10 Best Air Coolers in India to Beat the Heat at Affordable Price

The heat of Indian summer is tough to beat without the proper care. You should be drinking the right amount of water, avoid working in the sunny area to prevent the heat stroke.

But many time taking these steps only helps to a certain extent and in such conditions majority of people choose to buy the best air cooler.

The air cooler is an electronic gadget that helps to reduce the heat in the house by lowering an air temperature by dissipating technique.

Though air cooler does not provide as cooling as the Air conditioner, they are way cheaper than the AC and give a right amount of comfort to the users.

The Indian market has several leading brands that make quality air coolers which can be brought without worrying about its overall quality.

Though it is believed that the air cooler is invented by ‘Willis Carrier’ during the early phase of the 20th century, mankind is known the technique to cool down the air so that they can beat the heat.

Air cooling techniques date backs to an ancient civilization and some ancient paintings show that people of that era used water to cool the air.It is clearly known that water played a crucial role in cooling down the hot air and this system has been used continuously and improved upon until man able to develop the air coolers that we use nowadays.

Top 10 Best Air Cooler Brands in India

Best Air CoolersRatingBuy
1. Crompton4/5 StarBuy on Amazon
2. iBell4/5Buy on Amazon
3. Orient3.5/5Buy on Amazon
4. Symphony3.7/5Buy on Amazon
5. Bajaj3.4/5Buy on Amazon
6. AISEN3.4/5Buy on Amazon
7. Voltas4/5Buy on Amazon
8. Symphony Diet3.4/5Buy on Amazon
9. Kenstar3.5/5Buy on Amazon
10. Vistara3.7/5Buy on Amazon

Here is the list of best air cooler brands in India –

1. Crompton Ozone Desert Air Cooler

Crompton Ozone Desert Air Cooler Features

Few Indian brands stand out for manufacturing the best air coolers and Crompton is one of them to begin your air cooler research with.

They have done impressive work by manufacturing one of top notch cooler that can cool down the room with 550 sq. ft. and has fairly large capacity to store the water.

Its design has quite unique approach but that’s not only the thing we are speaking about. It has some interesting features too.

Motorized louver, rust fee body, separate ice chamber, fairly large water tank, air speed controls and honeycomb cooling pads are few impressive features to note with the 1 year warranty that comes with every purchase add a cherry on top.

Its motorized louvers makes sure that they move perfectly and automatically to direct the cool air throughout the room. Crompton ozone air cooler is an energy efficient product that will save some money on electricity bill in long run.

Often air cooler miss the option to connect them with a pipe to automatically fill the chamber but Cromptom has a water fill up valve that can be used for same purpose. It also allow manually adding water to the chamber.

The honeycomb wet pad ensure the optimum air cooling and its effect can be enhanced adding ice cubes in the ice chamber provided at the top of cooler.

Cooler has three cooling levels that can be selected as per the room size. Usually, level one is indicated for small room, level two is for standard size room while level three is used for hall or larger room. User can select the one which is most appropriate for their use.

It is less noisy air cooler with low humming sound at level one but increase a bit with level 2 & 3 but it won’t disturb the sleep.

Oveall, Crompton Ozone air cooler is power packed, energy-efficient air cooler that provides the value for money.

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2. iBELL Cool 25 Air cooler


This iBELL Cool25 Air Cooler has a capacity of 25 litres and comes with 3 speed control settings. It ensures low power consumption and helps in cooling with water.

It has an elegant, slim and stylish design with an ergonomic control panel that has speed and swing options.

This product comes with a wider and larger window for better air spread. This air cooler has 4 multi directional caster wheels for easy mobility and increased portability.

It works on inverter, has a powerful air throw and comes with high efficiency honeycomb pad. It has an ice chamber and is environment friendly.

This air cooler has water inlet on top to provide a powerful cooling system for bedroom and office space.

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3.Orient Electric Ultimo Tower Air CoolerOrient Electric Ultimo Tower

Orient Electric was established in 1939 and has been ruling the market since then with its quality electrical appliances at affordable prices.

The 26 liter ultimo tower air cooler is designed with dense honeycomb pads that provide you 25% more cooling with 45% more water retention. The air delivery is 1500 CMH and has a 3-speed motor.

One of the best features of this air cooler is that it comes with a mosquito repellent pouch in the chamber inside that prevents mosquito breeding. The air cooler also has an auto-fill feature, removable ice chamber, and slideable dust filter.

The cooler is inverter compatible so that you can even have cool air during a power outage. It also comes with a winder that keeps the cord tangle-free.

