Best Home Gym Set, Exercise Equipment & Multi Gym Machine in India

When it comes to exercising, you either don’t have time to exercise or you are too tired after work.

No matter what your excuse is for not working out, we have a simple solution for you.

Have a home gym!

Having a home gym can help you get your daily dose of exercise at any time of the day with simple and effective instruments.

You can enroll in online classes that will ensure you are grasping the right form and doing exercises in the correct way.

If you are confused about investing in a home gym, we have made things simpler for you. Continue reading this article to understand the different benefits of having a home gym, the different types of home gym equipment to invest in, and a detailed buying guide.

We have also reviewed the best home gym equipment to help you make an informed decision. Also, read on till the end to find out answers on the most commonly asked questions.

10 Best Home Gym Set & Equipments in India

Home Gym Equipment BrandsType + Ideal forBest Buy Link
 1. Kore Home Gym and Fitness Kit Overall Best Home Gym KitBuy on Amazon
 2. HNESS Six Pack Abs Exerciser Machine  Best Abs Exerciser MachineBuy on Amazon
 3. Strauss Tummy Twister Best Exercise & Fitness Waist TrimmersBuy on Amazon
 4. FITSY Resistance Toning Tube Best for Resistance Toning ExercisesBuy on Amazon
 5. AURION set of 2 PVC Dumbbells Best Dumbbell for Women & BeginnersBuy on Amazon
 6. STRAUSS Moto Push up Bar Home Gym Equipment for Push-UpsBuy on Amazon
 7. Squat Magic Exercise Device Toning Exercises for Lower BodyBuy on Amazon
 8. Reach Air Bike Exercise Cycle Best Exercise Machine for Home UseBuy on Amazon
 9. Welcare WC1588 Recumbent Exercise Bike Best Recumbent Exercise Bike for HomeBuy on Amazon
10. Powermax Fitness TDM-98Motorized Treadmill for Home & OfficeBuy on Amazon

Best Home Gym Equipment & Exercise Machine in India

Here is the list of best home gym equipments in India:

1. Kore K-PVC 20kg Combo 3 Leath Home Gym and Fitness Kit

Kore K-PVC 20kg Combo 3 Leather Home Gym and Fitness Kit

Kore Fitness is one of the most trusted brands when it comes to home gym equipment. This set contains all the essential gym equipment required by a beginner to push start his/her fitness journey.

This set includes 20 kg of PVC weight – 2 kg x 4 = 8 kg and 3 kg x 4 = 12 kg which is highly durable and made using the best materials.

It also includes 1x 3 feet curl rod and 2 x 14-inch dumbbell rods which work as a perfect muscle builder along with the other equipment.

Other than these muscle builder equipment in the home gym set, it also includes 100% original leather gym gloves, a gym backpack, hand gripper that allows you to safely hold the equipment, a skipping rope, and 2 locks.

This kit is ideal for beginners as it has all the necessary basic home gym equipment of good quality and at an affordable price tag.

The only drawback of this home gym equipment set by Kore is that the weights are filled with sand, thus you need to be very careful while using it. If it drops, it might break and you will have a lot of mess to clean up.

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2. HNESS Six Pack Abs Exerciser Machine

HNESS Six Pack Abs Exerciser Machine for Exercise and Fitness Without Cycle for Home and Gym

HNESS has been in the business for a few years now and its main goal to offer the customer’s fitness solutions that help them stay healthy and fit.

The HNESS six-pack abs exerciser machine is one of its most popular products. The equipment is a blend of sit-up bench and rowing machine which focuses on the stubborn core as well as chest, arms, the upper body, and back.

The equipment is a rotating system for an ideal workout and less wrist pain. The rotating stand reduces the pressure on the wrists while you exercise. All you need to do is twist the push up handle as much as you want for working out.

It also has a lower swivel for balance. If you wish to have a harder push-up workout, the push-up bars give you another option. All you need to do is assemble the lower swivel on the bottom push up stands.

The six-pack abs exercise has push up handles with ergonomic grips that balance the weight uniformly, thus decreasing pressure on wrists and elbows. It has a non-slip bottom and a knee pad for your safety while working out.

The quality of the exerciser is amazing and it is certainly a worthy investment to make.

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3. Custom made Home Gym Set

We have created a custom made home gym set for you which will help in stretching and fat-melting for men and women both.

Strauss Tummy Twister

Strauss Tummy Twister

If you are looking for an affordable machine to lose weight then this Strauss tummy twister is the best option.

It is a magnetic acupressure tummy twister where you only have to do the twisting action which has a strong effect on the abs.

