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Best Kadai for Indian Cooking


Kadai is a must-have equipment in every Indian kitchen.

From tossing the healthy salad in olive oil to deep frying the samosa, we need this deep-fry pan aka “Kadai”.

When so much love goes to Kadai, no wonder the Indian market is filled with several brands, which makes it difficult to choose one of them.

In this article, we will discuss how to choose the best Indian Kadai among the many brands available in the market.

We will further have a glance at the list of the best deep-frying pans that you can buy online in India.

This list will help you compare and shortlist the Kadai that you believe best for your kitchen.

How to Choose a Kadai (Deep-Fry Pan) in India – Buying Guide

The size, shape, colors, and material of deep-fry pan can vary as per the brands. Apart from these specifications, you should consider the length of the handle, whether the Kadai has a non-stick feature or not.

Remember, you need a deep-fry pan that has most of the features at the lowest budget without compromising the quality of the product.


The size of the frying pan will depend on how much food you need to cook every day.  So, if you have a small family, you will require a medium to small-sized Kadai while a bigger family needs a big Kadai.

Here is an approximate estimate to guide you on the size of Kadai –

  • Family of 4 to 6 people – More than 2.5 ltr Kadai (diameter more than 25 cm)
  • Family of 4 people – 2.5 ltr (diameter 25 to 26 cm)
  • Family of 2 people – 1 to 1.5 ltr (diameter 16 to 22 cm)

Type of material used

Indian deep-frying pans are made using various metals and alloys. These metals and alloys have their own characteristics and react differently to acidic food.

Here are prominent types of material used for Indian deep-fry pans and respective advantages and disadvantages.

Aluminum Deep-fry pan (Corrosion Resistance)

Usually, aluminum does not react with oil so it can be a good option for deep-frying.

Aluminum Kadai for Deep Frying

Though it is not recommended to use the oil which is once used for deep-frying, many people do use it. In such cases, aluminum Kadai can be a good option as it does not react with the oil.

An aluminum frying pan is a cheap option than other types of Kadai, so they are great to save some money.

Though aluminum Kadai is a good option to buy, it is a soft material and can easily dent and get scratches.

Also, you should not be using the aluminum deep-fry pan to cook acidic food, which may ruin the recipe and pan.

Cast iron pans

These are made from an alloy of iron and carbon. These types of Kadai show the second most heat conduction and retention properties after the copper Kadai.

Though they are not non-stick types of kadai, they exhibit features like non-stick when coated with the frying oil. We found that they usually moderately priced but provides great value for your money.

They are easy to wash, durable frying pans. So, you can expect them to last longer if you use them wisely.

Though cast iron pans seem good to use, they come with few drawbacks. Being made from the alloy of iron and carbon, you might found that they start rusting. Also, oxidation with oil can play a big role in this procedure.

Apart from rusting, they are heavy pots. So, if you are looking for a lightweight option cast iron pans are not a good option for you to choose.

Type of handle

Kadai for Indian cooking comes with two types of handles.

  1. Short & rounded (for sturdier grip)
  2. Long & straight (save from burning your hands)

Types of handles of kadai for Indian cooking

The short handle of Kadai has a curve and present in pairs so that the user can hold it using both hands. The short handle provides a sturdy grip but may expose your hands to heat.

The long handles are good to save your hand from heat but they put more pressure on one hand. So, if you are going to use the kadai for a small family then you can use the one with a long handle otherwise go for a short and curved one.

Best Deep-Fry Pans (Kadai) to Buy Online in India

Kitchen Essentials Hard Anodised Small Kadai

Kitchen Essentials Hard Anodized Small Kadai for Indian cooking

Small kadai with 16.5cm diameter and 1-liter size that can serve for one or two persons.

It is one of the small kadai that meant for bachelors or for cooking for one or two persons. It is a lightweight frying pan but sturdy in nature and comes with the short, curved handles that are insulated to allow the chef to hold it during cooking.

The kadai heats quickly thus save the energy and easy to clean. It is a deep, hard-anodized aluminum kadai.

Though it is deep, you won’t be able to use it for deep-frying the food. It is not enough wide to serve the deep frying purpose.

Also, it is not an induction-compatible kadai so if you are looking for a kadai that can cook large meals, allow deep frying and work with an induction cooktop then this is not the right choice for you.

Specifications –

Best for: Deep fry in small quantity and serving purpose

Size: approx. 1 liters

Types: Hard aniodized aluminum kadai

Reasons to buy:

  1. Made of aluminum and stainless steel
  2. Easy to wash
  3. Work with gas stove.
  4. Durable handles

Reasons to avoid:

  1. Not a non-stick kadai
  2. Not an induction-compatible.
  3. Not for large families
  4. Very small in size.

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 Prestige Omega Select Plus Kadai with Lid

Prestige Omega Select Plus Non-Stick Round Base Kadai with Lid

Non-stick kadai that can be used on a gas stove and small in size.

This non-stick kadai is useful for small quantity cooking. It has approximately 2 liters in size and can cook a meal for 2 people.

It is one of those kadai that comes with deep and round base and allows deep frying. Due to its smaller size and deep base, you can use it for frying using less amount of oil.

It is a great choice for those who are not looking for a large kadai and want to cook and fry the food 2 to 3 people. Though it works well with the gas stove, it won’t be useful if you have an induction cooktop.

It is not an induction-friendly kadai. Apart from being great for small families, it has some drawbacks. It may not balance properly in gas stove due to its round base.

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 Camro Induction Bottom Kadhai

Camro Induction Bottom Kadhai

Stainless steel kadai, large and suitable for gas stove & induction cooktops

This fits over all cooktops including induction and gas stoves. So, it will a perfect purchase for those who use both cook-top in their kitchen.

It is made from stainless steel for better durability and quite big in size and serves approximately six people. Handles of the pan are well insulated to protect the user from heat burns and easy usability

Like all other stainless still cooking pots, it fails to distribute the heat evenly which usually results in the food burn if you do not provide proper attention.

It is made to serve medium to a big family, so if you have a small family of fewer than 4 people then it won’t be a good choice for you.

Also, it is a heavy kadai and if you always use the small ones, you might feel it difficult to handle it properly. Its flat bottom makes it easy to cook veggies and other recipes but will require more oil for deep-frying the food.

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Zishta Traditional Large Cast Iron Kadhai

Zishta Traditional Cast Iron Large Size Kadai for family of 4 to 5

Heavy, traditional kadai for the family of  4 to 5.

This is a typical Indian kadai made from Iron and big in size.

The traditional iron cast kadai has 10 inches diameter and with weight around 3kg, it is a quite heavy frying pan.

If you are more into holistic cooking using the traditional Indian pots then this is one of the great choices to have in your kitchen.

It has a size of 1.75 liters that makes it a perfect frying pan for the family of four to five members.

Also, due to the rounded bottom, it makes deep-frying a breeze. As it made from the iron cast, it is durable enough and easily distributes the heat across the pan. Due to heat being distributed evenly, it minimizes the chances of food burn.

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