Top Digital Thermometer for Kids & Adults in India

If we talk about the essential things in a home medical kit, then the digital thermometer is one mandatory device that everyone one must have. When any member of your family is feeling under the weather, the thermometer is the first thing that you want to have.

Gone are the days when thermometers used to have mercury in them. With the advent of technology, digital thermometers are more reliable and preferred by the medical professionals as well as for home care.

In this article we have for you the best digital thermometers in India that can be used very easily by the kids and the adults.

Top 10 Best Digital Thermometers in India to Buy Online

Here are the top 10 best digital thermometers in India that you can buy online.

1. Dr Trust (USA) Flexible Tip Digital Thermometer

Dr Trust Waterproof Flexible Tip Digital Thermometer

Featuring on the first position is the Dr Trust (USA) waterproof flexible tip digital thermometer. Dr. Trust is a well known brand that is recommended by many clinical professionals.

The flexible tip of this device is the most useful feature that fits very easily on the body parts. You can use it orally, or under the arm as well. Apart from this, the thermometer is also waterproof, lightweight, and easy to use by everyone.

There are two temperature settings, i.e. Fahrenheit and Celsius that you can adjust according to your preference. The response time is around 20 to 30 seconds, however there is no backlight on the display. On the whole it is a great product that will help you get accurate readings.

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2. Agaro Dt 555 Thermometer

AGARO DT-555 Digital Themometer

Next up, we have the Agaro Dt 555 digital thermometer. It is an international brand that is trusted and recommended by experts all over the world. The thermometer is clinically tested to be completely safe for use.

The thermometer is water resistant and comes with a beeper alert and provides you the flexibility to measure the temperatures on many body parts including the armpit, mouth and rectum. This makes it very useful as one can check the temperatures accurately.

The thermometer is also equipped with a fever alarm for babies. The device has replaceable, unbreakable batteries that enables the user to carry it anywhere. The thermometer is very durable and easy to use by both the kids and the adults.

The display is good quality and there is a protective transparent covering on the thermometer to prevent any damage. Overall , it is a useful product and value for money.

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3. Infrared Portable Electric Thermometer by Riuty

Forehead Ear Digital Thermometer for Baby and Kids.

This digital thermometer by Riuty is a forehead, ear thermometer that gives precise readings. The accuracy of the readings is +/- 0.2 degree celsius.

The device is equipped with an infrared temperature sensor that shows reading very quickly. Due to its ergonomic design, it feels very comfortable to use.

The most important feature of this thermometer is its memory capacity. You get to store 32 sets of measurement data at a time. This is very useful when you have to keep a track of the health of the patient. Because it is a non-contact thermometer, the chances of cross contamination are highly reduced.

It is very durable and hygienic to use by everyone. This thermometer is battery operated and hence can be carried anywhere. We recommend this product to the people who are looking for good non-contact thermometers and especially new mothers.

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4. Omron MC 246 digital thermometer

Omron MC 246 Digital Thermometer

Crafted with innovative Japanese technology, the Omron MC 246 digital thermometer is a multi-site thermometer that can be used for oral, rectal and underarm measurement.

With accuracy of +/- 0.1 degree Celsius, and +/- 0.2 degree Fahrenheit, it gives display in 0.1 degree increment. There is also a beeper that makes a sound after taking the measurement. Another important function of the device is its auto off function which switches off the thermometer after use.

The thermometer has a very fast response time for all its measurements and one can change the units from Celsius to Fahrenheit easily when required. The device is also water resistant and easy to clean. The buzzers and memory functions are very good so that one can record the measurements effectively.

It runs on 1.5V alkaline-magnesium button batteries and also provides indication when the battery is low. The product comes with other accessories like protective case, test battery, 5 probe covers, and instruction sheet. On the whole, a highly recommended product that is worth the money.

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5. Dr. Odin Multi-function Thermometer

Dr. Odin Multi Function Non-Contact Forehead Infrared Thermometer

Next on our list is a non-contact forehead thermometer from Dr. Odin. Equipped with an infrared sensor that is highly effective, this thermometer comes with various other features like 3 color LCD display, beeper , auditory and visual warning functions.

