Indian Cobra – 5 Most Popular Types & Facts about Cobra Snakes in India

Indian Cobra

Cobras are the longest venomous snake in India, typically ranging between 5-6 feet long. They are recognizable by their hoods that are upraised when threatened. The cobra’s venom is not deadly to humans unless it is injected into the bloodstream. When irritated or disturbed, the cobra will aggressively strike an intruder with its fangs and … Read more

5 Fogging Machines for Disinfection/Sanitization Purpose & to Fight against Mosquitos

Fogging Machine For Sanitization

The increasing spread of viruses, germs, and bacteria has multiplied the need for disinfection and sanitization. Fogging machines help in thorough disinfection to eliminate the germs and avoid multiplying of diseases and infections. They also help in fighting against the breeding of mosquitoes. Having a fogging machine is the need of the hour and if … Read more

Best Portable Oxygen Cylinder (& Can) for Home in India

As we all know, the times have changed and one of the essential things in today’s time is an oxygen cylinder for the health of our family. Oxygen cylinders provide breathing assistance to patients in case of emergencies. People with breathing problems, old age and prolonged diseases can benefit from these medical oxygen cylinders and … Read more