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4. Symphony Siesta Air Cooler

Symphony Siesta Air Cooler

If you are looking for an air cooler for a large space then the Symphony Siesta cooler is the right option. Symphony Limited has been cooling the world with its highly efficient and quality appliances since 1939.

The 70 liter Siesta Air Cooler provides you amazing cooling delivery that will help you stay cool during this summer. It can cool approx 370 sq ft space and is perfect for a large living/bedroom.

The air cooler boasts many amazing features like 16 inches fan size for extra airflow, castor wheels to move around with ease and the brilliant design that makes it look appealing in every corner of the room.

The Siesta air cooler is not noisy, thus it is ideal for a bedroom too while you are asleep. The build quality of the cooler is excellent and you will truly appreciate the many years it lives by your side.

The only downfall with this cooler is that it is not compact and will require enough space owing to its large water capacity. Also, it would be better if the product came with remote control for ease of use.

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5. Bajaj Desert Air Cooler

Bajaj DC Desert Air Cooler

Bajaj Electronics has been a subsidiary of the Bajaj Group and has an experience of serving the world for eight decades. The brand has been providing us with quality and reasonable household electrical products since then.

This Bajaj Desert Air Cooler has a large 70 liters water capacity and is ideal for a living room or large bedroom. The cooler offers you a number of amazing features like excellent build quality, dehumidifier, aesthetic appeal, brilliant cooling capabilities, and the overall functionality of the cooler is superb.

The cooler has some unique features as well apart from the regular ones mentioned above like the Hexacool technology feature that uses a hexagonal design to provide extra cooling. The turbofan throws a substantial amount of cool air, consuming very little water. The cooler can cool a room of 600 sq ft quickly.

The cooler is easily movable with its castor wheels. It consumes less power, approximately 200 watts. Bajaj has used quality materials to make this sturdy air cooler.

The only drawback is that it is not completely noised free but worth the investment considering its amazing features and quality

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6. AISEN Magna A55DMH500 Desert Cooler

AISEN Magna Desert Cooler

If you are looking for an air cooler for a mid-sized room, then the AISEN Magna is the right option. This 55 liters capacity air cooler consumes 180 wattage.

The air cooler has a 3-speed air control to enjoy air delivery as per your needs. It is easy to move the cooler from one room to another with its castor wheels. You can easily open the cooling pad to clean and maintain it well.

The four-way air deflection feature ensures you get uniform airflow all over the space. The water level indicator helps you keep a check on the level and maintain adequate water in the tank.

The 16-inch fan ensures a greater volume of air, thus improving your cooling experience. The ice chambers make it possible for you to get a cool room quickly. If there is a power cut, the cooler is inverter compatible to ensure a continuous flow of air.

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7. Voltas Mega 70 Desert Cooler

Voltas is a home grown company providing air conditioning and cooling solutions since 1954. It is one of the most trusted companies in India as it is owned by the Tata Group.

The Voltas Mega 70 liter Desert Cooler may not be the most reasonable air coolers in this list but is definitely one of the best quality. The product is made of high quality and sturdy materials making it last for many years.

The air cooler is designed to appeal and is also equipped with castor wheels that make it maneuver easily. The turbo fan cooling system throws out a powerful amount of air and even has honeycomb cooling pads.

The cooler is fit for living rooms or large bedrooms. It may not be an affordable buy but it is sure to be serving you with cool air for many years.

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8. Symphony Diet 12T Personal Tower Air cooler

If you are looking for an air cooler for a small space, then Symphony Diet is the right one to buy. The 12 liters water tank capacity is ideal for 28 cubic meters space.

Symphony Limited has been cooling the world with its quality cooling appliances since 1939.

Their air cooler comes with various amazing features like cool flow dispenser which distributes water evenly for efficient cooling, dura pump technology for longevity, and is designed to consume less power.

The honeycomb cooling pads retain water and thus ensure faster cooling. The water level indicator helps you know the status and refill the tank in time. The castor wheels make it possible to move the cooler around the house easily.

The swing feature makes it possible to distribute cool air throughout the room. The only downfall of this machine is that the quality could have been better.

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9. Kenstar Double Cool 50 Ltr Air Cooler

If you are looking for an air cooler to cool your bedroom, then the Kenstar Double Cool 50 liter Air Cooler is an ideal option. The capacity will ensure that the machine runs for 12 hours without a refill, thus fulfilling all your needs.

The cooler throws up air up to 35 ft and offers a quick cooling. It can cool an area of 20 meters effectively with the four-way airflow and the 3-speed control variations. The cooling technology used in this cooler is evaporative and wool pads.

It can save you on electricity bills as it consumes less energy. This cooler is an efficient one and made with high-quality materials, thus lasting longer.

