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Non -Priced
1  Booklet ‘Collaborative studies in Homoeopathy’
2 CCRH an overview : Activities  and Achievements of the Council
3 Proceedings of workshop on 'Research methodology and standardisation'
4 Proceedings of workshop on 'Chronic Sinusitis & other Respiratory tract infections'
5 Proceedings of workshop on HIV/AIDS
6 Prerana (Hindi Book)
7 Scheme for Extra Mural Research Project in AYUSH
8 Golden Triangle Partnership (GTP Scheme)
9 Drishti (Hindi Book)
10 Proceedings of workshop on "Management of Geriatric disorder through Homoeopathy.
11 HOMOEOPATHY -Science of Gentle Heaing
12 Proceeding of Research Methodology
13 Souvenir (On the occasion of Silver Jubilee Celebration of CCRH)
14 Red Ribbon wants to speak to you (HIV/AIDS)
15 Activities & Achievements - CCRH Forging Ahead Activities & Achievements
16 Database of Homoeopathic Publications
17 Common Indian Plants used in Homoeopathy
18 A compendium of research papers
19 Evidence  base Homoeopathy
20 Scientific validation of Homoeopathy
21 CCRH- A Bird's Eye View- 1995 
22 Strategic development of Homoeopathy for Mother and Child Care' - a Handbook targeted at policy makers -2007 

List of Handouts

1. Let your child grow in safe hands of Homoeopathy 
2. Diabetes mellitus & Homoeopathy 
3. Protect your child from Japanese Encephalitis 
4. Dengue The culprit could be breeding in your neighbourhood1 
5. Answers to your queries about Homoeopathy 
6 Smile in Injuries too with Homoeopathy 
7. Homoeopathy for a Healthy Motherhood 
8. Stress to Happiness with Homoeopathy 
9. Malaria The culprit could be closer than you think! 
10. Homoeopathy for Heartburn and Indigestion during Pregnancy 
11. Homoeopathic Management of Constipation and Piles during Pregnancy 
12. Homoeopathic Treatment of Anxiety and Fears in Pregnancy 
13. Homoeopathy for common Breast problem after delivery 
14. Homoeopathic Management of Backache during Pregnancy 
15. Vomiting of Pregnancy and Homoeopathic Management 
16. Homoeopathic Management of Dentition Troubles in Children 
17. Behavior Problem in children and Homoeopathy 
18. Homoeopathy for Acute Bronchitis in Children 
19. Homoeopathy for common cold in children 
20. Constipation in children and Homoeopathic Management 
21. Homoeopathy for Sinusitis in Children 
22. Homoeopathy for learning Disabilities in children 
23. Infant colic and Homoeopathic Management 
24. Homoeopathy for Bronchial Asthma in children 
25. Homoeopathy for Tonsillitis and Enlargement of Adenoids in children 
26. Diarrhoea in Children and Homoeopathic Management 
27. Fight against flu like illness
28. Sinusitis Homoeopathy has the answer
29. Are you a victim of high blood pressure ?? Don't worry Homoeopathic treatment awaits you
30. Weigh obesity with Homoeopathy
31. "Homoeopathy helps me manage menopause "
32. " Urinary problems bothered me for long .....  but then I found Homoeopathy"
List of Handouts in Hindi for free distribution in Arogya / Health Mela
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