10 Best Nebulizer Machine for Home Use

If you are an asthma patient or suffering from any COPD and any other respiratory disorder, then a nebulizer is a device that is extremely essential for you. A nebulizer is a medical instrument that is used for drug delivery.

Doctors all over the world recommend nebulizer for offering liquid medications to such patients. Compressed air, oxygen or ultrasonic power is utilized to break up the solution into small aerosol droplets, which can be inhaled by patients.

But finding the right kind of nebulizer can be quite a challenge. Even though there are a host of products in the market, every product may not suit your needs. Different patients have different requirements, and hence one must thoroughly make his purchase.

In this article, we will get you covered about all the things that you need to consider while buying a nebulizer.

Top 10 Best Nebulizer Machine to Buy Online in India

Nebulizer for Kids/AdultsRatingBuy
1. Dr. Trust4.2  StarBuy on Amazon
2. Dr. Morepen4.2 StarBuy on Amazon
3. Control D4 StarBuy on Amazon
4. Omron 4.3 StarBuy on Amazon
5. Agaro4.2 StarBuy on Amazon
6. Rossmax4.4 StarBuy on Amazon
7. Nulife4.3 StarBuy on Amazon
8. Dr. Trust Compressor Nebulizer4.2 StarBuy on Amazon
9. Philips4.3 StarBuy on Amazon
10. Omron NEC 1014.1 StarBuy on Amazon

Here are the 10 best nebulizers for kids/adults in India that you can buy online.

1. Dr. Trust bestest compressor nebulizer kit

Dr Trust Bestest Compressor Nebulizer Machine Kit

First up on our list is the Dr.Trust bestest Compressor nebulizer that is designed using RespiRight technology. This technology ensures that medications of different viscosity are atomized into fine particles faster and effectively.

This nebulizer converts saline water and medications into aerosol mist, promoting deep absorption in the lungs. This device is appropriate for conditions like asthma, cystic fibrosis, acute bronchitis, COPD, and other pulmonary infections, as well as small airway diseases.

It comes with a flow adjuster; hence one can easily adjust the flow of medication as prescribed by the doctor. The chamber capacity of the nebulizer is about 8 ml, which is good enough. Another critical factor is that it has a very low noise level making it ideal for children and older people.

Apart from this, you also get an added advantage of 2 different sized masks and a mouthpiece, which is useful for kids and adults alike. The masks are so designed that they fit well to facial contours and increase compliance reducing medical wastage. The Dr.Trust nebulizer is made high-grade medical material that is safe and easy to use and clean.

However, you can only use it with saline water and cannot run it continuously for more than 15 minutes as there are chances of air tubing damage and you would also not be able to regulate the air pressure. The device is very easy to use and everyone can operate it conveniently.

The design of the device makes it very lightweight and portable because of its ergonomic grip. You also have a 6-month warranty on this nebulizer. On the whole, it is a very good quality nebulizer for all ages.

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2. Dr. Morepen CN06 compressor nebulizer

Dr. Morepen CN06 Compressor Nebulizer

The Dr. Morepen CN06 is a compact, lightweight, and durable product that will take care of all your needs. This nebulizer is an ideal nebulizer for treating and delivering medications for all the types of respiratory tract diseases.

The capacity of the nebulizer is 5 ml with 2-micrometer particles, and the average flow rate of the medication is about 0.2 ml per minute. This nebulizer comes with an open/close vent so that it controls the dose of medicine.

Another unique feature of the nebulizer is its interchangeable jet caps. You also get two masks along with it for adults and kids. There is a space that is provided in the nebulizer to keep the power cable so it can be folded and carried anywhere easily.

This product is lightweight and easy to clean and also very convenient to operate. Overall, it is a suitable nebulizer for home use.

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3. Control D Nebulizer Kit

Control D Blue and White Compressor Complete Kit Nebulizer with Child and Adult MasksThe Control D nebulizer kit consists of a nebulizer, air tube, medicine chamber, adult and child mask.

The nebulizer uses the power of 75 W and has a medication capacity of 5 ml. It has an ABS plastic casing which makes it durable.

This nebulizer also has air vents for cooling the motor faster. It is super simple to use and the instructions are mentioned on the box.

The nebulizer can be assembled easily with the instructions given to you by the brand.


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4. Omron NE C28 Compressor

Omron NE C28 Compressor Nebulizer For Child and Adult

The Omron NE C28 compressor nebulizer is another best nebulizer in the market. The NE C28 nebulizer contains a nebulizer kit, air tubes, mouthpiece, adult and child mask, compressor, and 5 replacement filters.

