Baby Massage Oils & Which is Best for Fairness?

As we all know, massaging your baby with massage oil can be helpful for his/her growth and development. But do you know which one to prefer for your child’s delicate skin?

Many parents think that massage oils that can help lighten the baby’s skin complexion. The fact is there is no such oil that works on fairness.

We have this guide written for you to help you understand why you cannot actually make your baby’s complexion fair by massaging oil.

We have also listed down a few products that may help with improving the complexion and being safe for use at the same time.

Top Massage Oils for Baby in India

 Baby Massage OilRatingsBest Buy Link
 1. Himalaya baby massage oil
 4.3/5Buy on Amazon
 2. Dabur Lal Tail
 4.4/5Buy on Amazon
 3. Baby Dove baby massage oil
 4.2/5Buy on Amazon
 4. Sebamed baby massage oil  4.5/5Buy on Amazon
 5. Mamaearth soothing massage oil 
 4.3/5Buy on Amazon
 6. Nature’s Veda Dashapushpam Baby Oil4.3/5Buy on Amazon
 7. The Mom’s Co natural baby massage oil4.5/5Buy on Amazon

Does massage oil really help to improve the fairness of your baby?

No, your child’s complexion cannot be altered by applying any form of oil, gel, or cream externally. Skin complexion is genetic and cannot be improved with any external application.

A newborn baby’s skin varies in complexion and texture when he/she is born and takes some time to settle to the natural skin color. This is what makes many parents think that external application made them look fairer.

For example, newborn babies might have a light pink skin tone after their birth. This is due to the red blood vessels that are visible through their delicate skin. Light pink is not their natural skin complexion.

After a couple of months, the skin tone settles to its true complexion and this process continues till a year, in most cases. Other things that affect skin complexion are fever and sudden weight loss.

In such a situation, a good feeding routine can help recover the weight and improve the skin tone, not essentially make them look fair.

You should be worried when your child becomes red or blue because this can be due to skin infection or other breathing problems.

Though the massage oil cannot make your baby fair but this does not mean that you refrain from it. Massaging your baby can help in the long term with muscle and bone health, blood circulation as well as better sleep.

Always remember that fair skin does not mean healthy skin.

7 Best Baby Massage Oils in India

You need to purchase a baby massage oil that helps keep your child’s skin moist and soft. We have listed down the products that are safe and natural, plus they will help deal with dryness.

1. Himalaya baby massage oil

Himalaya Baby Massage Oil

Himalaya Wellness is a home-grown brand and has been in business since 1930. The brand has expertise in varied portfolios in personal care, pharmaceuticals, baby care, mother care, animal health, and wellness.

This Himalaya massage oil keeps the baby’s skin nourished and ensures to lock the moisture inside. This oil is 100% natural and provides overall nourishment to make the baby’s skin healthy and soft.

It is made using natural ingredients like vitamin E and olive oil that keeps the skin moisturized and soft. Ashvagandha is another main other in the oil that improves blood circulation.

The massage oil is available in different sizes, so you can buy the one that suits your needs. They also offer a travel-sized bottle that is super light and easy to carry while traveling.

This oil is free from animals fats and mineral oils. Instead, it has organic and mild ingredients that protect your child’s skin from redness, flakiness, and rashes.

As the oil is organic and clinically tested, it can be used every day for massaging. It is non-staining and has a light consistency, thus it can be used before and after a bath.

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2. Dabur Lal Tail

Dabur Lal Tail for baby massage

Dabur is also a home-grown brand that was established in 1884. It is the leading brand in India for Ayurvedic medicine and natural consumer products.

The Dabur Ayurvedic Tail is ruling the markets for years now and is the most trusted oil. It is 100% Ayurvedic and consists of natural ingredients like Ashvagandha, which is amazing for your baby’s development.

It also contains Chandanbala Laxadi oil, which moisturizes the delicate skin and the anti-inflammatory properties keep your baby’s skin soft and free from allergies and rashes. The ingredients make it suitable for use daily. It can be used before and after your baby’s bath.

Apart from the benefits of healthy skin, the oil also helps in faster physical growth, better sleep, and strengthens bones and muscles.

This oil is mild and gentle and thus can be used daily to keep the skin healthy. It is also free from any nasty elements like mineral oil that may harm your child’s sensitive skin.

The mild, non-greasy, and light formula keeps your child’s delicate skin glowing, radiant, and healthy. It gets absorbed fast and there is no greatest layer left on the skin.

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3. Baby Dove baby massage oil

Baby Dove Rich Moisture Baby Massage Oil

Dove is a leading and popular brand that has a separate baby product category as well. All Baby Dove products are 100% organic and super effective.

Before we move on to the details of this massage oil, the best part is that you can even put it to their bath in lukewarm water to help moisturize the skin.

This massage oil is amazing for use daily as it is light, does not leave a greasy layer, and comes power-packed with organic ingredients such as vitamin E.

To your surprise, the baby’s skin loses moisture 5 times more when compared to adult skin. Thus, it is important to use an oil that is made using natural ingredients full of moisture. This Baby Dove Massage Oil is the perfect product to keep the sensitive skin soft, moisturized, and healthy.

The oil does not contain any harmful ingredients like parabens, sulfates, and phthalates. It locks in moisture and soothes the baby’s dry skin.

The oil can be used daily pre-bath for massaging and post-bath as a moisturizer.

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4. Sebamed baby massage oil

Sebamed Baby Massage Oil

Sebamed is a leading German brand that produces medicinal skincare products since 1957. It has been one of the most trusted and popular brands in India for adult and baby skincare products.

