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Clinical Verification

(Updated on 08.11.2016)

Clinical Verification is one of the flagship research programmes of the Council since inception. The Council had undertaken Clinical Verification of symptomatic data of 106 drugs till date, including those proved by the Council and those, which have had fragmentary provings. Studies on these medicines have already been completed. During the period of 1979 to 2015, the above said drugs completed their study. The data thus obtained has been disseminated to the medical fraternity in the form of books, monographs and articles. An ongoing project of 16 drugs is expected to complete verification by 2017.Further, drugs which would complete the drug standardisation and drug proving would be eventually taken up in this programme in due course. All these indigenous drugs clinically verified by the council will further be subjected to an elaborate drug validation programme in the form of short pilot studies to further establish their efficacy in common clinical conditions.

Till now data on 72 drugs have been published in the form of a Materia Medica’s in the name of “Study of Homoeopathic Medicines through Clinical Verification – A new perspective” in three volumes. The rest of the drugs has been published either in the form of monographs or as research articles. The data on the remaining drugs is under compilation and is going to be published soon in the form of Materia Medica.


i) Concluding Studies             :    Download

ii) Ongoing Studies                 :    Download


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