This nebulizer can be used and manage diseases like allergies, asthma, chronic bronchitis, and other related respiratory disorders. This is an ideal product that can be used for both adults as well as kids. This nebulizer delivers the medication at a rate of 0.4 ml per minute without cap.

The product is designed with a unique VVT (virtual valve technology) that ensures there is minimum wastage of medication. Due to this, more medication is deposited in the lungs, and hence the user gets maximum relief, and the medicine is delivered effectively.

However, you will need to replace the nebulizer kit, mouth piece and the tubing once in a year, and the air filters will need to be replaced every 60 days. Its long life compressor guarantees efficient treatment to those who need frequent use.

Another important feature is its one button operation that makes it very easy to use. The cleaning of the kit is also very simple as its made from robust and durable material. Along with this, Omron also gives a 3 year extended warranty on the product. We highly recommend this product as it ticks all the boxes.

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5. Agaro NB 21 compressor nebulizer.

AGARO NB- 21 Compressor Nebulizer

Next up we have, the Agaro NB 21 compressor nebulizer. This nebulizer is carefully crafted keeping in mind the various aspects that the user needs.

It is is useful for the people having respiratory diseases and complications like asthma, allergies, bronchitis etc and has a unique drug delivery system that delivers medication to the user within 5-10 minutes.

The Agaro compressor nebulizer is equipped with a jet spray medication cap that has a capacity of 6 ml. The nebulizer operates at 60 db and hence very useful for the people with earshot as it won’t cause any disturbances.

Its powerful compressor technology enables optimum nebulization rate of 0.2 ml per minute with a nebulization pressure between 10-40 PSI. Other accessories that are included with the nebulizer are air tube, adult and child mask and 5 replaceable filters.

The masks fit well on the face reducing medicine wastage. This product is very easy to use and lightweight and hence portable. Overall, it is a really great and affordable product that comes with a year-long manufacturer warranty.

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6. Rossmax NA100 piston nebulizer

Rossmax NA100 Piston Nebulizer

Up next on our list is the Rossmax NA100 piston nebulizer, which is equipped with an adjustable valve technology and a powerful piston compressor.

This product has a built-in nebulizer holder and a nebulizer kit. You can control the airflow with its easy to use, simple twist mechanism. Thus it can be used for other members in the family as well that need medications to be delivered at different rates.

The entire nebulizer is made from good quality and durable material that is very easy to clean and handle. There is a separate area provided in the nebulizer to keep the air tubes and medication-cup. It is an ideal nebulizer for family use.

The noise level is okay and after-a-while you will get used to it. Another important aspect is that this nebulizer comes with a 2-year warranty. In case any part is damaged or worn out you can easily get it replaced.

Compared to other products of similar kind in the market, it is cheaper. On the whole, we would recommend this product as it does not burn a hole in your pocket and delivers all that you need.

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7.  Nulife Handyneb nebulizer

Handynab Nulife Pistontype Compressor Nebulizer

The Nulife Handyneb nebulizer is a product that is suitable for intensive as well as professional use.

Equipped with a powerful compressor, this nebulizer atomizes the medication at a very fast rate. This enables the medication to reach the lungs quickly and effectively.

There is a safety fuse provided in the nebulizer and an anti-shock case to carry it anywhere conveniently. The maximum air pressure in the piston is 2.5 bar and air-flow is minimum 8 LPM. The operating noise is just 55 db that makes it very suitable for the elderly and children.

Other components that you get along with the nebulizer are masks, pumps, and a bag to carry the nebulizer. On the whole it is a really great product and hence highly recommended by us.

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8. Dr. Trust bestest plus compressor nebulizer.

Dr Trust Bestest Plus Compressor Nebulizer Machine Kit

Featuring next on our list is the Dr. Trust bestest plus compressor nebulizer. The nebulizer is specially crafted with RespiRight technology that delivers medications thoroughly to the patients. The operation of the nebulizer is very hassle-free and every person in the family can use it effectively.

The device is suitable for people with diseases like bronchitis, asthma, COPD, small airway disease etc. This product has a flow adjuster that is very efficient in delivering medications to people requiring different flow rates. There is a storage chamber in the nebulizer that you can use to store the medication, mouthpiece and other accessories that come with it.

The chamber has 8 ml capacity that atomizes the medication into fine particles more effectively to reach the lungs. You also get 2 different sized masks for adults and kids. The nebulizer is very small and portable with an ergonomic grip to allow easy movement anywhere.

