Wuzzles Puzzles – The Art & Science of Wuzzle Solving

Boy Thinking

If you are aware of the concept of wuzzle then you know that it is great fun to identify the exact word hidden in random symbols, words, and figures. The wuzzles puzzles make a perfect party game for the kids. often it is described as words + puzzles = wuzzles. What are wuzzles? Wuzzles can … Read more

Best Pen Drives

Best Pen Drive

Whether you are a student, working professional or a teacher, you can’t deny the fact that pen drives are the most useful devices for storing your data. These pocket-friendly and handy devices are extremely fast in transferring your data from one device to another in a hassle-free and quick way. Grab the HOT DEALS on … Read more

Funny Deep Thoughts Provoking Questions & Sayings

Funny Deep Thoughts

Do questions that are funny deep thoughts just belong to humans with the superior brain? We don’t think so. As per the science, deep thinking can help to train your brain and will improve your ability to question the regular things which may lead to unexpected answers. In this article, we have curated the list … Read more

Biggest & Longest Bridges in India

Dhaula Sadiya Bridge

Since ancient times, humans are known to build bridges to overcome the obstacles that come in their way. With the advancement in the science of architecture, building the bridge becomes a relatively easy task for engineers but yet building bridges over water, through dense hills is a difficult task. Bridges are intriguing things. Longest, tallest … Read more

ASMR Microphone Reviews – Best Microphone for ASMR

Best microphone for asmr videos

There are hundreds of microphones for ASMR to choose from in 2019. With the rising popularity of ASMR artists, there is little doubt that many manufacturers are working on quality microphones made for the best sound recording quality. But in many cases, those new to ASMR don’t know where to start. While the various options … Read more

Major Types of Coconut You Should Know

Green Coconuts on Tree

The fruit of Cocos nucifera aka palm tree is known as ‘Coconut’. Coconut fruit is widely used across the globe for its nutrient-rich meat, water, milk, and oil. Preferentially coconut was being used for culinary purposes but recently they are used for a variety of reasons including religious sacrament, to extract oil, milk, coconut flour and … Read more