Gentle & Clinically Proven 10 Best Baby Soaps in India

Bathing your baby on daily basis is not only good for baby’s hygiene, but for a mom, it is a great way to connect with the baby.

To maintain the moisture of the soft & delicate skin of your baby, massaging and bathing regularly can help.

But when it comes to bathing your baby, you need several bathing essentials. Primarily, you need the best baby soap for your little bundle of joy.

There are dizzying array of baby soaps on the market, but buying the first one that you come across ain’t always a good idea.

Especially for new mom, choosing a right baby soap can be great juggle. You need a gentle, effective baby soap that doesn’t go harsh of baby’s skin & has the right ingredients.

In this article, we will discuss how to choose the baby soap, narrow down your purchasing options to the possibly best soaps in India, will also discuss the various aspects of bath, its type and will conclude the article with FAQs.

Top 10 Best Baby Soap Brands in India

Best Baby Soaps In IndiaFeature
 1. Himalaya Gentle Baby SoapOverall best baby soap
 2. Johnson’s Baby SoapChemical free gentle soap
 3. Sebamed Baby Cleansing BarMild & 100% alkali free
 4. Mamaearth Moisturizing Baby Bathing SoapTear free soap, balanced 5.5 pH
  5. Mee Mee Nourishing Baby SoapContains almond, aloe vera & milk extracts
 6. Tedibar Baby SoapExpert recommended baby soap
 7. Chicco Baby Moments SoapAllergen free fragrance
 8. Pigeon Baby Milk SoapMild, long lasting fragrance
 9. Santoor Baby SoapCan work for grown up kids too
 10. Bioderma Atoderm Intensive Baby SoapGently cleanses & protects from dryness

How to choose a baby soap in India? – Buying guide

Buying a soap seems to be a very easy process unless you buying it for an infant.

While taking a tour of a supermarket or scrolling down on unlimited options on an eCommerce website, finalizing that one baby soap is a tricky task, especially if you don’t know what to look for.

The baby soap that you purchase for your kid should not be loaded with nasty chemicals. The ingredients in the soap determine its quality.

Consider the important points mentioned below to make sure you make the right purchase.

Consult with your pediatrician

Doctor writes a prescription

Pediatricians – they know everything about the baby’s health.

Hence, your pediatrician is the right person to help you buy the best soap for your baby.

When you go for the regular visit, ensure to ask the pediatrician about soap options to purchase, so that if you cannot find one, you can also go for another option.

Here are a few ingredients that you need to avoid and your pediatrician can help you explain about this further:

  • Trichocarbon and trichlosan
  • SLS
  • Parabens and Phthalates
  • DMDM Hydantoin
  • Retinyl Palmitate
  • TEA, MEA and DEA

Check ingredient list

It is extremely important to make sure that you check the ingredients in the soap before buying it.

This is crucial because one wrong ingredient can cause harsh rashes or allergies on your baby’s skin. The soap that you purchase should be suitable for your baby’s sensitive skin.

Most soaps have oils in their ingredient list and so let’s discuss which oils are safe on your child’s skin.

Coconut oil

Coconut oil Jar

Coconut oil is a treasure trove of fatty acids that nurture the skin and help maintain its moisture.

It has anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, and anti-oxidant properties that help the baby’s skin to fight against the germs and reduce the oxidative skin damage.

It is the right choice for soothing and is also allergy-friendly.

Thus, even if the soap lather goes into your baby’s eyes, it won’t be harmful, provided other ingredients are safe too.

Olive oil

Recent studies found that babies with normal skin can benefit from olive oil. It moisturizes the skin but it should be used sparingly. [01]

Olive oil keeps the baby’s skin hydrated as well as works as a moisturizer.

Olive oil provides the required nourishment to the skin. It even improves the skin tone and keeps it healthy. The best part is that it has no side effects.

Cocoa butter

It is loaded with vitamins and gives a calming effect to the baby’s skin. Cocoa butter even contains antioxidants and is an ideal option for baby’s sensitive skin.

