9 Most Popular Non-Electric Gravity Based Water Purifier in India

Clean drinking water is essential for survival. There are many areas in our country that do not have access to clean water and electricity. This is why a gravity-based water purifier that works without electricity is a savior.

With so many options from different brands and at different prices, you might be confused on which one to pick. Do not worry because we have you covered!

We have done the research and mentioned everything important that will help you select the right gravity-based water purifier.

This article includes the list of the most popular gravity-based water purifiers (Non-Electric), its benefits, comparison of the types of non-electric water purifiers, and discusses who should get the non-electric water purifiers & other faq’s.

Best Non-Electric Water Purifiers in India to Buy Online

Non Electric Water PurifierCapacityBest Buy Link
 1. Eureka Forbes Non Electric  Water Purifier 20 litreBuy on Amazon
 2. KENT Gold Optima Gravity Based Water Purifier
 10 litreBuy on Amazon
 3. Tata Swach Non Electric Water Purifier
 15 litreBuy on Amazon
 4. TTK Prestige Tattva Water Purifier  16 litreBuy on Amazon
 5. Eureka Forbes Gravity Based Water Purifier 
 15 litreBuy on Amazon
 6. Prestige Non Electric Acrylic Water Purifier 18 litreBuy on Amazon
 7. Whirlpool Destroyer World Water Purifier 16 litreBuy on Amazon
 8. RAMA Gravity ECO Water Filter and Purifier 16 litreBuy on Amazon
 9. Aqua Dove Non Electronic Filter kit N/ABuy on Amazon

Best Gravity Based Water Purifier (Non-Electric) Reviews

1. Eureka Forbes Aquasure from Aquaguard Amrit Water Purifier

Eureka Forbes Aquasure from Aquaguard Amrit Water Purifier

A single cartridge can purify up to 1500 liters of water.

This gravity-based water purifier from Eureka Forbes has a capacity of 20 liters which lasts through the day for a couple.

Its positive charge technology passes the water through a complex mesh that has positively charged nanofibers. This process removes all types of viruses, bacteria, microbial contaminants, and cyst.

It is stylish looking and adds a touch of charm to your kitchen. It has a 1500 liters cartridge life that lasts for four months providing clean water to a family of four.

It has an automatic shut off which means that the water flow stops when the cartridge needs to be changed.

The water purifier’s body is made using premium quality food-grade non-toxic plastic, which is super durable. It comes with an instruction manual that helps you quickly install the purifier.

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2. KENT Gold Optima Gravity Based Non-electric Water Purifier

KENT Gold Optima 10-Litres Gravity Based Non-electric Water Purifier

It is suitable for tap and municipal water with low TDS.

Kent is a popular water purifier brand in Indian households. This non-electric water purifier is one of its best products for those who face electricity fluctuations.

This gravity-based water purifier is based on the ultrafiltration technology to give you clean drinking water.

The cartridge has a hollow fiber hydrophilic membrane that has an opening of 0.1 microns to make sure no bacteria or micro-organisms pass through it. This ensures 100% clean and microbe-free water without adding any chemicals to it like iodine, bromine, and chlorine.

This water purifier is also suitable for tap and municipal water with low TDS. Its tabletop design having a storage capacity of 10 liters is suitable for a small family. You get 5 liters of purified water at a time and the remaining 5 liters are stored in the raw tank above.

The expected life of the UF membrane is 4000 liters which usually lasts for 4 months for a small family, ultimately it depends on the usage.

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3. Tata Swach Non-Electric Smart 15-Litre Gravity Based Water Purifier

Tata Swach Non Electric Smart Gravity Based Water Purifier

It can remove 1 crore viruses and 100 crore bacteria from water giving you safe drinking water.

This non-electric smart gravity based water purifier from Tata Swach has a total capacity of 15 liters and a storage capacity of 7.5 liters.

It can remove 1 crore viruses and 100 crore bacteria from water, making it clean to drink. The purifier uses silver nano-technology to destroy bacteria and viruses effectively without power and running water.

A single cartridge has a purification capacity of 1500 liters which usually lasts for about 4 months for a family. It does not use any chemicals to purify the water.

It has a translucent body made with durable and high-quality plastic. It is super simple to install with just a one-step process. Its auto shut off mechanism notifies you when you need to change the cartridge.

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4. TTK Prestige Tattva 2.0 copper 16-Liter Water Purifier

TTK Prestige Tattva copper Water Purifier

This unique copper water purifier can filter up to 9 liters of water every hour.

