Best OTG Oven

woman baking in OTG oven

A good oven in your kitchen can help make cooking easier for you. Making cake, lasagne, tandoori chicken is no more a tough task with an OTG oven in your kitchen. OTG can be a Swiss army knife of chef when it comes to grilling and baking because it is simple to use yet incredibly … Read more

Best Air Fresheners For Home

Many of us will agree that there is nothing like coming home to some refreshing smelling room. A room freshener can totally transform the ambiance of any room. It can mask bad odors and leave the entire room feeling fresh without doing much. For a long time a good scent has also been associated with … Read more

6 Most Popular Hand Wash Liquids in India

washing hands with hand wash under running tap water

We use hands to perform a wide range of activities which require contact with various equipment, person and surrounding. In the process, hands become contaminated and should be washed multiple times a day using the hand wash liquid or soap. If you are looking for the best hand wash that keeps viruses, bacteria, and other … Read more

Best Table Fan to Beat the Summer Heat

Best High Speed Table Fan

Table fans come as saviors to beat the heat of summer and help us to relax in cool environments. Since decades, table fans are being used in every household as a convenient and portable device to tackle the heat Though the Table fans were introduced in the 1950’s, it is still being used widely due … Read more

Best Toilet Paper Rolls

Best toilet paper roll

Toilet paper is also known as toilet tissue or bath tissue and is one of the most important household essentials that you need to have on daily basis. Toilet tissues are not only useful at home but also restaurants, malls, offices, etc. wherever there is a bathroom. Buying toilet paper rolls might seem to be … Read more

10 Best Nebulizer Machine for Home Use

Best Nebulizer in India

If you are an asthma patient or suffering from any COPD and any other respiratory disorder, then a nebulizer is a device that is extremely essential for you. A nebulizer is a medical instrument that is used for drug delivery. Doctors all over the world recommend nebulizer for offering liquid medications to such patients. Compressed … Read more

Best Ice Cream Maker Machine in India for Home Use

Best Ice Cream in a Cone

What can be better than having a big bowl of ice-cream during the intolerable summer? Nothing can be special when it is the homemade ice-cream. The relief offered by the delicious cold bowl of ice cream is certainly unmatchable as in just a few minutes it can take away your stress. Ice cream makers have … Read more

Cold Therapy Machine to Use after Knee Surgery

Ice Machine for Knee

The surgeon often recommends using cold and compression after the knee surgery to reduce the intensity of the pain, inflammation and improve the recovery speed. It is clinically proven that cold therapy helps to alleviate the knee pain post knee replacement surgery. Whether you underwent any knee surgery or not, using an ice machine for … Read more