Top 8 Best Alcohol-Based Hand Sanitizers in India for Home & Hospital Use

When it comes to basic cleanliness and personal hygiene, we all know the importance of washing our hands often.

This simple practice has been advocated by medical professionals for a long time now and goes a long way in protecting us from many infections and diseases.

According to WHO, hand hygiene is the primary measure to reduce a variety of infections. In the view of Coronavirus outbreak across the world, hand hygiene becomes a thing to practice on a regular basis.

But given our fast-paced and on the go-lives, it is not possible to have hand wash and water available all the time. It is when hand sanitizers come for our rescue.

Choosing the correct hand sanitizer can be quite tricky and hence we have specially brought this article to help you make the best possible choice for your health and family. Read on for further information.

Due to the covid-19 outbreak, the demand for hand sanitizers is increased and you may find that the hand sanitizers we recommended below are unavailable.

Here is the link to check out the currently available hand sanitizers on Amazon.

In this article, we will discuss the best hand sanitizers in India that you can buy online, how to choose the right one, and different types of hand sanitizers available in the market.

Top 8 Best Hand sanitizers to Buy Online in India

Hand Sanitizer BrandsRatingBest Buy Link
1. Dettol Instant Hand Sanitizer 4.3/5Buy on Amazon
2. Sterillium hand sanitizer4.5/5Buy on Amazon
3. Lifebuoy Care Immunity Boosting Sanitizer4.4/5Buy on Amazon
4. Himalaya PureHands Hand Sanitizer
4.2/5Buy on Amazon
5. Savlon Hand Sanitizer Spray4.4/5Buy on Amazon
6. Dabur Sanitizer Hand Sanitizer4.2/5Buy on Amazon
7. Mirah Belle – Hand Rub Sanitizer3.8/5Buy on Amazon
8. Raman and Weil Sterillium Hand Sanitizer4.4/5Buy on Amazon

Most Popular Hand Sanitizers

Here’s the list of the best hand sanitizers in India.

1. Dettol Instant Hand Sanitizer

Dettol is a trusted brand in India when it comes to personal hygiene. This hand sanitizer is Indian Medical Association certified and it kills up to 99.9% germs without water.

Dettol Hand Sanitizer

It is specially formulated to be non-sticky and rinse-free. The sanitizer comes in a very easy to use bottle so that there is less amount of spillage while using. The pump dispenser ensures that it remains uncontaminated from other things.

This sanitizer is perfectly safe for family use and children. One can select from three different options as it comes in normal sanitizer and also in floral essence and spring fresh fragrance.

It is non-irritating, non-toxic that will suit all the skin types effectively. It is an alcohol-based hand sanitizer but does not dry out the skin like other alcohol-based products due to its carefully formulated moisturizing gel.

The bottle is convenient to carry anywhere on the go. Overall, it is truly value for money.

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2. Sterillium hand sanitizer Blue Pack

If you have worked in or visited a hospital, then you must have definitely seen one of these bottles. Widely used in the medical industry for over 50 years now, the Sterillium hand sanitizer is one of the best products in the market.

Sterillium Hand Sanitizer

It is an alcohol-based hand sanitizer that is extremely effective at killing microorganisms. It is a ready-to-use rub-in product that is trusted for surgical hand disinfection as well.

It gives the user long-lasting effectiveness of up to 6 hours and is useful for disinfecting bacteria, yeasts, and other viruses. It does not cause skin irritations and is very mild upon application. Apart from this, the sanitizer leaves your skin hydrated as well and gives you excellent after effect.

Tolerable for all skin types, this product can be used in a variety of settings. It comes in different quantities of bottle that vary in price. On the whole, we highly recommend buying this product as it is widely used by medical professionals.

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3. Lifebuoy Care Immunity Boosting Sanitizer

Another very well known brand among hygiene products is Lifebuoy. The Lifebuoy care immunity-boosting hand sanitizer kills about 99.99% germs, giving you an immunity of up to 10 hours straight.

Lifebuoy Lemon Fresh Hand Sanitizer

It comes in different sizes pocket-friendly bottles that are easy to carry anytime and anywhere. It is a great sanitizer for both adults and children. This product is available in an amazing lemony fragrance that keeps you feeling refreshed and smelling great.

Not only this it has total of 10 and care variants, you can also purchase a pump pack for household use to avoid spillage or wastage. It is a little bit sticky though and takes some time to dry up. Overall for the price, it is a good product to have especially when you like fragrant sanitizers.

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4. Himalaya PureHands Hand Sanitizer Lemon

Next up we have the Himalaya Purehands hands sanitizer. Himalaya is known for its products that use natural ingredients. The same goes with this hand sanitizer as it contains herbs extracts like coriander and lime.

Himalaya PureHands Hand Sanitizer

The sanitizer combines the best of all the natural ingredients like lime, coriander, and neem. It is an alcohol-based hand sanitizer though that kills 99.9% bacteria, viruses, and other microorganisms.

The natural and known Indian ingredients make this sanitizer the perfect product for the people who like ayurvedic products. All these ingredients effectively moisten your hands and protect your skin from oxidative damage.