The nebulizer operates at less than 55 db making it comfortable to use by the patient. The warranty period is only 6 months, but it is a great product that is durable and thus we recommend it.

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9. Philips Respironics Innospire Essence nebulizer

Philips Respironics Innospire Essence Nebulizer

The Philips Respironics Innospire Essence nebulizer is an efficient and fast drug delivery nebulizer that is designed using a side stream technology. This technology delivers the medication in a consistent and timely manner. This is perfect for a home setting and very economical too.

The nebulizer features an active venture system that provides air-flow along with the compressor mechanism. The maximum pressure in the compressor is 44 PSI and the maximum flow rate is 9.4 liter per minute. You also get masks and air tubing along with the kit. It is useful in various respiratory disorders like asthma, sore throat, allergies, and acute bronchitis.

The noise is not low as compared to the variants of its kind but is tolerable. The nebulizer is very easy to carry and compact and everyone in the family can operate it conveniently. The most important factor is that you get a 5-year warranty on the product. Overall, it is a good product if you are looking for a compact and easy to clean model.

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10. Omron NEC 101 Compressor Nebulizer

Omron NEC 101 Compressor Nebulizer For Child and Adult

Last up on the list is the Omron NEC 101 Compressor nebulizer. This nebulizer is useful for anyone suffering from chronic respiratory disorders and allergies.

The compressor is able to compress the medication to a particle size of 3.9 microns that helps in proper absorption of medication deep into the lungs. Designed with global standards and high-grade durable material this is safe to use for children as well as adults.

The nebulization rate is 0.3 ml per minute and the medication capacity is 12 ml which is better than other nebulizers in the market. The dimensions of the nebulizer are 8.2 x 14.5 x 12.4 cm and the weight is about 1.05 kg. This makes it very lightweight and portable.

The NEC 101 has less noise when compared to other models. On the other side, if we talk about the cons, then you do not get a pediatric mask with it. Hence, you may have to buy it separately if you want to use it for a child. All in all, it is another good product from Omron that will serve its purpose very effectively.

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Types of Nebulizers

Here are the top 3 types of nebulizer that are commonly used –

1. Mechanical Nebulizers

These are used to provide metered dose to the users using a spring system. Mechanical nebulizers do not have gas propellants and do not operate on battery/power.

They are also known as soft mist inhalers and have higher efficiency as compared to the conventional ones. This is because the velocity of the mist is low.

2. Electrical Nebulizer

They are also called as ultrasonic wave nebulizers as they have an electronic oscillator to create aerosols from ultrasonic vibrations.

They are very lightweight and silent. This makes them very portable and ideal for old age people and children

3. Pneumatic Nebulizers

Often referred to as Jet nebulizers or atomizers, they use a tubing system connected to a supply of compressed gas. This gas is then allowed to flow at high velocity through the liquid medication turning it into aerosol droplets.

However, it is a bit noisy and of a higher weight. They are ideal for hospitalized patients who are suffering from serious respiratory disorders. They are also good if you require medication on a daily basis as it is cost-effective.

There are some things that need to be kept in mind before using a nebulizer. Because it is essential equipment aiding people with respiratory disorders, one must understand how to use it properly. We have listed a stepwise process below for the same.

How to Use a Nebulizer?

1.  There are five basic parts in a nebulizer, a medicine cup, a top piece/cap, thin plastic tubing, a mouthpiece, and an air compressor. So, first of all, make sure that all these components are there in place.

2. Clean your hands properly and after that pour the medication using a dropper into the medicine cup. This should be done as prescribed by the doctor.

3. Take the top piece and attach it to the medicine cup and then to the mouthpiece. Make sure that all of these parts are properly connected as there are chances that the required dose may not reach the patient.

4. After this connect the tubing to the medicine cup and put the mask/mouthpiece over the patient’s face. Ensure that the patient is closing the lips tightly around the mask/mouthpiece and keeping it in between the teeth.

5. Turn on the air compressor and hold the nebulizer above in an upright position. This is important as initially the medication can spill out. This also provides correct distribution of the medicine.

6. Ask the patient to take normal breaths through the mouth and inhale the medication so it can reach the lungs.

7. This process should be carried out till the entire medicine is gone from the cup. Usually there are indicators in many nebulizers that go off when the medicine gets over.

8. After this disconnect the nebulizer and clean the instrument properly and keep it aside for later use.

The task of buying a nebulizer can be tough as there are several things that one must look for. Overlooking any of these can cause discomfort to the user. That is why our nebulizer buying guide lists some of the important features that should be considered while finalizing on the correct type of nebulizer.