It reads the temperature within 0.5 to 2 inches distance from the body part, making it ideal for kids and infants. The device has two temperature settings , degree Celsius and degree Fahrenheit. Not only this, but you can also store and recall up to 20 readings making it monitor measurements continuously. It is also BPA & Latex Free.

Designed with advanced technology, its firm grip lets you use it easily and comfortably. The response time is excellent and you can record measurements within seconds. The accuracy is very good and it is reliable as compared to the other thermometers of the same kind.

The product comes with a one year warranty and a good battery life. You can also use it to measure object temperature as well. Overall, it is totally value for money.

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6. Rossmax TG100 thermometer

Rossmax TG100 Digital Thermometer

Featuring on the sixth position is the Rossmax TG100 digital thermometer. The device has an LCD display that shows the reading up to 3 digits. The most prominent feature of the thermometer is its self diagnosis test that it runs on its own when the device is abnormal.

Other important features that are included in the thermometer are fever alarms, low battery indicator and auto shut off after 10 seconds in idle mode. This is very easy to use by anyone and provides 99% accuracy. The response time is also quick with oral and rectal test results being as quick as 60 seconds.

You also get a 1 year warranty on the product in case there is damage. Apart from this, there are two temperature reading settings, Celsius and Fahrenheit that can be changed as per the convenience of the user. The device has long lasting replaceable batteries that make it portable to carry anytime and anywhere.

However there is no backlight display which can make it difficult to read the measurements in low light conditions. On the whole, it is definitely recommended by us keeping in mind the cost as well.

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7. iProven Digital Thermometer with Temporal Forehead Function

iProven Medical Digital Ear Thermometer with Temporal Forehead Function

Next up we have the digital ear thermometer from iProven with temporal forehead function. This clinically calibrated reliable thermometer gives precise temperature measurements. The device is very easy to use and its dual mode function enables the user to switch between both the modes efficiently.

Performance wise, it is extremely consistent and reliable making it ideal for people of all ages. It has quick response time and also gives beep notifications after the reading is done. A fever alarm is also included in it. You can store a total of 20 readings in the memory to check previous measurements anytime.

You can utilize the forehead mode for an indicative scan while the ear mode gives exact measurement. The light indicators help in knowing when to take actions. The backlit display will light up red if a fever is detected.

It is quick and easy to use. Because of its 2 functionalities, and fine testing, you get very accurate results with it all the time. All in all, its a great product that doesn’t burn a hole in your pocket.

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8. Nurb infrared digital ear thermometer

Nurb FDA and CE Approved Infrared Digital Ear Thermometer

Next on the list we have, the digital ear thermometer from Nurb. It is a CE and FDA approved thermometer that is designed with superior technology.

It has one of the most advanced infrared sensors and an equally effective probe. There are earmuffs in the thermometer to make it safe for use and avoid cross contamination. Along with this , it is also equipped with a high accuracy fever warning alert system.

The thermometer is designed with an innovative ABS material that gives it a great durability and a long life. The device is extremely easy to use and very technically accurate. It also has other important features like recording and storing readings, time, date.

The display screen is also very readable and bold. The power saving modes off the thermometer automatically shut off the device within 10 seconds of inactivity. Overall , it is a great thermometer for infants, babies, young kids as well as adults.

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9. Braun ear thermometer
Braun Ear Thermometer

Next up on the list we have the thermometer from a very well known and trusted brand, Braun.
Braun ThermoScan5 Ear Thermometer is gentle, safe and easy to use for everyone. Trusted by medical professionals all over the world, it is one of the most quality products of its kinds in the market.

The thermometer has a pre-warmed tip that lends excellent accuracy in measurements. Designed using infrared technology, it is equipped with 21 lens filters to deliver correct results without any fluctuations.

The thermometer runs on 2 AA batteries, and a protective case is included in the packaging. The memory functions allow you to recall previous readings in order to track the patient’s health over time. All in all, it is a fast and trustworthy product for all age groups.

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10. Dr. Morepen Digiclassic MT101 Hardtip Thermometer

Dr. Morepen Digiclassic MT101 Hardtip Thermometer

Last up on the list of the best digital thermometers is the Digiclassic MT101 hardtip thermometer from Dr. Morepen. The thermometer is completely safe to use for anyone irrespective of the age. There is a dual scale measurement feature so that you can switch between degree Celsius and degree Fahrenheit as and when required.