This Sebamed massage oil contains essential fatty acids that get absorbed quickly into the skin without leaving a sticky residue. The oil is loaded with nutrients of soy milk and wheat germ oil that makes the skin soft and supple.

The oil comes in a handy bottle with a pump which makes it super simple to use. You can use it regularly to make their skin softer. It can be used before and after a bath.

This massage oil is suitable for babies between 0 to 3 years and does not contain any harmful additives like parabens, scents, preservatives, and artificial colors.

The bottle goes a long way because you only need two pumps at the most to cover your child’s body. This oil does not only moisturize the skin and make it soft but also improves blood circulation. It keeps the skin healthy and prevents rashes and redness.

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5. Mamaearth soothing massage oilMamaearth Soothing Massage Oil for Baby

Mamaearth is Asia’s first ‘Made-Safe’ certified brand established in 2016 by a husband and wife duo. It is a 100% toxin-free and natural skincare, hair care baby brand.

This massage oil is made to provide comfort and the safest care to your child. The oil is power-packed with Jojoba, olive, sesame, and sweet almond oil.

Almond oil has hypoallergenic properties that is suitable even for sensitive skin. It is also rich in vitamin E that works as an anti-oxidant.

Sesame oil is rich in nutrients that work together to give your baby’s skin a silky texture. It also contains fatty acids and linoleic acid that works as an amazon moisturizer.

Jojoba oil is rich in minerals and vitamins like zinc, copper, iodine, selenium. It can moisturize, treat, and heal the skin.

Olive oil helps enhance the glow and protects it from allergens. It even helps make the little ones’ skin soft.

The oil does not contain any mineral oil, petroleum, parabens, sulfates, or lipids, thus makes it suitable for daily use. It can be used before bathing to massage and after bathing as a moisturizer.

The massage oil has a mild natural fragrance that lasts long. It is clinically and dermatologically tested, thus safe for everyday use.

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6. Nature’s Veda Dashapushpam Baby Oil

Nature's Veda Dasapushpam Baby Oil

Nature’s Veda is a home-grown start-up that has recently launched and is in the news for all the right reasons.

The baby oil is Nature’s Veda’s one of the bestsellers. It is all-natural and 100% safe. You can use it not only while massaging your baby but also on his/her hair.

The oil is lightweight, which makes it absorb faster and wash off easily. The oil contains virgin coconut oil that nourishes and heals the skin. It is also anti-bacterial and anti-fungal which protects the baby’s skin from allergies and rashes.

The massage oil also contains 10 sacred flowers that optimize blood circulation, removes dead skin as well as other pathogens that present on the skin and stimulates sensory as well as motor nerve endings. Apart from this, the oil also regularizes hair growth.

Using this massage oil prevents dry skin, dry scalp, and diaper rash.

The brand thoughtfully sources all its ingredients ethically from the Southern part of India and ensures the best quality.

Once the ingredients are sourced, they blend it with the oil at the soonest so that the highest levels of nutrients are extracted to benefit your baby’s skin.

The only drawback is that this massage oil comes with an expensive price tag.

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7. The Mom’s Co natural baby massage oil

The Moms Co Natural Baby Massage Oil

Mom’s Co is another home-grown brand that was established in 2012. The brand works with professionals across India, Switzerland, and Australia to create safe, high quality and natural products.

Regular massage with this oil strengthens muscles and bones. It contains sesame oil that is loaded with omega fatty acids and calcium that help to strengthen bone and muscles.

It contains organic almond oil, avocado oil, and organic wheat germ oil that nourishes and moisturizes the skin. The organic chamomile oil in the oil calms and soothes the skin.

It even contains sesame oil that is rich in vitamins A, B, and E, linoleic acid, and minerals, all these together have antibacterial properties, that are suitable for sensitive skin as well.

The oil is USDA certified, Australia Allergen Certified, and hypoallergenic, thus safe to use daily. The only downfall is that this massage oil comes with a hefty price tag.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can a baby be darker than both parents?

Yes, the couple can have a baby with a skin complexion that is darker or lighter than them. This is because the parts of the DNA give certain instructions to your genes.

There are hundreds of stretches of DNA working in sync to decide the skin color. To your surprise, your actions can change the way your body reads DNA. for instance, staying out in the sun sets on darker skin tone genes.

How many times should I massage my baby?

The frequency of you giving a massage to your baby totally depends on the both of you. A few parents give massage daily while some prefer every alternate day.

You can either massage your baby in the morning or at night, before bedtime to soothe him/her to sleep.

When to start baby massage?

The International Association of Infant Massage recommends parents to introduce touch soon the baby is born.

The ideal time you can start massaging your baby is after a few weeks of birth. Remember to follow your baby’s mood. If he/she is cranky, do not consider giving him/her a massage. While massaging, he/she should be calm, and content.

Mayo Clinic suggests you wait for 45 minutes at least after feeding to prevent vomiting. Also, if the child shows you uncomfortable gestures like turning his/her head away, stiffening arms, then do not give them a massage because they will not enjoy it.


As you know giving a massage to your baby regularly with the right oil can help in faster growth and development. We can conclude that no massage oils can help you get fair skin for your skin but it can help in many other ways.

We hope the list of recommended massage oils help you make an informed decision.

Though each massage oil has its unique features if you were to ask us to choose from the above list, the top four we would prefer buying are:

  • Himalaya baby massage oil
  • Dabur Lal Tail
  • Sebamed baby massage oil
  • Mamaearth soothing massage oil
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