Top 10 Nutritious & Best Formula Milk for Babies in India

The health of newborn babies is the most important factor that worries a mother the most. Apart from health the very important part of baby care is breastfeeding.

Breastfeeding after birth is recommended by the doctors as it contains various nutritional needs that are essential for the proper growth of infants, but for a working mother, sometimes, it becomes very difficult to breastfeed her baby.

It may be due to some medical conditions of the mother or if the baby is sucking inefficiently. In such times, formula feeding is the only good option available.

Milk formulas for babies are available in various forms like powdered that dissolve in water, concentrated liquid that can be mixed with water, and ready-to-use forms where water is not needed.

A proper formula should include ample amounts of proteins, vitamins, minerals, fat, water, and carbohydrate. In this article we will help you to choose the best formula milk for baby 0-6 months, so keep reading on.

10 Best Formula Milk for Baby 0-6, 6-12 Months in India

Baby Milk PowderType + Ideal forBest Buy Link
 1. Nestle –Lactogen 1 Infant Formula PowderBest formula milk for 0-6 month babyBuy on Amazon
 2. Similac Advance Follow-Up Infant Formula –Stage 2Follow-Up Formula after 6 monthsBuy on Amazon
 3. Nutricia-DexolacSpecial care Infant FormulaFormula milk for premature & low birth weight babyBuy on Amazon
 4. Neocate-LCP-Infant-Formula MilkBest milk powder for 0 to 12 months babyBuy on Amazon
  5. Enfagrow- A+ Health Nutrition- DrinkNutritional formula milk for 2+ yr kidsBuy on Amazon
 6. Nangrow- Nutritious Milk DrinkBest milk powder for the age group of 2 to 5 yrsBuy on Amazon
 7. Nutricia-Nusobee Soy Infant FormulaBest for infant to 2 yr old babiesBuy on Amazon
 8. Nestle Pre NAN
Best for premature & underweight babiesBuy on Amazon
 9. Nestle Nan Pro 1Best for infants from 0 – 6 monthsBuy on Amazon
 10. Aptamil Stage 2Best for babies from 6-12 monthsBuy on Amazon

Best Formula Milk for Babies

Here are the 10 best milk formulas for a baby you can buy online in India

1. Nestle –Lactogen Stage 1 Infant Formula Powder

Nestle LACTOGEN 1 Infant Formula Powder for 0 to 6 month babiesBest milk powder for baby 0-6 months

Nestle is the leading food, nutrition, health, and wellness company in the world. It provides nutritional needs without compromising quality and taste.

This formula comes in powdered form, suitable for 0-6 months’ infants. It’s a soy-based formula for infants who are allergic to cow’s milk protein-based formula. It contains water, minerals, milk solid, soybean oil, and corn oil. Contains whey protein which helps in easy digestion.

With all these ingredients, it can be considered one of the best formula milk for baby 0-6 months in India, as it helps the baby to get all the required nutrition and promote healthy growth.

Like many other formulas, this comes in the bag-in-box packaging format. This ensures safety as well as hygiene of powder.

It can be used from the day first for the baby in case the mother is not lactating or unable to breastfeed due to some medical issues. Though it is available as an over-the-counter product it should be used after the advice of health care providers.

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2. Similac Advance Follow-Up Infant Formula Stage 2

Similac Advance Follow-Up Infant Formula Stage 2Best follow-up formula after 6 months

Similac from Abbott Nutrition contains all the nutritional components that are essential for strengthening the immune system and for proper brain and eye development of the baby.

This formula comes in powdered form, suitable for babies above 6 months. Similac advance -stage 2 contains neuro-nutrients like omega 3, omega 6, folic acid, iron, zinc that promote an infant’s brain development.

Apart from these neuro-nutrients, it contains proteins, fats, vitamins, and minerals that are essentials for boosting the immune system as well as the overall healthy growth of the baby. This formula also promotes calcium absorption that is good for bone development.

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3. Nutricia-DexolacSpecial care Infant Formula

Dexolac Special Care Infant Milk Formula Best for premature & low birth weight baby

Nutricia is a part of the Danone group which are known for their specially designed clinical nutrients. Nutricia is known for proving specific nutrients for specific needs for infants as well as for breastfeeding mothers. This formula milk powder primarily aimed for babies that either premature or has low birth weight.

Dexolac Special care comes in spray-dried powdered form and contains milk protein such as whey protein and casein which provide easy digestion. It also covers the need for vitamins, selenium, and zinc which boost the immune system.

The neuro-nutrition like omega 3, omega 6, iodine, iron helps in brain development, while lecithin and amino acids ensure the improvement of the overall growth of babies.