The most amazing thing about this hand sanitizer is that it is hypoallergic in nature and hence will not cause any allergic reactions. The sanitizer is extremely safe for use for everyone.

The sanitizer comes in very easy to carry and use a bottle with a push pump as well. All in all, the Himalaya Purehands sanitizer is definitely on the money.

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5. Savlon Hand Sanitizer Spray

The second last on our list is another popular brand in India. The Savlon hand sanitizer spray kills about 99.99% of germs and kills all the types of bacteria, viruses, yeast, mold, and microorganisms.

Savlon Hand Sanitizer Spray

The Savlon hand sanitizer gives protection against 100 diseases which is based on antimicrobial action in in-vitro conditions. It is a sanitizer that provides 100+ spray. The hand sanitizer comes in great fragrance and very convenient to use.

The product is adult and children friendly. The bottle is leakproof and comes with a push pump spray that prevents contamination and spillage. This fragrant hand sanitizer will leave your hands feeling refreshed for a very long time. The product is a bit expensive, but it provides good protection against hand infections. Hence, we recommend buying this product.

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6. Dabur Sanitize Hand Sanitizer

Dabur is known for its wide range of Ayurvedic and natural consumer products. But with increasing demand for the hand sanitizers throughout the country, Dabur decided to launch its own hand sanitizers under the brand ‘Fem’.

Dabur Sanitize Hand Sanitizer

With the 130+ years of experience in making the various Ayurveda formulations, no wonder Dabur got its hand sanitizer right off the bat in the first go. As expected they added 60% alcohol base to the sanitizer which is sufficient enough to kill the majority of microbes.

It’s an Ayurvedic hand sanitizer that uses the 60% alcohol base and is non-sticky in nature. Currently, it is available in three fragrances like regular, lemon, and strawberry.

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7. Mirah Belle – Hand Rub Sanitizer

One of the FDA approved hand sanitizer on our list which has 72.9% alcohol that can kill 99.9% microbes when applied as per the hand hygiene guidelines by WHO.

Mirah Belle - Hand Rub Sanitizer

The hand rub has Iso Propyle alcohol, glycerin, and triethanolamine, and added fragrance with demineralized water. Though it has alcohol and several other ingredients, it doesn’t leave the sticky residue on hand and manage to kill the microbes.

It claimed to be non-irritating over the skin and has a moisturizing effect in place to avoid skin dryness due to repetitive use. Paraben and sulfate-free solution makes it the best fit for kids, and even for the adults.

Overall, it is one of the best hand runs that comes in sufficient quantity at a fair price and has the required amount of alcohol ingredients.

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8. Raman and Weil Sterillium Hand Sanitizer

Raman and Weil Sterillium Hand Sanitizer

By Raman and Weil Pvt. Ltd, this hand sanitizer kills germs with 70 percent propyl alcohol. It goes soft on the skin due to the built-in emollient.

It comes in a plastic bottle and provides approximately 1.5 ml of sanitizer liquid per 2 pushes. It is also suitable for children to use but as it contains 70% alcohol, parental supervision is advised until the kids train themselves.

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How to Choose Hand Sanitizers in India – Buying Guide

Ingredient Matters

Hand Sanitizer Ingredients

Hand sanitizers are produced according to the guidelines put forth by the WHO. In order to disinfect your hand, it is important that all germs are effectively killed.

The main ingredients in the sanitizers are 96% ethanol, 3% hydrogen peroxide, and 98% glycerol or 99.8 % isopropyl alcohol instead of ethanol in case of alcohol-based hand sanitizers in different proportions.

Mostly all the hand sanitizers have the same basic ingredients. But if you fancy some fragrant ones they may also contain some coloring agents and other fragrances and preservatives.

Other than these they also contain some foaming agents and a small fraction of sterile or distilled water and gelling agents.

Buy Family Safe

boy enjoys the washing of hands with his mother using hand sanitizer

Hand sanitizers are very commonly used in everyone’s household. Therefore, it is important to choose the one that is family safe.

As it contains several chemicals and alcohol that can go harsh on the skin of those who are allergic to these chemicals, you should pay attention to the allergic history of your family.

Also, if ingested accidentally by the children, hand sanitizers can cause alcohol poisoning. Extra care should be taken by the parents so that their children do not ingest, or use it in the eyes.

One must always supervise the children while using them. You also get special parents to pack to avoid such incidents.


Indian Currency Rupee Notes

Hand sanitizers come in all types of price ranges depending upon their composition, quantity, and also brands.

Usually, you may find a hand sanitizer at your nearest drug store for as low as 55 INR to as high as 600 INR. So one can choose according to his requirement and preferences.

Skin Type & Sensitiveness

Sensitive Dry Skin

Normally, alcohol-based hand sanitizers tend to dry out the skin irrespective of skin type.

In this case, hand sanitizer with benzalkonium chloride is good to use if you suffer from skin sensitivities. These non-alcoholic hand sanitizers act on the surface of the skin and do not cause dryness. These types are safe for people with all skin types.