As we all know the varied health benefits of copper, how about getting the same benefits with a water purifier?

This is a one of its kind copper water purifier which can filter around 9 liters of water every hour. The filter kills 99.99% bacteria and water borne viruses, making the water fit for drinking.

The best part is that it does not use any chemicals and power to filter the water and thus ideal for areas where there are power fluctuations.

The copper storage container has a capacity of 16 liters and the advanced FACT filters have a greater capacity to hold dirt and also last longer.

The water purifier has a storage capacity of 16 liters, 8 liters in the copper container, and 8 liters in the container above it.

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5. Eureka Forbes Aquasure from Aquaguard Xtra Tuff

Eureka Forbes Aquasure Xtra Tuff Water Purifier

It automatically switches off when the lower storage container gets full, thus preventing overflow and leakage.

Another Eureka Forbes water purifier on this list is this one with a storage capacity of 15 liters.

This portable unit does not require any power or running water to give you clean drinking water. The outer body of the water purifier is made using high-quality unbreakable plastic that ensures longevity.

It has a float technology that protects overflow and leakage. This water purifier is ideal for TDS of up to 300 and for municipal water only.

The purifier automatically switches off when the lower storage container gets full to avoid overflow and leakage. The brand recommends you not to fill water on the top container when the below container is full as it can cause leakage.

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6. Prestige Non Electric Acrylic Water Purifier

Prestige Non Electric Acrylic Water Purifier

The purifier complies with the stringent US EPA standards and the nsf 42 standards.

This gravity based water purifier is one of the purifiers with the largest storage capacity. The purifier complies with the stringent US Environmental Protection Agency standards as well as the nsf 42 standards.

The water purified in this purifier is as safe as boiled water. The large storage capacity of 18 liters ensures you never run out of water.

It purifies water with the 3 stage purification process. Stage one involves a pre-filter that is made of non-woven cloth that removes impurities. Stage two involves a microbiological FACT cartridge that removes 99.99% pathogenic bacteria and viruses. Stage three includes filtering the water by reducing water borne cysts and odour without the use of any chemicals.

It has an average filtration rate of 9 liters per hour. The 18 liters capacity is divided into 9 each in the lower and top storage containers.

The fully transparent water purifier has a stylish design which adds a touch of elegance to the kitchen.

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7. Whirlpool Destroyer World 61005 6-Litre Water Purifier

Whirlpool Destroyer World Water Purifier

This one is the most compact and stylish looking water purifier.

If you are looking for a stylish and compact gravity based water purifier then this one from Whirlpool is worth considering.

It involves a 5 stage purification process that retains all the minerals and eliminates all the pathogenic bacteria, odour, viruses, and water borne cysts.

The purifier has an Electro Absorption Technology filter that has the capacity of 4 filters in one. The filter lasts for around 7 to 8 months and has a flow rate of 1 liter per minute which is amazing.

It does not waste any water during the purification process which saves almost 16,000 liters of water every year. The water purifier can work efficiently under low water pressure as well.

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8. RAMA Gravity ECO Water Filter and Purifier

RAMA Gravity ECO Water Filter and Purifier

A stainless steel water purifier with a storage capacity of 16 liters.

If you do not prefer buying a plastic water purifier, then this stainless steel purifier is a good option to consider.

This water purifier has a storage capacity of 16 liters and it is made with premium quality 304-grade stainless steel to ensure its durability.

It includes two ceramic cartridges that are made using UK Technology. the water purifier removes 99.9% pathogenic bacteria, viruses, and 100% of cysts, germs, and impurities, giving you safe drinking water.

The cartridges also impregnated with the silver under the ceramic structure and contain coconut-based activated carbon that eliminates all harmful chemicals like pesticide, chlorine, etc. Thus giving you odour-free, clean, and safe drinking water.

It filters up to 4 liters of water every hour and comes with a 10 years warranty on the outer body.

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9. Aqua Dove Non Electronic Filter kit for Drinking in Home Water Purifier

Aqua Dove Non Electronic Filter kit for Drinking in Home Water Purifier

It is certified by ISO 9001 and purifies water of up to 500 TDS.

Last but not the least, on our list of non-electric water purifier, is this filter kit from Aqua Dove.

This filter kit is a Govt India licensed Product and is certified by ISO 9001. It can remove 99.99% bacteria, sand, spores, turbidity, and viruses thus giving you clean and safe drinking water without the use of any chemicals like chlorine, bromine, iodine, etc.

The filter has a life of purifying up to 21000 liters of water, which is huge and a complete value for money. Purifies water of up to 500 TDS to clean drinking water.

