Top 15 Most Trusted & Popular Brands of Laptop in India

Choosing the right brand of a laptop which has features that match your requirements is a difficult task.

Different brands offer a variety of models with different functions. Budget is also an important factor to be considered while buying a laptop. The usage frequency and usage type must also be considered while selecting the laptop brand.

The right brand of a laptop will help the user in smoothly carrying out their work and fulfilling their daily requirements with no hassle.

Below-mentioned is a list of information about the most popular laptop brands in India along with the buying guide for a better understanding and selection process.

Top Laptop Brands in India

Below mentioned are the top laptop brands in the country currently.

This list will help you know a little about the brand and its USP which will help you make the right decision.


Hewlett-Packard (HP) was established in the year 1939 and is located in California, USA and was launched in India in 1989. This multinational IT company has a high number of consumers in India and holds a market share of 28.2%.

The USP of this brand is that it offers a balanced combination of functionality and style which is liked by office users, students and general work users. It is packed with the latest technology and offers great features and excellent performance.

HP has budget-friendly laptops starting at 30k and hi-tech gaming and premium laptops that go up to 2 lakhs. These laptops are rugged and are known for their impressive after-sales service.


Lenovo is a Chinese company established in 1984 and was launched in India when it acquired the PC Division of IBM. It has a market share of 21.7% with a wide-serving customer base in more than 60 countries.

These laptops have simple designs and a strong quality build which is generally suitable for the working class.

Lenovo laptops have a unique character of providing a lifelike gaming experience with a specially designed Y series for gamers.

They are known for good quality hardware and components. And have great in-built features. These laptops ensure reliability, durability, elegance and strength.


Dell is a US multinational company founded in 1984 that entered the Indian market in 2000 with a focus on large enterprises and government business. It has smooth in-built features and a market share of 21.3%.

It designs laptops for different categories of people with different pricing ranges and has even launched a gaming laptop series with high-performance functions.

It has gained wide recognition and name in the Indian market over time because of its unique styles, performance and elegance. It offers superior quality build and great after-sales services.


Acer is a Taiwanese company that was established in 1976 and came to India in the 1990s. It is known as the brand with an affordable price range and has a market share of 9.5%.

They have wide features, elegance, strength and come with good performance skills.

This brand has a USP of long battery backup along with excellent digital sound quality and sleek screen display designs.


Asus was established in 1989 and the laptops manufactured by them have made a good name for the company.

It ensures the use of the latest technology with high strength materials and has gained a market share of 7.5%.

It produces high-class laptops with top performance skills and wide-ranged features. The USP of these laptops is the designs that are solid and straight forward and suit general users, business class and even gamers.


MSI is a Taiwanese company that was established in 1986 and is originally famous for its gaming performance functions and hardware.

It produces high-quality laptops, desktops, graphic cards and everything related to gaming.

It has a market share of 15% in the Indian gaming laptops market and ensures high-quality gaming experience.

These laptops come with a built-in 7th generation core i7 processor to provide superior performance.


Video Audio Integrated Option (Vaio) was a sub-brand in the laptop segment of Sony brand until Sony sold 95% stake ownership to a Japanese company in 2014. It is positioned and priced as a premium brand and holds a substantial market share.

It had launched its first series of Notebooks with price ranging from 80k – 1.25 lakhs which was one of the costliest laptop series in India at that time.

The USP of the company is that it manufactures laptops with excellent performance, elegance, durability, strength and great in-built features.


Samsung is a South-Korean company that specializes in the market of consumer electronics. It has earned a good name in the world market with its hi-tech designs and affordable business laptops.

It has features like enhanced security features, ergonomic designs, long battery life, touch display feature, and fast processors.

It has become one of the top laptop brands in India with top-selling laptops like Samsung’s Chromebook series.


Alienware deals with gaming and high-performance experiences and is a subsidiary of Dell. It provides a lifelike gaming experience and is well received by many consumers.

It caters to the expectations of the consumer with a combination of the best hardware, high-class gaming features and advanced technology.

It has a high pricing range but provides a hands-on gaming experience.


Razer was established in 1998 and is headquartered in the United States. This brand offers heavy-duty laptops that are known for its power packed features.

It combines superior quality build with high performance skills for durable usage.

These laptops have top class features and specifications that are great for gaming and film-grade movie editing purpose.


Panasonic is a Japanese multinational electronics company that has gained a good name in the world market for its durable and long lasting products.

Panasonic laptops are appreciated by many consumers and have a good customer base in the consumer electronics market.

This diversified technology company sells laptops on many e-commerce websites. Panasonic Toughbook Series has captured a good share of the laptop sales market after its release.


Google laptops work on Chrome operating system which is different from Windows and Mac.

It is mainly used in places where educational tools are necessary as it has many in-built features that cater the needs of students and teachers.

These laptops are very efficient for carrying out day to day work with ease with its various specifications.

Some laptops manufactured by Google are Google Chromebook Series, Google Pixel Series and Google Pixel Slate Series.


Toshiba is a Japanese company established in 1939 that has made a good name and customer base in the world market throughout the years.

It is known for making high quality laptops at an affordable price range that suits the requirements of people from all walks of life.

It has launched many consumer-friendly laptops like Toshiba Satellite UHD 4k, Toshiba Satellite Pro, Toshiba Portege and Toshiba Tecra.

It has a good battery backup, amazing features with better technology and durability and a price range upwards of 27k.


Huawei offers cutting-edge technology that defines how far digital technology has progressed worldwide. It offers high functional processors, good capacity Ram and high resolution screens.

It presents wide features and specifications and is available online as well as in major electronic retail stores. Huawei laptops include Huawei Matebook E series, X series and 13 series.


