Best Coconut Scrapers In India – Reviews & Buying Guide

Grated coconut is one of the commonly used and widely popular ingredients in Indian recipes.

Not only that, coconut itself can be termed as a Swiss army knife of the Indian kitchen and is used for almost every religious sacrament in India.

The coconut, a healthy fruit (nut & seed) of the palm ‘Cocos nucifera‘ is popular across the globe for its versatile use in the kitchen, food, and cosmetic industry.

But with its distinct shape, it is hard to scrape fresh coconut meat with hands. To conquer this problem, Indians are using a traditional coconut scraper which usually has a wooden leg and top plank with a serrated blade to grate the coconut.

Though it is quite easy to grate the coconut using this traditional grater, many users find it a daunting process.

To cope with the faster pace of life, the modern kitchen requires modern solutions. So, the industry comes with various solutions that help to scrape the coconut flesh withing a few minutes.

They differ in size, shape, usability, and price but have a common feature, that is a serrated blade!

This article will discuss various types of coconut scrapers and will help you make a buying decision by reviewing the current options in the market.

To learn what needs to be considered while purchasing a coconut scraper, check out our buying guide which covers all the required details.

5 Best Coconut Scraper Brands in India

Coconut Scraper BrandsUser RatingTypeCheck Price
1. Butterfly4.0/5Best wet grinder with coconut scraperBuy on Amazon
2. Sunstar3.4/5Electronic coconut scraperBuy on Amazon
3. MTD India4.2/5Table top coconut graterBuy on Amazon
4. Anjali3.5/5Vacuum base coconet scraperBuy on Amazon
5. Wise4.0/5Best coconut scraper machineBuy on Amazon
6. Iron4.1/5Table mountable coconut graterBuy on Amazon
7. Wonderchef3.6/5Vacuum base coconut scraperBuy on Amazon

Top Coconut Scraper Reviews

1. Butterfly Wet Grinder with Coconut Scrapper

Butterfly Wet Grinder with Coconut Scrapper

Scrap the complete meat of coconut within few minutes. It saves time & easy to use but expensive.

This Butterfly wet grinder coconut scraper is primarily used for wet grinding processes and costly but extremely useful kitchen equipment.

It comes with the 150 watts motor and has a capacity of two liters which makes it a perfect wet grinding solution for the kitchen of medium to large family.

Apart from its main purpose of grinding, it has an additional feature to grate the coconut. As it runs on energy operated machine, it can grate the coconut in a short duration and helps to save the time.

Though it is a perfect solution to grate the coconut without wasting your energy, only buy it if you are going to use its wet grinding function on a regular basis.

If you are looking for a tool whose sole purpose is to scrape the coconut then there are a lot of other options that you can buy.

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2. Sunstar 3-Speed Electric Coconut Scraper

Sunstar 3-Speed Electric Coconut Scraper

It has a powerful 1000 W hybrid motor for fast and efficient scraping.

This Sunstar electric coconut scraper has 3-speed variations – slow, medium and fast, thus you can get the consistency of your choice.

The brand has patented its design for efficient scrapping and safety. It provides fast and easy coconut scraping as it is electric and you do not have to operate it manually.

This scraper has a powerful 1000 W hybrid motor for fast and efficient performance. This is one of the reasons that make the scrapper long-lasting.

The stainless steel cutter ensures you can get varied scrapping consistencies. The blades are super sharp, water and rust resistant.

The anti-skid vacuum base of the scrapper ensures a firm and sturdy grip on the platform. It has a compact design which makes it ideal for easy storing.

The scraper is made using high quality and impact-resistant ABS plastic that ensures durability.

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3. MDT India Real Teak Wood Stainless Steel Coconut Scraper

MDT India Real Teak Wood Stainless Steel Coconut Scraper

It comes with two types of blades for different consistencies, one for regular scraping and another one for fine scraping. 

Another coconut scraper on this list is this one from MDT India. If you are looking for a manual scraper, then this one is a good option to consider.

The blade of this manual coconut scraper is super sharp which means you can manually scrape the coconut quickly and efficiently. The blade is made from stainless steels which makes it super durable.

The brand provides two types of blades, one for regular scraping and another one for fine scraping.

The body of the scraper is made from real teak wood, making it durable and eco-friendly. It is simple to use and compact in size, thus it will not take up a lot of space on your countertop.

