What is the Best Blood Pressure Monitors for Home Use

There’s no reason not to stay up to date with your blood pressure readings unless you don’t have the best blood pressure monitor for home use. You should keep watch of your blood pressure on a regular basis, especially if you face cardiovascular-related problems.

The days of unreachable blood pressure monitors due to their price are long gone. You can now enjoy some of the best devices at an affordable price in the comfort of your own home.

In this article, we will discuss the things you should consider while buying the best yet cheap blood pressure monitors and will also review the top BP monitors in the market.

 06. Omron 5 Series Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor

Made a comfortable cuff, the Omron 5 Series Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor is among the leading options when it comes to blood pressure readings.

With a large display screen and manual buttons for each function, the monitor can be used by most people. There are many reasons to consider the blood pressure monitor yourself.

One of them is the capacity to compare your reading to normal readings. This is done in a graphic way that interprets your readings against what is considered to be normal blood pressure. With instant comparison, you are able to get a clearer idea of what your blood pressure really looks like.

With the help of Advanced Averaging, the monitor can be a reliable tool that significantly reduces inaccuracies. For example, it can measure your blood pressure 3 times within 10 minutes. As you would expect, the final reading is going to be an average of these 3 readings.

There are types of cuffs on the market. D-ring, expandable cuffs and wrist cuffs are the options. The Omron 5 Series Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor comes with comfortable D-ring cuffs. It is made for the standard and larger arms of most adults.

Other advanced functionalities include the data saving mode. This allows you to save the last 100 readings for you and your partner as well. With this data, you will have a better idea of how you are progressing.


  • Easy to measure for most people
  • Comes with Advanced Averaging functionality
  • 2 user profiles with data saving function
  • Comes with a large display


  • Not the most compact monitor

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05. Omron 10 Series Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor

The Omron 10 Series Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor is among the advanced options on the market.

It comes with an advanced color display that works well with the ranges of low and high blood pressure as it colors the results differently.

You thus always know when your blood pressure is not in the normal ranges.

Among the advanced functionalities of the monitor is the results’ saving capacity. With up to 200 readings that can be saved for up to two users, the blood pressure monitor represents an interesting choice when you want to save the data yourself before taking it to your doctor.

Another interesting advanced functionality that is typical to the manufacturer comes with the possibility to take 3 measurements and have the average results as reliable results.

Since there are many influencers for data accuracy, even taking 3 measurements in difficult situations when you have a higher pulse is not going to come with the readings you want. This is why this function is still to be used when you are in a calm mood.

The digital blood pressure monitors operate with the help of an AC adapter or 4 AA batteries. The AC adapter can be one of the great options when you are at home. If you are traveling or if you are simply away from home, quality AA batteries can be a recommended alternative.


  • Advanced display with backlit function
  • D-ring cuff to fit most arms
  • Works with AC adapter or 4 AA batteries
  • Recommended for all people


  • No Bluetooth connectivity

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04. Omron 7 Series Wrist Monitor

Using a writ monitor can be one of the simplest methods to stay up to date with your blood pressure readings.

You can use it while away from home or you can set it for automatic readings. This gives you the ability to have multiple readings per day and it can be one of the practical methods to get the most data for your blood pressure.

The sleek design of the Omron 7-Series Wrist Monitor is what makes it an appealing option so that you do not feel obstructed in your daily activities.

With multiple advanced functionalities, the blood pressure monitor is among the recommended options when it comes to accurate results. Among these advanced functions, the ability to take 3 measurements to reduce inaccuracies makes it one of the top choices in its class.

Another interesting advanced functionality of the blood pressure monitor comes with an irregular heartbeat notification. It even maintains the same alert system while your blood pressure is being measured.


  • Comes with up to 100 saved readings
  • Sends alerts when you have irregular blood pressure
  • Sleek design with a low weight
  • Comfortable for most users


  • Can easily move around the wrist

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03. Omron 3 Series Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor

If you need a simpler solution in the form of a digital blood pressure monitor, the Omron 3 Series is among the most popular choices. It is the entry-level option form Omron and it is the perfect option for quick measurements.