You can use any sanitizer with glycerin for the normal skin type, while sanitizer with vitamin E is effective on dry skin. However, if you have highly sensitive skin, always go for fragrance and alcohol-free ones.

Types of Hand sanitizers

The most important thing that one needs to know is the types of hand sanitizers. Just about anything that claims to be solving the purpose isn’t a good idea to have.

There are basically two types of hand sanitizers as follows:

Alcohol containing sanitizers

Usually hand sanitizers are liquids or gels that kill or decrease infectious agents. Alcohol based hand sanitizers are widely used in infirmaries.

Alcohol has been known to be used as an antiseptic since a long time. Hence, these types of hand sanitizers are very effective at killing the micro organisms that thrive on our hands.

They contain 60-95 percent of alcohol and kill various types of fungi, bacteria and viruses. The action generally starts after 30 seconds of application.

The World Health Organization also mentions alcohol based hand sanitizers in the list of its essential medicines. They are also more tolerant to the skin than soaps as they have glycerol that prevents drying of the skin.

Alcohol-free sanitisers

As the name suggests, these types of sanitizers contain other ingredients that kill the microorganisms. They generally have triclosan or other chlorine and iodine based formulations instead of alcohol.

While higher quantities of alcohol are needed for killing bacteria, alcohol free hand sanitizers use only 0.1 to 0.13 percent of non-alcoholic formulations.

They are as effective as alcohol based ones. However, alcohol free solutions are sometimes prone to become contaminated, but so can the alcohol based ones too. Hence it is advisable to read about the product properly before buying it.

FAQ’s about Hand Sanitizers

What factors determine effectiveness of hand sanitisers?

Types and ingredients of hand sanitisers

As mentioned earlier in the article, hand sanitizers can be classified into two major types based on the active ingredient that they use. So, there are basically two types that is alcohol based and non-alcohol based.

Alcohol based hand sanitizers usually contain propanol, ethanol or isopropanol etc. while non alcoholic hand sanitizers contain disinfectants like triclosan , benzalkonium chloride (BAC) or other iodine based ingredients. These are mostly antimicrobial ingredients that immediately work to disinfect the hands.

Other commonly used ingredients found in them are emollients that soften the skin and thickening and foaming agents.


Hand sanitizers come in all quantities, small, medium and large depending on the usage. You can find bottles of hand sanitizers that are of 10 ml , 500 ml as well as 5 litre packs also. However the proportion of basic ingredients remain the same.

Skin exposure duration to sanitiser

Normally skin should be exposed to the sanitizer for over two minutes to do the trick. But it may vary from product to product.

Application method

How to wash you hands right way?

The importance of washing your hands can’t be undermined at all. Washing hands properly not only reduces your risk to get exposed to a plethora of infections , but is also a good practice for personal hygiene.


How to hand sanitizer the right way

Washing hands can be achieved in simple steps as described below :-

Step 1 – using running water or tap water wet your hands

Step 2 – take hand wash or any other soap or disinfectant in enough amount and rub your hands till lather appears.

Step 3 – thoroughly rub and scrub the back of your hands, palms and also in between the fingers. Also clean your nails if they are long.

Step 4 – perform the above steps for at least 20-30 seconds

Step 5 – at the end, wash your hands till the soap is completely gone under the running water and pat dry using a clean towel or hand dryer.

When should you wash your hands?

This may seem a very common knowledge, yet many people do not take the necessary precautions and do not know how often and when to wash hands. Ideally, you should wash your hands after using the washroom or toilet.

Always wash your hands before preparing and eating a meal as most of the infections tend to happen during this period if you skip it. One must absolutely wash hands when visiting any patient or taking a baby in your lap and after changing diapers and cleaning them up.

Washing hands properly after touching wounded areas, runny nose, handling garbage and touching pet animals. If you are unwell take extra care to wash your hands to avoid further infections. And lastly one must also wash hands after handling any chemicals at workplace.


Though hand washing is simple, it is our first line of defense against contracting various diseases and infections. It is imperative that we teach and promote personal hygiene among everyone, especially the kids.Hence, the habit of washing hands will go a long way in protecting us from getting sick.

Hand sanitizers and hand wash products should be used by everyone and carried as an essential product anywhere they go. We hope that this article has helped you with the importance of hand washing and has given you an idea about the best products that you can stock up.

List of Best Hand Sanitizer Brands in India

Best Hand Sanitizers In IndiaType + Ideal For
 1. Dettol Instant Hand SanitizerOverall Best Sanitizer
 2. Sterillium hand sanitizer Blue PackBest hand sanitizer for hospitals
 3. Lifebuoy Care Immunity Boosting Sanitizer Sanitizer with Good fragrance
 4. Himalaya PureHands Hand Sanitizer LemonAlcohol Based Hypoallergic
  5.  Hand Sanitizer SprayChildren friendly Sanitizer
 6. Dabur Sanitize Hand SanitizerAyurvedic Hand Sanitizer (60% Alcohol)
 7. Mirah Belle – Hand Rub SanitizerHas 72.9% alcohol (FDA approved)
 8.Raman and Weil Sterillium Hand SanitizerGood for sensitive skin
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