LG from South Korea is a very popular electronics brand that is known for providing high quality products. LG laptops have ample features that make them fit for day to day usage.

These laptops are great for working as well as general use. They provide high performance with heavy duty battery power and have sleek designs with lightweight frames.


Xiaomi is a Chinese multinational electronics company that was founded in 2010. This company produces many gadgets for consumer use and is known for its high performance laptops.

These laptops have good connectivity options, clear screen resolution and good storage capacity.


Microsoft Corporation is an American multinational technology company that develops and sells computer software.

The brand also manufactures consumer electronics, personal computers, laptops and other such related products and services.

The surface laptop is a high selling laptop by Microsoft which was launched in May 2017. It has many updated versions with a large capacitive surface mouse.

It came with a 10-point touch screen and pen support and was primarily designed for students.

How to Choose the Best Laptop in India?

Before you make an investment, it is wise to consider the important factors that will affect your purchase.

Let’s delve into the points that will make a difference and help you make an informed decision.


Before you start looking for a laptop, the first aspect that you need to be sure of is the purpose of buying one.

What is the primary purpose of buying the laptop? Is it for office work or casual use? Are you a gaming professional or a student? How often are you going to use it? Etc. when you have definite answers to all these questions, you will be able to get the right laptop options.

After you know the purpose of buying the laptop, the next aspect to consider is the laptop’s specifications.

You will come across laptops with a wide range of specifications, the better the features, the costlier it is.


When it comes to specifications, the most important one to consider is the processor of the laptop.

If you wish to buy a laptop for regular use then the current-gen i3 processor is sufficient for watching videos, casual browsing, and running light software.

If you are a student and play games in your free time, then the Intel Core i5 processor or above is what you will require. With this processor, you will be able to play games and work with intensive software.

If you have CPU intensive work or need the best gaming experience, then you can go with core i7 and i9 processors. Laptops with this processor come with a hefty price tag.


Another important factor that you need to consider while investing in a laptop is the RAM. irrespective of the purpose of buying the laptop, make sure it has a minimum of 8GB RAM.

This much is ideal for working on multiple applications at the same time without crashing. If you are into playing games or working on heavy software then you would Idli need 16GB RAM for comfortable browsing.

Graphics card

The next factor to consider is the graphics card.  If you are a student and want a laptop for regular use then you need not consider this point and can do with the integrated GPU.

If you are going to use rendering software or to play games you will require a discrete graphics card.  We recommend you opt for a laptop that at least has NVIDIA GTX 1650Ti, as it will allow playing games at reasonable frames.

To play heavy games, you can go for NVIDIA RTX 2070 or higher. If you do not want to spend too much then you can find a middle ground with RTX 2060 for good graphics, especially on full HD displays.


For casual news laptops with a resolution of 1368×768 is fine, but tiny. An ideal screen size would be 1920×1080 which is HD. this is the best size forwatching videos and regular surfing.

You can even choose display of higher resolution, depending on your preferences. There are many 4K laptops available in the market, but these drain battery very fast.

If you are looking to buy the laptop for purpose other than casual use, then there are a few things that you need to consider like screen refresh rate, NVIDIA G-Sync support, and AMD FreeSync.

The regular laptops come with a refresh rate of 60Hz but the gaming ones have an amazing refresh rate of 144Hz AND UP.

Connectivity and ports

Thinner laptops compromise on ports and this is one thing that you need to consider while buying a laptop.

You need to consider if the laptop has USB 3.0 or 3.1 ports and also know before hand if you need type A or type C.

If you plan to connect your laptop to the TV then you also need HDMI or DisplayPorts. Most laptops have audio ports but you need to check if you want a laptop with both microphone jack and headphone or a uni-jack.

Also check if the laptop has a media card slot for easy access if you use cameras or any other devices that have media cards.

Bluetooth 5.0 support is necessary if you are going to connect audio devices or even wireless peripherals.


If you are someone who needs a lot of storage then you can go with a high capacity HDD. on the other hand if you want speed, then you can opt for SSD.

Some laptops come with NVMe SSDs to increase the speed of your read and write. If the laptop with SSD is expensive for you, then you can opt for a low capacity SSD with a high capacity HDD for similar experience.

Always remember that you can get more space with external drives but faster storage  cannot be expanded externally.


This is one of the most important points to consider especially if you are someone who will use the laptop for a long time and away from the power outlet like while travelling.

Ultrabooks and lower power laptops that come without discrete GPUs can offer you a minimum of 8 hours battery life.

Do not consider battery life for gaming laptops because these 20 need to be plugged in at all times.  You can use a gaming laptop for a maximum of 2 hours when unplugged.


If you are planning to buy the laptop for a number of work then you may want to consider buying one that can be upgraded.

Being able to expand the storage and RAM can save you money as you will not have to buy a new one immediately.


As you know laptops are portable and that is its USP but that isnt the case always because bulky laptops are tough to carry.

You will find gaming laptops that are extremely bulky while some with small form factors weigh between 2 and 5 kgs.

Non -gaming laptops weigh nder 2 kgs and are the ones that can be carried around with ease. The casual use laptops are super lightweight too, some weighing around 1 kg only, like the Macbook Air.


Having a warranty is always nice. Thus, go with the one that gives you maximum warranty.

Factors that you should not consider while buying a laptop

There are a few things that many people consider while buying a laptop which actually doesnt make any difference. Those include:

  • Speakers
  • RGB
  • Mechanical keyboards
  • Proprietary software like antivirus


We hope to have helped you get the right information about the brand. Make sure to check out the factors that affect your purchase decision. These points will help you make an informed purchase.

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