consider the material used for packaging.

Because the best way to store olive oil is to pack it in a stainless steel tin and glass bottle rather than the plastic containers.

Glass and stainless steel are less reactive than plastic. Constant exposure of olive oil to plastic can lead to a chemical reaction that forms the polyvinyl chlorides, which is a toxic chemical.

Also, see if the olive oil brand has taken enough precautions to avoid light and air exposure. Always buy an opaque bottle or dark tin of oil.

Dark tin and an opaque bottle will avoid direct exposure to sunlight. Olive oil can go rancid if it is constantly exposed to sunlight.

Avoid Olive pomace oil

After extraction of extra-virgin oil, pomace – the remaining pulp of olive fruits is used to extract ‘olive pomace oil’.

As the pulp has less quantity of oil in it after the extraction of virgin oil, heat and various chemicals are used to extract the pomace oil.

Chemicals like benzopyrene are harmful for the human body and may trigger cancer. Also, several other artificial components are used in the procedure that leads olive oil to loose its distinct flavor.

Type of Olive Oil

Today, olive oil available in the different types and each type of olive oil is used for different purposes.

Here are prominent types of olive oil –

  1. Extra-Virgin Olive Oil
  2. Pure Olive Oil
  3. Refined Olive Oil
  4. Virgin Olive Oil
  5. Olive Pomace Oil

Extra-Virgin Oil

Like mayonnaise, ketchup, or barbecue sauce Extra-virgin olive oil is usually used as a condiment to enhance the flavor and texture of the recipe.

The extra-virgin oil is one of the best types of olive oil. It is extracted using the cold-press method to avoid exposure to a high temperature which may lead to the loss of its natural properties.

Extra-virgin olive oil is best used in salads, chutney, dips and as a condiment. It should never be used with heat or for deep-frying purposes as it has a low smoking point.

With its distinct aroma, rich nutrients, antioxidants, and dietary fats one can agree with us that extra-virgin olive oil an incredibly healthy oil to use.

Pure Olive Oil

Pure olive oil in a cup with olives

Sometimes, products are named such a way that they don’t make any sense to the common people. The same logic applies to the ‘Pure olive oil’.   In spite of the name, pure virgin oil is not at all pure.

It is a blend of the refined and extra-virgin form of olive oil. Usually, a refined form of olive oil lacks the standard extraction quality.

Often, to enhance the extraction quality of refined olive oil, it is mixed with an extra-virgin or virgin olive oil. Also, it further blended with a large amount of vitamin E to enhance the flavor.

Refined olive oil

Refined olive oil is termed as a good option for cooking with high heat.

Though it has the same amount of calories and fats, it still considered as the low-quality olive oil as it has a low amount of virgin olive oil.

The riped, black olive fruits are used to extract the refined type of olive oil and the extracted oil is usually divided into two further types i.e Regular refined olive oil and Lite refined olive oil.  Lite is considered better than the regular refined olive oil.

Virgin Olive Oil

The virgin olive oil is extracted by a cold-pressing method and is an unrefined form of olive oil. It is is a bit acidic in nature and is temperature resistant. The taste of this olive oil is a bit milder than that of extra-virgin olive oil and it is mostly used for the low-heat cooking.

Olive Pomace Oil

The pomace type olive oil is extracted from the fruit residue that remains after olive fruits are pressed to extract the quality oil. Olive pomace oil is considered as the lowest type of olive oil among all types and to improve its quality some amount of virgin oil is mixed with pomace oil.

FAQ’s about Olive Oil

1. What is Olive Oil?

Olive oil is a cooking oil extracted by pressing the fresh olive fruits. Though it is mostly used in European and Mediterranean cuisines, its use across the globe is quite common.

It is termed as the healthiest cooking oil and is rich in monosaturated fats, vitamin E and anti-oxidant. Due to its rich flavor, health benefits and high smoking point, it is often to saute salads and marinade veggies.

2. What Does Olive Oil Taste Like?

Olive oil has rich flavor and distinct taste that differ from other cooking oils.

But the taste of olive oil often depends upon how it is processed and what grade it carries. An unrefined, extra-virgin olive oil extracted using the cold-press method is the most flavorful olive oil and has a light pepper-like finish.

3. How to Taste Olive Oil?

Olive oil should be tested as plain by taking it into a spoon. Take a spoonful of olive oil and smell it first to understand the aroma then slurp it in small quantity and let it spread across your mouth.

Once the olive oil coats your tongue and mouth, you will able to identify the acidic nature, fruitiness, and pungency of the oil.

4. How to Store Olive Oil?

Olive oil can easily go rancid when exposed to heat, light, and air.

So to avoid the negative impact of these things on olive oil, it must be stored in a tightly sealed, dark glass bottle or a metal tin and should be kept away from light and heat.

Best Olive Oils in India

Oleev Active
Best olive oil for cooking/Frying
Disano (Extra Virgin)
Best olive oil for salad dressing
Bertolli (Classic)Best olive oil for sauteing
Borges (Extra Light)Best olive oil for baking/Frying
Figaro (Extra Virgin)Best tasting olive oil for dressing/chutney
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