Best Gas Geysers [& Brands] in India to Buy Online in 2021

Gas geysers have recently gained popularity and its growing day by day. The main reasons of its popularity is its simple operation, affordable price, and energy efficiency.

If you are looking for one you might be overwhelmed with the options available in the market. This is why we have created this guide that will help you make the right decision.

In case you are still confused if you should choose an electric or a gas geyser scroll down to the comparison table that will help you get an insight.

We have listed down a few essential factors that will help you understand your requirements and know what are the points that you need to look for in a gas water heater.

We are sure that the gas geyser reviews below will help you find the right product you are looking for.

Top Gas Geysers in India

Gas Geyser BrandsLPG (Ltr)Best Buy Link
 1. LONGWAY Decora  6Buy on Amazon
 2. Havells Flagro –Buy on Amazon
 3. V-Guard Safeflo Plus 5.5Buy on Amazon
 4. DIGISMART Aqua  6Buy on Amazon
 5. MinMax Metal 6Buy on Amazon
 6. Lazer Oxy 6Buy on Amazon
7. Bajaj Majesty Duo 6Buy on Amazon
8. Jyoti SilverBuy on Amazon
9. Hindware Atlantic7Buy on Amazon


LONGWAY Decora Copper LPG Instant Gas Water Heater

It has a microprocessor electronically controlled circuit for smooth working and pure copper container for more durability.

This LONGWAY instant gas geyser comes with 7 litres capacity. It automatically cuts off the gas and turns off when the temperature of the water flowing out exceeds 95 degree Celsius. It has dry burning protection and low start up water pressure with a broad spectrum of application.

It has battery operated automatic ignition and an elegant, attractive body design with top class quality and features.
It is a fully automatic water heater made with Japanese technology and works instantly with flame failure protection. It is 75% cheaper than electric geysers, provides over heating protection and is 30% more gas saving.

It has 5 safety features, safety valve, 20 minute timer for auto shut off and heavy duty tank made of copper for fast heating and long lasting operations.

It has an extra large knob control burner with summer and winter options for quick heating and varied temperatures. It is suitable for both low and high pressure installations.

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Havells Flagro

The Feroglass coated tank with single weld-line design with energy saving PUF insulations.

Havells is a very popular home and kitchen appliance brand in Indian. This gas geyser from Havells is made of feroglass coated tank with a single weld line design.

It has Incoloy heating element and energy saving high density PUF insulations. It has a capacity of 6 litres and an output power of 1200 watts.

It comes with a manual and wall mounting accessory. It has a safe-shock plug and provides instant water heating. The geyser comes with a warranty of 2 years.

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V-Guard Safeflo Plus

V-Guard Safeflo Plus Gas Geyser

The super ultra low pressure application and automated ignition process for instant heating.

The V-Guard Safeflo Plus water geyser is suitable for ultra low pressure application and comes with an automated ignition system for instant heating.

It provides extra protection with double solenoid valve and comes with overheating protection.

It has a 20 minute flow cut-off timer feature, which ensures safety and PRV for water high pressure protection. It is suitable for multi-storied buildings and has multiple burner selection controls for better efficiency.

It comes with a copper heat exchanger for higher durability and performance that help rejuvenate the senses.

It has multiple knobs for water flow control, flame control, and burner selection for summer or winter. It also has a power indicator light and is advised for use in well ventilated areas.

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DIGISMART Instant Gas Geyser

It comes with BIS approved ISI specification to ensure long lasting life

If you are looking for a certified gas water heater, then this one is a good option to consider. This gas geyser has a heavy 100% pure copper burner for extra durability and has BIS approved ISI specification to ensure long lasting operations.

It is made of anti rust coating body for safety from corrosion by water and comes with flame failure protection.

It is made in zero pressure and has 5 safety features manufactures under the guidance of highly qualified engineers to ensure life of the product. It is a fully automatic Japanese technology and has overheating protection system.

It is 75% cheaper than electric geysers and saves 30% more gas as it has an extra heavy heat exchanger.

It works on battery operated automated ignition and comes with an attractive body. It comes with 6 litres capacity and extra large burner with summer and winter options.

It has the seven tank processor and is powder coated sheet metal body suitable for both low and high pressure installations.
It has inlet water-linked operations, thermostat presence and is ISI approved water heater.

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MinMax Metal

MinMax Metal Instant Water Gas Geyser

It works on zero pressure and has flame failure safety device and comes with dry heat protection.

This instant water gas geyser comes with a 6 litres heating capacity and it works on zero pressure.

It comes with flame failure safety device and has in-built child safety lock for child safety purpose. It has an overheat protection feature with 20 minute timer.

It gives protection from dry heat burns, has 100% heavy copper tank and auto cut off safety feature.

It has features like automatic ignition system, chimney styled smoke exhaust device and a starting low water pressure.

