Top Geometry Box for Kids, Teachers & Office Use

Going to the school has many memories, but then, there are some things that really got us exciting about the school, and one of them was surely about buying the best geometry box.

Geometry boxes are probably the only thing that made mathematics exciting for all of us. A geometry box is an important tool for every school-going child and is really important essentials for every child to score good marks in the mathematics exam.

It may look like that all of the geometry boxes are the same, but there are several things that need to be taken into consideration before buying a geometry box.

In this article, we will have a look at the various specification that you need to consider while buying the geometry box and will discuss the best geometry boxes available in India.

Useful Tip!Primary school students usually are careless about their belongings, so it is good to buy cheaper ones for younger kids. However, if you’re considering buying one for older kids, you can spend more on the quality and other specific instruments.

Top 7 Best Geometry Boxes to Buy Online in India

Geometry Box BrandsRatingsBest Buy Link
 7. Classmate Archimedes Geo Box  4.4/5Buy on Amazon
 6. Isomars Black/White Board Geometry Set 4.1/5Buy on Amazon
 5. Maped Technic Compass Instrument Set
 4.3/5Buy on Amazon
 4. Camlin Kokuyo Nouvel Geometry Box
 4.2/5Buy on Amazon
 3. Classmate Asteroid Geometry Box  4.3/5Buy on Amazon
 2. Faber Castell Instrument Box 
 4.2/5Buy on Amazon
 1. Maped Metal Open Compass 4.2/5Buy on Amazon

Best Geometry Box Reviews

Here are the top 6 best geometry boxes in India that you can buy online.

7. Classmate Archimedes Geo Box

Classmate Archimedes Geo Box

Best geometry box for students

“Classmate” is one of the most popular brands for stationery and educational supplies in India.  This geometry box carries the legacy of quality.

The die-cast compass provides a wobble-free experience and gives precision measurement every time.  The box is made from metal and other accessories are made from either heavy-duty steel or durable plastic.

It has a double-sided tray to keep the accessories that help easy access to the geometry tools and avoid the scratches over the box.

It is meant for the precise measurement even in the smaller drawings which is helpful for the school going kids.

Overall, this a durable, quality geometry box that comes at fair price and useful for the school students.

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6. Isomars Blackboard Geometry Set (for teachers)

Isomars Black Board Geometry Set for Teachers

Best for teachers and office use. Not meant for kids

First up on our list is the Isomars Blackboard geometry set. This set is designed especially for teachers and other people involved in technical drawing and fashion designing instruments.

Made from high-quality plastic, this geometry box is very durable and user-friendly. This set is suitable for other students pursuing engineering or architecture or jewelry designing students also.

The set includes a compass, divider, set square, protractor, also popularly called as D by many students. This geometry set will surely help you in doing your work effortlessly and hence recommended by us.

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5. Maped Technic Compass with Extension Bar

Maped Technic Compass Instrument Set

Compass provides precise reading with a patented stop system. Good for architect & engineers

Next, we have the geometry set from the Maped Technic. It is a geometry box with an exclusive double system metal compass.

It has a patented stop system concept that enables the metal compass to block the legs for maximum control and can fold them for safety purposes. This also helps in storing the instrument in a compact way.

The compass is very easy to draw with and one can use it easily without disturbance up to 1.5 feet. The length of the compass is about 150 mm.

It has a great lock system and other useful attachments. The ruler is very sturdy and unbreakable and the mechanical pencil is attached with the arm and you will not have to adjust it every time. Hence, we recommend this product to help you to draw accurately.

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4. Camlin Kokuyo Nouvel Geometry Box

Camlin Kokuyo Nouvel Geometry Box

Cheaper box from the Trusted box, good for kids in primary school.

The Camlin Kokuyo Nouvel geometry box is a great set of instruments that will surely help you to do your work effortlessly.

It has a full-size compass pen pencil free with it. The 0.7 mm pen pencil is very effective for drawing super precise arcs and fine drawing or writing.

The geometry set includes a compass, ruler, divider, protractor, and set square. Other than this, it includes sharpener, eraser and mechanical pencil.

Apart from this, the geometry set has an attractive design. All in all, it is a quality product and not only this, Camlin is a trusted brand in the industry. And hence, we highly recommend this geometry set.

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3. Classmate Asteroid Geometry Box

Classmate Asteroid Mathematical Drawing Box

Next up on the list is the Classmate Asteroid geometry box. It is an amazing set of geometric instruments and the geometry set has a full finished metal body which is really amazing.

The geometry box has a compass with a unique “arm-lock” screw for aligning properly. With a switchable arm mechanism, the compass also becomes a divider. The set also has a foldable 30 cm scale with an auto press-lock system.

Another important feature is a double-sided tray to help you keep the instruments from getting damaged due to scratching. The mechanical pencil has a high level of precision and the die-cast compass has no loose attachments or wobbling or shifting.

The instruments are very stable and will definitely help you to draw accurately. However, you don’t get a separate divider with it and the divider arm has to be attached with the compass.

Overall, it is a great quality geometry box for your kids.

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2. Faber-Castell Mathematical Instruments

Faber Castell Mathematical Drawing Instrument Box

Another popular brand in the field of school stationaries is Faber Castell. The set has a durable compass and divider that is made from specially re-inforced sheet metal.

The vacuum formed hips tray keeps all your instruments safe, preventing them from any scratches. All the instruments have double side plating for longer rust free life.

This geometry set includes 1 compass, 1 divider, a scale, protractor, half-length pencil and eraser and sharpener along with other necessary instruments like set squares of 45 and 60 degrees.

All in all, it is a good quality product that will be loved by your kids while being value for money also.

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1. Maped Metal Open Compass Set

Maped Metal Open Compass 9 Pcs Set

Last up on the list is the Maped metal open compass set. This geometry set has a unique ergonomic head bi-material soft touch. The accessories are smart and practical that can be interchanged very easily.

The box is shock resistant to protect all your instruments. This is a simple geometry box that is great for small grade kids. The plastic design is kid-friendly and very comfortable to use.

So if you are looking for a geometry box for small kids then this is the one that you should go for.

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How to Choose a Geometry Box in India – Buying Guide

Here are a few factors that need to addressed while buying the geometry boxes:

Is it really required?

Many of us as kids didn’t even know the names of all the instruments in the geometry set, let alone their use.

And so is the case with today’s time. That is why it is really important to determine if you really need a geometry box with all the instruments in it.

Many times, we would just use these instruments just as a mere ruler. Therefore, if you’re keen on buying a geometry set for your child, ask again, if he/she really needs all the instruments in the geometry set.

Our advice would be to stick to only the basic instruments for young kids and for older kids, you may buy one depending upon their school curriculum or maybe any other special requirement.

Consider Price

The rule of thumb is to spend less for primary kids and more for college going students

Prices can vary according to the brand, quality and the use of the geometry sets. And hence, it is essential to know your requirements. So, it is important to decide your budget before buying the geometry set.

Along with this, it is important to know about the age and requirements of your child as well. So one must spend accordingly while buying a geometry set.

Final verdict:

Geometry box is essential for any school going kid and thus, it can become quite a confusion to buy one. Therefore one must clearly know about the requirements and the use before buying one.

Particularly for teachers as there are geometry sets that are specifically designed to be used on blackboards and whiteboards. They are bigger in size compared to others and are very to hold against the wall.

We hope that this article has given you an insight into which ones to prefer and the products listed in the article will be of your use.

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