Top 5 Best Oil’s for Pooja Deepam in India

Commonly spelled pooja or poojah, the puja is a daily worship ritual performed in the home of Hindu or in the temple.

It is a process of offering prayer, flowers, and devotional homage to one or more deities.

To perform the puja right way, you need several articles and the list begins with the flowers and involves oil for deepam.

In this article, we will review the 5 best oil for pooja deepam in India.

Top 5 Best Oil for Pooja Deepam in India.

List of best deepam oil for pooja and home use

1. Oneness PanchaDeepam Prayer Oil

Oneness PanchaDeepam Prayer Oil

Excellent mix of Cow’s ghee, Gingelly, Sandal & Coconut oil with soot-free experience.

One of the most popular deepam oil in India that is soot-free and is made from blending together the required oil’s and Cow’s ghee.

It uses the gingelly oil, coconut oil, sandal oil, mahua oil, castor oil along with Cow’s ghee. The one to two tablespoons of oil can provide the 3 to 4 hour lasting Jyot.

Overall, it is one of the best pooja depaam oil for regular use but can freeze in the winter.

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2. VVV Anandham Anandham Pancha Deepam Puja Oil

VVV Anandham Anandham Pancha Deepam Puja Oil

It is a blend of Gingelly oil, Sesame oil, castor oil, mahua oil, neem oil, and pure cow’s ghee.

Usually, people use one type of oil for pooja deepam but this is a unique blend that brings together the goodness of several oils.

These oils are considered as best to use for the pooja, especially pure ghee made using the cow’s milk. It is considered as the pure cow’s ghee brings positive vibration in the surrounding and enhance the health and wealth.

Other oils in this blend are considered to have a positive effect on fame, prosperity, and spiritual growth of the family.

As far as a concern to the aroma, it has some distinct aroma that stands out but majorly it is due to the neem oil.

Overall, it is the best oil for lightning the pooja deepam but has a bit expensive and can leave the soot.

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3. Anandam Oil for Deepam

Anandam Oil

Anandam oil is often recommended for lighting the pooja deep and used in households for daily lighting of deepam in the home.

It is a blend of gingelly oil with RRB oil and is good for pooja. The oil is packed well in a thick plastic bag.

Some users often experienced the residue in the oil and few noted the when oil is used it creates soot.

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4.Pitambari Deepshakti Lamp Oil for Pooja

Pitambari Deepshakti Lamp Oil for Pooja

Pitambari brand doesn’t require any introduction to Indian consumers. The brand’s utensil shining powder is hugely popular among every household of India and plays an important role in keeping the pooja utensil clean and shiny.

This oil is non-edible and solely made for the purpose of lightning the diyas and lamp during the sacred rituals.

It is a smokeless, soot-free oil that provides the longer lasting jyot and odorless burning.

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5. SRT Deepam Oil.

SRT Deepam Oil

Made from pure vegetable oil, SRT primarily uses the rice bran oil to make the deepam oil blend.

It comes in 1 litre bottle and has 6 months shelf life which is long enough to store the oil at home for your daily needs.

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