This geyser has fire out protection device and water gas combination valuable unit. It saves 70% energy and is quality certified. It comes with a warranty of 18 months.

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Lazer Oxy

Lazer Oxy LPG Gas Water Heater

The advance water-controlled automation ignition and electromagnetic valve for easy and convenient operation.

This gas water heater has a capacity of 6 litres and provides dry burning protection. It has flame out protection and delay ignition protection. It has advanced water-controlled automatic ignition and automatic electromagnetic valve that makes operations convenient and easy.

Hot water starts flowing instantly when the hot water tap is turned on. It has a water-gas interlock and a 20 minute timer for overheat protection.

This geyser comes with winter-summer knob switches to save gas by controlling burning status and wide temperature range.

It has high quality efficient stainless steel burners and a heavy duty 1 kg heat exchanger.

It comes with a high quality pull/release magnetic valve and a special nano-second pulse igniter. This product has a gas exhaust with top mesh and is ISI marked.

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Bajaj Majesty Duo

Bajaj Majesty Duo Gas LPG Water Heater

It comes with flame out protection and cuts off when maximum water temperature has been reached to avoid burns.

This gas geyser from Bajaj Majesty has a 5.5 litres capacity and is suitable for both low and high pressure installations.

It has flameout protection and a 20 minute timer to cut off. It has overheating protection feature by cutting off when maximum temperature has reached.

It is available in both LPG and PNG models and comes with an oxygen depletion sensor for safety. The geyser has a flow rate of 5 liters of hot water per minute. It comes with a warranty of 2 years.

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Jyoti Silver

Jyoti Instant Gas Water Heater

The geyser has 20 minutes in-built timer in an attractive body graphic with a heavy heat exchanger.

This Jyoti instant gas geyser is ISI marked product and available for low as well as high water pressure installations. It has attractive body graphics and heavy heat exchanger.

It is fully automatic and has a 20 minute in-built timer for overheat protection and safety. It comes with child safety, summer-winter knobs and ODS protection.

The geyser has LPG and PNG compatible, thus you can choose the one option that fits your needs. It comes with a warranty of 1 year.

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Hindware Atlantic

Hindware Atlantic Gas Water Heater

It has superior safety with low working pressure and climate based optimization.

This water heater has 6 litres capacity and comes with Superior Safety.

It has a Hi-Tech design and a low working pressure of 0.1 bar to 7.5 bar. It works on climate based optimization which allows the geyser to choose the quantum of heat based on the season.It has a hassle independent ignition process that offers instant ignition.

This water heater works on LPG and PNG both. It also comes with a number of safety features like child lock, overheat protection and anti dry protection. The geyser comes with a warranty of 2 years.

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Gas Geyser vs Electric Geyser – Which one Should I Buy?

If you wish to purchase a new geyser for your home but you are confused with which one to choose from a gas geyser and electric geyser, then this section will guide you.

The best way to find out which one suits your needs is to analyze its strengths and weaknesses. Both these geysers work differently and have their respective sets of pros as well as cons.

While considering the pros and cons, ensure to give more importance to factors like safety, lifespan and performance of these two types of geysers.

The table below will help you understand in detail.

Feature Gas GeyserElectric Geyser
Cost of the geyserAffordable

6 litres gas geyser costs between 4000 to 5000


6 litres gas geyser costs between 6000 to 8000

Cost of heating1 litre water costs between 40 paise and 80 paise  depending whether you have Aadhaar subsidy LPG or not1 litre water costs around 80 paise
Time required to heat the waterAround three times faster than electric geyserTakes more time
SafetyNot as safe as electric geyserVery safe
LifespanThe burners of gas geysers damage often5 to 7 years
Space requirementsRequires more space than electric geyser to keep the LPG and it also needs proper ventilation. Ideal for tier 2 and tier 3 cities where the homes are spaciousWall mounting space is sufficient
InstallationDifficult because you need to connect to the LPG (if you do not have pipeline gas) and have an outlet for the fumesSimple
ModelsInstant gas geyserAvailable in two types instant and storage geyser
PollutionMay release carbon monoxide which needs to be vented outNo pollution
Warranty1 to 2 years warranty2 or more years warranty
Popular brandsBajaj, Hindware and V GuardBajaj, V Guard, Havells, Crompton, AO Smith and Kenstar

The selection of the type of geyser you choose basically depends on your needs and budget.

How Gas Geyser Works?

Gas geysers uses gas burner that is located below the tank to heat water. During heating, pressure accumulates in the geyser and then the pressure valve intervenes to discharge the pressure and heat the water.

