Top 6 Best Mosquito Killer Machines in India (to Trap, Catch or Kill Mosquitos)

Mosquitoes are uninvited guests and nobody likes them. They are the carriers of a few dreadful diseases like malaria, dengue, and chikungunya.

There are many ways to get rid of mosquitoes like installing mosquito nets, using killer machines, and using mosquito repellents.

One of the best ways to get rid of these unwanted guests is to use a mosquito killer machine. These do not emit any liquid to kill the mosquitoes, which might be harmful to your health.

If you are looking for the best mosquito killer machine for indoor and outdoor, then we are here to help you. We have shortlisted the best killer machines that you can buy from the many available options.

We have also listed a buying guide that will help you understand your needs well and pick the right one.

Also, there are a few steps that you need to take before buying the mosquito killer machine and we have mentioned those below in the article.

Why Do You Need A Mosquito Killer?

As you know mosquito bites can transmit dreadful diseases and thus we are sure you wouldn’t want mosquitoes around.

A mosquito killer machine will kill the mosquitoes around them especially for those who spend a lot of time outdoors.

The need to buy a killer machine increases, especially if you live in an area with rivers, lakes, or a lot of filth around, particularly during the night.

Check out why we recommend not to use bug zapper for mosquitos before you buy bug zapper for killing a mosquito.

Top Mosquito Killer Machines in India

Best Mosquito KillerOur RatingBest Buy Link
 1. Fujiaka FU5000 Portable Gas Machine Outdoor Use  4,2/5Buy on Amazon
 2. OBLIQ LED Mosquito Killer Machine
 3.9/5Buy on Amazon
 3. Raawan Mosquito Killer Machine for Home
 3/5Buy on Amazon
 4. AYSIS LED Bug Zapper & Mosquito Killer Lamp  3.8/5Buy on Amazon
 5. Dayons Electronic Led Mosquito Killer Lamp 
 3.9/5Buy on Amazon
 6. HIT Anti Mosquito Racquet 4.0/5Buy on Amazon

1. Fujiaka FU5000 Portable Thermal Fogger

Fujiaka FU5000 Portable Thermal Fogger

Lightweight thermal fogger that reaches all the compacts spaces.

If you are looking for a portable thermal fogger for getting rid of the mosquitoes, then this one is a good option to consider.

This thermal fogger weighs only 2.5kgs and thus it is super simple to carry around. The device is compact and works great in compact spaces as well.

It is made using metal parts and HDP polymer, thus it is durable. It also has an anti-corrosive coil with a hollow cone nozzle that adds up to the performance and durability.

It has a double netting inside the fire core that ensures the fire is distributed uniformly. The patented technology emits around 2.5 times more fog when compared to other standard foggers.

You do not have to worry about any noise while the fogging process is going on because the machine is virtually silent.

Using this thermal fogger is super simple, all you need to do is press a button and ignite it. It uses liquid propane gas and the fuel consumption rate is approximately 500ml per hour.

The fogger has a robust 2-liter polymer tank that has a residual tank below, preventing the extra residue from entering the coil. The yellow tank is for diesel and the white one is for storing water.

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2. OBLIQ LED Mosquito Killer Machine Chemical Free & Kids Safe

OBLIQ LED Mosquito Killer Machine

This mosquito killer machine does not use any chemicals and pesticides to eliminate mosquitoes.

In case you are looking for an indoor mosquito killer machine that is chemical free and safe for your family, then this one is a good choice to consider.

This machine works effectively only in complete darkness. It does not use any chemicals or pesticides to get rid of the flying insects. It also does not create any loud zapping sounds and kills mosquitoes silently.

It uses the photocatalyst lights that attract te mosquitoes in the dark and get trapped into it. This device only traps the flies that come close to it.

This machine can be used outdoors as well but it is perfectly suited for indoors like at your homes, offices, schools, restaurants, etc.

Using this device is super simple, all you need to do is plug it in the USB and switch it on, that’s it! Turn on the machine a couple of hours before you go to bed and ensure to keep the area dark, with all windows and doors closed.

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3. Raawan Mosquito Killer Machine for Home

Raawan 360 Degree Electronic Led Mosquito Killer Lamps

This machine creates a mild zapping sound to trap the mosquitoes, without affecting your sleep.

