9 Best Lint Remover Machines in India [Keep Clothes Lint-Free]

Upon regular usage, all fabrics leave lint fibers on the clothes.

When many clothes are washed or stored in the same place lint may stick from one clothing to another. This lint may look unappealing on the clothes and make them look old and dull.

These small particles of thread may also be inhaled accidently by the person wearing the clothes which may cause respiratory disorders.

We have listed down the best lint removers that revive the old garments and maintain the look of new garments.

Along with the lint remover machines, we have also covered a few other things that can help you make the right decision.

Top Lint Remover Machines for Clothes in India


Lint Remover BrandsRatingBuy
1. Philips4.4/5Buy on Amazon
2. Infinity4.1/5Buy on Amazon
3. Nova3.9/5Buy on Amazon
4. StyleHouse4.1/5Buy on Amazon
5. Pic Ur Needs3.9/5Buy on Amazon
6. Personic3.4/5Buy on Amazon
7. AG Enterprises3.6/5Buy on Amazon
8. Stush4.1/5Buy on Amazon
9. Sadvidhya4.1/5Buy on Amazon

1. Philips GC026/30 Lint Remover

Philips GC026 Lint Remover for clothes

The lint remover has blade rotation of up to 8800 rounds per minute for effective lint removal.

This Philips Lint Remover helps in removing fabric fuzz, pills and lint from all types of garments and fabric.

It operates with 8800 rounds per minute blade rotation to remove lint effectively and restores the fresh new look of old fabrics.

It has a large blade surface for covering large area and a push button for easily switching it on. It can be used on woolen sweaters, blankets, jackets, carpets, curtains and other fabrics.

This machine comes with a large removable pill container where all the lint is stored and can be easily cleaned. It includes 2AA batteries and also a cleaning brush to easily clean appliance after use.

With 3 different sizes mesh holes, all sizes of lint can be drawn and removed effectively.

This remover also comes with a height adjustment cap to remove pills effectively from delicate garments.

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2. Infinity Electric Nova Lint Remover


It comes with adjustable height spacer to protect garments from being cut or caught on while removing lint.

Infinity Electric Nova Lint Remover is a quick and efficient product that can be used for removing lint from garments. It operates on an in-built battery and comes with a corded wire.

It comes with detachable lint catcher, comfortable handle and has a smart design for easy use. The lint catcher can be cleaned easily after it is filled and can be attached back for further use.

It ensures dual protection of hand and clothes with its height adjustable spacer and comes with a cleaning brush for easy cleaning. This high power electric lint shaver can be used for removing lint from woolen sweaters and other clothes.

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3. Nova Lint Remover

Nova Lint Remover

It comes with rotary sharp blades to remove lint quickly in a hassle free way.

Another Lint Remover on this list is from Nova. It is a highly powerful electric lint shaver that comes with lint store room. It has rotary sharp blades to quickly remove lint from woolens sweaters, knitwear and other cloths.

It removes threads and revives the fresh look of clothes and fabrics. It has a hassle free operation and consumes very less power.
It is advised to slide the trimmer slightly over smoothed fabric for best results.

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4. StyleHouse Lint Remover

StyleHouse Lint Remover for Woolen Clothes

This machine comes with a safety lock that protects hands and fingers from the blades and allows easy removal of lint from garments.

The StyleHouse Lint Remover has sharp stainless steel razor blades for quick work without damage to fabric and clothes.

It has an ergonomic lightweight design and works on battery powered motor. The 180 degree flexible handle provides an easy grip to remove lint comfortably and effortlessly.

It has a powerful motor that runs 9000 rounds per minute with high amount of suction for effective lint removal. It has a large blade for covering larger area and is suitable for use on all types of fabrics.

It has a removable container for lint collection which is very easy to detach and clean. It has an elbow brush which helps in cleaning different ends in the container and device to prevent clogging.

It is directed to push the on button and gently move over fabric in circular motion to remove the unwanted excessive lint.

