7 Best Exercise Cycle [Bike] in India for Home Gym & Better Fitness

Exercising Cycles are stationary cycles that do not come into motion while paddling.

These cycles can be used for high intensity exercise or for moderate stretching and flexibility exercises.

They come with different features and handle types for full body workouts. There are many exercise cycles available in the market and are popularly known as fitness cycles, exercise bike or gym cycle.

We have reviewed the best cycles for exercise to be able to stay fit by exercising indoors. Apart from this, we have also mentioned all the important information that will help you make an informed decision like gym cycle buying guide, how to use it?, top exercise cycle brands etc.

Top Execise Cycle Brands

1. Exercise Cycle With Moving Handles & Adjustable Cushioned Seat

Reach Air Bike Exercise Cycle

It comes with an adjustable tension knob that allows for variable resistance levels for different workout levels.

The Reach Air Bike Exercise Cycle is a stationary cycle that offers a full body workout supporting 100 kg.

It helps in strengthening the lower body and its dual action arms feature increases the upper body endurance. The settings can be easily changed from moving handles to stationary handles for experiencing different workouts.

It has a user friendly tracker and an LCD to scan modes and track the time, distance, speed and calories burned.

It comes with an ergonomic design and comfortable seating with large adjustable seat cushions.

It has handlebars that are packed with high-density foam to prevent strains, muscle aches and stiffness of the back.

This machine has a belt that requires less maintenance, improves pedalling technique and permits less momentum-based recovery.

It features unmatched durability and performance and is portable, lightweight and easy to use. It comes with an adjustable tension knob for different resistance levels for workouts from beginner to advanced intensities.  The wide pedals come with adjustable straps for quickly securing them.

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2. Upright Exercise Bike for Home Gym

Powermax Fitness BU-200 Upright Bike

The bike comes with an LCD display that shows time, speed, distance, odometer, calories, scan and pulse.

This PowerMax Fitness Upright Bike for Home Gym comes with Comfortable anti-skid pedals with adjustable foot straps.

It has perfect comfort cushion seats and vertical adjustment. It resists micro adjustable tension control and offers heart rate sensors on handle grip. It has HDR foam grip and comes with wheels for transportation.

This bike shows time, speed, distance, odometer, calories, scan and pulse through an LCD display.

It has an anti bacterial powder coat finish and allows maximum user weight of 100 kg. It is an attractive bike and has adjustable seats and is great for low-impact aerobic exercise.

It comes with a heavy duty crank and heady duty steel frame. It has an ergonomic design and has a flywheel with belt drive mechanism to provide an ultra smooth and quiet workout.

It features a compact structure and reliable quality for durable use. This machine is easy to operate and convenient to use.

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3. Cockatoo Magnetic Exercise Bike

Cockatoo CUB-01 Smart Series Magnetic Exercise

It comes with magnetic operating technology with 8 level resistance and magnetic brake system. 

Cockatoo is a popular brand when it comes to exercising equipment. This Exercise Bike comes with a 6” LCD monitor that helps in tracking calories, time, speed and distance.

It supports a maximum user weight of 100 kg and height of 150-195cm. This equipment comes with an operating technology of magnetic system and is supported by a magnetic brake system.

It has 8-level resistance to help intensify the exercise with a simple twist.

It is made of PVC, rubber, and premium 14-gauge steel tubing finished with a powder coating and has a high quality structure. It helps in engaging in a full body workout and combines design and performance.

It has a sturdy structure and resists scratches, chips and damages from the environment. It comes with adjustable seats to accommodate different users of different body types.

The bike is equipped with wheels for easy transport and maximum mobility to shift it in the gym or home. It can be stored conveniently in any area.

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4. XTERRA Fitness UB120 Upright Bike

XTERRA Fitness UB120 Upright Bike

It has a sturdy construction in a small footprint size and helps in smooth lower body workout. 

This XTERRA Fitness Upright Bike comes with a large, adjustable seat that fits riders from 5’1” to 6’2” height.