Below mentioned are a few benefits and drawbacks of gas geyser that may help you make an informed decision:

Benefits of Gas Geysers

  • You can control the level and rate of heating
  • Steady heating which saves power. you can save a lot of heat energy in case you use the hot water immediately.
  • Ideal for a small and large family
  • Suitable for tier 2 and tier 3 cities where there is power outage daily
  • Repairing a gas geyser is super simple. Do not try it yourself. It is less time consuming and easy for a professional technician.
  • Can work even if there is power outage
  • Gas geyser work on pipeline natural gas as well as LPG cylinder

Drawbacks of Gas Geysers

  • Unsafe when compared to electric geysers. If proper care is taken, then it is completely safe just like an electric geyser.
  • Only one type of gas geyser is available in the Indian market – Instant gas geysers.
  • May not last as long as the electric geysers but cost half the price.
  • It causes pollution as it releases carbon monoxide.

How safe is a gas geyser?

The gas geysers may not be as safe as electric geysers but when proper care is take, they are equally safe. Make sure to follow the below mentioned tips:

  • Make sure there is proper ventilation in your bathroom. Do not install it in a confined space.
  • Do not keep any electric wiring near the gas geyser
  • Ensure all the linking pipes clea, leak-proof and anti corrosive
  • Keep it at such a height from where you can see the pilot flame
  • Do not keep the geyser on for a very long time

How to Choose a Gas Geyser in India?

Gas geysers have been in the limelight since a few years now. You may get overwhelmed with the options available in the market. Thus, ensure to check out the points mentioned below that will help you make the right search.

Consider your bathroom space

As you know that a gas geyser requires spacious and well ventilated bathroom to ensure the proper release of fumes.

There are two ways of supplying gas to heat the water, LPG and pipeline gas. If you are not using pipeline gas, then you may require more space to keep the LPG cylinder in your home.

Storage capacity

Gas water heaters are available in only one type that is instant heater and there is no need for you to worry about additional storage space for storing the water and reheating it.

There is no extra room for storage and hence the gas geysers work on instant heating functionality. Which gas geyser you do not have to wait for the water to heat up, you can get hot water instantly as soon as you to turn the heater’s switch on. This one is the best option to go for if you are looking for instant hot water supply.

Energy Efficiency

Always look for a gas water heater that has a higher energy factor as it is directly proportional to the efficiency of the geyser.

The energy efficiency of a water heater usually ranges between 0.5 and 0.6. Q hire models have a energy efficiency of up to 0.8.

When you buy a gas water heater also consider the Watts that the appliance consumes. the wattage of the geyser affects the heating process and determines how quickly it will heat the water. for example a geyser with 4.5KW will work faster then a geyser with 2.4KW.

Ease of use

The operation of the water heater should be simple and easy to understand. Make sure you do not choose geysers that work in a complicated way. The simpler the operation, the better it is for you. The only purpose of having a water heater is to get hot water and others it does not need to have any complex operations.

Flow rate

As you know gas water heaters at tankless, While buying one you need to consider the flow rate. Know the flow rate and compare it with your requirement before purchasing the geyser.

It is usually calculated in GMT and is also known as gallons per minute. The floor of the hot water starts only when the geyser reaches its maximum heating ability. If you want to have a constant flow of hot water make sure you weigh your requirements properly.

Operating costs

When compared to an electric heater the operating cost of gas geysers is less. They consume less energy as they do not store any water in the tank.

Also gas geysers work on LPG or natural gas which is cheaper than electricity and thus the overall operating cost reduces.
If you use LPG gas unit then the cost of heating will vary as per the provisions. In case you have an Aadhaar subsidy then the heating cost would be around 50 paise per litre.

On the other hand if you do not have an Aadhaar subsidy then the cost would go up to 80 paise per litre. If you have budget constraints and saving is is very important then you should go for a gas geyser.


Gas geysers tend to last longer when compared to storage electric geysers and you can be sure that it will be serving its purpose for years to go.

Make sure to consider the warranty period offered by the brand that covers service charges and expenses for a particular tenure.

Ease of repair

We recommend you to buy a water heater from a reputed brand because of the ease of repair and availability of spare parts.

All popular brands often offer repair services at the soonest. Before you make the purchase, ensure to buy a geyser from a brand that ensures ease of repair.


When compared to electric heaters gas geysers are affordable. you will find an efficient good and compact gas heater between 4000 and 5000 having an instant heating capacity of around 6 litres.

We recommend you not to consider the price of the water heater as the sole decision factor. Make sure to keep in mind all the points mentioned about with the price to make the right decision.


Gas geysers are ideal for you if you do not want to spend money on high electricity bills. Why you are looking for one we recommend you to go through the buying guide of mentioned above to understand the essential points that will help you make an informed decision.

Also if you are still confused whether you should opt for an electric geyser for gas water heater then we recommend you to go through this section where we have compared the two.

To make your search simpler we have researched and reviewed the best gas geysers available in the market today.

This post contains affiliate links to products. We may receive a commission for purchases made through these links at no additional cost to you. Know how we select product.