It has a non-slip pad and two-layer construction for more durability.

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FITSY Resistance Toning Tube

FITSY exercise bands for stretching

If you want a full-body workout without spending a lot of money, then the FITSY resistance toning tube is an ideal option.

It is perfect for fat burning, weight loss, pilates, yoga, muscle building, and maintaining fitness levels. These are made with high-quality natural latex and have D-handles that provide a slip-free and comfortable grip.

They are easy to use, lightweight, and perfect for home exercise.

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AURION set of 2 PVC Dumbbells

Aurion Set of 2 PVC Dumbbells

These dumbbells come in different weights depending on your fitness requirements. It has a comfortable grip and a smooth finish.

Before buying these, please consider that these are not iron and filled with sand.

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STRAUSS Moto Push up Bar

Strauss Moto Push Up Bar Pair

If you want equipment for power push up training, then these are the best. These will help you with your dips and push up workouts daily.

The ergonomic handles give you a secure and comfortable grip. These are compact and thus can be stored in limited space. The bars are available in a pair and are made of plastic. The bars do not come assembled and you need to assemble them.

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4. Squat Magic Exercise Device

Shadow Securitronics Allstar Innovations Squat Magic Sculpt Abs

If you are looking for a home gym equipment that will help you tone, then the Squat Magic Exercise Device is the perfect option to go for. This one equipment can perform countless toning exercises.

You can work on 5 muscle groups in one move with the machine. It engages core, calves, hamstrings, quads, and glutes.

The machine guides you while doing down and also helps you on your way up. This way it assists you in performing a perfect squat every time without having to strain your back or knees.

Working out on this machine is low impact and easy on your joints. It is like having a personal trainer without having to pay for the service.

The quality of the machine is amazing and the best part is that it is fully assembled. You can start working out as soon as you receive it.

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5. Reach Air Bike Exercise Cycle

Reach Air Bike Exercise Cycle with Moving Handles and Adjustable Cushioned Seat

If you are looking for an affordable air bike to kick start your home workout regime, then this Reach Air Bike is a great option to consider.

The air bike has a user-friendly tracker and an LCD screen that enables you to keep a track on the time of your workout, distance, speed as well as the calories burnt.

The exercise cycle is designed to ensure comfortable seating. It has a large adjustable seat cushion so it won’t hurt your butt. The handlebars have high-density foam that prevents you from experiencing stiffness and strain on your back.

The bike can take up to 100 kgs user weight and has a belt drive that improves pedaling, which makes you work out efficiently.

It also has an adjustable knob that allows you to change the resistance level as per your requirements. The machine has a pedal with a strap that ensures your foot is fixed and does not slide.

The bike is very easy to assemble and you will require some time.

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6. Welcare WC1588 Recumbent Exercise Bike

Welcare WC1588 Recumbent Exercise Bike with Pulse Monitor and LCD Display

Welcare is one of the most trusted and popular fitness brands in India. The brand was established in 1996 and it has been people’s favorite since then.

The recumbent exercise bike has 8 levels of magnetic resistance that help you adjust the speed levels as per your workout needs, 2-way rotation, flat belt and you can even increase your speed as per your needs. The maximum user weight for this bike is 110 kgs.

The exercise bike also has handle adjustment options as well as floor level adjustment. Also, you no more have to be uncomfortable while working out because the bike has an adjustable seat option as well.

The display reading on the LCD can help you know speed, distance, ODO, calories, and time. The exercise machine is fully lab tested for portability and durability.

For varied user heights, the brand has also given seat adjustments for maximum comfort. The exercise bike comes with a 1-year warranty and you can even call for a demo if you wish to.

The only drawback is that assembling the machine requires a lot of time.

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7. Powermax Fitness TDM-98

PowerMax Fitness TDM-98 Motorized Treadmill

Powermax is one of the most favorite and leading suppliers of fitness equipment in India. One of the most popular products of the brand is the treadmill.

This treadmill comes with an LED display screen that shows distance, time, speed, calories, pulse, and incline level. Other than this, it is also loaded with 12 preloaded programs, thus your workout can be effective as well as specific.

Another positive feature about this treadmill is that it comes with a heart rate sensor that helps you monitor heart rate by just placing your palm on the handle grip.

If you are a music lover, this treadmill is perfect for you. It has built-in speakers and iPhone/MP3 connections to enable you to listen to music while working out.

If you have a pen drive loaded with music files, do not worry as you can connect that too and listen to your favorite list. The maximum user capacity is 90 which is a little less when compared to other treadmills.