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4. Neocate-LCP-Infant-Formula

Neocate LCP Infant Formula

Quite expensive yet effective formula for infants with milk allergies

Neocate has hypoallergenic, amino acid-based products that are capable of managing the nutritional needs of infants who are having cow and soy milk allergy or related digestion issues.

This formula is suitable for infants from 0 to 12 months of age. This formula must be used under medical supervision only. This type of formula is suitable for those who have cow’s milk allergy or multiple food protein allergies or in other conditions where infants are recommended other elemental diets.

The formula can be taken in oral or in tube feeding only. If its tube feeding, hanging time should not exceed 4 hrs.

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5. Enfagrow- A+ Health Nutrition- Drink –Stage 4

Enfagrow A plus Nutritional Milk Powder Health Drink for Children Nutrional drinks for 2+ yr kids to enhance physical & brain development.

Enfagrow is one of the most popular nutritional needs provider brand. This is suitable for children who are 2 years and above and it comes in powdered form.

This milk powder has DNA Plus, a combination of DNA and 8 essential nutrients that help in brain development and enhance the motor, intellectual, emotional, and communication skills. It also contains calcium, vitamins, phosphorus, magnesium which is ideal for the proper growth of children.

The formula also known to boost the immune system as it contains elements like iron and zinc which play a crucial role in building immunity.

This formula is for children that don’t get enough nutrients from their daily diet and has some nutrient deficiency. After consuming it on a daily basis your child will feel energetic and will get stronger immunity which will help to fight against any diseases.

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6. Nangrow- Nutritious- for Growing children

Nestlé NANGROW Nutritious Milk Drink for Growing ChildrenBest for the age group of 2 to 5 yrs

Next up we have the Nangrow Nutritious from Nestle. It provides nutritional needs without compromising quality and taste.

This is a nutritious milk drink for the age group of 2 to 5 yrs. It contains zero added sugar and high-quality whey proteins that support easy digestion.

The formula also contains DHA which is one of the essential things contributing to the brain development of the child. Other nutrients like vitamins, calcium which is essential for bone building are also contained in the product.

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7. Nutricia-Nusobee Soya Infant Formula

Nusobee Soya Infant Formula TinBest for infant to 2 yr old babies

Nutricia is known for its specially designed clinical nutrients needs for infants as well as for breastfeeding mothers. This formula is aimed for infant to 2 yr old babies.

It free from lactose and sucrose, which makes it an easy to digest formula. So if your child has any digestion issues, this product is suitable for your baby.

It contains omega 3 and omega 6 that help in brain development. The formula also has calcium, vitamins, and magnesium for strong bones and nucleotides which helps in boosting the immune system. This formula is suitable for infants from 0- 24 months of age.

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8. Nestle Pre NAN

Nestle PRE NAN Low Birth Weight Infant Milk FormulaBest for premature & underweight babies

Next on the list, we have the Nestle pre-NAN. It provides nutritional needs without compromising the quality and taste.

This formula is for babies that are born prematurely before 37 weeks or are underweight, and weighing less than 2.5kg because of some medical condition.

The formula comes in a powdered form specifically aiding in the development of premature and underweight babies and contains milk protein such as whey protein and casein which provide easy digestion. It also contains vitamins, nucleotides which help to boost the immune system.

Other important nutrients like maltodextrin, soya lecithin, and amino acids are also present in this formula. These nutrients help to improve the overall growth of babies. This formula is, however, not suitable in case of galactosemia or glucose-galactose malabsorption or in case of cow’s milk protein allergy.

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9. Nestle Nan Pro 1

Nestlé Nan Pro 1 Starter Infant Formula with ProbioticsBest for infants from 0 – 6 months

Like many other milk formulas, the Nestle Nan Pro 1 formula comes in powdered form. It is suitable for infants from 0 – 6 months of age.

It contains whey protein which can be easily digested by the infants and added probiotics to ensure the improvement of gut health. The formula also contains essential fatty acids and bifidogenic nutrients that support the overall growth and development of your infants.

Other important nutrients like iron, iodine is also present in it that help for brain development. It Also has immunity-boosting nutrients like zinc, nucleotides, selenium, vitamins which improve and strengthen the infant’s immune system

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10. Aptamil stage 2- Follow up formula

Aptamil Stage 2 Follow Up Formula
Best for babies from 6-12 months

Last on the list, we have the Nutricia Aptamil stage 2 follow up formula. This formula comes in powdered form and is suitable for babies from 6-12 months of age.

It is a blend of DHA & ARA, iron, iodine, folic acid, choline & taurine which help in brain development and improving visual function in infants. It also has whey protein for easy digestion and hence can be used for the babies having digestion problems.

Many important nutrients like nucleotides, zinc, selenium, vitamin A, C, E & beta-carotene are also present in this product that boost the immunity system. It is rich in protein, calcium, and phosphorus that will help for the overall growth of the baby.