It lacks the advanced functionalities of the Omron 7 and Omron 10 series such as average measurements but it is made with simplicity in mind. Even so, the blood pressure monitor can save up to 14 previous measurements so that you can look at your weekly progress.

Made with a smaller display and only two physical buttons, it is a monitor that can be recommended for the elderly or those who do not want to deal with complex configuration options. At the same time, it can be your travel companion on weekends away or even on holidays with its 4AA battery-powered performance.


  • Compact design
  • Easy to use with just two buttons
  • Works with 4 AA batteries


  • Advanced Averaging function not included

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02. Santamedical Adult Deluxe Aneroid Sphygmomanometer

The Santamedical Adult Deluxe Aneroid Sphygmomanometer is among the recommended options when it comes to the old-school methods of measuring blood pressure. It works with an FDA-certified 300 mmHg manometer with accuracy within 3 mmHg.

The simple manometer can be used by medical professionals and for this purpose, it is made of durable materials.

Among them, it is worth noting the durable abrasion and chemical-resistant cuff and inflation bag. The size of the inflation bag is also made according to the recommendations of the American Heart Association. With a chrome-plated inflation valve, it is one of the durable and stylish options to use multiple times per day or as needed.


  • FDA-approved
  • Made to the standard of the American Heart Association
  • Lifetime calibration included


  • Limited 1-year warranty

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01. Clinical Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor

The Clinical Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor is one of the recommended products for active people or for those who need to measure their blood pressure levels multiple times per day.

It is made with some of the most interesting technologies in its class, but most importantly, its accuracy is FDA-approved. At the same time, the blood pressure monitor comes with one of the best screens in its class.

With a widescreen and large digits, it is very easy to read making it a product that can be recommended for the elderly as well.

But the main feature of the monitor comes with the adjustable wrist cuff. With comfortable materials and low weight as it is powered by only 2 AA batteries, the monitor is one of the recommended products when it comes to all-day wear.

Furthermore, it also comes with advanced functions such as saving the measurements. You can save up to 90 blood pressure measurements with the monitor.


  • Elegant and lightweight design
  • Powered by only 2 AA batteries
  • Can save up to 90 measurements


  • Needs to be in the right position for best accuracy

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Types of blood pressure monitors

With so many options for home users and medical professionals, it may seem complicated to choose the right blood pressure monitor.

But the first step in making the right decision is to understand the types of monitors which are available and their main strengths.

Digital monitors

Seen as one of the most popular options, digital monitors represent an interesting choice which is very easy to use. Unlike manual monitors, a digital monitor only displays the blood pressure at the end of the reading.

Automatic blood pressure monitors

In some cases, measuring your blood pressure from time to time is not enough. Even more, you might even want to know the readings at the same time every day.

For this and other reasons, an automatic blood pressure monitor that goes around the arm is recommended.

Manual blood pressure monitors

The old-school manual blood pressure measurements are still very reliable. With a blood pressure cuff and a stethoscope, you can stay on top of your measurements.

Even if it takes longer to train people on how to properly use this technique, it remains more reliable even than some digital monitors.

Ambulatory monitors

If there’s a need to measure the blood pressure every 30 minutes, an ambulatory blood pressure monitor worn around the arm is often used.

Wrist monitors

Among the simplest solutions, you can use, wrist monitors, are a popular solution. However, many medical professionals do not recommend them. This is mainly due to the ever-changing position of the monitor on the wrist, especially at home.

Things to look for while buying blood pressure monitors

While many modern blood pressure monitors are the same, there are a few characteristics that can make the difference in your favor. This can mean that you can expect better accuracy or improved user experience with fewer headaches.

While most blood pressure monitors are easy to use, it is often worth choosing the options which put accuracy before any other characteristics such as design or price.