The 1.8mm running belt helps to reduce shock and the PVC non-slip surface for skid-free running. The slight bouncy surface conserves your energy and also reduces the impact on the joints.

The low running deck makes you feel safe. It has a robust motor for its 99% copper core which is developed by the University of Munich. The treadmill is foldable with manual lock and easily transportable.

When you start running, attach your safety clip to your clothing. The treadmill will stop function if you fall. This minimizes the risk of injury.

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Benefits of Having a Home Gym

No matter whether you are looking to lose weight, improve your cardiovascular system, or just stay active, investing in a home gym can be a lot more beneficial.

Let’s delve into the different and important positive points of having a gym at home.

Fits into your daily lifestyle

man training and weightlifting at home gym

The first most important benefit of having a home gym is that you can fit your exercise regime into your schedule. There is no need for you to manage your schedule to get to the gym.

You also get the freedom to when you want to exercise, for example, when kids are at school, when everyone is asleep, etc.

More comfortable surrounding

Another positive point of having a home gym is that you can exercise in an atmosphere that you are comfortable in.

One crucial thing you need to consider while setting up a home gym is that it should in a space that motivates you and you like spending time in that area.

Enjoy family time

man training and weightlifting at home gym

One of the crucial reasons why many people are moving to a home gym is that they can make fitness a family time.

Exercising is a positive mood booster and also having family members join you in the workout can make it even better.

To make this possible, ensure to make a surrounding where everyone can spend time together and exercise rather than scrolling through social media feed or watching television.

This way, everyone will stay happier as well as healthier.

Save money

Gym membership rates are increasing day by day and thus it is the right decision to invest in a home gym.

Before you go with this option, to be 100% sure of the decision, we would ask you to calculate the money you will be spending every year for the gym.

Now multiple the amount with 5 considering you will go to the gym for 5 years and that is the total estimate.

When you come up with a number, you will notice that it is way lesser than what you would invest in creating a home gym. The decision is yours.


A home gym can have multiple varieties of equipment as per your needs.

The best part about having a home gym is that you decide which equipment you enjoy and want to invest in.

You can choose from the different options available with free weights, functional training, cardio, etc.

Types of Home Gym Equipment

You have plenty of options for building a home gym but the options for weight training often fall into the below-mentioned categories.

Strength training equipment is what we will focus on because that building strength is the common motive of people building a home gym.

You can even choose aerobic exercise equipment like rowers, stationary bikes, and treadmills.

Multiple combinations of portable gym equipment

Bands, dumbbells, bench, steps, mats, balls, etc. These are the basic but expandable equipment.

Free weights

Power racks, adjustable benches, dumbbells, plates, and barbells.

If you plan to have an intense strength training exercise, then these movable equipment are important.

Total gym concept

This variety uses an inclined bench, adjustable height, and sliding seat platform that increases resistance by using your own body weight.

Multi gyms with stacked weights

This is the most popular combination used by many home gym owners.

It uses a pulley mechanism with stacked weights and cable. You need to move the peg to choose the weight.

Smith machine

The basic smith machine uses a mechanism that restricts the bar in a vertical plane, unlike racks and free-weight benches. You can even add additional attachments to this workstation.

How to Choose a Home Gym Equipment in India? – Buying Guide

Before you purchase any gym equipment thinking it will be helpful to you, make sure to read the buying guide mentioned below.

We have listed a detailed guide that will help you make the right buying decision.

Size of the equipment

Different size dumbbells

This is one of the most important aspects to consider. You need to check on the space available below you buy home gym equipment.

For example, if you have a closed space, then going for a treadmill will not be a good option, instead, you can focus on other equipment like dumbbells, barbells, ankle weight, pull up bar, etc. that can also help you achieve your fitness goals.

Define your goal

This is also very important to keep in mind before buying the home gym equipment because you definitely do not want to regret your decision.

Thus, define your goal, whether you want to lose weight, or build muscles or just stay fit and not sweat it out. It is crucial to know this because accordingly, you buy the required equipment.

What is has to offer

It is important to know what the product has to offer before you buy it. For example, if you are looking for a yoga mat, make certain its essential features like non-slippery, thick, etc.

Another example would be of a treadmill, many treadmills come with various features like heart rate monitor, incliner, etc. Check whether the equipment has all the features you are looking out for.

This is because you do not want to end up wasting your money and buying something you will not use. Thus, read everything that the product has to offer, check if it meets your requirements, and then make a purchase.

Price tag

Before you make a purchase, note down the price of each home gym equipment you wish to buy.

This is because when you buy them individually, you may not notice the amount you are shelling out which seems to be huge when you buy all equipment.

