Best Cooling Tower Fans in India

Tower fans have a long, tall design which helps in providing strong, powerful and high air delivery.  It has good air throw capacity and ensures coolness in times of heat or summer.

The main advantage of such fans is that they have a space-saving design and can be placed or stored anywhere easily for quick use.

We have reviewed the best tower fans in India for superior air delivery function and advanced features.

Most Popular Tower Fan in India

Tower Fan BrandsRatingBuy
1. iBell Delux Best Buy3.9/5Buy on Amazon
2. Deco3.7/5Buy on Amazon
3. Usha3.5/5Buy on Amazon
4. Russell Hobbs3.6/5Buy on Amazon
5. Bajaj3.7/5Buy on Amazon
6. Crompton3.1/5Buy on Amazon

Tower Fan Reviews

1. iBELL DELUXE Tower Fan


It has a high air delivery of 2250 m3 per hour and comes with 3 speed control settings.

iBell Deluxe Tower Fan has a sleek and stylish modular design and operates with 140 W power efficiency.

It has a high glossy rust free body and produces high air delivery of 2250 m3 per hour.

It features 3 speed control settings and has a powerful air throw of 25 feet. It ensures low power consumption and is ideal for homes and offices.

It is crafted thoughtfully and designed aesthetically for Indian users and fits modern ambience well. It is made of high quality metal and plastic parts and operates silently.

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2. Deco Air Tower DIGI Indoor Fan with Remote

Deco Air Tower DIGI Indoor Fan with Remote

This tower fan comes with multi-function remote control and has a power of memory function.

This Deco Air Tower Digi Indoor Fan has 3 speed levels like stimulating, natural, slumberous along with normal wind option.

It has multi-function remote control and comes with a 7.5 hour programmed timer.

It also features power of memory function. It has a sleek and attractive design for with oscillation function for high air delivery and sports a space-saving design.

It is made of plastic material and has a 100% copper motor for longer life. It operates on 45 watt power efficiency and has 50-60 Hz.

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3. USHA Plastic Fiber Tower Fans

USHA Plastic Fiber Tower Fans

This compact, sleek and attractive design ensures high air delivery and fits anywhere easily.

USHA Plastic Fiber Tower Fans have compact, sleek and attractive design that ensures high air delivery. It has an auto-protect feature in its motor to protect in case of thermal overloading.

It has a tubular centrifugal blower and an ultra thin body which gives the fan a space-saving design that can fit anywhere.

This tower fan comes with 3 different speed settings and uniform wide oscillation for effective air circulation.

It has a 2 hour manual timer and comes with a 100% copper motor for loner life. This tower fan operates on 35 watts power efficiency for smooth functioning.

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4. Russell Hobbs Tower Fan with Remote

Russell Hobbs RTF 4800 Tower Fan with Remote

The fan has 50 watt high power efficiency with low power consumption with the help of a 100% copper motor for longer life.

Russell Hobbs Tower Fan operates on 50 watt low power consumption and comes with a 12 hour times.

It has ABS housing and can be set on 3 different speed settings. It comes with a remote control and has 3 fan modes of normal, natural and sleep.

The full functional LED comes with temperature display feature. It has a compact, sleek and attractive design that ensures high air delivery.

It auto protects the motor from thermal overloading and features a slim design that can be fit anywhere.

It has a tubular centrifugal blower which allows the fan to sport a space saving design. This appliance has a body that can be easily wiped and it comes with removable filters for hassle free maintenance at home.

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5. Bajaj Snowvent Tower Fan

Bajaj Snowvent Tower Fan

Ergonomic control panel with speed and swing controls designed for ease of use.

Another tower fan on this list is from Bajaj. It has a power consumption of 150 W and air delivery of 2500 m3 per hour.

It has a sturdy indigenous design with stabilized thermoplastic for aesthetic and corrosion resistance.

It has an ergonomic control panel with speed and swing setting which makes it easy to control, use and customize according to user preference.

The tough blower ensures optimum air throw efficiency with 3 speed selection. It is lightweight and portable which makes it easy to move and shift around.

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6. Crompton Air Buddy Kitchen Fan

Crompton Air Buddy Kitchen Fan

This tower fan has an easy to clean body and comes with removable filters for hassle free maintenance at home.

This Crompton Air Buddy Kitchen Fan has a personalized soft airflow design and comes with a n adjustable louver for desired air flow.