It has a sturdy construction and comes with built-in wheels for easy mobility and transportation.

It provides quiet functions for smooth lower body workout and takes up a small footprint area.

This exercise bike has padded handlebars and oversized foot pedals for a comfortable ride.

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5. Lifelong LLF54 Fit Pro Stationary Exercise Belt Bike

Lifelong LLF54 Fit Pro Stationary Exercise Belt Bike

This cycle is designed for fitness enthusiasts of all skill levels and provides a high inertia consistent pedal for low-impact workout. 

The Lifelong Stationary Exercise Belt Bike helps in working for cardiovascular exercises.

It uses a 320 belt bearing system that provides softer and less noisy rotation for more durability. It comes with counterbalanced pedals with maximal foot support for ultimate control.

It has an ergonomic design that facilitates efficient workouts and has adjustable foot straps.

It has a smooth magnetic resistance system with 8 levels of difficulty to fit fitness enthusiasts of all skill levels.

It has an adjustable belt system which is ideal for home use indoor cycle experience.

The bike supports a maximum weight of 100 kg, has an adjustable seat height of 50-80cm, belt driven system, adjustable tension knob and has foam grip handles.

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6. Healthex Exercise Cycle for Weight Loss at Home with Back Support

Healthex Exercise Cycle for Weight Loss at Home

It is a portable, non motorised exercise cycle machine for home use. 

The Healthex Exercise Cycle comes with an electronic meter display that shows time, distance, calories burned, speed and scan.

It is a portable, non-motorized exercise cycle machine for home use and comes with a manual tension knob for strength adjustment.

This bike has ergonomic adjustable-reach arms with padded grips. It has a steel frame construction and easy to adjust seat and handle position.

This equipment helps in performing cardiovascular exercise that helps in lowering blood pressure, regulates blood sugar levels and prevents heart attacks with regular use.

It is joint friendly and helps in performing many types of aerobic activity.

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7. PROLINE FITNESS 533B Upright Bike


It has a smooth and silent belt transmission system and comes with a multi position handlebar. 

This Proline Upright Bike comes with 6 functions: computer, hand pulse, outer magnetic system and flywheel 4 kg.

It can be operated on battery and has wheels for easy movement.

It has a fully accessible design with wide adjustable comfort saddle height for comfortable workout.

It has an attractive design, stable pedalling and excellent technical performance. It comes with a multi-functional display unit that indicates the speed, time, scan, distance, ODO and calories.

The bike supports a maximum weight of 100 kg and provides a smooth and silent belt transmission system.

It has adjustable tension control knob with up to 8 levels and a multi position handlebar to exercise maximum body muscles.

It comes with comfortable and safe to use pedals that have an anti slip feature.

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How to Choose the Best Fitness Cycle in India?

Before you make an investment in an exercise bike, it is crucial for you to understand your needs and also the important factors that may influence your purchase.

Let’s delve into the points that can help you make an informed decision that you would not regret in the future.

Build quality and material

For a robust and long-lasting cycle for exercise, make sure to select the one that has a steel body and frame.

A cycle that is made with steel is worth the money as it lasts longer and can withstand daily workouts.

Make sure the exercise cycle has adjustable foot straps as well as anti-skid pedals as it can help you get maximum comfort while keeping you safe from slipping.


One of the most overlooked factors while buying an exercise bike is its portability.

Make sure that the bike is lightweight as well as foldable so that you can store it properly and also carry it from one room to another.

Resistance level

Another factor that you need to consider while buying an exercise cycle is the resistance level. The resistance level is nothing but like pedaling a regular cycle.

The higher resistance level is similar to pedaling a cycle on a steep surface. Higher resistance is harder means it is harder to pedal the cycle.

It is important to buy a cycle that has a variable resistance level so that you can adjust the level as per your age, endurance, goal, injury, etc.

Also, after getting used to a particular resistance level, muscle growth stops, and you may then have to increase the level to achieve more strength.