The kit includes Ultra filtration spiral wound membrane and water filter accessories. The US membrane comes with a warranty of 6 months.

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Benefits of Non-electric water purifier

Drinking clean water is a necessity for survival and purifying it using a non-electric water purifier is a good idea for the following reasons:

  • No running water required
  • No electricity required
  • Highly portable
  • Suitable for remote areas
  • Low TDS water supply
  • Super affordable
  • Activated carbon removes all organic compounds like herbicides, pesticides, and chlorine

Other than the benefits mentioned above, the gravity based water purifiers offer additional plus points like it is easy to install, low maintenance cost, simple to maintain, and no wastage of water.

This type of water purifier is ideal for purifying water from the Municipal Corporation with a low TDS of 300.

Non-electric water purifier comparison: UF vs Activated Carbon water purifiers

If you’re confused about whether you should go for a UFO activated carbon water purifier then the comparison table mentioned below can help you make a decision.

UF Water PurifierActivated Carbon Water purifier
This type uses hollow fibre threaded membranethis type of water purifier uses carbon or activated charcoal
It is less effective on dissolved chemicalsIt is effective on dissolved chemicals
Effective on muddy turbid waterLess effective on muddy turbid water
It removes bacteria, cysts, microorganisms, viruses that cause water-borne diseasesThe activated carbon or charcoal purifier remove chemicals and bad odour
Long lifeShort life
Low maintenanceRequires frequent cleaning

Difference between an electric and non-electric water purifier

Many people think that the only difference between an electric and non-electric water purifier is the usage of electricity. The method of water purification is totally different.

An electric water purifier like UV uses UV radiations and RO uses the RO membrane to eliminate microorganisms. On the other hand, a gravity based ( non-electric) water purifier uses UF, activated carbon, sediment filter to catch the microorganisms, and other sediments.

Electric Water PurifierNon-Electric Water Purifier
RO purifier

UV purifier

UF Water Purifier

Sediment Filter

Activated carbon

Electric water purifiers like RO removes dissolved solids and convert hard water into soft water. The UV water purifier kills microorganisms.

You can also find water purifiers available in the market that use RO + UV Technology to give you clean softer drinking water free from contaminants and TDS.

As we all know non-electric water purifiers do not use electricity to purify the water, it uses water pressure or gravity as the power to purify it.

The sediment filter in the gravity based water purifier removes sediments and the activated carbon removes organic compounds, improves the taste of water, removes odour and other contaminants.

One of the major drawbacks of this type is that it does not convert hard water into soft water. If you live in an area where there is a hard water supply, then do not even think about buying a non-electric water purifier.

Who Should Get a Non-Electric Water Purifier?

Non-electric water purifiers are available in two types – gravity and UF which is suitable for tap water with a low TDS.

These water purifiers are cheaper when compared to electric purifiers. before you consider buying one remember that you may need to pour water into the purifier every time to purify it. this could be time and energy-consuming. Make sure to weigh your needs and then make a decision.

We recommend non-electric water purifiers two nuclear families living in areas where water is less contaminated.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do water filters kill bacteria?

Chlorine is used to remove bacteria and microorganisms from water. In the initial stage, water passes through a membrane or microfiber mesh that eliminates solids from the water. A specific quantity of chlorine is then added to this water to eliminate all microorganisms.

Then the excess chlorine in the water should be removed and thus it again passes through the activated carbon filter to remove chlorine to make it fit for drinking.

How can I naturally purify water at home?

Here are a few ways to naturally purify water at home:

  • Boiling
  • Using iodine tablets, solution or crystals
  • Using ultraviolet light
  • Water filter
  • Chlorine drops

How to clean the gravity water purifier?

Cleaning your non-electric water purifier is super simple. Dissemble every part of the purifier, wash them in soapy water, rinse them with clean water. Do this minimum once a month to sanitize it.

If your mesh filter has accumulated iron, then soak it in vinegar. This can clear the iron accumulation and give you a new looking part.

Make sure to throw away the first batch of water as with this you can be sure it flushes out all the dirt and impurities.


We have created this guide to help you with all the essentials required to buy a gravity based water purifier that works without electricity. We have mentioned the benefits of buying one and also the difference between electric and non-electric purifier for all those who are confused.

Lastly, to make your search simpler we have also researched and reviewed the best product recommendations that will help you make an informed purchase.

This post contains affiliate links to products. We may receive a commission for purchases made through these links at no additional cost to you. Know how we select product.