Almond milk

It is rich in calcium and vitamins, thus making your child’s skin healthy. Almond milk improves the tone of the skin.


You need to be very careful while bathing the newborn because their skin is too soft and delicate.

Honey on the ingredient list can help protect the baby from getting rashes as it possesses calming properties. It also heals the skin.

Shea butter

Shea butter  is loaded with nutrients.

It is non-toxic and safe for your newborn. Shea butter also provides a natural glow to your baby.

Tear Free

The baby soap that you intend to buy should have a tear-free formula. This makes sure that your child takes a bath with a smile and not tears.

Most soaps that are made with ‘tear-free formula’ have the same thing mentioned on the label. Check the label and ingredient list carefully before buying.


Baby soaps having intense fragrance have harsh chemicals on their ingredient list which can be harmful to your baby’s skin.

Thus, ensure to avoid fragrant soaps. If you would want some fragrance to the soap, ensure it comes from a natural ingredient and is mild.

Choose a hypoallergenic soap

Babies have delicate skin that can easily get an allergic rash when exposed to allergens. To avoid such incidence, opt for hypoallergenic baby soap.

Usually, babies that have eczema or dry skin are sensitive to ingredients in the soap. So, make sure to purchase a hypoallergenic soap if your baby has dry skin or eczema.

No extra lather

Usually, soaps that lather too much have chemicals in it. Thus, do not go for a soap that lathers a lot and can be harmful to your baby’s skin.

Top 10 Best Baby Soap in India

1. Himalaya Gentle Baby Soap

Himalaya Gentle Baby Soap

Himalaya is a brand that needs no introduction. It not only includes baby care products in its list but also manufactures quality adult beauty products. The brand is popular to use negligible to no chemical in all its products.

Your baby’s delicate skin requires calming and natural ingredients so that it does not harm the skin in any way. Till your baby is a year old, it is recommended to use a gentle and mild soap to cleanse his or her skin.

This soap includes all-natural ingredients that would penetrate inside the pore and remove all the dirt that would be harmful to your baby’s skin. This is the ideal mild and gentle soap that you have been looking for your baby.

The Himalaya Gentle Baby Soap is not mildly scented and is ideal for daily use. It has a mild scent and hence will not irritate your baby. The most important plus point is that the soap is pediatrician recommended and safe to use on baby’s sensitive skin.

The soap is free from harsh chemicals like synthetic colors, parabens, etc. it also contains natural oils that calm the baby’s skin and also hydrate like vitamin E oil, almond oil, and olive oil.

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2. Johnson’s Baby Soap for Bath

Johnson's Baby Soap

Johnson’s Baby is a co-brand of Johnson & Johnson, established in 1893. It is an American brand of baby skincare products and cosmetics. The brand makes baby products considering the sensitivity of the babies.

This soap is made using 1/4th body lotion, loaded with vitamins and thus gentle as well as soothing for the baby’s delicate skin. It has natural ingredients that maintain the softness of the skin.

Johnson’s Baby soap does not contain any sort of preservatives or chemicals that would be harmful to the baby’s skin. The soap is dermatologically tested and completely safe to use.

It gives medium lather and cleanses the skin well, keeping the skin natural moisture intact. The soap is enriched with vitamin E and has a soap grip that does not make it slip from your hands while bathing your child.

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3. Sebamed Baby Cleansing Bar

Sebamed Baby Cleansing Bar

Sebamed is one of the best medicinal skincare brands in the world. Established in Germany, the brand has an experience of over 50 years of providing skincare solutions to the people.

This Sebamed Baby Cleansing Bar is ideal for daily use on your baby’s skin as it is 100& alkali free. It retains the baby’s natural skin moisture, thus keeping it hydrated. It is a mild and gentle soap-free bar containing amino acids which keeps your baby’s skin healthy.