You can also adjust the resistance level according to the type of workout you do. For example, for a high-intensity workout, you need to choose a higher resistance level.

Usually, the exercise bikes provide resistance levels anywhere between 4 and 25.

Types of resistance

Currently, there are three types of resistance levels available in an exercise bike and those are listed below:

Direct contact resistance

Currently, the most common mechanism in upright exercise bikes is the direct contact resistance. This resistance level is also known as friction-based resistance.

The brake is applied to the flywheel to decrease the speed of the jogging cycle. They wear out in the long run and also start making noise if there is no sufficient lubrication.

Magnetic resistance

The latest resistance level in exercise bikes is this one. It is available in all high-end cycles and does not make any noise when operated.

This type of resistance level works on the principle of electromagnets. A few exercise bikes have tension knobs while some have digital buttons.

The two magnets and flywheel control the mechanism of the magnetic resistance.

Fan-based resistance

This type of  resistance level is such that a large fan rotates and the air surrounding it creates resistance when you pedal.

It is directly proportional to the pedaling speed. The pedal and fan are connected to the pulley system as well as the belt.

All air bikes use this fan based resistance. The size of the fan matters a lot because a bigger fan will create more resistance.

Tracking motor

Tracking information like heart rate, strides count, speed, rotations per minute, distance, calories burned and resistance level helps in reaching your fitness goals.

Thus, it is important to have a tracking monitor. The scan feature also shows different metrics at a particular interval. If you are into cardio workout, it is essential to have a pulse monitor in the gym cycle.

Also, make sure that the size of the display is large so that the details are clearly visible. If the display has a backlit, then it can be useful even in dim lighting.

Also, try to purchase an exercise bike that has an LED display and not LCD.

Weight bearing capacity

Most exercise bikes available in the market in the mid price range have a weight capacity of 90 to 110 kgs.

Make sure that the exercise bike that you purchase has a weight capacity of at least 15 kgs more than your weight.

This is because if you gain weight in the future for any reason, it can still be of use for exercising and not cause any accidental damage.

For instance, if you weigh 75 kgs, it is always wise to search for an exercise bike that has a weight capacity of at least 90 kgs.

We do not recommend you to use the bike if your weight is more than its capacity because it can cause accidental damages.

Bike pedal and straps

Make sure to choose a bike that has an adjustable strap to hold your feet to prevent accidental slipping while exercising.

A wide pedal is better to have as it can fit different sizes of feet. Also, ensure that it is simple to lock and unlock and made of good quality nylon material that lasts long.

Exercise bikes have pedals of different kinds too like clipless, flat, toe clip, etc. If you are comfortable with a particular type, ensure to look for it while buying the exercise bike.

Seat of the bike

It is very important to have a comfortable seat when you are looking for an exercise cycle.

This is because you are going to sit on it for a long time and it should be comfortable only then you will be able to enjoy your workout session.

If you choose a wrong seat, then it may be uncomfortable and cause pain in the hips, butt muscles and back.

Remember that the seat of the spin, air, and upright bike has a seat that requires you to sit in a bent position. This may not be suitable for every person. In this case, there are gym cycle brands that offer recumbent bikes with a backrest.

Some bikes also come with adjustable seats that help you sit in a comfortable position. You can adjust it according to your height.

Warranty and post sale service

If you select a high-end exercise bike that has a sturdy built and high-quality, then you may not need support often.

Since it is an expensive investment, we recommend you to buy a bike that provides a warranty of at least 1 year. Some gym cycle brands even offer a 3 years warranty on a few high-end models, which is a great option to pick if you do not have any budget constraints.

Installing the bike is not very difficult and it only takes around 30 minutes.

But you need help sometimes and this is why it is wise to check for service availability of the brand before buying.


Exercise bikes are available in different price ranges based on various factors like features, types, resistance level type, brand, etc.

The simple models are available anywhere between Rs. 5000 and Rs. 8000. These are ideal for beginners.