Another mosquito killer machine on this one which is an electronic LED device available at affordable rates.

This device can not just trap mosquitoes but also other insects like small bugs and moths. It uses a three-dimensional wrap and airflow vortex system to trap the insects.

It creates 45dB noise which is healthy for human ears and does not affect sleep in any way. It does not use any toxic chemicals or odour to eliminate mosquitoes and other insects.

The brand claims that this device can also be kept around pregnant women but we recommend you consult your doctor once before doing so.

This machine can be powered by any USB device like a phone charging adapter, power bank, laptop, etc. The mosquito killer device is portable and super simple to use.

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4. AYSIS LED Bug Zapper Pest Control Anti Mosquito Killer Lamp

AYSIS LED Bug Zapper Pest Control Anti Mosquito Killer Lamp

It has a 360-degree suction fan that traps in the mosquitoes.

A LED bus zapper works well in eliminating mosquitoes from the area. Thus, always go with an LED zapper like this one and not the one that uses UV light.

This mosquito killer lamp releases a light wave of 365 Nm that attracts mosquitoes and traps them in. For maximum effectiveness, ensure to use this device in darkness.

The device works amazingly well and traps the mosquitoes instantly when it comes close to it. The insects will get trapped at the bottom of the vortex, which suffocates the mosquitoes and kills them.

It has a 360-degree suction fan that sucks the mosquitoes into the device. It does not use any chemicals and is completely safe for humans and pets.

Using the simple all you need to do is plug into a 3 amp USB plug and switch on. The device is simple to clean, all you need to do is remove the trap box to empty it and the lap can be placed in water for some time.

It can be used anywhere indoors, in your kitchen, bedroom, office, etc.

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5. Dayons Electronic Led Mosquito Killer Lamp

Dayons Electronic Led Mosquito Killer Lamp Mosquito Trap

This machine traps mosquitoes working on a combination of carbon dioxide and bright light.

Another LED electronic mosquito killer lamp on this list is this one from Dayons that is an eco-friendly trap.

This device does not create any sound or release any kind of smell to attract the mosquitoes. Rather it releases little carbon dioxide in the air to trap these unwanted guests.

The combination of carbon dioxide and bright light works super effectively to eliminate mosquitoes. The device uses siz eco-friendly and low voltage LED lamps to attract the mosquitoes.

Once the insects are trapped, the high-speed fan traps them at the bottom where they ultimately die out of suffocation. The cute and attractive design doubles up as a showpiece.

We recommend you to keep the device far from your bed so that the carbon dioxide released by the machine does not suffocate you.

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6. HIT Anti Mosquito Racquet – Rechargeable Insect Killer Bat with LED Light

HIT Anti Mosquito Racquet and Spray

A perfect option to get rid of mosquitoes instantly.

If you are looking for an instant solution to get rid of mosquitoes, then you can consider buying this racquet.

This electric anti-mosquito bat is super simple to use. All you need to do is switch it on and move it in the air around the mosquitoes. All those that come in contact with the racquet die due to electric shock.

The racquet is powered by a rechargeable 400mah battery that can last for a month on a single charge.

It is made with high-quality ABS plastic for durability. Make sure that you do not give children to use the racquet. Do not touch the mesh even if the racquet is switched off.

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Things to Do Before Buying Mosquito Killer

Before buying any type of mosquito killer, it is important to follow the below-mentioned steps so that you can be sure of no more mosquito biting!

Get rid of stagnant water

Not to your surprise, mosquitoes grow in areas where there is lots of stagnant water and most gardens and building compounds have at least a few of such locations that one may not even notice.

Even the plant tray or unused pot that catches water is a location where mosquitoes can breed in. Thus, the first and the most important thing that you can do is get rid of these breeding locations. Take your unused pots and trays and turn them around so that no water can get collected.

If you are using buckets to gather plant debris in it, then ensure to throw out the debris as soon as you collect and keep the bucket upside down so that no water can get collected in it.

Not just people having gardens should be careful but those having pets need to take action too. Bird-baths and dog bowls are also a breeding ground for mosquitoes if they are not emptied regularly.

If you have areas in your home or building that can not be emptied easily like drains, watering areas for your livestock, etc. then it is vital to use a larvicidal agent to treat the stagnant water. This element will stop mosquito breeding in that location.