The accuracy rating is around +/- 0.1 degree Celsius. The display is LCD type and big enough to read the measurements without any problems. It is also equipped with an auto switch off and beeper alert system that notify the user in case of any problem.

It has a battery life of almost 200 hours and also very lightweight. On the whole it is an unbreakable and high precision easy to use product and a great value for money.

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Types of thermometer :-

As the name suggests, thermometers measure your body temperature. But it is not necessary that there be one specific site to take the readings. Depending on this, digital thermometers can be of various types.

Digital forehead thermometers

Measuring body temperature from the forehead is a common practice and these types of thermometers utilize the same principle. Ideal for sleeping babies and young kids, these non-contact thermometers will help to take readings without disturbing them. They are also known as temporal thermometers.

Pacifier thermometer

These kinds of thermometers are specially designed for the infants. It is a great alternative for the usual thermometer that has been used to measure temperatures. Its shape is infant friendly and your baby will not be disturbed when you record his temperature. They are as accurate as other thermometers, but one must note that you need to add one half of 1 degree fahrenheit to the readings as they can be this much below the rectal readings.

Digital sticks

They act as multipurpose thermometers as one can use them on many parts of the body. It is a stick shaped device with the sensor at the tip of the stick. The tip is flexible enough to be used safely and gives accurate readings.

Digital tympanic (ear) thermometer

A tympanic thermometer measures the temperature on the inside of the ear. They are ideal for older babies and kids. They utilize infrared heat sensors to take the readings. However, their use should be avoided if the child has any earache or too much of earwax.

Rectal thermometer

Rectal devices are widely used by many people. Rectal thermometers are directly and gently inserted in your rectum to note the temperature readings. They are ideal for the kids up to 3 years of age.

Axillary thermometer

They are usually placed under the armpits to record the temperature readings. It is suitable for the adults and young children alike. There may be some variations in the reading as they are not as accurate as the rectal or oral thermometers. But in general they are safe and easy to use.

Oral thermometer

Oral thermometers are very popular among the people. You just simply need to place the thermometer inside your mouth. Considered as one of the most accurate thermometers, they are ideal for older children and adults. Precautions should be taken to clean the thermometer properly after the use to avoid any infections.

How to Choose a Digital Thermometer in India – Buying Guide

Buying the perfect thermometer can be quite tricky if you do not know and check about its specifications and features.  Here are a few things that need to addressed while buying the digital thermometer:


Digital Thermoeter Displaying Accurate Temperature

This is the most prominent feature that one must take into consideration while purchasing a thermometer. Improper and misleading readings can prove harmful for anyone. Thermometers involving infrared technology are the most accurate ones.

Some thermometers can show variations in readings therefore it is advised to take at least 3 readings and then zeroing in on one. You can expect some known brands to give you detailed information about the deviations in their user manuals. Hence, always read the packaging carefully.

Memory functions

A good digital thermometer is the one that saves and stores the last memories that allow you to check it. This is a great way to check the last readings and track your progress. Generally look for a thermometer that will normally store the last 20 readings.

Response time

a thermometer that will give you a quick reading is always better. Some of the thermometers take too long to give you readings and they are not ideal. It is a very important thing to do as it will save the patient and help him get better health care on time.


A good display is an important aspect that you must look for in a good thermometer. A thermometer should have a good backlit display so that you can read the temperature readings properly.

It will also help you to see the readings even at night accurately. Also, go for a thermometer that has a bigger display screen.


Often, one gets confused when we need to convert the readings from unit to another. So, it is advisable that you buy a thermometer that can give you dual readings. Look for the device that shows readings in Fahrenheit and Celsius. You can also use the one that you specifically want.

Alert notification settings

For any medical device, alert notification settings are very important. Alert notifications allow the user to avert any misleading reading that can prove harmful later. Some digital thermometers come with buzzers or beeping sound settings.

There can be different alert settings like, one for elapsed time, another could be for incorrect placement etc. Some thermometers also come with set time interval settings that help in taking correct measurement. You may also find some digital devices that change colors on the screen when the temperature is very high.

Battery life

All the digital thermometers operate on batteries. Some utilize standard AAA batteries while some use your everyday button cell batteries. But, in case you are somewhere where you can’t find the batteries easily, a thermometer with a long lasting battery life is very useful. You should also keep extra batteries handy. One must also take the batteries out in case you are not using the device for a long time.