Spin bikes range in between Rs. 18,000 and Rs. 20,000. On the other hand, high-end models are available at a price of around Rs. 50,000.

Other features to note

There are a few other features that you need to keep in mind while investing in an exercise bike.

Bike noise

The magnetic resistance exercise bikes do not make any noise while working out on it. The reason is that they are friction free.

Other types of resistance may produce some noise because of the frictional force. But the noise created will be minimal.

Size of bike

If you do not have enough storage space, then you need to consider the size of the exercise bike. You can also opt for foldable stationary bikes.

Included workouts

The high end exercise bikes come with preset programs. You can select the preset program and start your workout.

In case you have no idea where to start from, always go through the built-in workouts and take a call.

The training programs already set in the bike change the resistance level automatically to simulate various terrains such as plain or hilly.

The heart rate control program built-in the bike changes the resistance level to higher or lower keeping you in the target zone.

You can feed the important points like weight, age, gender to make the most of your gym bike.

How to Use an Upright Exercise Bike?

Using an upright exercise cycle is simple, just follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Keep your legs on the pedals and place the strap on the feet, if there exists one for additional security.
  • If there is a backrest, take support of it and keep your hands on the side or upper handlebars as per your convenience.
  • You can increase or decrease the resistance level by turning the knob according to your comfort level.
  • You can adjust the seat so that you are comfortable. Adjust the handlebars in a position that your shoulders and hands are the same level. In case you have side handlebars, we suggest using those for beginners.

One of the common mistakes while using the exercise cycle is hunching that causes severe back pain in the long term. Make sure your back is straight and your chest is up.

Safety Tips for Using Exercise Cycle

Gym indoor cycles are safer to use when compared to outdoor cycles, but there are some risks involved. Thus make sure you follow the safety tips mentioned below:

  • If you are a beginner, make sure you do not push yourself. Directly starting with higher resistance level can be stressful on your body which may cause injury. Thus, begin with low resistance and then you are progress to higher levels.
  • The sitting posture makes a huge difference. Wrong posture can give you back pain and in case you are not sure of your posture, ask your trainer.
  • Make sure to do some warm up and stretching before cycling.
  • Do not compete with others when you are cycling in a group. Everyone’s bodies and threshold level are different.
  • If you feel any pain in your joints or muscles while exercising, take a pause and let your body recover.
  • If you have any of these issues – sugar, heart problems or blood pressure, ensure to check with your doctor before exercising.
  • Do not cycle in case you are sleepy or have problems with balancing at that point in time because it may lead to accidental falling.

Benefits of Using Cycle for Exercise

If you are not sure whether you should invest in a cycle for exercise, we have listed down some benefits that will help you take the right decision as per your requirements.

Doing exercises can be beneficial and you can experience similar benefits with exercising on the indoor cycle as well.

Improves heart health

Cycling makes your heart healthy because it is a cardiovascular exercise. It also helps in keeping your muscles and lungs healthy.

Pedaling improves the oxygen and blood flow throughout the body.  Cardiovascular exercises make your heart pump more blood which regulates the sugar levels, lowers high blood pressure and also stress.

Helps in losing weight 

Cycling is an amazing workout for burning calories. Based on the user’s weight, duration of cycling and intensity, he/she can burn anywhere between 200 and 600 calories.

If you wish to lose weight, you can invest in an indoor cycle and burn calories!

Strong muscles and toned legs

Apart from strengthening the lower body muscles, cycling also helps with toning your legs because it works on your quads, glutes and calves.

Low impact workout

Another benefit of workout on an exercise cycle is that it puts low pressure on the bones and joints.

It does not put stress on the joints like in jogging, running or zumba. Thus, this exercise can be done by people having joint problems.


We hope to have helped you understand all the details that will help you take an informed decision.

Make sure to check out the benefits that you can experience when you exercise regularly on an indoor cycle. If it is your first time buying the exercise bike, ensure to check out the buying guide.

To make your search simpler, we have also reviewed the best exercise bikes that you can consider buying.

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