If you have animals around that area, thee are multiple animal-safe larvicides available that affect mosquitoes only and not other birds and animals. We highly suggest using those larvicides always.

Mosquito maintenance in your garden

It is very important to clean up debris and leaf litter in your garden. This is not a mosquito breeding ground directly but this debris can hold water and thus the unwanted pests can breed in it.

If you use the debris and leaf litter for compost, ensure to turn the pile between rains so that there is no excessive water buildup, which can be a breeding ground for mosquitoes. We recommend you to use a tumbling composter to enable drainage and turning of your compost.

Also, ensure that any traps in your garden do not collect water and the same goes for BBQ covers as well. If you find any pooling water, ensure to dump it at the soonest.

Also, if you have ay tall grass in your garden then during the mosquito season, these pests can hide in there. Thus, keep your lawn mowed always and the plants trimmed to prevent mosquito breeding even during the daytime.

Types of Mosquito Killers

When you look for mosquito killers online, you will notice multiple types available in the market. More options can be confusing, especially if this is your first time buying a mosquito killer machine.

Check out the types below to ensure which one fits your requirements:

Mosquito larvicides

Using these should be your first step to get rid of mosquitoes. If you have any stagnant water around that you cannot empty, then these can help.

These larvicides dissolve in the water and leave a sine coating all over the surface that poison the mosquitoes that come to lay eggs. If there are any existing mosquito eggs in there, the larvicide will suffocate them and will ultimately kill the larvae.

Most of the mosquito larvicides available in the market as safe to use around pets, birds, and other wildlife. They are even safe to use in livestock watering feeders. Before you buy a mosquito larvicides double-check to be certain that they are absolutely safe for other animals and birds.

You can opt for larvicides that include bacillus thurigiensis var. Israelensis, also known as BTI, as it eliminates mosquitoes, fungus, and black flies and is completely safe for wildlife and humans.

Bug zappers

You might already be using bug zapper to get rid of flies and other flying insects in your house but did you know that you can use this for mosquitoes as well.

As you know mosquitoes are attracted to scents like carbon dioxide that we exhale, sweet scent of sweat, they are also drawn to ultraviolet light. The bug zapper will not be helpful in capturing all the mosquitoes around but it can definitely get rid of those that are attracted close enough.

Most bug zappers do not work for the reason mentioned below (Do bug zappers really help fight mosquitoes?) and we do not recommend you spending money on them.

Mosquito lures

As we mentioned above, mosquitoes are attracted to particular scents. You might have noticed that some people are like a magnet to mosquitoes while some are not bothered at all by them being around. This is because of the chemical makeup of your skin like how you sweat, what in the sweat, and how much carbon dioxide you exhale.

Mosquito lures are gadgets that are designed with a temptation to attract the mosquitoes closer to them. Once the mosquitoes come closer, they will catch them within. A few have bug zapper placed inside while others just trap the mosquitoes and they die of starvation.

This gadget may or may not need power from a battery or a chord as it totally depends if there is a fan to pull the mosquitoes inside or a zapper. They may even have replaceable cartridges with chemicals such as octenol or carbon dioxide that attract the mosquitoes.

Mosquito foggers

This type is ideal for short term mosquito defense. After every fog you can expect an average of at least 6 hours of mosquito-free time. These devices build a mist around the area that kills all the mosquitoes that are hiding within its range. The foggers also keep others away for some hours after fogging.

Though useful, this type should be avoided because they are often chemical solutions that should never be used on or around edible plants.

Mosquito sprays

There is a spray for everything in the market, but are they really safe for you, your family, and pets? Yes, some are safe but there are a few that can be risky as well. So before you go ahead with any spray for anything, ensure it is completely safe.

The safer option of mosquito spray is neem oil as it contains azadirachtin, which is a natural insecticide and works great on mosquitoes as well.

Neem oil is safe for all animals and mammals, it also does not pollute the water or hram any ocean life while keeping the pests away. You need to spray again after heavy rain.

You can even use other blends of plant oils like mint, sesame, thyme, and rosemary. Remember that these options are ideal for the short term only.

Mosquitoes hate the garlic smell and thus using it to keep the pests at bay can be a good option. Ensure that you use only a limited quantity because using too much will make the space smell like garlic for hours.