How to Choose to Nebulizer in India? – Buying Guide

Consider the following factors while buying a est nebulizer in India.

1. Age/ User

Nebulizers are used for delivering drugs to both children as well as adults.

Pediatric nebulizers are designed keeping the requirements of the babies in mind. They are specifically designed to be comfortable and less anxiety provoking. They also come in different shapes and sizes that the children love.

On the other hand, adult nebulizers are of standard shape and size. The mechanism is the same in both the types with some modifications.

There are many nebulizers in the market that cater to both the age group so you can make your purchase accordingly.

2. Type of mechanism

There are 3 most common mechanisms that are used by nebulizers. Atomizers or jet nebulizers are most commonly used and they directly send a jet of air into the medication.

Then there are ultrasonic variants as well that are less noisy and heavier than the Atomizers. Another variant is the vibrating mesh delivery system which is more efficient in controlling the waste of the medication. So one can choose a nebulizer appropriately considering all these factors.

3. Design

Nebulizers come in two basic designs, tabletop and handheld. There are heavier nebulizers and others are lightweight and easily portable.

Design factor is important with respect to the setting, that is, if you wish to use it at home or in a hospital. If you are an asthma patient requiring a nebulizer on a daily basis, then you can choose a portable model.

4. Pace of drug delivery

Medications are delivered at different speeds for various conditions. This is why you must select a nebulizer that has speed settings.

The average medication that a nebulizer can deliver is about 4 to 8 liters per minute. One must check the product description if you need any specific drug delivery rate.

5. Replacement

There are some components that need replacement from time to time in case of wear and tear.

You may need to replace these components after some specific time according to the manufacturer guidelines. Hence, always ensure that you check for such things on the product label.

6. Sterilization and cleaning

It is a crucial factor when buying any medical equipment. There are some specific sterilization and cleaning processes that are to be followed.

So before making your purchase, read the product labels carefully. Go for a nebulizer that needs minimum sterilization and cleaning and the one which is long lasting.

7. Type of medication

Not all the patients need the same type of medications. These medications have different limitations and characteristics that can affect the drug delivery mechanism.

Hence, one must check if the nebulizer is compatible with the type of medication. Before buying the nebulizer you must consult your doctor for the best suited nebulizer to deliver the medication.

8. Noise level

Since a patient or the user is already in discomfort, you would not want any unnecessary noise that would cause any problem to them. There are noisy nebulizers that tend to disturb the people within earshot.

Models that have very low noise levels are also available but they are a bit on the costly side. Noise from a nebulizer can also affect the infants and cause disturbances in sleep if you want to use it at night. So if you have the budget, buy the one that has a low noise level.

9. Ease of use

We cannot stress this point enough. Ease of use enables anyone to use the nebulizer effectively. Assembling all the components can be a challenging task for the one who is not used to this. So always look for a machine that is easy to use and operate and at the same time easy to disassemble.

10. Interchangeable mask/mouthpiece

Another important aspect that must be considered while buying a nebulizer is the interchangeability of the masks. You must purchase a nebulizer that allows interchangeability of masks if more than one person requires the nebulizer.

Often, some type of health conditions prevail in the family. In such a case, going for this type of nebulizer will save you a lot of time and money.

FAQ about Nebulizer

1. Can a nebulizer be used with any type of water?

No, we cannot use any type of water with the nebulizer. It should always be used with saline, which is a specific form of water.

Do not put tap or distilled water in the nebulizer, for it may damage the machine and cause complications to the patient.

2. How to make saline water for nebulizer?

You can make saline water at home using a cup of water and adding half a teaspoon of regular salt to it. Boil this water mix for about 15 minutes. Cool it completely and then transfer it to a jar or a bottle and put the lid on.

3. How frequently can I nebulizer using saline?

You can nebulize twice daily using saline. Make a 3% salt solution and use it depending on your tolerance level.

4. How to clean a nebulizer?

Cleaning a nebulizer is extremely easy. You can clean it with any disinfectant that is generally used to clean the medical equipment.

You can also use distilled white vinegar with warm water in the ratio of 1:3. Put the nebulizer in the solution for 30 minutes and clean and dry thoroughly using a clean cloth. You can also use only warm water for cleaning.


To wrap up, a nebulizer is an advantageous product that you must have if you are suffering from any respiratory complications. All the nebulizer machines that we have listed here are ideal for giving you the best treatment and relief.

We hope that the buying guide helps you to make the best possible purchase. So do not get confused and make your purchase; after all, the health of the family is the priority.

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