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5. Pick Ur Needs® Lint Remover

Pick Ur Needs Lint Remover

It comes with inbuilt battery and corded wire for rechargeable use regularly.

Pick Ur Needs® Lint Remover is a high range rechargeable device suitable for all types of clothes and fabrics. It ensures quick and efficient removal of lint and comes with an extra blade.

It has a smart design with large shaving head, detachable lint holder and a comfortable grip handle for easy use. It is a corded lint remover which ensures that the user will never run out of charged battery.

This product provides protection to the garments from getting cuts and also saves the hands with its height adjustable spacer.
The cleaning brush in the pack promotes easy cleaning process of the device after use.

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6. Personic New-Feel LR 333 Lint Remover

Personic New-Feel LR 333 Lint Remover

It is a long lasting rechargeable lint remover with multiple USB ports.

Personic New-Feel Lint Remover is a rechargeable fuzz and pill remover that can be used for clothes, carpet, sofa, sweaters, curtains, etc.
This cordless device can be operated for 60 minutes with 6 hour charging and is a long lasting appliance.

It comes with a hand-held design suitable for daily usage at home and for travel purpose. It is made of premium ABS material, stainless steel mesh cover and durable razor sharp 6-leaf blades.

It operates on advanced technology and has a powerful suction motor for lint-free fresh clothes. It provides two shaving speeds and 3 adjustable heights and has a large storage bin that eases usage.

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7. AG Enterprises ® NOVA Fabric Shaver

AG Enterprises NOVA Fabric Shaver

This corded lint remover that helps in restoring good condition of old clothes and fabrics.

AG Enterprise® Nova Lint Shaver can be used to remove lint from woolen sweaters, blankets, jackets, carpets and other clothes and fabric.
It restores the condition of old clothes by removing lint, balls, pills and bubbles.

This corded device runs up to 7700 rounds per minute to effectively remove lint. It comes with a pill container which is easy to remove and can be emptied before attaching again for further use.

The large blade surface covers maximum area at once.  This quick and efficient device is very easy to use. It is directed to switch on the device and gently run around the cloth surface for cleaning.

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Best Lint rollers for Clothes

8. STUSH Lint Remover Roller

Stush Lint Roller for Clothes

This roller can be used to clean dust from furniture and works extremely well on cotton lint stuck on suits and coats.

This Lint Remover Roller from Stush can be used to remove lint from clothes and to clean pet hair, furniture, bed sheets and more.
It has an improved extra sticky design that removes all excessive lint and fur from all surfaces for proper cleaning.

It comes with a cover to store it away from dust when not being used and for easily carrying it during travelling. It is a huge pack with many sticky sheets for a long lasting use.

It has a diagonal design for easy fitting. This product can be used to remove dust from furniture, woolen clothes and dark clothes.

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9. SADVIDHYA Double Sided Lint Remover


It has a soft and easy grip handle for firm hold and for effective removal of fur and lint.

This Double Sided Lint Remover is a reusable brush with a self-cleaning base. It helps in removing pet hair, dust and lint from clothing, furniture, carpet and other places.

It has a double sided structure with extra large coverage for quick and effective lint removal. It does not require any refills of adhesive or tape and can be cleaned easily for next use.

It has a soft handle that provides easy grip for a comfortable and effortless experience. It is a reusable brush which makes it extremely economical and is also environment friendly. It can be used to clean linens, pillows, car seats and other fabrics.

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What is Lint in Clothes (Fabrics)?

Lint is Visible accumulation of fabric fibre as well as other materials that are found on and around your clothes.

A few fabric materials like cotton, wool and linen have multiple very short fibres that are bundled together. When you wear the clothes regularly, these fibres detach out of their weave and over time these particles get collected in the lint screen of your dryer.

Types of Lint

There are different types of lint that you may come across. Let’s know them in brief:

Dryer Lint

This kind of lint is generated by drying the laundry in the clothes dryer. This lint usually gets collected on the dryer screen.

It is suggested that you clean the lint filter after each washing/drying cycle for energy efficiency and safety. If you are not able to do so for a long time, then it can be dangerous because the lint filter is one of the causes of a dryer fire.