Make sure to clean the blade properly after use and fix the safety cap on when you are not using it so that no one gets hurt.

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4. Anjali Stainless Steel Vacuum Base Coconut Scrapper

Anjali Sleek Stainless Steel Vacuum Base Coconut Scrapper

Cost-effective, non-skid design, made from durable stainless steel coconut scrapper.

It is a manual rotary coconut grater that comes with a vacuum base to avoid the movement of the grater while use. To achieve this, it uses the rubber base that firmly fixes the device to the floor.

The body is made from the plastic with a stainless steel blade that has sharp and serrated edges for better coconut grating.

It is a great choice for those who are looking for cheaper yet effective coconut scraper for occasional use in the kitchen.

Though it is a good product, the base that uses the vacuum for a firm and steady operation may stop working after using it for few times and there is no way that the user can replace it with a new one. Otherwise, it is a perfect coconut grater.

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5. Wise Coconut Scraper [Electric coconut scraper for home use]

Wise Electric Coconut Scraper

Easy to use, innovative, and electric coconut scraper for home use

Wise as the name suggests, brought a truly wise coconut scraper. It runs on electricity and does what it promises to do – grate the coconut in a perfect manner.

It is one of the best electronic coconut scrapers for home use in India.

The important thing about this scraper is, it saves a ton of time that traditional coconut grating tools take. As it runs on electricity and has a unique design, coconut scraping becomes a child’s play.

It comes with dual-mode so that users can set it according to their need and as it allows running it on slow speed, it becomes a fairly safe device to use.

Electricity consumption is low and it runs on a 100-watt motor. Once you finish the use you can cover the blade with a provided cap that can be placed on the opposite side of the blade while using the tool.

So, if you are looking for a product that can save your time, have a fair amount of cost to the features, easy to wash and store then ‘Wise electric coconut scraper’ will be a great choice for you.

The only thing that you need to note while using it is that you need to hold a coconut half in such a way that the force of blade should not spread away from the coconut flakes, otherwise you are good to go with this product.

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6. Iron Coconut Scraper/Grater (Zinc Coated)

Iron Coconut Scraper Grater Zinc Coated

Sturdy, easy to use, and improved version of traditional coconut scraper.

This scraper uses the traditional technique of grating the coconut but uses the innovative design to avoid skid and bring ease to its uses.

It is made from the iron which makes it a sturdy product that you can use by mounting it at the edge of the kitchen, dining table or any table that sturdy enough.

It is a good choice for those who rarely use the shredded coconut in their food because it will take approximately the same time as taken by the traditional tabletop coconut graters.

Though it is a sturdy product that anyone can use easily, if you are a heavy user of coconut flakes in your kitchen then you might find this product takes your lots of time.

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7. Wonderchef Stainless Steel Coconut Scraper


Wonderchef Stainless Steel Coconut Scraper

Portable, easy to use, sturdy coconut scraper with corrosion-free blades.

One of the most popular coconut grater in India by Wonderchef. It uses stainless steel blades and rubber to stabilize the base using a vacuum grip.

It almost similar to the ‘Anjali stainless steel coconut scraper’ but is more popular than it. May be due to the branding done by Sanjeev Kapoor – a famous chef in India.

It a great choice for medium-sized families to use on a daily basis. It scrapes the coconut within 15 to 20 minutes, depending upon your skill to hold the coconut half over the blades and the speed you use to run the blade.

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Types of coconut grater

Coconut scraper can be machines operated or traditional one that doesn’t require a machine and can be operated using hand force.

Here are major types of coconut grater –

  • Traditional tabletop coconut grater
  • Handheld coconut grater
  • Manual rotary grater
  • Machine operated grater

Traditional tabletop coconut grater

These are the famous coconut scraper being used since ages in India to scrape the fresh flesh of the coconut.

As discussed earlier in this article, it consists of a curved blade with a serrated end which is fixed on top of the wooden plank.

To grate the coconut using this tool, the serrated end of the blade is placed inside a coconut half and with the twisting motion and force of hands, the coconut meat is grated in fine particles.

Traditional coconut scraper in Inidia

Though this tool is easy to use, it requires a good amount of hand force to scrape a coconut as well as it demands the special skills to move the coconut over a serrated blade otherwise the user may hurt his hand.