Auto shut off

this is a feature that may not seem necessary but it actually is. Many times we may forget to switch off the digital thermometer after taking the temperature measurement. In such a case, an auto shut off feature will be very helpful.

Ease of use

We can’t stress on this fact enough that a digital thermometer should be very easy to use. It should be easy and understandable for anyone. This is important in case you are training the elderly or the children to use the thermometers on their own.


Safety is of utmost importance when it comes to buying a digital thermometer.You must keep in mind the needs of the people for whom you intend to use it. Since different thermometers are based on different measurement sites, they should be selected accordingly.

For newborns or young children an ear or a forehead thermometer is ideal. In a similar way, oral thermometers are best suited for young adults.


The age of the person for whom the thermometer is to be used should be kept in mind. The devices that are suitable for adults may not be suitable for kids and infants. If you intend to buy it for small children go for a forehead or ear or no- contact thermometer that gives quick readings.

This is because they are not able to sit stable for a long time. The same goes for adults as well. Hence, identify the most accurate one as per your needs.

Where and how to measure body temperature ?

Measuring body temperature correctly can be achieved by following the below steps:

1. Choose the body part that you need to measure. It can be obtained from various body parts like rectum, mouth, forehead, armpits. Usually a rectal measurement is more accurate. Results may vary in some cases. The normal temperature of the human body is between 36. 6 degree Celsius to 38 degree Celsius.

2. Select the appropriate thermometer depending on your needs and the body part you where you wish to record the temperature. Also select the one that suits the age of the patient. It is a good practice to calibrate the thermometer before use.

3. Take a note whether the thermometer is accurate or not. Modern thermometers have accuracy of +/- 0.1 degree Celsius. Human body temperature changes according to the body part due to many biological and physiological factors. Read the user manual and operating instructions carefully before taking the readings. This will ensure a high clinical reliability.

4. After you have made sure all these things, you can proceed to take the temperature reading on the body part. Keep the thermometer in contact with the body part as per the user manual.

5. Take at least 3 readings if you want to be sure but remember to take them after some interval of time usually 2-3 minutes.

6. Note down the readings carefully and switch off the digital thermometer and clean it properly after use.

FAQs about Digital Thermometers

Which thermometer is more accurate , mercury or digital?

A digital thermometer is more accurate than a mercury thermometer as it uses temperature sensors. Mercury thermometers have spillage issues and are many times unsafe.

How do I know if I have a fever? What are the temperature readings in case of a fever?

If you have a body temperature over 100 degree fahrenheit or 38 degree celsius or higher, you can conclude that you have a fever. But it is advisable that you consult your doctor regarding the temperature range.

Which digital thermometer should I prefer the most?

There are a lot of considerations before finalising on the type of thermometer. Go through our buying guide to get an in depth idea. Ideally you should consistently use the same type of thermometer and not switch between many, as it may be confusing.

What should I do if my thermometer shows inconsistent readings continuously?

If you are facing this problem, then it could be that it is time that you change your batteries. If the problem still persists, do check with the manufacturer.

Do we need to add a degree when taking temperature using a digital thermometer?

Usually , you need to add 0.5 or 1 degree to the reading in case of oral or axillary measurements so that it can match the rectal reading. You can see the user manual where these instructions are normally specified.

How do I know if my thermometer is accurate?

There are some ways which will give you an idea about the accuracy. One way is to compare your thermometer with an already calibrated thermometer.

Another way is to do the hot and cold water test. It involves checking the freezing and boiling point of water. Immerse your digital thermometer at least 2 inch deep in ice cold water. This should give you a reading of 0 degree celsius. After this insert the thermometer in the water that is just about to boil. This should give you a reading of 100
degree celsius. However, it is subject to pressure and elevation changes.

Another method is to hold the thermometer against the body when you do not have a fever. If you get a reading of 36 degree celsius, then you can say that your thermometer is accurate.

Conclusion –

Digital thermometers are not only very handy to use at home, but also the primary measure that helps us to make timely diagnosis of our family members.
We hope that the information in this article proved useful for you and guided you all that you must know about digital thermometers.
We suggest you consider all the points mentioned in the article before making this valuable purchase to ensure the perfect health of your family

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