The soap contains Panthenol and natural sugar insulin that moisturizes and regenerates the skin. It also has vitamin E that calms the skin and keeps it supple. The pH value of the soap is 5.5 which does not dry out your baby’s skin.

The soap has skin tolerance properties and thus it can be used even when your baby is suffering from any skin disease. But before you do this, ensure to consult your pediatrician first. The soap can not be used on the baby’s skin but also on adult skin to combat pimples, skin impurities, and blackheads.

The only downfall is that it is expensive when compared to other baby soaps on the market.

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4. Mamaearth Moisturizing Baby Bathing Soap

Mamaearth Moisturizing Baby Bathing Soap Bar

Mamaearth is Asia’s first ‘Made-Safe’ certified brand established in 2016 by a husband and wife duo. The brand is 100% toxin-free and natural skincare, haircare baby brand.

The Mamaearth Bathing Soap is one of the most used soaps for baby today. The soap contains oatmeal and goat milk that cleanses the baby’s skin and also gives them glow. The soap is dermatologically tested, making it safe to use on your newborn.

The soap is made using natural ingredients and does not include any harsh chemicals that could harm your baby’s skin. It is paraben-free, sulfate-free, and also fragrant free, thus making it super safe for children.

The soap has a pH value pH 5.5, thus making it ideal for all skin types especially babies with dry skin. The pH value is mild and can be used on your child’s skin daily.

The soap is formulated with a tear-free formula and thus your baby can enjoy bathing with a smile.

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5. Mee Mee Nourishing Baby Soap

Mee Mee Nourishing Baby Soap

Mee Mee is a home-grown baby care and parenting brand in India. It is Me and Moms brand, which is India’s largest baby product brand.

This nourishing baby soap is organic and thus you do not have to worry about using it daily to bathe your newborn. It is one of the safest options on the market. The soap contains aloe vera which helps in maintaining the elasticity of the skin.

It is very gentle on your baby’s skin as it has an ingredient list that is organic and full of positives. It contains milk extracts and almonds that makes your baby’s skin highly moisturized.

The soap is free from minerals, any synthetic ingredients, and parabens, thus making it safe for any child. As it does not contain any synthetic ingredients, it does not lather too much. The fragrance is mild, thus does not irritate your baby.

With the 100% tear-free formula, you can ensure it is not going to hurt your child’s eyes.

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6. Tedibar Soap

Tedibar baby soap

Tedibar soap is made using natural ingredients and thus it is ideal for all skin types.

The best part about this soap is that it has anti-inflammatory properties that make it perfect for children having red skin or rashes.

It keeps the skin moist and soft. The soap is free from nasty chemicals that harm your child’s skin. The soap is ideal to use for a newborn to a 3-year-old.

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7. Chicco Baby Moments Soap

Chicco Baby Moments Soap

Chicco is a children’s brand based out of Italy. It has been into the business for 60 years and has expanded its products to more than 120 countries.

The Chicco Baby Moments Soap is a gentle, moisturizing, and nourishing soap for babies. Your child’s skin is extra moisturized because it contains glycerin.

The soap is 100% vegetarian and contains only natural ingredients, thus making it safe to use on a daily basis. It is free from SLS, parabens, SLES, dyes, alcohol, and other nasty chemicals. The soap gives the most moisturized and gentlest bathing experience to your child as it contains aloe vera and olive fruit oil.

It is also the safest to use since it is clinically tested.

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8. Pigeon Baby Milk Soap

Pigeon Baby Milky Soap

Are you in search of a bathing bar that suits your baby’s super sensitive skin? Pigeon Baby Milk Soap is an ideal choice in that case.

As you know a baby’s skin is completely the opposite of an adult’s skin and thus requires a gentle soap. The Pigeon Baby Milt Soap does not have any chemical that harms their skin. It is made to keep your baby’s skin soft as it is.

The soap contains milk and as you know, it is one of the most nutritional ingredients. Milk helps keep skin softer as well as moisturized and it also helps in uplifting the complexion.