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How to Choose Formula Milk in India – Buying Guide

Now that we have told you about the different types of baby milk formula.  let us guide you about the various aspects that you should take into consideration while buying these milk formulas. They are as follow –

Consider the Age of Baby

The most important factor that should be considered while choosing milk formula is age, as according to age nutritional needs differ.

Milk formulas are made keeping in mind the age. So always check the labels for the age.

Consider the Nutritional Need of Baby

Choose your milk formula according to the nutritional needs that your infants need.

The milk formulas are available in various types, like cow milk protein-based formulas, soy-based formulas, lactose-free formula, etc. Do consult your doctor about this before making your purchase.

Rule out Allergies

If your infants are facing any particular allergies you must take extra care while buying any type of milk formula.

Special products are available to provide for all the infant’s needs. By doing this you will not have to face any complications with the health of your child.

Pay Attention to Ingredients/Shelf Life

Milk formula generally contains ingredients like omega 3, omega 6 , iodine, iron that help in brain development. See the labels if they contain all of these important ingredients.

Digestion easy Ingredients

To ensure that the milk formula is easy to digest, check if the product has whey protein and casein as it aids in easy digestion. Not doing so will lead to an upset stomach and in some cases stomach ache in infants too.

Also, check the shelf life of the product, and once opened, use it before the expiry date. To avoid the ill effects to your baby, you must also keep it in an airtight container.

Price Matters

While buying the over-the-counter formula milk, it is essential that you should keep the budge in mind. Some products are very affordable as they are available in various pack sizes and some are also available in combo packs to fit in your budget.

Consult Doctor & Buy Right

A consulting pediatrician can help you decide the right formula for your baby.

In case you have a premature baby, there are special products available for them. Do not buy the regular milk formula for your premature baby as it may cause serious health issues.

You can get milk formulas for premature that are born before 37 weeks or are underweight that are born with a weight less than 2.5kg. These special milk formulas give some extra care and additional nutrients for their rapid growth and development.

Types of formulas-

Baby milk formulas are categorized as follows based on how they are formulated.

Cow milk protein-based formulas

Milk pouring in the glass

Cow milk formulas are the most preferred formulas as they are made with cow’s milk protein which is similar to breast milk.

This type of formula contains lactose, minerals, vegetable oils vitamins, etc. essential for the proper growth of infants. It contains the right balance of protein, carbohydrates, and fat.

Soy-based formulas

The soy-based formula can be used when babies are allergic to cow’s milk protein. Some babies are also allergic to lactose present in cow’s milk. Hence, these serve as great substitutes.

Protein hydrolysate formulas

Protein hydrolysate formulas are nothing but formulas with breakdown protein. Infants that are allergic to cow’s milk can choose this option.

Lactose-free formulas

These types of formulas are suitable for babies that are having lactose intolerance i.e. they can’t absorb lactose that is present in milk.

Goat’s milk formulas

Goat milk formula has more nutritional value as compared to cow’s milk protein-based formula.

The essential amino acids which are needed by infants are more in these formulas as compared to cow’s milk. It contains more vitamins and minerals for the healthy growth of infants.

Baby milk formulas cannot be fed directly as it is to the babies. Almost all the milk formulas have to be prepared in a specific way. The following steps described below will help you in this.

How to prepare the formula milk?

Firstly one must boil the water for a minimum of 5 minutes and leave it till lukewarm. After this, pour the water in a feeding bottle as per the measurement given in the feeding table. Then add scoops of the formula exactly according to the feeding table.

When this is done, shake the feeding bottle well until it forms a homogeneous mixture and feed it immediately to the baby. Do not forget to discard it if not used within an hour.

While preparing formulas make sure that all the utensils are sterilized before using to avoid the contamination. Water should be properly boiled. Note that the temperature of the water should not be more than 37˚C as it may hamper the benefits of probiotics.

Washing hands before preparing formula are mandatory to avoid infection to infants. One must not forget to maintain proper hygiene.

Dilution should be done only as instructed, as improper dilution affects the nutritional needs required by the babies. Once opened, you must consume it within 2 weeks or 3 weeks or within expiry as prescribed on the product.

Do not forget to store it in an airtight container. Baby milk formula should not be refrigerated and should be stored in a cool and dry place.

Benefits of Formula Milk

Infant formula milk that is prepared commercially can bring several benefits to the newborn as well as for mother.

It is a rich source of various nutrients that babies need in early life. Apart from the nutritional point here are few benefits of using formula feeds.

1. Convenience to mother

Formula feed can bring a lot of convenience to the mother when it comes to feeding the baby.

With the use of formula milk, other family members or partner can take an active part in the feeding process. This will help them to bond with the baby as well as ease mothers’ stress to a certain level.