Another option that you can consider is permethrin or pyrethrin sprays. These have an active ingredient that is derived from chrysanthemum and is used as a mosquito killer to a great extent.

These sprays are lab-created and can also cause damage to useful insects like honeybees and thus we recommend you avoid using them but if you have to, ensure there are no other insects around.

Mosquito repellents

If you face mosquito attacks for a short time and wish to get rid of them during that time, then opting for repellents is a good idea than killers.

The repellants are generally restricted in scope and range and ideal for short term use. For instance, if you are going to cook a barbecue for some time and spend time with family outdoors, then using the repellants to stay away from mosquitoes is a great option.

These would not kill the mosquitoes but will prevent it from coming into that range because of the scent it produces. If you move out of that line, then they may bite you again.

Do bug zappers really help fight mosquitoes?

Some research has shown that mosquitoes are not attracted to ultraviolet light like other insects. Thus, the bug zappers are of no use if you want to get rid of them.

Whereas, there are electric bug zappers that release octanol with carbon dioxide that attracts mosquitoes to this device. But we do not recommend using the bug zappers (UV insect killer) to kill mosquitoes because they do not work most times.

If you wish to buy a bug zapper, ensure to purchase the one with LED lights because that works well in getting rid of the mosquitoes.

How to Choose the Best Mosquito Killer in India?

Since there are many types and options of mosquito killers available in the market, it is vital to know the factors that help you make an informed purchase.

Consider the Purpose

Before you begin your research for best machine, you should consider the purpose of buying a mosquito killer

Outdoor use – in your home garden

If you are looking for a mosquito killer for your home garden then a smaller trap is suggested. You may not necessarily use a trap that has carbon dioxide emission which is sufficient to keep the mosquitoes away.

Indoor use

If you wish to buy a mosquito killer for your house, then a trap using heat and the mild scent will be an effective option to keep mosquitoes away. These traps are also safe for your family.


When you decide a budget for a mosquito killer, you need to consider the buying cost as well as the maintenance cost of the gadget since most use electricity.

You can even consider buying mosquito killers that have a programmable timer. This means that the device activates automatically when there a lot of mosquitoes in the area.

Serving area size

As you know there are many types of mosquito killers and every type serves a different purpose. Hence, it is vital that you check the features of every mosquito killer and the first feature to consider is the coverage area.

In case you wish to use the killer in a room, then you should consider buying one that has a coverage of more than the size of the area.

On the other hand, if you are using for outdoor use, then make sure the coverage area is at least 20% more than the outer area.

This factor plays a very important role because the effectiveness of the killer machine decreases as the coverage space increases.

You can even purchase a mosquito killer device with a large coverage space and use it wherever you want.


Make sure to check the security standards of the electric killers. Remember to keep these devices away from children and pets.

In case you are using a device that emits carbon dioxide then keep them away from people because it can lead to suffocation.

Mode of action

There are two kinds of mosquito killers – electric shock and chemical-based. The chemical-based ones are ideal for outdoor use because they release some odour.

You can consider the electric shock mosquito killer machine for indoor use as these do not emit any odour or affect your health in any way.

Ease of use

The killer machine that you wish to purchase should be easy to install, use, and store. The installation process can be tough for some and thus we recommend you look for the ones taht are simple to install and use.

While looking for indoor traps, ensure to give priority to the safety features while buying. Make sure to keep it away from children, pets, and elders.

Maintenance and cleaning should also be considered while buying. It should be simple to clean as you may have to clean it often.


It is wise to opt for mosquito killer devices that come with a warranty period.

Some brands do not offer warranty and if you are willing to choose such a product, then ensure to check the return policy so that you can return the device if there is any fault or if it is ineffective.


Mosquitoes are carriers of diseases, and thus, it is essential to keep them away. There are a few ways to do so, and one of which is using a mosquito killer machine.

We have mentioned everything that you need to know to buy a killer device. Ensure to check out the steps before investing in a mosquito killer gadget.

To make your search simpler, we have also researched the multiple options available in the market and reviewed the best ones for you to consider.

This post contains affiliate links to products. We may receive a commission for purchases made through these links at no additional cost to you. Know how we select product.