The only downfall is that it does not have castor wheels that make it difficult to be moved from one room to another and it also does not come with a stand.

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10. Vistara Scala Personal Air Cooler

If you are in search of a compact and elegant looking cooler, then the Vistara Scala Personal Air Cooler is the best option. Apart from the excellent build, there are many other features that make this 30-liter personal air cooler a must buy.

A few interesting features are it is made using impact-resistant materials for longevity, honeycomb pads for quick cooling, and silent experience. The cooler also has a 3-speed fan control and saves a lot of electricity as it is energy efficient.

This 30-liter air cooler looks amazing hen kept by your bedside and also comes with a reasonable price tag. The castor wheels help you move this personal air cooler from one room to another.

Also, you might experience a pungent smell when you use the air cooler for the first time. This is because of the disinfectant used to clean the honeycomb pads. The brand recommends you to change the water at least twice a week to prevent pungent smell.

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How to Choose Air Cooler in India? – Buying Guide

Size Matter Most

Woman seating on sofa in large living room

Choose the right size based on the size of your room.

For air cooler to work efficiently, it should be proportionate with room size. Because the air flow from the cooler will be measured considering the CFM which means “Cubic feet per minute

The CFM will give you an idea about what capacity you should choose. More CFM means more air flow and it is calculated as follow –

CFM = Area of the room * Height of the room/2

Water Tank Capacity

Air cooler water tank

Larger water tank mean longer operation of air cooler

The function of an air cooler involves the evaporating cooling method. Which means it passes the dry, hot air over the water and wet pads lowering the temperature of air. This cool air then blown out.

Air cooler require good amount of cold water to keep the functioning for longer duration. So, larger water tank helps to achieve that.

Cooling pads plays important role

Types of air cooler cooling pads

Honeycomb cooling pads are more efficient, require low maintenance & has longer life

Cooling pad is one of the most important part of air cooler that helps to cool down the air. They absorb dry, hot air and allow it to pass over the wet surface to cool it down.

Aspen and Honeycomb are the two major types of cooling pads used in air coolers. Aspen pads make use of synthetic fibers & wood shavings while honeycomb utilizes the cellulose.

Though both cooling pads has their pros and cons, Aspen cooling pads have shorter life, require high maintenance but are cheaper than that of honeycomb.

Consider aesthetic design

Three air coolers with different design and size

Choose the sleek, stylish and minimalist design that fits with your room interior.

Usually, design is one major factor why people avoid buying the air coolers. They occupy space as well as doesn’t go well with the interior of room.

But now days manufacturer addressed this issue and you can buy air coolers with stylish design. Some are slim, minimalist and sleek, so that you can fit them in a corner of room and occupy little space.

Air cooler that work on inverter

Electric Power

If you living in area with frequent power cuts then choose the one that run on inverter.

Considering the fact that the remote Indian villages and small towns faces frequent power outage, buying an air cooler that work on inverter can make sense.

Believe us, this will help you keep cool during power outage during the hot, sunny days of Indian summer.

Air coolers known to work with low power consumption, almost 50% less than that of air conditioner. This makes it easy for manufacturer to make the use of inverter to run air cooler.

Portable air cooler

Air cooler with castors allow to move them freely

Portable air coolers will allow moving them from one room to another with ease.

Now days, all air coolers comes with portable design. They are light weight, has Compaq design and often comes with in built castors that allow to move them freely.

If you have large house with several rooms and looking to buy one air cooler that will be used in different room at different time then better portability is what you need.

Other factors

Things like remote control, ice-gel packs, better control panel needs to be looked for while buying air cooler.

Some air cooler comes with remote control for ease of use. In such case you need to pay attention to the control panel and what function it allows you to use with remote control.

Few brands now includes the ice-gel packs with the cooler while some allow to add the ice cubes in a specially dedicated tray for ice. Adding ice will greatly enhance effect of air cooling.

How does air cooler works?

As the name suggests, air coolers are used to cool down the air by reducing the air temperature by dissipating heat. It exactly works like a cool breeze at the seashore.

Air cooler blows the air past the water and along the way this air carry small particles of water. These particles then get evaporated and carry some heat with them reducing the temperature of the air.

How does air cooler works
As we discussed earlier, coolers use evaporation water to cool down the air and often they are termed as swamp coolers or desert coolers.

While the water evaporates, it changes the state from liquid to the vapor and while doing so heat from the air is utilized leaving a cooling effect behind.

To achieve this, coolers are built using various parts as follows:

Fan & Vents – Fan is used to push the cool air in the room through the vent.

Water tank – Evaporative air cooler has a special tank to store the water. The user can fill or empty the water tank according to their need.