2. Ease Mothers Diet Restrictions

When a baby feeds on formula milk, mother don’t need to worry about their own diet.

Usually, breastfeeding mothers follow several diet restrictions to avoid the suffering of the baby from gaseous distention, food allergies, etc.

But when baby begins to feed on formula milk, the mother can eat all kind of food she craves for unless avoided for some other reasons.

3. Brings flexibility

Baby can feed on formula feed as per the schedule and can be feed at any place. Mom does not require to look for privacy while feeding the baby.

Also, caregiver or mothers partner can take an active involvement in feeding the baby which provide relief to the mother and she can be assured that baby’s feeding need is taken care of.

4. Reduces feeding frequency

Often formula feed is thick and less digestible than that of mothers milk so whenever baby feed on formula milk then feeding frequency reduces.

Stage 1 vs Stage 2 vs Stage 3 – Understanding the Difference Between Formula Milk

Ideally, babies should feed on mother’s milk and should be introduced to the natural, home-cooked food from the age of 6 months.

But due to some reason, if you found that you need to use the formula milk powder to feed the baby, you might be stuck with so many choices.

Here are the differences between different stages of formula milk –

Stage 1

Stage I formula milk powder is designed for babies between the age of 4 to 6 months.

At this stage of age, babies should be given puree or liquid type of food in limited quantity so that they can swallow easily and digest comfortably.

Our choiceNestle Lactogen Stage 1 Infant Formula Powder

Stage 2

Stage 2 formula feed is designed for babies between the age of 7 to 8. You can start this feed from the month of 7.

At this age, your little one is grown-up enough to introduce the thick textured and well-cooked food. Along with the formula feed, you can give him lumpy, mashed food.

Cook the veggies to soften them and if required you can use the blender to blend them to fir the requirement of your baby.

At this age, you should try to eat together with the baby so that baby can learn by watching you.

Our choiceSimilac Advance Follow-Up Infant Formula Stage 2

Stage 3

Stage 3 formula feed is recommended to start from the age of 8th month and can be given to baby up to the age of 12 months.

Around the age of 8 to 9th-month babies require at least 3 meals a day in addition to the milk they feed on. Apart from the formula milk, you can introduce them to various fruits, food items that cooked, mashed to the lumps.

Our choiceNestlé CERELAC Fortified Baby Cereal

FAQ about Formula Milk for Babies

Is a brand name formula better than generic formula?

No, it may seem that all the ingredients are as per brand name but proportions of ingredients also matter. So your baby may get an adverse effect if proper amounts of nutrients are not provided. Better to consult your healthcare provider before you finalize the formula.

How to mix breast milk with infant formula?

If the formula is ready to use form it can be added directly to the feeding bottle containing breast milk and if it’s in powdered or concentrated liquid form then prepare as per the instruction and add the mixture to the feeding bottle containing breast milk. Undiluted powder or concentrated liquid should not be added to breast milk in a bottle directly.

If the formula is left over, can I offer it again?

No, throw away any leftover formula.

There’s a chance that bacteria may have formed since the last feeding, which could make your baby sick. Always read the instructions on the product carefully when using the formula.

Can the prepared formulas be rewarmed?

No, you cannot rewarm the formula. The rewarming formula increases the possibility of bacteria growth in the formula as it cools off after heating.

Does the food mother eat can cause allergies in the baby?

Yes, in very few cases the food eaten by the mother can cause discomfort in babies. Mothers have observed that when they ate gassy (like cabbage) or spicy food, babies often nurse more cry or fuss. [01]

Though it is observed by several mothers and even agreed by pediatricians, a clinical study carried out in 2017 shows that maternal food restrictions are unnecessary during breastfeeding. [02]

If you observe that the baby is reacting negatively whenever you eat a certain food then avoid such type of food and see if it helps the baby.

Even after avoiding such food, if the baby shows symptoms then it may be colic than the food allergy and in such case, you should consult a pediatrician.

What Are The Top 10 Baby Milk Powders Available In India?

  1. Nestle –Lactogen Stage 1 Infant Formula Powder
  2. Similac Advance Follow-Up Infant Formula Stage 2
  3. Nutricia-DexolacSpecial care Infant Formula
  4. Neocate LCP Infant Formula Powder
  5. Enfagrow A+ Nutritional Milk Powder
  6. Nangrow Nutritious Milk Drink for Growing Children
  7. Nusobee Soya Infant Formula
  8. PRE NAN Low Birth Weight Infant Milk Formula
  9. Nestlé NAN PRO 1 Infant Formula Powder
  10. Aptamil stage 2- Follow up formula


Infant milk formulas are beneficial for your babies in various ways for their proper growth and development. We hope that this article was beneficial and helpful to you so that you can choose the right milk formula for your baby.

Wish you happy parenting !!

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