10 Best Cat Food in India for Healthy Growth of Your Feline

It is crucial to ensure that your cat is healthy and the best way to do so is by giving your cat nutritious food. Buying the best cat food is not as simple as it sounds because not all brands and manufacturers follow the required and quality food manufacturing process. If this is your first … Read more

Which Mosquito Net is Best for Windows?

Mosquito Net for Windows

Mosquitos are the carriers of terrifying diseases like malaria, dengue, chikungunya, etc. These diseases kill millions of people every year. One of the most important solutions to keep mosquitoes away is the mosquito net. These come in various sizes, colours, and shapes. When you shop online, you will find plenty of options and that might … Read more

List of National Symbols of India

National Symbols of India

India, a country with an oldest civilization,  largest democracy and diverse cultures in each states, known to have unique identity. The national symbols of India represents intrinsic value of our country and heritage. They are chosen from the diverse options available to government but at the same time they represents the unity of nation. The … Read more

Top 8 Biggest Retail Chain of Hypermarkets in India

Indian Family Shopping in Hypermarket

Hypermarkets – if you living in the metropolitan city, probably you have visited at least once. If you are not familiar with the term, consider hypermarkets as retail store on steroids. Hypermarkets is a retails store that can be explained as a combination of departmental store and supermarket. The best thing about hypermarket is that … Read more

List of Chinese apps in India

List of Chinese Apps in India.jpg

Due to Covid-19 outbreak,China is in the prime news lately. But that’s not we are discussing today.  China successfully taken over the majority of consumer goods market with its cost-effective products. Smartphone apps are not an exception to this. Chinese companies launched several apps that specifically targets Indian audience and they done it successfully. Since … Read more