Cooling pads – Cooling pads are specially designed pads which have a porous structure. They are connected with water tank and absorb the water and allow air to pass through it.

Distributor and pumps – Often, air cooler has pump or distributors to distribute the water across the cooling pads.

Advantages of Using Air Coolers:

Air cooler comes with several benefits. They are a cost-effective solution to beat the heat, does not require installation and environment-friendly.

Cost effective gadget

As compared to air conditioners, air coolers are cheap. Also, in long run, they require a less operational cost.

The main thing that reduces the cost of an air cooler is its evaporative cooling mechanism, it takes less energy for evaporative cooling. While AC requires more electric power and chemicals that convert gas to liquid and back to gas which increases operational cost.


Like the table fans, the air cooler is a portable device and it doesn’t require any installation. You can easily move it from one room to other.

Once you buy it, you can assemble the basic things, add water and plug it to the electricity to start getting a breeze. To make it easy to move from one place another, most air cooler brands add small wheels at the bottom.

East to Maintain

Air coolers work on simple mechanism so doesn’t have any complicated parts or mechanism in place. This make it easy to maintain them in long term.

Also, any one with basic knowledge about working of cooler can open it and see what thing went wrong if it malfunctioning.

The spare parts of air coolers are readily available in market and relatively cheap than that of air conditioners spare parts. It can operate without stabilizers.

Good for people with respiratory symptoms & dry skin

Dry air can lead to dryness of skin and respiratory system causing the respiratory symptoms worse. Air coolers work by humidifying of dry air, which enhance the moisture of room.

This goes easy on the people with dry skin and respiratory symptoms. Though, this should not be taken as a treatment approach but it is better than having AC in the room for people with respiratory symptoms.

Environment friendly

Air coolers does not require any specific chemical or gas for its functionality. Instead it utilizes the dry air and pass it over the water adding moisture to the air.

They does not emit any gas and do not have any negative impact on environment.

Disadvantages of Air Coolers

Though air cooler has several advantages, it comes with few disadvantages that you shouldn’t ignore.

Not designed for coastal regions

As it work by enhancing the humidity of air, it works better in the region with dry air & less humidity. Areas with high humidity and air pollution make it’s use a bit difficult. It will worsen the humidity.

Water droplets carried out by the air from cooler get evaporated due to higher room temperature and dry air resulting in the reduced room temperature after some time.

But in coastal regions, ambient air has more humidity which makes it difficult for the air droplets from the cooler to evaporate. Even if it gets evaporated, over the time the humidity level of room increases and water vapors begins condensing over the surface of your body.

Need water and Ice for Cooling Effect

To achieve maximum cooling effect, air coolers demand the cold water and ice. If you add the both, they cool sown the room fairly early.

But if you use the room temperature water, it will take much longer to cool down the room. So, if you do not have freeze to keep cool water, and ice then air cooler will not provide optimum cooling.

No control over cooling

You cant control the room temperature as desired because it just blow out the air with tiny water droplets. Air coolers are not conditioners, so you cant change the condition of room air as you desire.

Noisy operation

Air coolers uses water recirculating pump and blower motor to run the equipment efficiently. But this results in to noisy operation.

If you compare the one with air conditioner, you will find the air cooler makes a lot of noise than the AC’s.

Types of Air Coolers –

Air coolers are broadly divided into the two categories.

  • Personal air cooler
  • Desert air cooler

Apart from these two, nowadays you can get one more type of cooler which is named as ‘Tower air cooler’.

Though the function of all types of cooler is the same, there is a small difference for which they are used and their features.

Personal air coolers

personal air cooler

Personal air coolers tend to be used to cool small to mid-sized rooms while deserts coolers are useful to cool the medium to large size of rooms.

These coolers has small water tank so they are ideal to use in smaller room and to satisfy the individual cooling needs. Due to smaller size, they are more portable than the desert coolers.

You can check out the personal air cooler on amazon.in

Desert air coolers

Desert air cooler

Desert air cooler comes in various size and length. As per their size and height, they can further divided in to the tower air cooler (the one with extra height)

They are more robust than the personal one. The deliver betters results, and can be used to cool the bigger rooms.

Everything pertaining to the desert coolers in big as compared to personal coolers. They utilize bigger blower motor, bigger fan which may results in to the more electricity bill.

Tower air cooler

Tower air cooler

As name suggests, these air coolers has an extra length than their width. Also, they are more quite than the desert air coolers.

They work using the same functionality but distributes the air vertically which make it useful when person is seating on a chair or at a certain height from the ground.

Tower air cooler works same way like other air coolers. They utilize the dry air and pass it over cool water blending it with tiny water droplets which then blown out in the room to cool down the room.

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