Every equipment you wish to buy is available at different price ranges depending on the feature and brand. To ensure you do not overspend, fix a budget, and be thoughtful while buying.

Weight limit and safety

This is an essential factor to consider while buying home gym equipment.

Do not settle for the equipment only because it is available at a reasonable price. Understand its weight limitations and safety features before making a purchase.

Quality of equipment

The quality of the equipment should be top class.

Read the reviews online to have an idea of what others have to say about the build of the product. This is the best way you can get to know in detail about the quality.


You would of course not want to invest in equipment that has a short life.

Check for the materials used in making the equipment like cast iron, titanium, non-odorous rubber capping, many layers of steel for larger equipment, etc.

Safety Tips to Consider While Using Home Gym Equipment

There is no doubt in the fact that working out regularly is amazing for your health and well-being.

There are a few ways you can get injured while working out but at the same time, it’s easy to remain safe as well. Ensure to workout correctly in your home gym.

Follow the below mentioned essential home gym safety tips.

Have someone watching you

Personal trainer coaching the persong working out

To meet your fitness goals, you need to challenge yourself, you will have to work out until the point of exhaustion, but this can be dangerous.

Thus, when you need to lift heavy weights you can have someone watching you ensure you are being careful.

This is also very important when you perform back squats or bench presses. The person watching you can help you if you can’t back up.

Make your form perfect

If you have just started working out, you to try and lift the most possible weights. But this can be more dangerous for you.

Thus, what you need to focus on is perfecting your form and this is how you can achieve your fitness goals and prevent injury.

The key is to learn the exercise correctly and then increase the frequency or weights depending on what you do. Also, gradually up your game and do not do it instantly otherwise it would be difficult for your body to take the strain.


One of the important things that can help you avoid injury is warming up before exercising.

It consists of many things like stretching, light jog, etc. Before you move into your main workout it is important to get your heart rate fast and muscles warm.

Warming up is nothing but preparing your body for what’s coming and to avoid injuries


After intense workout recovery is important to avoid injury. It is also essential to drink water before, during, and after working out.

Eating foods rich in protein can also help your muscles recover other than building them. Stretching and ice bath can also help in muscle recovery.

Skip workouts

It is important to take rest days Between workout. No matter what your fitness goal or what you train for, you need at least one day of rest every week.

This is important because in that one rest day your body reboots, plus it also deserves so.

Turn off the music

Many people keep the music on while working out because it keeps them motivated to perform exercises. Thus, after your workout session, make sure to turn it off for a while.

Clean after working out

You may feel lazy cleaning the equipment after working out but it is necessary to do so.

The main reason is that the equipment can easily spread germs through sweat. This becomes essential in your work out routine especially if someone else also uses the equipment.

Having a disinfectant spray handy with a napkin can help you disinfect the equipment quickly.

FAQ’s about Home Gym Set-up

What is weight training?

Weight training is a set of exercises in which the muscles contract in response to the external weights or exercise, to restore strength and growth.

How should I warm-up and cool down?

A warm-up is a set of light exercises for around 15 minutes before you start the intense exercises.

Before you lift any weights, repetitions using lighter weights when compared to the intense exercise is a great idea.

A cool-down is a set of light exercise that you do after your workout.

This helps reduce muscle soreness. It includes calisthenics, stretching, or the same workout but very slowly, for instance, slow jogs or slow swim.

What are the sets and repetitions?

This is a very simple concept but having a thorough understanding of the same is essential. This is also something that most beginners get confused about.

A repetition is one complete exercise and the short version is ‘rep’.

For instance, one lift of the dumbbell from waist to shoulder level is one repetition. Repetition applies to all exercises eve the ones that include weights. Two sit-ups and two repetitions.

A set is a cluster of repetitions and there is a break in between every set usually. For instance, you do 10 dumbbell lifts and then rest for 2 minutes and do 10 again. This means you have done 1 set.

How should I breathe?

You should exhale when you put effort like when you lift, pull, or push and inhale as you get back to the starting position. This is common for all exercises except for some advanced exercises.

While doing weights, it is not your fault but you can forget to breathe, but even then it is important to consciously remind yourself.

If you are not sure of starting your work out at home, you should know there are multiple benefits like saves money, saves time, you can work out with your family (which is lots of fun btw), easy to fit into your schedule, etc.

Buying the home gym equipment is not as simple as it sounds. One wrong purchase and it can ruin your workout. Thus it is important to look through our buying guide as it will help you note down the points essential for the right purchase.

Once you know your needs and budget, you can pick the home gym equipment from our list of recommendations.

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