The soap formula does not contain any sulfates, detergents, and other foam creating ingredients and thus it is safe for your child.

The soap is enriched with shea butter, vitamin A and E and thus it prevents dry skin as well as irritation. It keeps your newborn’s skin soft and supple.

The only downfall with this soap is that it is not completely ‘tear fear’ and thus you need to be careful while bathing.

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9. Santoor Baby Soap

Santoor Baby Soap with Milk Cream

Santoor is a homegrown brand and is the largest soap brand in the southern part of India. This baby soap is made using mild, pure, and natural ingredients.

One ingredient that keeps the skin moist is milk cream and it is also Santoor baby soap’s main ingredient. The soap also has pure almond oil that has no side effects and is ideal to use on all skin types.

Another ingredient in the soap that is rich in calcium and vitamins is saffron, which keeps your skin healthy. It also contains almond oil which helps in keeping your skin moisturized.

The soap does not contain any chemicals or preservatives and thus it is perfect for babies. Your babies get a feel of freshness and it also has a mild natural fragrance.

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10. Bioderma Atoderm Intensive Baby Soap

Bioderma Atoderm Intensive Baby Soap

Bioderma is a French brand, founded in the year 1977. It specializes in pediatry, cell regeneration, and medication for dermatological as well as hair/scalp issues.

If your baby has dry or cracked skin, you need to pay extra attention to the product you use on him/her. The soap has glycerin as well as shea butter which makes it an ideal use for children having acute dryness. Shea butter helps to lock in the moisture of the baby’s skin.

The soap ingredients go inside the skin for thorough cleansing. Using the soap regularly maintains the pH balance that makes sure the dryness does not return.

The soap does not contain any harmful chemicals like sulfates or parabens. It has a calming and soothing fragrance that is natural and not artificial. It is pediatrician recommended and safety use daily.

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General Instructions for Giving Baby Bath

If you are a first time parent, it is essential for you to understand the safe ways to give your baby a gentle bath. There are some things you might not be aware of and thus, we are here to help you.

Go through the general instructions mentioned below for giving your baby a gentle bath:

  • It is always recommended to use warm water
  • Bath quickly and gently
  • Dry gently
  • Always be with the baby when he or she is in the bathtub
  • An infant is usually given his/her first bath any day between 7th and 10th day. Consult your pediatrician on which day you should give your child a bath
  • Fix a time for giving your baby a bath as that will help form a habit
  • The best time of bathing is before the second feed, but make sure the baby is not too hungry or tired
  • Do not bath your baby within an hour he/she is fed because the moving can cause him/her to vomit
  • Make sure to use a mild, gentle and ‘tear-free’ soap

Types of Baby Bath

Lap bath

Here the mother sits on the stool and keeps the baby on her lap for bath. There is no additional stool or tub required for a lap bath.

Sponge bath

The baby is given a sponge bath in the initial days. Sponge bath involves you gently cleaning your baby with a sponge in bed.

Tub bath

This is a common method of giving a bath to the baby outside India. This involves you giving a bath to the baby in a tub.

FAQ’s about baby bath

Should I wash my baby’s face every day?

It is not essential to bath your baby daily but it is crucial to wash their face, hands, neck, and bottom gently every day. Make sure to clean the child when he/she is awake and well-fed, an hour before.

Ensure to keep the room warm and also get all the required things well in advance.

When can I use soap on my baby?

It is recommended to use only plain water for newborn babies. Before you use soap to bathe them, consult the pediatrician.

You can use fragrance-free, gentle, and tear-free soap from a month after the birth. Make sure to be gentle because the skin is too sensitive.


This guide can help you make the right decision while you are looking for the best baby soap. Before you pick the first one you come across, ensure to go through the buying guide as that will help you understand the crucial points.

We have listed down the 10 best baby soap recommendations that will help you make an informed purchase. Also, if you are a first time parent, go through the instructions to give your baby a gentle bath.

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