5 Best Geyser for Hard Water in India

Taking a hot water shower is all we need after a long and hectic working day. In case you are living in one of these places like Mumbai, Chennai, Bangalore, etc. where there is a problem of hard water, which could affect your geyser in the long run.

You may be unaware of this fact but hard water can damage your geyser. As you know hard water consists of excess minerals like calcium and magnesium that create a scaling on the inner components of the water heater.

The scaling can corrode the components faster and you might have to frequently repair the geyser or purchase a new one after a couple of years.

To avoid this, the best option is to purchase a geyser for hard water which will prevent scaling and corrosion, thus increasing the life of the water heater.

Top Geysers for Hard Water

Hard Water GeysersRatingBuy
1. Havells Bello3.6/5Buy on Amazon
2. Havells Quatro4/5Buy on Amazon
3. Bajaj Shakti4.1/5Buy on Amazon
4. Crompton Amica4/5Buy on Amazon
5. AO Smith4.4/5Buy on Amazon

1. Havells Bello Prime Water Heater

Havells Bello Prime Water Heater

Havells is another popular brand in Indian when it comes to household appliances, especially geysers for hard water. This geyser for hard water is one of the most sought after.

The geyser is made of ultra-thick cold rolled steel plates that ensure efficiency and durability. It also has an LED indicator that indicates the real-time level of hotness of the water.

The Incoloy 800 glass coated heating element provides premium level heating performance and resistance to oxidation as well as carbonation at high levels.

The water heater is IPX4 water-resistant that protects its electrical parts from water splashes. You can adjust the temperature setting as per your needs.

The heavy duty magnesium anode rod with steel core protects the enameled tank from corrosion. The geyser is equipped with the Whirlflow technology that prevents direct contact between the hot and cold water flow that ensures faster heating with saving energy.

This water heater has a storage capacity of 6 liters and 5-star energy saving rating. It also comes with a 5 years warranty.

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2. Havells Quatro Vertical Storage Water Heater

Havells Quatro Water Heater

Havells is the most trusted brand when comes to geyser for hard water. If you are looking for a water heater with huge storage capacity, then this one is a good option to consider.

The water tank is made using super thick cold rolled steel plates that have viterous enamel finish that protects it from corrosion.

The Incoloy 800 glass coated heating element provides premium level heating performance and resistance to oxidation as well as carbonation at high-temperature levels. This ensures performance and convenience.

It has a shock safe plug that cuts off the power in case of any current leakage. The geyser has CFC free thicker PUF insulation that protects against heat loss.

Whirlflow technology prevents direct contact between hot and cold water to ensure faster heating. This technology also makes sure energy saving with 20% faster output.

The LED indicator indicates real-time hotness of the water. This geyser is ideal for high rise building as it is equipped with multi-function valve that does not let the pressure increase above 8 bar.

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3. Bajaj New Shakti Vertical Water Heater

Bajaj New Shakti Vertical Water Heater

This geyser has a glass lined coated with Titanium Armour technology inner tank that prevents rust and corrosion.

This water heater by Bajaj is another option that you can go for when you are looking for a geyser with a large storage capacity.

The four-star energy rating geyser has a glass lined coated with Titanium Armour technology inner tank that prevents rust and corrosion.

The outer body of the geyser is made with single weld sheet metal that prevents rust and increases the life of the water heater.

It is equipped with a long-lasting and high efficiency Incoloy heating element. The brand also ensures your safety and thus has multiple safety systems in place for overpressure, overheating, and dry heating.

The geyser is equipped with a special protection device that collects all the harmful salts and keeps the components safe as well as long-lasting.

The swirl flow technology ensures faster water heating using less energy.

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4. Crompton Amica ASWH-2015 Water Heater

Crompton Amica Water Heater

The water heater is equipped with safety features like pre-set thermal, reset knob, and high precision thermostat.

Another ideal option of the geyser for hard water with a huge 15 liters storage capacity is this one from Crompton.

The powerful copper heating element makes sure that the water is heated faster using less energy. The 8 bar pressure ensures that the geyser is ideal for high rise buildings as well.

The water heater is equipped with pre-set thermal, reset knob, and high precision thermostat, which ensures dual safety. The geyser also stays protected from voltage fluctuations and unforeseen power cut.

This five star rated energy efficient water heater has a high quality PUF foam that maintains hot water for a long time by reducing energy. The tank is coated with high quality polymer and the nano poly bond technology prevents corrosion and oxidation even in high temperature levels.

The water heater is equipped with smart energy management that goes on standby by consumes less electricity and working efficiently.

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5. AO Smith SDS-GREEN SERIES-015 Vertical Water Heater

AO Smith Vertical Water Heater

BEE 5 star rating and advanced PUF technology ensure power savings.