It has a power of 38 watts, 2600 RPM and rated air delivery of 700 m3. It allows the user to enjoy cool breeze without disturbing the gas flames while cooking.

It is suitable to be used as a personal table or stand fan for a small area usage as it has a sleek compact design that can be easily accommodated anywhere.

It has a lightweight compact design which allows using it in any position efficiently.

It has an easy to clean body and comes with removable filters for hassle free maintenance at home. It features a blade free design that ensures safety of children.

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How to choose a cooling tower fan in India?

To ensure you purchase the right cooling tower fan, it is important to know some factors that will help you in making an informed purchase.

If you have second thoughts about your selection, then this buying guide will help you understand your needs in a better manner and make the right decision.

Airflow capacity

Every air controlling system that is innovated like an air cooler air conditioner or a fan has a particular airflow capacity.

The tower fan is a closed unit and has its airflow capacity is difficult to compare. The best way to judge this is by looking at the size of the fan. This means that bigger fans have more space for blades thus more airflow capacity.

The airflow capacity of a tall tower fan is significantly more than a compact one. You need to ensure that the tall ones have sufficient surrounding space and is not kept in a compact area.

Noise level

Since the cooling tower fan is a rotating device,  you cannot avoid the noise it makes. You cannot find any tower fan that makes no noise but what you can do is look for fans that are quiet. We have reviewed some of the best colling tower fans in the above section.

These fans are generally placed in a living room, conference rooms or bedrooms where loud noise can be disturbing. Thus, having a quiet cooling fan is important.

Control and other features

Cooling tower fans have a lot of features to make the fan better and easier to use. The best one according to us is the Bluetooth control option that allows you to operate the tower fan with your mobile phone, without having to search for the remote each time.

Tower fans also come with other essential features like cooling levels, speed control, and timer.  all these features have a great impact on the comfort and convenience provided by the cooling fan.


One of the most essential factors to consider while buying a cooling tower fan is the budget. We recommend you fix a budget range before hand so that you do not over spend.

We also recommend that you do not consider the ‘price’ of the appliance as the sole decision-maker but also consider other important aspects like its features, brand, and warranty.


Make sure you choose but our fan that has a valid warranty. This is because the warranty tenure defines the durability of the appliance.

Most brands offer a warranty of 1 year on the tower fan but you will also find a few brands that it offers a warranty of more than 1 year.

Do tower fans cool better than regular fans? [Tower Fan vs Table Fan (Pedestal Fan)]

Tower fans and pedestal fans are both good options when it comes to cooling the room during hot summers.

Before you purchase one, it is essential to consider below-mentioned factors that will help you choose the right type.


One of the most important factors that you need to consider is the space available before purchasing the fan.

If you have an apartment and you are looking too cool smaller rooms than Tower fan is an ideal option. This is because their design allows them to fit in tight corners and still provide sufficient cooling airflow.

Pedestal fans are ideal for cooling larger rooms. If you have sufficient space available a pedestal fan is a better option to choose as the cool more than tower fans.


When it comes to style tower fans are more attractive and add up to the existing decor. On the contrary, pedestal fans are less attractive than tower fans.

With a variety of styles, tower fans can amp up the existing aesthetics of your house.

If you do not wish to buy a stylishly looking fan and want an inexpensive option, then a pedestal fan is an ideal option to choose.


This is one of the most important factors to consider that will help you decide whether you should go for tower fans or pedestal fans.

Some people only need more air circulation while some are concerned about their allergies.  If you are looking too to cool your room then you may go with any – a pedestal or tower fan.

But in case you would also like to purify the air, then a tower fan with in-built features is an ideal option.

Some tower fan models come with ionizers and other advanced features that help alleviate allergies and increase air quality.

Does a tower fan use a lot of electricity?

Tower fans do cost money to run but they are far cheaper compared to other cooling appliances. They use different amounts of electricity based on the settings.

For instance, a fan cooling on high speed for hours will consume more energy compared to a fan cooling on low speed.

Fans with different wattage consume different amounts of electricity. Thus, check the wattage before you purchase a tower fan.


We hope to have helped you get all the information that is required to make the right purchase.

If you are confused whether you should go for a pedestal fan or Tower fan there are a few points that we have listed about that will help you choose the right one for your needs.

To make your search simpler we have also reviewed the best cooling tower fans available in India that you can consider buying.

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