If you are facing irregular blood pressure, you might even be recommended to a certain monitor by your doctor. Here is what you need to look for:


The accuracy of blood pressure monitors can be an issue in certain situations. It is why you need to take this seriously and ditch the wrong monitor which fails to offer accurate results.

Digital monitors might not have the best reputation for accuracy but it is worth choosing the options which are above average for accuracy.

A few other lifestyle choices and habits can negatively influence the accuracy of a blood pressure monitor. This is why you will be glad to know that not all the monitors are at fault.

For example, you should avoid drinking coffee or energy drinks before measuring your blood pressure. Smoking might also influence the accuracy of the monitor.

On the other hand, most manufacturers recommend that you allow yourself to sit still for a number of minutes before measuring your blood pressure if you want reliable accuracy.


There are thousands of blood pressure monitors manufacturers. Some of them stand out with their impressively-simple devices while others make it complicated for the average home user to get readings.

Leading brands work with specialists to provide clear step-by-step instructions on how to use the monitor correctly. Furthermore, these instructions should also include tips on the best practices for accurate results.


Many blood pressure monitors can be now found in stores such as supermarkets. But professional alternatives are only available to doctors. This is why you have to check the availability of certain monitors in your area if you are to focus on a specific product.

Ease of use

Blood pressure monitors are getting simpler and simpler. This is why they need to be made to a high standard which is always based on straightforward user experience. The reason behind this approach is the fact that they are used by people of all ages.

If the younger generation is fine with multiple buttons and steps, the elderly need clear and simple functionality. The best blood pressure monitors combine these needs into a simple, easy to use product.

FAQ about blood pressure monitors

All people who use blood pressure monitors have certain questions about them. These are normal as long as you know that you might not be able to have the same approach as a cardiologist. But with multiple monitors that can be used at home, you can now measure your blood pressure with no professional help.

I have varying results, is it normal?

Varying results in blood pressure can mean different things. On one hand, they can mean that you have blood pressure irregularities. But it can also mean that your device is not the most accurate. The maximum variation in the readings is around 10 mm Hg.

You might also see a difference in blood pressure between your arms as well. But if you are in this 10 mm Hg variation limit, there should be no reason for concern.

Is my home blood pressure monitor the same with the one my doctor has?

No. Your doctor is probably using professional tools for your blood pressure.

Even if your doctor is using the same monitor, it is likely that the measuring process is more by the book than what you are used to at home. This is why the correct ways of measuring blood pressure are more likely to be the ones at your doctor’s office.

What can I do with the results?

If you measure your blood pressure every day, you can start keeping a log. The readings can be noted so that you have a clear archive of your progress. With the new digital blood pressure monitors, this can be done automatically for you.

Even more, some monitors support different user-profiles and you are able to store the readings of multiple family members. These readings can be then interpreted by your doctor if need be.

How can I improve the accuracy of the results?

There are many variables for accurate results.

To begin with, you should not exercise 30 minutes before measuring your blood pressure. This is due to the fact that your heart rate is still elevated. You want it to be at a normal rate.

Any other variables which elevate your heart rate are to be avoided as well. They include drinking coffee or alcohol. Smoking is likely to change your heart rate as well. If you are suffering from anxiety, you should also allow yourself to get into a calm mood before measuring your blood pressure.

What is the normal range for blood pressure?

90 over 60 or less is considered to be a low blood pressure for the average adult. A healthy range is situated between 90 over 60 and 120 over 80. 140 over 90 for a longer period of time is considered to be high blood pressure or hypertension.

Final Verdict:

All of the above blood pressure monitors are made with leading technologies.

But even the best designs or the best technologies cannot come with the most accurate results if you do not take care of variables such as physical training or drinking coffee before taking the measurements.

In order to see the best results, it is highly recommended to read the full guide of the products which come with crucial tips from the manufacturers.

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