AO Smith is an American manufacturer, super popular for household and commercial water heaters.

This geyser for hard water is an energy efficient and innovative one. This geyser has an heavy guage alloy steel tank that is 23% stronger when compared to the copper and stainless steel tanks. It has Blue Diamond glass lining technology that provides two times better corrosion resistance, thus increasing the life-span.

It has a glass coated fold back heating element, in the shape of the tank, thus ensuring even and continuous heating.

The advanced PUF injection makes sure even and high density foan distribution. No gap between the insulation and tank provides energy efficiency.

This geyser can change the water streams to ensure maximum flow. This is possible because of the inlet water diffuser that breaks the incoming water into smaller streams, changing the flow from vertical to horizontal.

The durable anode rod works great in different water conditions and protects the tank as well as the heating element from rust.

The water heater can work well in high rise buildings as well with 8 bar water pressure. It is a 5 star rated energy efficient water heater with 7 years warranty.

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How to Secure a Heating Element of a Water Heater from Hard Water?

One of the ways to protect the heating element of the water heater is by using a water softener. The water passes through the water softener and then through the geyser.

Since the water softener will convert hard water into soft water, the geyser’s components will be protected. The water softener converts hard ions like calcium and magnesium into soft ions. This will prevent salt formation and protect the geyser and its components.

The water softener can be installed adjacent to the water heater. Installing the softener is super simple. It creates extra lather and is great for skin as well as hair.

You can purchase the below-mentioned water softener which will serve the purpose.

WaterScience CLEO SFU-717 Filtr for Hard Water

WaterScience CLEO Shower & Tap Filter

This water softener from WaterScience is the best filter that you can use. It fits most showers, taps, and hand showers.

This water filter has a unique 4 layer filter with KDF technology that converts hard ions into soft ions, thus protecting your hair and skin.

The first layer of the water softener is the micro-sieve layer that dissolves the micro-particles and the impurities. The second is the conditioning layer that reduces the hard water ions.

The third layer is the chlorine removal layer that removes chlorine and the fourth is the nanosilver carbon layer that reduces bad odour as well as prevents bacterial growth.

This water softener fits all 22, 24, and 28 mm taps, ½ inch hand showers, overhead showers, and wall showers. It works amazingly well in water temperatures between 5 and 70 degrees celsius.

The cartridge of the filter works easily for up to 25000 liters which are sufficient for approximately 6 months, mainly based on the number of people in the house and the water quality.

The procedure of installing the water softener is super simple and the steps are mentioned on the package. It only takes 3 minutes to install the filter and the necessary things are given in the package.

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How to protect the Geyser from hard water?

There are a few ways to protect your geyser from hard water damages and the most effective ones are mentioned below:

Use corrosion-resistant tank

The best is to purchase a water heater that is made by Vitreous Enamel metal that is made using powdered glass. There are a few brands that manufacture geysers with this water tank like Havells, Racold, Bajaj, and AO Smith.

This will decrease the damage that is caused by hard water scaling on the interiors of the tank. Remember that this solution is to protect the water tank only and not any other parts of the water heater.

Water softener

One way to avoid the damage of other parts of the geyser, like the water heating element, the best option is to use a water softener. The water goes through the water softener, converts the water, and then it passes through the geyser.

Since the water that passes through the geyser to you is soft, there will not be any damage to the geyser parts.

The water softener converts the hard ions to soft ions and thus there would not be any salt formation on the geyser walls that can be damaging. Installing the softener is super simple, all you need is a few minutes.

Geyser filters

There are some filters available that are particularly made for geysers to prevent the formation of iron and scaling. These filters remove the iron particles. You can even install these filters to the commode and prevent the ugly brown stains.

How hard water damages the Geysers?

Hard water creates scaling on the inner tank of the water heater and harms the heating element. This causes faster corrosion which means that you will have to repair the geyser frequently or purchase a new one in a couple of years.

Hard water and hot water is a combination that does not go well together. A geyser has three components namely, the water heating element, thermostat, and the water tank.

The water heating element heats the water and ensures it is hot. The thermostat decides when to switch on the water heating element. And as the name suggests, the water tank holds the water.

Hard water corrodes the water heating element and the tank is damaged due to corrosion. There will also be a formation of white scaling inside the tank due to hard water. The water pipes carrying the hot water from the geyser can also corrode.

The thermostat is the only component that won’t be affected.


We hope this guide on geyser for hard water helps you understand the basics and also assists you in making the right decision.

Before you purchase the water heater, ensure to understand the important points that will help you make the right purchase. If you have a time crunch, then read the review we have done on the best geysers for hard water available in the market.

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