Pocket lint

This type of lint is also called gnurr. It includes bits of materials, tiny shreds of paper and tissues that are found in the pockets.

This may get accumulated when the laundry is washed in the machine a number of times, that the pocket lining shreds.

Pocket lint is nothing but the contents shredded from the pockets, it can also be helpful in determining if drugs were kept in the pockets or not.

During a survival situation, pocket lint can also be used as a tinder to start a fire.

Navel lint

It is also known as belly button link, navel fluff, belly button fluff as well as dip lint. It is nothing but the accumulation of fluffy fibres in the navel cavity of the machine found at the end of the day.

Cloth fibers are regularly scraped by friction with the body which removes the fibers. Another example is the rubbing of navel hair and clothes builds up of static electricity and this accumulates clothing fibers as well as dead skin cells.

Types of Lint Remover

There are various types of lint removeras as well and all of them work efficiently. Lets go through each one in brief so that you can choose the right method for yourself.

Electric lint removers

This type of a lint remover is battery operated device that needs to be held in your hand to remove lint.

It makes use of a concealed blade to fetch lint, pill from your clothing and hair. It is similar to an electric shaver.

Electric rollers are effective but you need to charge them frequently.

Fuzz shavers

It is One of the most popular options of lint remover.  The fuzz shaver was usually have a copper blade and a tooth cutter that picks up and remove lint effectively.

These are very effective but nothing to store the lint.

Lint rollers

They are the most popular and compact lint removers. They have a rotating sticky paper on their handle. All you need to do is roll them over your laundry to lift waya lint as well as hair.

This type of lint remover is super popular as it is simple to use but it can damage delicate clothes.

How to Choose the Best lint remover?

At the time you are looking for a lint remover, it is wise to consider the below mentioned essentials to make an informed decision.


This is the primary factor to consider while choosing a lint remover. We have mentioned the different types in the above section that will help you know about each kind in brief.

Understand the pros and cons of each type and choose the one that suits your needs and budget the most.  


Choosing the right size of lint roller is very important, especially if you intend to carry it along while travelling. In this case, choose a compact one that fits your purse or pocket.

Also, if you frequently travel by airplane, then it is wise not to choose lint removers with blades ( fuzz shavers) as it will not be allowed to carry.


If you have children or pets at home, then this may affect your decision to a great extent. It is not ideal to use a shaver because it is not safe to do so around kids as it has open blades.

Electric lint removers generally come with protective covers but the best bet would be to choose a length brush if you have children or pets at home.

Additional Features

You can look for the additional features that the lint remover may have.

If you wish to consider some more features, then you may consider having a fancy handle, special sharp blades, unique design or speed settings.

How to Get rid of Lint?

Below mentioned are some simple ways to get rid of lint:

Using a lint remover –  These are the simplest and the most effective ways to remove lint.

Using a dryer sheet – They are anti-static and can remove lint from your laundry. Rub a single dryer sheet with your clothes to pick up lint.

Air only dryer cycle – This setting in your washing machine can help remove lint. Put the laundry in the dryer, select the setting and turn it on!

Masking tape – If you do not have any lint remover but need one urgently, as masking tape can come to your rescue. All you need to do is wrap some around your fingers and dab it on your clothes. You will see lint picking up easily.

Washing the laundry inside out – washing the laundry inside out can reduce the creation of lint.

Distilled white vinegar – Adding a cup of distilled white vinegar during your rinse cycle will help remove lint from the laundry. This will also deodorize and soften your laundry.

Lint rollers – Good or Bad?

Lint rollers are not the best things to use because they can damage your clothes.

The adhesive residue from the paper transfers to your clothes and this is what attracts more link towards it since it is now a little sticky.


We hope to have helped you gather all the information that is required to choose the  write lint remover machine for your clothes.

Understand the types of lint removers available in the market so that you know your ideal type.

Make sure to check out the buying guide as it will help you consider all the essential to make the right purchase.

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