Also, it can be a challenge for elderly people to use this grater if they are suffering from arthritis. It may trigger the pain in the wrist.

Handheld coconut grater

These are inexpensive options to the traditional grater and relatively easy to use.

They are usually around 5 to 6 inches long and has a handle with a serrated blade at one end. To use this tool, you need to crack the coconut in half and scrape its meat with a serrated end of this grater holding handle in your hand.

Handheld coconut scraper grater

This kind of greater comes in two different variants. One has short handles while others have long wooden handles. Both can yield the same results as traditional tabletop coconut grater.

The only cons of using this coconut shredder that it may harm your fingers if not used cautiously.

Manual Rotary Coconut Grater

These are quite a famous coconut grater tools in India but comes with its own downside.

Though they are popular among the Indian kitchen, they require a good amount of wrist & hand strength to hold the coconut half in place over its blades.

Usually, this tool is made using durable stainless steel. It has several serrated blades that together make a shape of the globe at the end of a shaft.

Wonderchef Stainless Steel Coconut Scraper

These serrated blades can be then put inside the coconut half to scrape the fresh meat. You need to hold the coconut in position with one hand while with others you will rotate the shaft so that the blades can scrape the flesh.

This type of greater needs to be mounted over the plate to collect the grated coconut. Often, they keep moving over the surface of the plate making it difficult to grate the coconut.

To overcome this problem, some companies now have a suction cup at the bottom of these graters that hold it in a place.

Machine operated grater

Some manual rotary coconut grater can also be the machine operated, but here, we are not talking about those.

In 2016, Upendra Shenoy, a Bengalurean student of the National Institute of design, Ahmedabad put forward a specially designed coconut scraper that uses the power of mixer-grinder.

Upendra shenoys innovative coconut scraper

He designed a unique coconut scraper that can be attached with your mixer-grinder and has tiny serrated blades. These blades run at slow RPM with high torque which makes it unique and easy to scrape the coconut meat.

It also has a special attachment to collect the grated coconut flesh. Also, for the safety of users, the device only runs when pressure is applied.

It is a perfect coconut scraper for those who require a large amount of freshly grated coconut meat on a daily basis. Also, it is a good choice for people suffering from arthritis.

You can read more about this innovative tool on the blog of Upendra Shenoy.

How to Choose Coconut Scraper – Buying Guide

Coconut scrapers can vary as per their working mechanism, the material used for blade and how easy they are to use and wash.

There are few other factors you need to consider while buying them like how costlier it is, or whether you want to use it on a daily basis or not.

Consider the working mechanism

You want a sturdy, easy to use and washable scraper to use on a daily basis.

Electric coconut scrapers can be a good option for daily use as it will save time and minimize the necessity of hand force that traditional scrapers demand.

If you are an occasional user of grated coconut then you don’t have to invest in motorized scraper. You are good to go with a manual rotary coconut scraper.

Consider price

Nowadays wet grinder and food processor comes with the coconut grater function but has a hefty price tag. So, if you are looking to buy just a scraper then you shouldn’t be considering this option.

Usually, traditional and rotary coconut grater comes with a fair price and affordable to all users.

How to Prepare a Coconut for Grating or Shredding

Though usually termed as the same, coconut shredding and grating are two different processes and yields the different shapes of coconut meat particles.

Grated coconut meat often looks like the pile of snow while shredded coconut resembles thin, tiny strips.

Shredded vs Grated Coconut Meat

To prepare a coconut for shredding or grating follow the given steps:

  • Take a fresh coconut and remove the outer fibrous covering (coir)
  • Hold the coconut in one hand and cautiously tap the outer, hard layer horizontally using the backside of a hard cleaver.
  • Tap until you make a horizontal crack around the entire circumference on the outer layer.
  • Carefully collect the coconut water in a pot using the crack you made over the coconut.
  • Now smack the coconut over hard floor or surface and divide it in two half.
  • Take one half of the coconut and grate the fresh meat as you want.

 Useful coconut grating tips –

Always grate the coconut immediately before the use to preserve the freshness of grated coconut flakes.

If you have the habit of grating the coconut ahead of time then don’t forget to keep the shredded flakes in a tight jar of a sealed bag and refrigerate.

Use mature and brown colored coconuts for grating and shredding purposes. They provide nice flakes and has more nutrients & great taste.

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